StoryStack - The Role of Narrative & Story Telling  for Startups
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StoryStack - The Role of Narrative & Story Telling for Startups



Seminar at BeeraTech Jerusalem - PR for Startups

Seminar at BeeraTech Jerusalem - PR for Startups



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StoryStack - The Role of Narrative & Story Telling  for Startups StoryStack - The Role of Narrative & Story Telling for Startups Presentation Transcript

  • STORYSTACK The Role of Narrative and StoryTelling inYour Startup & How it Can Lead toYour Getting Media Coverage June 1, 2014
  • WHO’S HERE? • Need 3 volunteers / 2 minutes each • What’s your story? • What makes you interesting? • Who’s had media coverage? • Where do you think you need to be covered?
  • PRESENTATION • Live on blog & Slideshare • Ask questions….I’m not here to “lecture…” • Based on belief sets, principles, and experimentation • Real world examples • Premise based on your doing much of this yourself - and as a team…
  • ABOUT • Tech PR / Branded Journalism • 30+ years…. been through major shifts & cycles • 20 years back and forth to Israel • U.S. and Israel
  • TODAY • Learn about the role of narrative and story telling for your startup • Take-away five steps you can apply through the end of 2014 • Build a body of work that will contribute to your being discovered • How it can help lead to media coverage • Add a layer of value to your brand
  • A huge, global volume of startups…. all vying for attention in the media
  • Just get us some press…
  • Do you have the right contacts in the media to get us a huge story in….. ?
  • We have a huge (and important) announcement next week and we need to be covered everywhere….
  • _____ is on our Advisory Board….our team came from the IDF….we have the most disruptive technology in the history of man-mind….we are going to be the Google of ______, etc….
  • I heard that if you _________ with journalists, it’s a sure way to get__________. At least that’s what a friend of mine at another start-up did….and got covered in ______…
  • Our space is very unique, and unless you have relationships with media in the ____ sector, how can you help us?
  • There’s always a story behind the story, and what it took to get there….
  • ALAN’S PRINCIPLES OF “GETTING PRESS” • Listen • Build a sustainable body of work • Pitch - with expectations • Keep listening and contribute to your ecosystem
  • LISTEN… • Identify the writers, bloggers, analysts who you think matter • Come up with 15 - 20 as your target and assign the founders the responsibility to tune in, read, and just listen… • Share your insights with the team on what they write about, say, issues they cover, what they could be missing, and most of all, where you can help them.
  • A BODY OF WORK • Depends on what you are doing… use common sense • Social, of course, • Blog is best. • Helpful content. Not self-promotional. • Write to help the media discover you and be an authoritative source…”thought leader…”
  • PITCH - EXPECTATIONS • Introductory email • Various ways to “pitch” • Meeting and following up at conference is a good way • Commenting on articles can help you be discovered • Not every pitch sticks
  • As story tellers you have the opportunity to add a massive layer of value to your startup
  • What’s Branded Journalism? The art of applying story telling and building narratives to support and reflect a brand’s values…
  • Having a body of work separates your startup… all vying for attention
  • The new tools of building your startup
  • Technology Stack LAMP Java Python OpenStack Ruby AWS Rackspace Microsoft IBM / Softlayer
  • StoryStack Blog YouTube Instagram Twitter LinkedIn SoundCloud FaceBook
  • WHY • Builds a new type of defensible position • Your body of work helps you define who you are • Media can discover and cover you • Can lead to new types of unexpected deal flow
  • StoryStack Story Narrative Voice Engagement Discovery
  • STORY • Sets the stage for the heart and soul of your company • Builds and expresses culture • Attracts customers, partners, media, etc
  • NARRATIVE • Connected events • Gluing your story together • Ties your channels together • Helps you express, connect and engage with your ecosystem
  • ENGAGEMENT • Lets you listen • Give your customers / partners a voice • Enables amplification of your story • Which can lead to….
  • WHAT’SYOURVOICE ? • Techie • Fashion • Sports • Music • Culture
  • DISCOVERY • An act of faith • People are searching for you • Let them discover you • Find others • Get discovered, covered by media
  • content (curated, contributed, posts) socialcommenting writing Branding your startup with content adds a unique layer of value Your Startup’s Voice
  • BRANDED JOURNALISM EXAMPLES…. • News • Content • StoryTelling • Media
  • EXECUTION… • Agree to some basic milestones • Don’t be afraid to write • Don’t publish until you feel comfortable doing so • Build out an editorial calendar • Share the responsibility with your co-founders
  • EXECUTION • Decide on the outposts (channels) • Allow 90 days to get the process going • Use stock tools • Your SmartPhone is a very powerful story telling platform
  • SUGGESTED READING ! • • • • • all photos (except forThe Beatles, BB King, etc) by me.
  • LET’S CONNECT… • Twitter • Facebook • LinkedIn • Instagram • SoundCloud • YouTube
  • ThankYou. all photos by me…