Honeywell total-connect-video-restaurant-brochure


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Alarm Grid Home Security has provided this pdf with the permission and courtesy of Honeywell.

Alarm Grid is a home security product and alarm monitoring company that loves its customers. We have a strong appreciation of the DIY community, and want to make sure that we not only provide the best products and services out there but we also want to make sure that resources like these Honeywell product pdfs are easily accessible so that or curious customers can find what they need when they need it.

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Honeywell total-connect-video-restaurant-brochure

  1. 1. Keep an eye on your restaurantwhile you are away!View live video from almost anywhere...with Honeywell Total Connect™ Video Solutions. According to the National Retail Security Survey, losses cost U.S. retailers a minimum of You can work a lifetime building $33.5 billion each year!* These losses, known your business. Shouldn’t you be sure as “shrinkage,” are the result of employee theft, that it’s running smoothly, even shoplifting, administrative error and vendor/ when you can’t be there? supplier fraud. To maintain profitability, restaurateurs are becoming more and more strategic in their approaches to reducing asset shrinkage and improving their operational productivity. When you own your own business, you’re Several portable indoor and outdoor cameras available— connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, can be placed virtually anywhere! the reality is that occasionally, you like to go home. But when you’re away, you worry. You think about your valuable inventory, equipment and fixtures, perishables and other packages left at the door, your employees, employees accessing sensitive areas, and also your greatest asset, your customers! For more information, please visit *2010 National Retail Federation (Continued on back)
  2. 2. While on vacation, you check in on your restaurant...Honeywell Total Connect™ Video Solutionsenable you to look in on your restaurant fromalmost anywhere by viewing live video clips onany supported PC, smartphone or otherweb-enabled device. With Total Connect VideoSolutions, you can stop worrying and start reallyenjoying your time away from the restaurant.You can easily find out how busy your business iswhen you’re not around, and double-check tomake sure that your employees are doing theright things. Wouldn’t you like to know thatyour employees are working at peak efficiency ...and see your waitress correctly setting up the tables.and NOT taking unexpected breaks? THE EASY SOLUTIONWith Total Connect Video Solutions, you can:• Watch the premises for suspicious behavior/ activities and gather evidence against employee theft and administrative error• Monitor customer traffic remotely• Ensure customers are being properly attended to• Keep an eye on sensitive or restricted areas• Be assured that your employees are working when they are supposed to be…and where they are supposed to be• Make sure your employees and assets are safe• View your restaurant in real-time or program Total Connect Video Solutions make it specific event triggers – this spares you from the easy to keep an eye on your restaurant while time and expense necessary to review countless hours of surveillance tapes you are away. So what are you waiting for?• Monitor critical readouts and other Call now for a FREE demonstration! devices remotelyL/EUTCVSRS/D