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Honeywell total-connect-video-ip-connectivity


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Alarm Grid Home Security http://www.alarmgrid.com/ has provided this pdf with the permission and courtesy of Honeywell.

Alarm Grid is a home security product and alarm monitoring company that loves its customers. We have a strong appreciation of the DIY community, and want to make sure that we not only provide the best products and services out there but we also want to make sure that resources like these Honeywell product pdfs are easily accessible so that or curious customers can find what they need when they need it.

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Honeywell total-connect-video-ip-connectivity

  1. 1. L_iPCAMWIP_D_TC_diagram 4/2/12 12:39 PM Page 1 VIDEO SOLUTIONS IP Video Connectivity WWW.MYTOTALCONNECT.COM 5. 443 6. Firewall Secure Network 4. Router 7. Send Via Internet 1. Recordable Event 8. AlarmNet® 3. WAP Easy Installation. Fast and Secure. Configuration #1 – You are using a wired connection and your router supports DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol). AlarmNet Router IP Camera Modem Internet 9. • DHCP capability View Image Configuration #2 - Your wireless router supports DHCP and one button WPS encryption. AlarmNet Router (wireless) • DHCP capability Modem IP Camera • WPS button Internet Configuration #3 - Your wireless router supports DHCP but DOES NOT support one button WPS encryption. 2. Image Capture AlarmNet Wireless Access Point Router IP Camera IP Camera • WPS Button • DHCP capability Modem Internet IPCAM Bandwidth Usage Honeywell Total Connect™ Offers More Total Connect Offers Faster and Security 360 x 240 Revenue Opportunities Easier Installation One Camera 768 Kbps upload recommended minimal speed. Stream • Lets end-users check up on kids, nannies, babysitters, pets, elderly • Once powered and connected, the iP communicator • Unlike alternative solutions, 768 Kbps (one min. average) relatives, employees and service people automatically seeks the AlarmNet servers in a private, Total Connect does not compromise • Alerts and video look-in on PC and mobile devices secure and authenticated connection security of the customers router 360 x 240 Three Camera • Real time and stored video • Port 443 is typically available for outbound secure • Alternative solutions require installer 2.3 Mbps upload recommended minimal speed. Streams 2.3 Mbps • Multiple locations Internet access to open IP server ports (one min. average) • Portable video • No installation knowledge about encryption keys, network • Intuitive easy-to-use interface (no training required) 360 x 240 protocol, firewalls or other computer networking Six Camera 4.6 Mbps Upload recommended minimal speed. Streams knowledge is required to complete the installation 4.6 Mbps (one min. average) L/IPCAMWIP/D April 2012 © 2012 Honeywell International Inc.
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