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Published quarterly, Range is Royal Haskoning\'s client magazine designed to showcase the initiatives our clients undertake and the work we do to help them realise their dreams and aspirations.

Range 2 showcases a number of our customers\' innovative projects - and some of our own - that are playing a key role in enhancing the overall development of the UK and worldwide.

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Range Magazine (2011: 2)

  1. 1. Driving growth SuStainably Sainsbury’s and Royal Haskoningwater & maritime >> building & industry >> infrastructure & spatial development >> water & maritime >> building & industry >> infrastructure & spatial development range autumn 2010 3
  2. 2. in this issue >> Royal Haskoning is an independent international engineering and environmental consultancy. With 3,900 employees operating in 20 countries, we provide an extensive range of multi- 14 bracing disciplinary services relating to maritime, bournemouth marine update water and environment, infrastructure and buildings, industry and energy, and transport and development. With a worldwide network of professionals and strong industry 22 sustainably relationships established over two sainsbury’s engineering diversity centuries, our expertise and experience is far reaching. Respected thought leaders within our market sectors, we are renowned for our technical excellence, developing, designing and delivering innovative and sustainable solutions, that transform ambitions into reality. mighty quinn bravo brazil If you would like to feature in Range or comment on content, email range.uk@royalhaskoning.com to view our events events bolstering programme go to borth royalhaskoning.co.uk Cover image courtesy of Sainsbury’s>> 2 range3 autumn 2010
  3. 3. FoRewoRd Sarah Budd >>I am delighted to endorse Range 3, which shares the important work our clients,colleagues and partners do to improve, protect and sustain our communities andcoastlines – and the fragile habitats that co-exist alongside them.And, at a time when university students have just set sail on their chosen courses,we highlight the many diverse career paths that can be taken, providing a glimpseinto the reasons why some of our female engineers and environmental scientistschose their profession, hear their views on their respective industry sectors, and findout what inspires them most about the work they do.We hear how Bournemouth and Borth’s coastal defences are being protectedfor future generations, and gain better understanding of how the new Marineand Coastal Access Act will influence the way in which we interact with ourcoastlines and seas. We find out how a mammoth dry dock development inBrazil will transform the country’s ship building industry, and how Quinn Glassgained planning approval with the help of the Denis Wilson business group,Royal Haskoning’s Highways and Transport Planning experts.I thank all contributors for making this edition of Range such a rich and diverseexample of our work and respective professions. I particularly thank Sue Willcox foragreeing to be our special guest, and for providing our readers with an insight intothe in-depth planning that goes into every Sainsbury’s supermarket development.Sarah BuddSarah Budd joined Royal Haskoning as a graduate hydrologist and hydraulicengineer in 1994 and is currently Coastal and Rivers Divisional Director.Stop preSS >> Royal Haskoning wins Cambridge SUDS competition…We are delighted to announce we have won first place in the CambridgeSustainable Drainage Competition, demonstrating our strength in innovative andsustainable civil engineering design. Read the full story in the next issue of Range.range3 autumn 2010 >> 3
  4. 4. proteCting bournemouth’S CoaStline The UK shoreline has been changing for millions of years, sometimes gradually, sometimes dramatically, creating some of the coast’s most beautiful and important features. The forecast for more frequent storms, increasing wave heights and rising sea levels all threaten the coastal “ environment and livelihoods of the people who live and work in these areas. Royal Haskoning’s technical expertise  and innovative approach enabled us  to deliver a visionary and sustainable  plan for SMP2 Review coastline. Their  focus on both meeting stakeholder  “ requirements and delivering to time  and budget meant we were able to  meet the deadline for submission of  the plan to Defra. dR david HaRlow, CoaSt PRoteCtion ManageR, BouRneMoutH BoRougH CounCil>> 4 range3 autumn 2010
  5. 5. the plan covers 118 miles of the solution beautiful coastal scenery the Steering Committee has including Bournemouth, produced a strategic and Christchurch and Poole visionary plan for the next 20, harbours and the local river 50 and 100 years. it aims to estuaries between Hurst Spit balance potentially conflicting in the east and durlston Head interests and does not commit in the west. Bournemouth future generations to costly and is famous for its long sandy unsustainable management. beaches and Poole, for its water sports, while the cliffs and For most of Bournemouth’s dunes are important feeding coastline, the recommendation grounds for large populations is to ‘Hold the line/advance of bird species such as waders, the line (in later epochs) and gulls and waterfowl. maintain the existing landscape, if sustainable. However for some the challenge areas, such as Brownsea island, the challenge for a non-interventional approach Royal Haskoning’s project team has been proposed where only was to balance the economic, limited maintenance on the social and environmental costs deteriorating local defences is of protecting this shoreline, undertaken. while accepting that future coastal management must the new SMP accepts that allow natural habitats and change is necessary and provides features to adapt to anticipated a way forward that is both climate changes. it also had achievable and sustainable given Since 1994, government to be realistic about national the increasing pressures on funded Shoreline Management budgets and priorities. the coast. the plan provides a Plans (SMPs) have provided according to coastal and rivers framework for future generations a strategic and sustainable project manager tara-leigh to appreciate the stunning approach to coastal defence, eggiman, the team used an beauty of the Jurassic coast, and Royal Haskoning has won innovative and visionary while protecting the livelihoods many public tenders to develop approach to help formulate of residential communities and and review them. a plan for the long-term wildlife habitats. management of flooding and the review of 1999 SMP for erosion risks in this coastal For a full account of this project the Bournemouth coastline area. She said, “the new plan go to: www.royalhaskoning.co.uk began in october 1998, and strikes a balance between these Royal Haskoning contributed risks, natural processes and Tara-Leigh Eggiman its considerable shoreline the consequences of climate tl.eggiman@royalhaskoning.com management knowledge to change, and links in with the provide technical guidance and plans for adjacent coastal support to the Bournemouth areas. it also takes account of Borough Council Steering existing coastal defences and Committee. the revised plan the social, natural and historic was approved in June 2010. environment.”range3 autumn 2010 >> 5
  6. 6. The Denis Wilson business group, Royal Haskoning’s Highways and Transport Planning experts, has worked closely with Sainsbury’s during the past 15 years to help achieve its impressive expansion targets. Now, serving over 19 million customers a week in an impressive 872 stores, Sainsbury’s is one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains. Range invited Sue Willcox, Head of Town Planning, Transportation and Property Communications for Sainsbury’s, to provide an insight into her role, and the opportunities and challenges facing the supermarket sector.>> 6 range3 autumn 2010
  7. 7. Driving growth SUSTAINABly S p e C i a l F e at u r e S A I N SB U Ry ’ SFrom advising the business Sainsbury’s transport strategy on the environment and as sights, and truly understandon UK Government transport is vital to its 872-store each one delivers to around different towns and how theypolicies, to planning new network. Ensuring all stores eight households, this means work. It’s geography – still mysupermarkets, expanding are accessible to customers fewer customer cars on the favourite subject.”existing stores and liaising travelling by cars, buses, cycles road network.with local communities, or walking is key to Sue’s role. For a full account of this projectSue Willcox, Head of Town “My role offers a unique go to: www.royalhaskoning.co.ukPlanning, Transportation and “One of our current challenges opportunity to seeProperty Communications is the reduction in government developments through from Paul Hanafinfor Sainsbury’s, is committed spending on transport cradle to grave, to travel the p.hanafin@royalhaskoning.com “to developing Sainsbury’s infrastructure and what it country, see new stores andexpansion strategies in a might mean to the business.sustainable way. As part of this I assess the implications for the company During the past 15 years Denis Wilson andSue’s interest in geography and advise our Board.”led to developing her career Royal Haskoning have worked with Sainsbury’s on ain town planning. But it was Sue is committed to working number of developments. Royal Haskoning offers adiscovering a passion for theretail sector that brought Sueto Sainsbury’s, where she hasbeen for over 20 years.“The retail sector is very closely with local communities when planning new stores and mixed use developments. “We specifically design developments to fit local constructive approach and works effectively within a multidisciplinary team, persevering with evolving large- “dynamic, it’s an area that areas and are promoting a scale projects to achieve a successful outcome.touches everyone’s lives which planning application for amakes it an exciting place to fantastic mixed-use riversidework. Supermarkets are today’s development in Fulham Wharf.modern marketplaces. Most As well as a new store, thetowns have a supermarket development will incorporateand these stores contribute residential homes andenormously to the character landscaping.”of the area and the localcommunity. Sue and her team are committed to progressing this“My aim is to bring the sustainable approach withthree elements of my role – future developments, in linetransportation, town planning with Sainsbury’s expansionand property communications strategies.– together as a whole. I think ofit as a holistic approach, all are “We’ve embraced the principlesimportant to fully understand of sustainability early on,how a town works and how a such as using electric vehiclessupermarket might integrate to deliver shopping orderedwithin that town.” online. These have less impactrange3 autumn 2010 >> 7
  8. 8. © Quinn glass >> 8 range3 autumn 2010
  9. 9. tHe MigHty Quinn >> First class transport plan for Quinn GlassThe UK drinks industry has a demand of seven billion as well as implementing an An award-winning new effective staff travel plan.” staff travel plan was alsoglass containers a year. These bottles are produced implemented. Financial These areas are highly incentives to car share and taxby companies such as Quinn Glass, which operates specialised and Royal Haskoning efficient schemes to purchase is recognised for its expertise. bikes were introduced for theone of the largest automated warehouses in Europe, To address highway safety site’s 700 staff members, as concerns, it recommended well as automated, swipe-cardlocated at Elton in Cheshire. widening the access road systems which record method to minimise a bend and of travel and link electronically constructing a new lane for to the staff payroll system.Their impressive £325 million, was operational, and a fresh vehicles to turn into the site,205-acre facility has a capacity planning application was replacing the existing priority The transport aspects of theof 1.2 billion glass containers a required. junction. The team designed new planning application wereyear which are manufactured, highway works to the access essential towards securing itsfilled, labelled, packed, stored The Denis Wilson business road to strengthen the approval. The new application,and distributed from the site. group, Royal Haskoning’s existing road structure and submitted in January 2008, Highway and Transport accommodate the increase in received full planning approvalThis state-of-the-art facility has Planning experts, was heavy traffic. in November 2009 thus securinga short but eventful history. commissioned by Quinn Glass the future of the Quinn GlassPlanning permission was in March 2007. They made up Finding long-term, sustainable facility, and ensuring it cangranted in 2003, but Quinn part of a highly specialised transport solutions was a key continue to operate successfully.Glass subsequently amended multidisciplinary team to aim. The site is next to a railwayits plans to increase the size gain planning approval by line and the Royal Haskoning’s For a full account of this projectof the facility. The revised submitting a new planning assessment included setting go to: www.royalhaskoning.co.ukplans were initially approved application in January 2008. targets for transporting rawand construction work materials to the site by rail, to David Barker “began. However, following David Barker, Associate reduce road traffic. d.barker@royalhaskoning.comjudicial review proceedings Director, Denis Wilson businessby a competitor, the approval group of Royal Haskoning, said:was overturned. Quinn Glass “Royal Haskoning was broughtcontinued with construction in to use its knowledge of Royal Haskoning provided expert guidance to enable thework for the larger plant asadvised but further objectionsresulted in a public inquiry, andthe application was rejected bythe Secretary of State in early public inquiry processes and long-standing experience of dealing with complex transport issues. Our role included assessing transport links to “ resolution of long-standing issues around transport and access routes to the Quinn Glass site. Their experience and commitment to finding innovative, sustainable solutions2007. By this time construction the facility and completing the that are also practical, was commendable.was complete and the facility Traffic and Access chapter of the Environmental Statement, anita galligan, litigation Manager, Quinn glassrange3 autumn 2010 >> 9
  10. 10. Bolstering Borth CoaStal PRoteCti “ Royal Haskoning has a proven and highly respected track-record in coastal protection schemes and has shown outstanding commitment and drive throughout the “ various stages of the process. CeRedigion County CounCil The threat of flooding and erosion is affecting Government and European Convergence Funding to much of Britain’s coastline and communities as replace them remains in place only if the new defences many coastal defences are in desperate need of are completed by March 2011 – putting pressure on repair or replacement. As sea levels rise, the risk to stakeholders to complete the design, secure planning consent people and property increases. and procure a construction contractor. Particularly vulnerable is the are nearing the end of their In 2009, Royal Haskoning beautiful village of Borth in life – and the clock is ticking in was commissioned by Cardigan Bay, Wales. Due to its more ways than one. Ceredigion County Council shallow waters, Borth’s award- to undertake the detailed winning beach is popular The timber groynes and design of improved coastal with sailboard enthusiasts, breastworks directly fronting protection works. The scheme surfers and families. However, the village, are crumbling includes a series of onshore the current coastal defences, into the sea. The £7m funding breakwaters, rock groynes, constructed in the early 1970s, from the Welsh Assembly extensive shingle nourishment,>> 10 range3 autumn 2010
  11. 11. ion FoR an HiStoRiC welSH village and an innovative offshore confidence in Royal Haskoning. has also worked in close the performance of various Artificial Multi-Purpose Reef, They have a proven and highly collaboration with Atkins who scenarios of the proposed which will improve the surfing respected track-record in prepared the Environmental coastal protection scheme. opportunities in the area. coastal protection schemes. Statement for the scheme” This reproduced the waves in Alice Johnson, Project Manager, This complex project involves a large wave basin to simulate said: “The team’s involvement a multitude of agencies, Royal Haskoning undertook the response of the design to started at an early stage of the consultants and contractors, detailed numerical SWAN conditions at Borth. project when a geotechnical and we are satisfied that (Simulating Waves Nearshore) desk study was prepared, Royal Haskoning will draw upon modelling in the previous stage The fight against coastal erosion making recommendations for their valuable experience to of the project to establish the is on-going, and Royal Haskoning site investigations, including pull all the vital information impact of the waves on the is currently working on a number offshore boreholes, geophysical together to secure planning coastline. The results have of coastal protection schemes investigations and Cone permission within the been complemented and around the UK. Penetration Tests to provide deadline. They have shown refined by physical modelling information on the strength outstanding commitment and at HR Wallingford laboratories, For a full account of this project and compressibility of materials drive throughout the various which saw a scale model of go to: www.royalhaskoning.co.uk and on the variability of stages of the process and we Borth constructed to help deposits across the site.” look forward to the company’s the team analyse the waves Alice Johnson help for the continuation of and coastline interact. This e.johnson@royalhaskoning.com A Ceredigion County Council the project right through to model was then used to assess spokesman said: “We have full construction. Royal Haskoning range3 autumn 2010 >> 11
  12. 12. in the swim On 12 November 2009, the Marine and Coastal tHe MaRine and CoaStal aCC Access Act received Royal Assent. One of the most important pieces of environmental legislation to be passed recently, the Act creates a new comprehensive management system that will promote clean, healthy, safe, productive and biologically diverse seas, and will provide a network of Marine Conservation Zones to protect rare and threatened species and habitats. Nicola Solly, Royal Haskoning’s tourism or leisure, and includes Director for Environment in the formation of a new the South West, says: “The Act organisation – the Marine is viewed as historic ground- Management Organisation breaking legislation that will (MMO). Since the MMO was introduce a new framework created in April, it has overseen for managing the demands marine planning, licensing and placed on the seas around conservation, and is the single the English coastline, improve point of contact for developers marine conservation, and open whose projects have an impact up public access to the coast, to on the sea and coastline – promote the public’s enjoyment providing a service that spans of our rich and varied natural planning to enforcement. environment.” “The Act has immense implications for everyone involved in marine or coastal areas, whether it be commerce,>> 12 range3 autumn 2010
  13. 13. “Changes to the marine licensing system are expected KEy AREAS of iNTEREST to streamline the marine consents process, and we Marine Management  of up-to-date scientific, anticipate these will result Organisation environmental and socio- in more consistency in aims to reduce administrative economic data. licensing decisions that will burdens, provide joinedCCeSS aCt 2009 be integrated across a range up decision making and Migratory and Freshwater  of sectors. However, with the co-ordinate data. Fisheries creation of a network of Marine the act introduces a new Conservation Zones, some Seabed Mapping  authorisation scheme for activities could potentially be Creation of a series of maps the movement of live fish to restricted, which could affect to help explain how the act protect national and local fishing and dredging industries. applies to different areas of biodiversity, and gives the the seas around the uK. environment agency powers “With our specialist knowledge to make emergency bylaws to and expertise in all areas of the Marine Licensing respond to unforeseen threats Marine and Coastal Access Act, Changes will result in improved to fish stocks. we are advising clients on how licensing decisions and delivery. it might affect their activities. Coastal Access Marine Nature Conservation the act enables creation “In addition, we have drafted the act aims to halt of a continuous signed and marine monitoring advice for deterioration of marine managed route around the Natural England for the first biodiversity and ensure coast. Marine Conservation Zone set environmental considerations up on lundy Island. We are also are at the heart of decision- Coastal and Estuary  responding – on our clients’ making processes. Management behalf – to the Government’s the act aims to improve ongoing consultation exercise Fisheries Management and  coordination between all those on new pieces of secondary Marine Enforcement with an interest in coastal legislation.” the act will strengthen issues. fisheries and environmental “I would urge anyone with a management arrangements Royal Haskoning provides concern in any aspect of coastal so more effective action can specialist knowledge and development or marine activity be taken to conserve marine expertise in all areas of the to contact us.” ecosystems and help achieve Marine and Coastal access act, a sustainable and profitable providing advice on: Nicola Solly fisheries sector. the Sea n.solly@royalhaskoning.com Fisheries Committees will be l how the new legislation replaced by inshore Fisheries could affect your activities and Conservation authorities. l marine monitoring l development of marine Environmental Data and  spatial planning Information l response to the consultation the MMo will provide a centre for secondary legislation of expertise for the collection, storage and accessibility range3 autumn 2010 >> 13
  14. 14. MAKING A DIFFERENCE As first year students begin their university amy Savage CEng MICE MEn courses, we wanted to highlight the many Principal Business Development Engineer, diverse career paths Principal business development engineer Amy Savage believes that success is that can be taken. doing something meaningful and making a difference through her role. So we asked some of our female engineers Commenting on what led to engineering) and offshore oil Amy believes the coast & rivers her career in civil engineering, and gas, which led me to the sector needs more flexibility and environmental Amy says: “I wanted a practical watery side of civil engineering. surrounding future funding. scientists to tell us career that would make a real difference to society. My “Working in flood and coastal “I believe it’s vital we raise the what drew them to degree covered all types of risk management inspires me level of public understanding engineering, and I became every day. Seeing the impact about the risks associated with their professions, find interested in fluid mechanics flooding can have on people’s flooding and coastal erosion (hydraulics and aeronautical lives has made me realise the and how it is funded, so people out what inspires opportunity I have to make understand why it isn’t always a real difference through the possible to do everything we’d them most about work I do. like to.” the work they do, “Flood and coastal risk and discover the management is funded from a national, public sector differences they are making to their respective industry sectors. >> 14 range3 autumn 2010
  15. 15. Eng MA (Cantab), Coastal & Rivers budget, and we need to find 3-D the city’s environmental graduates on ICE and alternative funding streams performance and acts as a CIWEM training schemes. and different ways of delivering platform for collaboration, solutions that will enable the using existing data on energy, Amy Savage industry to continue to provide water, transport, waste and a.savage@ effective flood and coastal risk the natural environment. royalhaskoning.com management for the broader The aim of the project is to sustainability of the UK society improve understanding about and economy. environmental challenges and to help people work better “The pace of change within the together to reach conscientious public sector is rapid given the and cost effective decisions recent change in government, that will enable Peterborough and an important part of my role to grow sustainably.” is to look at the bigger picture, so we can help our clients Amy is a chartered member respond to the challenges.” of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and is Amy is currently working currently mentoring three alongside IBM and Green Ventures on a groundbreaking project that is helping Peterborough realise its aspiration to become the UK’s Environmental Capital. “The project involves the development of a web-based resource that demonstrates in range3 autumn 2010 >> 15
  16. 16. The knowledge that she is making the UK’s roads a safer place for all drivers and pedestrians is what inspires Shirley Dumigan, a Civil Engineer working in Transport Planning and Associate Director for the Denis Wilson business group of Royal Haskoning.>> 16 range3 autumn 2010
  17. 17. Shirley Dumigan BSc MCIHT MICE MSoRSA a Civil engineer working in transport Planning and associate director for the denis wilson business group making a DiFFerenCeThe Denis Wilson business budgets and local authoritiesgroup is Royal Haskoning’s are struggling to balance funds.Highways and Transport Providing accurate cost benefitPlanning consultancy and analysis to the client, based onShirley’s role involves improving actual statistics and causes ofroad safety by developing traffic collisions, is thereforeinnovative solutions for clients essential.”by physical engineering designand planning. Shirley’s interest in traffic But whatever engineering and highway the scale,Shirley said: “My role is to help design began at university, achievingmake our road system safer and and her first role was as term measurable resultsin an ideal world all road users consultant for Hertfordshire is Shirley’s keywould take more care, reducing County Council. Her interest motivation: “A roadcollision numbers. I believe that became a passion when sign I designed to reducemy profession and indeed my she assisted with the UK’s the number of caravanscontribution strive to achieve first Safer Routes to Schools overturning on the M5that ideal. scheme. southbound carriageway is a career highlight. The sign“At Denis Wilson I work with “My role included reviewing advised drivers of accidenthighway designers, architects accident data and developing numbers during the pastand council officers to develop engineering solutions to reduce three years and showedroad safety solutions, firstly accident numbers. Reading an overturned caravan. Itthrough audit processes the full accident reports upset successfully reduced accidentsand then designing and me, but it is where safety in the following years andimplementing transport engineering began for me. It is now being used in othersolutions. made what I do a reality and is motorway locations.” something I will never forget.”“Our challenge is ensuring road “I’m passionate about roadsafety remains high on clients’ Shirley’s current role involves safety and anything I can do toagendas. More than 2,000 working on a range of make things better is a step inpeople are killed on UK roads developments, from small the right direction.”every year, and the current residential and commercialeconomic climate means schemes to prestigious multi- Shirley Dumiganthe government is reducing million pound projects. s.dumigan@royalhaskoning.comrange3 autumn 2010 >> 17
  18. 18. priSCilla bonte MSc Structural Hydraulic Committed to providing sustainable solutions in the Netherlands and the international offshore wind market. We have recently been abroad in the sector of maritime development, infrastructure and facilities, awarded several new projects in this field, and I am delighted Priscilla relishes the diversity of her role as Maritime Engineer. to know my efforts have helped to achieve this.” Royal Haskoning is involved One of the challenges faced by in all aspects of maritime the maritime industry is the development, from designing increasing need for sustainable and constructing ports, engineering solutions, as harbours, dockyards and awareness for maintaining the shipyards, to marinas, natural environment grows. waterfront schemes and However, for Priscilla, this focus offshore wind farms. Priscilla’s on sustainability creates an role is wide-ranging, including opportunity: the initial strategic planning and site selection to producing “I believe that highlighting detailed design specifications Royal Haskoning’s emphasis on and advising on construction providing sustainable solutions processes. is a real selling point. Also, combining our knowledge Priscilla’s recent work and expertise from working includes furthering the across a diverse range of development of the industry sectors will ensure offshore wind sector, we can continue to offer more an industry which is innovative and sustainable gaining momentum. Producing solutions for our clients.” energy from wind is becoming more cost competitive with “Our recent achievements conventional methods, and in the offshore wind market wind energy is currently the and the new projects we have most easily accessible form of been awarded are all examples renewable energy. of implementing sustainable solutions. “During the past year I have been using my contacts and experience to focus on strengthening Royal Haskoning’s position in>> 18 range3 autumn 2010
  19. 19. engineer, Maritime Royal Haskoning is already at Priscilla is currently based making a DiFFerenCe the forefront of the offshore in Rotterdam, working on energy sector in the UK, and developments as part of our recent achievements Royal Haskoning’s Maritime abroad will continue to build team. on an excellent track record to provide more work in this field Priscilla Bonte in the future.” p.bonte@royalhaskoning.com The complex technology behind offshore wind developments particularly interests Priscilla, whose fascination with this aspect of engineering began at university. “During my thesis I discovered that I particularly enjoy designing hydraulic structures. A previous role was assisting on an infrastructural development, but I missed hydraulic engineering so transferred to work on maritime projects – I’ve always had a predilection for water.” range3 autumn 2010 >> 19
  20. 20. Dr elizabeth For lizzie Jolley, the role of Environmental Scientist for Royal Haskoning provides an opportunity to make a real difference, as she is influencing decisions regarding the impact of human activities on coastal and marine environments.>> 20 range3 autumn 2010
  21. 21. Jolley BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD environmental Scientist, environment making a DiFFerenCe lizzie’s interest regarding the Royal Haskoning is an industry As a firm believer in protecting consumerist and less wasteful. impact of coastal defences leader in the environment the environment, lizzie My ideal world would be one on the natural environment sector and lizzie believes that hopes that the economic where people were more aware has led to her involvement challenging accepted methods situation may even help of their natural environment in a diverse range of projects of working is essential to towards preserving our and the finite resources that we for Royal Haskoning. She maintain this position: natural resources: “Though use and be more accountable comments: “Environmental a worldwide recession can for their actions.” consultancy is an excellent “Providing guidance to national thwart efforts to conserve opportunity to make the most and international organisations the environment, it can also Elizabeth Jolley of my research background and regarding legislation is key to make people thriftier, less e.jolley@royalhaskoning.com develop my expertise in coastal creating processes that are and marine ecology”. easier to follow, and identifying overlaps in old and new “Human activities such regulations. These overlaps as dredging, and port and presently increase the number coastal defence developments of tasks and assessments all impact upon sensitive requiring sign-off to comply habitats and protected species. with relevant legislation. During my three years at Simplifying current practices Royal Haskoning I have worked would further establish our on a variety of projects to presence at the forefront of the assess their effects on the sector, as well as saving money environment. for our clients.” My involvement ranges Managing clients’ financial from project-managing concerns is vital in the current teams undertaking complex climate, lizzie comments: Environmental Assessments “There will always be of Shoreline Management environmental legislation that Plans, Environmental Impact organisations are required to Assessments to diving in Dover comply with and will use our Harbour to gather essential services for, however funding information for a seahorse in both the private and public habitat survey.” sectors has reduced and I need to ensure my projects are carefully managed to balance the technical output required against the client’s budget.” range3 autumn 2010 >> 21
  22. 22. bravo! brazil RelaunCHeS SHiPBuilding induStRy “ Royal Haskoning adapted one of their unique dock gate “ designs to meet the particular requirements of EAS’s new drydock at Suape. angelo alBeRto BelleliS, PReSidente, eStaleiRo atlântiCo Sul>> 22 range3 autumn 2010
  23. 23. Construction of the Atlântico Sul shipyard in the industrial port of Suape, isa milestone towards Brazil’s aim to re-establish a globally competitive ship-building industry.The 1.62 million m2 shipyard David Greenhalgh, Project piling solution to distribute theis part of a R$1.4 billion Director, said: “The inverted ‘T’ weight of the drydock towards(£500 million) government design floating dock gate we deeper, stronger subsoil.investment. The largest used was initially developed forshipyard in Brazil, its a 131m gate in Korea. Its gravity- Angelo Alberto Bellelis,completion in May was stabilised design ensures Presidente, Estaleiro Atlânticocelebrated with the launch of its suitability for wide dock Sul, said: “Royal Haskoningan impressive 274m Suezmax entrances and it is ideal for adapted one of their uniqueoil-tanker. Capable of carrying shipyards with only one dock dock gate designs to meet theone million barrels, the tanker gate, as the gate is reversible particular requirements ofis one of the vessels that will be and can be fully maintained EAS’s new drydock at Suape.essential to ensuring the future while in service.” Their experience and expertisedevelopment of Brazil’s oil has been much appreciatedproducing industry, and is the Royal Haskoning was then and we are pleased to havefirst major vessel to be built in commissioned by EPC, the had their contribution to theBrazil for 13 years. consultants designing the dock successful completion of the itself, to advise on the design drydock facility.”Impetus for the development and construction of the 400mwas the discovery of the Tupi by 73m drydock underfloor Construction of the Atlânticooil field off Rio de Janeiro, drainage system and flooding Sul shipyard was completedthought to contain eight billion valve. within three years.barrels of oil. The Atlântico Sulshipyard is also ideally placed This specially constructed For a full account of this projectfor building and launching ships shipbuilding area is 12m below go to: www.royalhaskoning.co.ukto drill for oil around the Gulf of ground at seabed level. OnceMexico and West African coast. construction of a vessel is David Greenhalgh complete, the drydock is flooded d.greenhalgh@royalhaskoning.comRoyal Haskoning was to float the ship out to sea.commissioned in 2007 by EstaleiroAtlântico Sul to design the 75m One particular challenge wasmain entrance gate for a new the soft clay ground whichdrydock. This included both the needed strengthening so itinnovative concept and detailed could support extremely heavydesign, as well as procedures loads. Royal Haskoning assistedfor installing, maintaining and by developing an effective andoperating the gate. economical in-situ concrete Launch of the Suezmax tanker by Brazil’s President Luiz inácio Lula da Silvarange3 autumn 2010 >> 23
  24. 24. Range is a Royal Haskoning publication issued four times a year. An international and Dutch version of Range is also available. As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, Range is also produced in digital format. If you would prefer to receive Range electronically, please let us know by sending an email to the address below. We always welcome comments from our readers. If you have any questions or feedback about anything you have read in Range, then please email: range.uk@royalhaskoning.com For further information about Royal Haskoning, please visit our website at www.royalhaskoning.co.uk Keep up to date with our news at: www.twitter.com/haskoning_uk Editor: Trudi Downey, Royal Haskoning Copywriting: Sheng Chi Communications Design & layout: Charles Whalley Advertising ltd Print: Gildenburgh ltd images: Spiny seahorse. Seahorses are a protected species in the UK and this individual was photographed under license by Alex Mustard/www.amustard.com (page 21) Planned Biddulph development, image courtesy of Chetwoods architects and Sainsbury’sbahrain > belgium > cambodia > china > france > india > indonesia > ireland > libya > malaysia > the netherlands > nigeria > oman > peru > philippines >romania > russia > senegal > south africa > thailand > trinidad & tobago > united arab emirates > united kingdom > united states of america > vietnamrangeautumn 2010 3