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  1. 1. Case Study: Italian Bank IndustryFacebook Performances of Select Italian Banking Brands
  2. 2. The StudyIn this short case study, we monitored and analyzed 6 Italian banking brands. The timeperiod chosen for this comparison was three months, from October 1 – December 31,2012. In this case study we focused on Facebook.
  3. 3. The BrandsFor our comparison we chose 6 Italian banking brands – the largest one with almost79,000 fans and the smallest one with 6,000 fans. In this study we analyzed the metrics webelieve are the most important for all brands across the majority of markets: Fans,Engagement, Content and Response Rates.
  4. 4. Facebook Fans and Fan GrowthThe most successful Italian banking brand in termsof Total Fans is UniCredit with 78,823 fans. It hasalso been the most successful brand in terms ofFan Growth with total number of new fansattracted (30,052). However, Banca Mediolanumreceived the highest percentage of fan growth withan astonishing 116.98% increase in fans.
  5. 5. Facebook EngagementNow that we know which brand was the most successful at increasing their number of fans,let’s have a look at the most successful brand in terms of fan engagement. When we look atFan’s Engagement we see that it was Banca Mediolanum – with 1.3294 %, followed byBNL People (0.3550%) and ING Direct (0.2490 %).When it comes to the actual total number of interactions (likes, comments and shares)we can see that the top three brands had very close scores – these were BancoMediolanum (9,316), UniCredit (5,943) and ING Direct (4,292).
  6. 6. Top ContentWhen looking at the content that is most engaging, we see that the most successful postwas made by Banca Mediolanum. This post (photo) had an Engagement Rateof 12.8259% with 803 likes, 29 comments and 260 shares (for our time-frame). The secondmost engaging post came from Banca Monte del Pasc with an Engagement Rate of2.5433%.
  7. 7. Content Published On this page, we will take a closer look at how often Italian banking brands published content, what type of content they published the most often and what type of content was the most engaging.The most active bank brand was UniCredit, which published 175 posts during theselected period, followed by ING Direct (148) and Banca Mediolanum (104). The mostpopular type of content used by the six brands photos.
  8. 8. Response Rates to QuestionsSeveral Italian banking brands reached Socially Devoted status (65% Response Rate orhigher with at least 50 questions posted by fans). However, we still believe if a question isasked it is ALL the brands’ responsibility to respond. The brand with the highest responserate was BNL People (90%). Second place goes to ING Direct by responding to 77% ofthe 415 questions asked.
  9. 9. Interesting Facts and Takeaways» UniCredit has the largest number of total fans – 78,823» The fastest growing was (real numbers) UniCredit, attracting 7,817 new fans» Fastest growing (percentage) was Banca Mediolanum with 116.98%» The Italian banking brands with the highest engagement were Banca Mediolanum– with 12.8259 %, followed by Banca Monte del Pasc (2.5433 %)» The most active brand in communicating its own content was UniCredit, which published 175 posts during the three month period» The most popular type of post was photo, which on average is also the most engaging post type» BNL People and ING Direct were the most the successful in terms of responding to fan questions.
  10. 10. We hope you enjoyed this short study on the social media performance ofItalian banking brands.If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.You can reach our support team at more information
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