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This is an example of a portfolio presentation.

This is an example of a portfolio presentation.



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Prof port media lit Prof port media lit Presentation Transcript

  • + I work hardProfessional to be a positive role model for students and staff. PortfolioPresentation Integrity Ms. Alessaundra Mills Educational Leader
  • + 2 Educational & Vocational of Background 12  B.A. Psychology  M.A. in Education  Clear Multiple Subject Credential  Studying for Administrative Credential  Teacher Leader  Program Specialist
  • + 3 Who is Ms. Mills? of 12 Personal Professional Values Values •  Being a Good •  Being a Good Person Listener •  Being Honest •  Finding Common •  Being a Person of Ground Integrity •  Developing •  Being Helpful & Solutions Kind •  Working •  Being Accountable Collaboratively & Reliable •  Encouraging Discussion •  Producing Tangible Results
  • + 4 Media Literacy Emphasis of 12 If the DEFINITION of   Media- the main means of mass communication (esp. television, radio, newspapers, “Media literacy helps students and the Internet) acquire the critical thinking skills they need to access,   Literacy- the ability to read analyze, evaluate, create, and and write. participate with the powerful images, words, and sounds Then the GOAL is to through which much information is delivered in the   Support students ability to 21st century.” read and write, or analyze and contribute to the 21st century -(eSchool News 2010) modes of communication.
  • + 5 Strategy to Support Media Literacy of The more I can support teachers’ use of technology, the more 12 students are exposed to engaging 21st century resources and assignments. The more students are engaged, the more likely an increase in student achievement. Supporting Teachers & Students Looks Like:   Planning Monthly Explicit “How to” Tech Trainings   Encouraging Each One Teach One   Strategizing Classroom Technology Integration   Facilitating School-wide rollout of web- based applications, such as Accelerated Reader, Mobile Learning Institute, Premier College & Vocation Prep Feature and stakeholder information sharing via the school website
  • + 6 Teacher Leader Experience of RESPONSIBILITIES QUALIFICATION 12Nightingale MS Website Established NMS Website at our school site and remain the most the active administrator.Professional Development Several years of PD planning, presenting and encouraging distributed leadership.Train Staff on Various As a “go to” person for technology byFunctions of the Website staff, I have provided tips and training on teacher-centered applications ranging from Advanced Internet Searching to Building Your Classroom Webpage.Work Collaboratively with Worked closely with administrators,Stakeholders counseling staff, teachers, parents and students to support the needs of Nightingale students.
  • + 7 Media Literacy Qualifications of DESIRABLE QUALIFICATION 12 Assist in the Supported data driven planning from Implementation of assessment data to develop school Response to Intervention wide goals, instructional planning and engaging lessons. Work collaboratively Participated in various leadership with essential committees and have contributed to stakeholders on various shared decision making and have committees facilitated decision making via discussion and consensus building. Punctual, professional, Punctually arrive to work daily with a excellent oral and optimistic demeanor and professional written communication apparel. I have been the “go to” skills teacher for speaking to staff and authoring items from memos to proposals.
  • Communicates with all stakeholders Inspire+ Instructional Experience I’ve been an instructional leader since my 3rd year at Nightingale. It is now my ninth year at Nightingale and I’m still as energetic and passionate about decreasing the achievement gap as I was when I started.
  • + 9 NMS Website- An Example of of Leadership 12 As evidenced above, of all NMS website administrators I request the most tickets.
  • + works for allWhat Successful Experience with Various Learnersstudents: Relationship Building ESL GATE ADHD Clear High Expectations Fair & ConsistentDiscipline Large & LD & Recognition & Rewards for ED Small Class Specific LDPositive Behavior Sizes Engagement &Involvement inClassroom Tasks 6th – 8th Multiple Hard to Graders Intelligences Reach
  • + 11 Above & Beyond… of Interim Librarian 12 •  Trained Staff •  Organized Library •  Facilitated Policy and Procedure Building Authored the Transition Program •  Created Life/Study Skills Curriculum •  Created the Matrix Utilized •  Provided support to staff Proposal Writing •  Acquired technology for staff •  Acquired technology for students •  Acquired training for teachers
  • + Why I Am Solution-oriented the BEST Candidate  I am a well-rounded team player  I am personable and optimistic "We are  I am teachable what we  I believe in shared information repeatedly  I lead by example do.  I possess practical experience Excellence  I can elicit buy-in then, is not  I produce tangible results a single act, Professional but a habit."  - Aristotle