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Social Media / IABC San Antonio
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Social Media / IABC San Antonio


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Alan Weinkrantz discusses the Social Web and Personal Branding strategies to IABC / San Antonio …

Alan Weinkrantz discusses the Social Web and Personal Branding strategies to IABC / San Antonio

follow on Twitter: @alanweinkrantz

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Social Media Strategies IABC / San Antonio / February 24, 2009
  • 2. About • PR guy for 25 years • Social Media for the last 4 years • Blogger with.... 4 blogs • Journalist.... columnist “Express-News” • Content producer
  • 3. I eat my own dog food • working directly clients • working with Agencies • I am my own client • I’m on Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • 4. social media social networking Is this really “Social Media?” social computing
  • 5. for the purpose of this presentation, let’s go with....
  • 6. The Social Web
  • 7. what do you do? Who’s in the room? are you personally online? does your company have social web policies in place? are you involved in the Social Web at work?
  • 8. Two Parts to Discussion • Social Web strategies from the mind’s eye of a PR / blogger and content producer • Personal branding in your company and in your career
  • 9. Two Core Principles • #1. Does not substitute traditional PR; complements and becomes part of your overall communications strategy • #2. Must tie to messaging, strategy, metrics, business goals, etc • end result is that you should combine PR / Social Web to elevate communications strategies and get measurable results
  • 10. The Social Web: • how do your customers / partners / stakeholders / media, etc “socialize” in relation to your company on the Internet
  • 11. The Social Web • You no longer control the message • You can participate, contribute and advance the conversation • Engage with stakeholders
  • 12. But we have a web site... • static content does not lend itself to the social web • your “publics” are going to the social web with or without you
  • 13. Temporarily... • Forget the social web and ask... • what are we trying to achieve? • how are our stakeholders changing the way they communicate and interface with our company? • how can the social web potentially grow or obliterate our company?
  • 14. This has to start upstairs • Senior Management must buy in • Baby steps and trials generally work best • The good news is that you can offer metrics to prove your case
  • 15. Where to start? • Study your competition • Monitor related industries • Become your company’s internal expert source • Educate with baby steps • Use analytics and measurability
  • 16. static active VS. Web Site Brochures Press Releases Trade Show Booth
  • 17. How I’ve used the power of social web to get media coverage, gain credibility and demonstrate thought leadership as a pro- active consumer of AT&T’s three screen service offering
  • 18. trade business/financial broadcast radio
  • 19. Traditional PR • Messaging • Press Releases • Outreach • Pitches / Causes photo of telephone by Alan Weinkrantz - shot @ SpaceCity near Moscow (c) 2008
  • 20. Traditional Distribution
  • 21. Going to the Social Web • Complements PR efforts • Gives your company or management a human voice • Impacts search results • Lets you be “found”
  • 22. YouTube -great way to pitch the media
  • 23. Re-purposing content... Industry leaders demonstrate N-trig technology
  • 24. Industry leaders demonstrate N-trig applications & product differentiation
  • 25. How To: How I watch Internet TV - U-verse and Internet TV
  • 26. Building an Eco-System Through Member Participation
  • 27. Conversational tone simplifies messaging
  • 28. Thought leadership in VoIP Security
  • 29. The social web is a new way to think about listening, participating and building community for your company and its stakeholders
  • 30. Part II • Personal branding.... you are a brand
  • 31. A personal brand? •If you are online in any way, you are building your own personal brand
  • 32. But I’m not a soft drink • Yes, you are like.... • Coke • Apple • Starbucks • Ralph Lauren • Nike
  • 33. But I’m human • So is.... • Michael Jordan • Paris Hilton • Tiger Woods • Elvis Presley • Mick Jagger
  • 34. How I am branding Alan • Social Networks I’m a mini • Blogging broadcasting • Journalism network • Self PR • Photography • Videos
  • 35. My brand qualities • Expert in PR / Social Media • Focus on technology • Connected in Israel • Track record • Having fun • Human / Real
  • 36. I “tweet,” engage in conversation, give away information
  • 37. My business blog demonstrates expertise and helps clients and projects I am involved in “be found”
  • 38. Consumer facing blog covering AT&T positions me as an authority in triple play services in telecom
  • 39. Branding You! • Join a few networks • Determine what you want to communicate about yourself • Make sure you have an up to date photo • If you are on social networks, make sure you have an up to date profile
  • 40. Branding You • Is there a company policy regarding personal branding? • Could you become or create a new position for yourself as a company evangelist?
  • 41. Facebook connects me to friends & business associates in the U.S. and Israel
  • 42. LinkedIn - business focused social networking in the U.S. and Israel
  • 43. Flickr photos....I always carry my camera when I travel for fun or business
  • 44. Monthly columnist for San Antonio “Express-News” covering AT&T and Social Media
  • 45. I do interviews / reviews over at Redbone Guitar Boutique
  • 46. B.B. King, Tom Petty, The Who in Concert
  • 47. My “Conversations Series” with San Antonio’s Social Media Superstars
  • 48. Contact • Alan Weinkrantz • 210-820-3070 • • @alanweinkrantz - Twitter • FaceBook, LinkedIn too!
  • 49. Copy of presentation • online today: • copy and share with others • this is just what I believe and seems to work • your mileage may vary
  • 50. Thank You © 2009