Climate changes
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  • 1. Climate changes Dilyana Grozeva teacher of biology and health education Georgi Izmirliev High school, town Gorna Oryahovitsa
  • 2. Climate: • It is a set of meteorological elements that characterize the average state of the atmosphere of a place
  • 3. Climate:
  • 4. Climate:
  • 5. Climate change: • The current climate change: A stronger than expected, sooner than anticipated • Warming on Earth is a fact - the Earth's surface temperatures in the 20 th century have risen by 0,6 º C, and 90 years proved to be the hottest decade of the last century
  • 6. The facts: • Raising the temperature by 1880 to our days with ~ 1C
  • 7. The facts: • Warming in the Arctic and Antarctica and the melting ice caused sea level rise and flooding of low fertile lands and coasts
  • 8. The facts: • Change the quantity of rainfall on the ground, leading to frequent unpredictable floods or prolonged droughts
  • 9. The facts: • Scientists are almost unanimous that global warming is the result of emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases – which cause the Greenhouse Effect
  • 10. The facts: • A change of global temperature and Carbon Dioxide
  • 11. The Greenhouse Effect: • The observations show an increased temperature of the low strata of the atmosphere in comparison with thermal radiation of the planet
  • 12. The Greenhouse Effect: • Main greenhouse gases Gas Contribution rates Contribution rates 55% Carbon dioxide 39% Ozone 2% Methane 2% Nitrogenous oxide 2%
  • 13. Concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere:
  • 14. Major sources of emissions:
  • 15. The consequences: • Running out of the stock of fresh water • Destruction of ecosystems and loss of biodiversity • Reduction of volume and productivity of arable land • Destruction of forests due to fires because of drought and high temperatures • Increasing of deserts and melting of mountain glaciers • Global climate change has an impact on human health
  • 16. The consequences: • Rising of the level of the World ocean (at an average 0.2cm /year) • Earthquakes • Fires • And more, and more …
  • 17. The near future of Bulgaria… • Desertification of arable agricultural land • Very high risk of flooding caused by the rapid melting of mountain snow • Sharp increase in fires and almost complete destruction of Bulgarian forest • Emergence and spread of new diseases and pests to our region • And more, and more…
  • 18. What is being done globally: • Increasing the share of renewables • Reducing the harmful emissions • Increasing energy efficiency • Collaboration
  • 19. How to help? • Remember: Everyone is part of the solution!!! • Use energy saving lamps • Recycle • Turn off the lights that you don’t use • Maximize your home heating - use insulations • Switch off electrical appliances from the ‘on’/’off’ button • Use environmentally friendly transport • Use rechargeable batteries
  • 20. How to help? • Try to use renewable energy • Make sure that your new appliance is energy class A or A+ • Announce against deforestation • Explain all this to your friends • Plant a tree
  • 21. Together we will succeedTogether we will succeed !!!!!! In preparing the presentation materials are used by