MEGAComm Tel Aviv Conference - 20 Feb 2011


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Discussion Tech PR / Social Media / Branded Content to technical writers and marcom teams in Israel

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MEGAComm Tel Aviv Conference - 20 Feb 2011

  1. 1. TECH PR / THE SOCIAL WEB / BRANDED CONTENT MEGAComm Conference Tel Aviv - 20 February 2011
  2. 2. WHO’S IN THE ROOM?• Asking for five volunteers to introduce themselves.... one minute each.... • what do you do? • challenges you are facing?
  3. 3. DURING THE DISCUSSION...• Ask questions• Tweet us up• @alanweinkrantz - let’s follow each other :)• #MEGAComm2011
  4. 4. PURPOSE• Learn, share, network with your peers• Realize you are not alone in the challenges you may face• Apply what we share today and take a few steps in a new direction, particularly in the area of branded content• Demystify and disrupt your communications mindsets• Avoid the possibility of being disrupted in your role a a tech writer
  5. 5. CAVEAT• Presentation is based on experience and belief sets of where things are going forward•I try things out and like to experiment• Not everything I do & how to help clients works, but the barriers to entry and experimenting are nil - other than time
  6. 6. ABOUT...• PR guy for 25 years• Variety of Israeli tech companies for 15 years• “Social Media” for the last 6 years• Shifting to Branded Content• Work with Jeff Pulver on Sponsorships for #140Conf events
  7. 7. WAVES OF INNOVATION• PCs based on 8088 / 286 / 386 / 486• The networked PC• Early Internet Cafes• The cell phone and related data services• WiFi• Computer / network / application security
  8. 8. WAVES OF INNOVATION• IP Communications & Entertainment• Tablet / Mobile PCs - mobile platforms• The wired home network standard• Disruptive Communications
  9. 9. Sampling of Israeli Tech Companies Represented
  10. 10. Sponsors
  11. 11. YESTERDAY VS. TODAY• The media was the gateway to telling your story• Thebarriers to having access to the media required a traditional PR firm or having “contacts”• You had to have a big budget to produce quality content
  12. 12. REALITIES• Everyone has access to your news• You don’t need a PR firm• Your being in Israel should not deter you from being successful• Ifyou are a technical writer, you stand an increasing possibility of being disrupted by outsourced suppliers who can produce at dramatically lower pricing
  13. 13. TODAY...• Marcom / Marketing: become more valuable to your team and disrupt your competitors• Technical Writers- elevate your role and consider expanding your sphere into the art of story telling
  14. 14. SPECIFIC TO ISRAEL• Engineering driven culture• Marketing is often an after-thought• Particularly to core tech suppliers.... belief set is that with only 25 core customers in the world, you don’t need “marketing”
  15. 15. SPECIFIC TO ISRAEL• OEMs providing core technology to major brands• Innovators and disruptors
  16. 16. TODAY....• Tech PR first and foremost, start thinking of your organization as a• Social Media media company• Branded Content
  17. 17. BUT I’M IN ISRAEL...• Other than having the ability to interface with a journalist in real time, geography no longer matters.
  18. 18. BASICS OF PR• Message• Interesting news• Consistent outreach• Tie your branded content to becoming a trusted source for media coverage
  19. 19. PR...• Today, covering the very basics....• Think about new ways to pitch
  20. 20. TYPES OF COVERAGE• Hard News• Breaking / Trends News• Collaborative / Joint News• Sourced News• Populated Content from Businesswire• Contributed Content by your CTO
  21. 21. HOW TO PITCH?• Build a list • ask your customers and partners what they read • ask your sales people what your customers read
  22. 22. MESSAGE• Establish 3 key messages and use them in everything you produce• Be concise and easy to understand• Make your message core to all press / collateral / online content• All company execs should be on the same message
  23. 23. CONSISTENT OUTREACH• If someone turns you down, it’s really ok.• Instead of selling your story, be a trusted source of expertise
  24. 24. INTERESTING NEWS• “Interesting” is a matter of definition...• Make sure your news is relevant and if possible, breaking
  25. 25. Tiered Media Strategy for 2011 tech IT / Vertical Media & Analysts emerging Business Mediamainstream core technology Mainstream Media A Thought Leadership Approach to Tech PR
  26. 26. NEW WAYS TO PITCH...• Comment / observe articles via social profiles such as Twitter• Have a commenting strategy in place• Use platforms such as you’re a media company • YouTube • SlideShare • Flickr
  27. 27.
  28. 28. Via
  29. 29. Via.... LinkedIn
  30. 30. Sample Media - current and where we could try to broaden coverage Business Media IT MEDIA BusinessWeek CNBC CIO Fortune Computerworld Forbes eWeek NYTimes InfoWorld WSJInformationWeek NetworkWorld Consumer Media SC Magazine USA Today Wired
  31. 31. Blogs Engadget GigaOM GizmodoThreatLevel
  32. 32. BRANDED CONTENT....• Biggest shift I am seeing: • Content about / around your brand • Story telling with emphasis on social conversation
  33. 33. A BODY OF WORK• Previous news releases• Previous media coverage on- going outreach• SEO on key terms and persistent presence increases• Company or individual Blog(s) opportunities for• Videos coverage• Social Media presence
  34. 34. static VS. activeWeb SiteBrochuresPress ReleasesTrade Show Booth
  35. 35. Go wide and deep You Company Technology Article Blog submissionsFacebook delicious Twitter SlideShare Comment on other blogs YouTubeLinkedIn Digg Docstoc Slideshare
  36. 36. SOCIAL MEDIA• Listen first. Then pitch.• Many traditional journalists are also bloggers• Have a commenting strategy in place... it’s a great way to be found and discovered
  37. 37. BIG SHIFTS• From pure pitching to sharing and having your content being found• The art of curating content• Havingyour CTO, Tech Support and R&D team become the new marketing department
  38. 38. Doubletree - Hilton
  39. 39. Z-Wave Alliance
  40. 40. Redbone Guitar Builds Global Online Business
  41. 41. ALAN’S RULES :)• Have a focused and current message• Have an up to date and easy to download press room• Write to, and for your targeted audiences• Give yourself six months to see this bear fruit• Focus on a few wins... manage expectations• Engage your management
  42. 42. study. work hard. have fun. start story telling
  43. 43. stream yournarrative
  44. 44. build a following and new deal flow will come your way
  45. 45. how: > ?
  46. 46. converse interface broadcast inform share spread you ideasgive away as much information about you as you can
  47. 47. The Social Web
  48. 48. If you populate the social webwith great and relevant contentabout yourself, you’ll be found,and it will serve its purpose inwhatever you want to do afteryou graduate from Trinity
  49. 49. How I’ve used the power of social web to get media coverage, gain credibility and demonstrate thought leadership as a pro- active consumer of AT&T’s three screen service offering
  50. 50. trade business/financial broadcast radio
  51. 51. YouTube -great way to pitch the media
  52. 52. Re-purposing content... Industry leaders demonstrate N-trig technology
  53. 53. Industry leaders demonstrateN-trig applications & product differentiation
  54. 54. How To: How I watch Internet TV - U-verse and Internet TV
  55. 55. PRESENTATION• online -•• copy and share with others• this is what I believe and seems to work• your mileage may vary
  56. 56. CONCLUSION• Be a media company• Think like a journalist• Help grow your industry and be a trusted source in the space• Stop selling and start story telling
  57. 57. REALITIES• Culture• Where to start • listen • follow • engage
  58. 58. CONTACT• Alan Weinkrantz•• Twitter: @alanweinkrantz• Facebook & LinkedIn
  59. 59. THANK YOU• please share :)