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Above the code   story telling : branded content  : wayra - buenos aires
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Above the code story telling : branded content : wayra - buenos aires


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  • 1. ABOVETHE CODEStoryTelling / Branded ContentBuenos Aires - 24 April, 2013
  • 2. TODAY...•Presentation online @•Sharing principles, methods, approaches... each company is different•Practical tips, hints and actionable steps you can take with you
  • 3. IN MY LIFETIME...•Three transformational periods that raised the global consciousness•Blues & Rock music - BB King,The Beatles, Rolling Stones,The Who,etc.•The infrastructure of what become the Internet (thank you, in part,Telefonica)•The rise of the social & connected web
  • 4. We are living in oneof the greatestcultural andbusiness shifts ever
  • 5. You can now...Do AnythingAnytimeAnywhere
  • 6. You have a compellingstart-up.How do you connectwith the rest of theworld?
  • 7. INTRO...•Who’s in the room?•Startups: Status / Funding / Distribution / Partnerships•Companies: Technology / Product / Markets•Media coverage? Impact?
  • 8. I’M HERE....•To help you....• think about the importance and role of branded content and storytelling...•share your startup or company’s story•connect in a whole new way that a few years ago was left to themarketing department or an external ad agency or PR firm•discover and build the editorial fabric of your startup and help yousucceed
  • 9. ABOUT•30 years - yup, I am an old school PR guy.... and believe in the realpower of PR•Discovering the global startup economy•Involved with Israel’s traditional tech sector for the last 18 years
  • 10. LASTTWOYEARS• Speaking / Writing ... Observing / Watching• Geekdom - San Antonio• TechLoft -Tel Aviv• TechStars Cloud - San Antonio• MexicanVC (500 Startups) - Mexico City• Microsoft Azure -Tel Aviv• The Leaders Palestine - Ramallah• Google -Tel Aviv
  • 11. GOOD NEWS :)•Very low cost / no cost tocreate a start-up•Big Idea•Core team•Strong will•Servers / hosting
  • 12. BAD NEWS :(•Someone in NewYork, Madrid, San Francisco, Singapore,Tel Aviv,Mumbai is thinking the same thing as you are :(•Hard to have a defensible position•Hard to protect your IP•Getting traction is tough
  • 13. QUALITIESTHEN...•Strong Intellectual Property•Defensible technology•Strategic investors like Intel,AT&T, Cisco, Motorola,Telefonica•Traditionally,VC funded•30 engineers / CEO /VP Marketing /VP Biz Dev
  • 14. QUALITIES NOW•No Intellectual property•Nothing really defensible•Strategic investors & partners - Friends, Family,Angels,TechStars, 500Startups, etc.•Up until recently....No funding, or angel, micro, friends & family funding•Easy to run a virtual company... no real address, presence from a co-working space and an IP phone number
  • 15. THE WORLD AS WE KNEW IT•Hardware•Software•Telecom•Security•Bio Sciences•Medical DevicesGo to SchoolInternshipsGo to College / UniversitySummer JobGo to Work
  • 16. THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT•Consumer Web•Mobile•SaaS•Subscription•eCommerce•MarketplaceHigh SchoolStartupGapYearStartupCollege / University - or not...StartupAcceleratorStartupWorkStartupQuit Day JobStartup
  • 17. The rise of the startup economy is global
  • 18. The rise of the multinational startup
  • 19. THE MIND OF A CODER...•Focus on...•functionality•application•utilitarian value
  • 20. 50 years
  • 21. Rock & Jazz Musicis code.
  • 22. The Four Coders
  • 23. Coders & StoryTellers
  • 24. The Coders & StoryTellers of Jazz Music...
  • 25. Music is the original code
  • 26. Great songs have....
  • 27. Greatnarratives
  • 28. Great voice
  • 29. Great stories
  • 30. Great tone
  • 31. Music is in all of us
  • 32. Everything is getting coded
  • 33. “The Internet of things...”needs stories...
  • 34. We learn to “write”
  • 35. WE WRITE FOR...•Marketing•Business•Technical•Legal•Medical•Social
  • 36. ... but we never learn the art ofstory telling, or how to write insimple language to explain whatwe are doing and what we feel
  • 37. What you say, how you speakand what you communicate arethe new lyrics of theonline world
  • 38. The experience your deliver onthe platforms we now interfaceand engage with, are enablingbillions of people on the planetto create the new melodies of asocially connected world
  • 39. WRITE FOR STORYTELLING•Why is what you are working on important?•How are you improving lives?•How are you helping people hack their own lives?•What are you seeing in the way people are taking responsibility fortheir own health
  • 40. LOOK WHATYOU DID!•Solved a problem•Figured out a way to connect two or more things and do somethingspecial with it•Codified a process, expertise, method or a discovery•Delivering of new type of experience on the devices & platforms weare using today - and in the future
  • 41. GUIDESTO WRITING•Write like you speak...record yourself and transcribe what you say•Pretend you are speaking to an audience.... write in front of a mirror(seriously...)•Think of how you felt when you were read stories as a child
  • 42. WHYTHIS MATTERSTODAY...•Story telling, having a voice, and the on-going narrative is a reflectionof your startup / company’s heart and soul•It becomes the body of work that helps you recruit talent, attractinvestors, customers, build partnerships, and be discovered by themedia
  • 43. THE MEDIA ISYOUR FIRSTMARKETto share and tell your story
  • 44. youbloggersanalystsmediatheconsumerThe Media isYour Customer....enterprise...institutions..&
  • 45. WHAT I BELIEVE•Branded content & story telling is what’s next• It’s harder and harder to “get coverage” because of the volume ofnoise•Every company is a media company•Your startup is a rock band... you’re in the studio figuring outsomething new
  • 46. WHAT I BELIEVE•Story is a defensible business strategy•Narrative is the supporting infrastructure for your brand•Tone is the voice of your brand
  • 47. WHAT I BELIEVE•12 Fundamental Belief Sets•Not everything I do always works•I do this for me... I do this for clients.•There’s always exceptions to the rules•Discussion is based on a combination of experience and principles
  • 48. WHAT I SEE...•Great ideas•Cool technology•Understanding the role of UI / UX•Little, or no thinking through the role of the written word, language,tone, voice and “speaking through” the devices we are using in ourdaily lives
  • 49. From >Code
  • 50. To > AboveTheCode
  • 51. Alan’s12 Fundamental Belief Sets
  • 52. #1 - STOP PITCHING•Start story telling•Your pitch helps clarify / definewhat you do, but really sucks asa way to get coverage
  • 53. #2 -YOU’RE REALLY A MEDIACOMPANYTHAT....•Creates and makes mediaso you’ll be discovered,found and shared•YouTube•Twitter•Facebook•Blog•Pinterest•Instagram•SoundCloud•Google Plus•LinkedIn•UStream
  • 54. #3 BUILD A BODY OF WORK...•Your expertise• Help the media do their job• So you can be quotedbeing discovered andcovered by media leads tonew opportunities...
  • 55. #4 IT’S NOT ABOUTYOU•How do you help others dosomething in a compelling wayyou could not do before
  • 56. #5 BE HUMAN•Get off your perch and writelike you would speak•Converse with your potentialmarket wherever they are
  • 57. #6 LIKE MINDED PEOPLETENDTO FIND EACH OTHER•Give them a place to connectand share their story•Consider aligning with otherstartups like yours to create amultinational startup
  • 58. #7 HAVE A MISSION•We’re out to make __________ better•We want to help _____ do _______•We want to help others the opportunity to ________•We’re connecting _______ with ______ so they can ________•We make it easier to ____________•Have your voice be heard about _________
  • 59. #8THINK LIKE A SOCIALDEMOGRAPHER•The potential to collect “Big Data” means you have something ofincredible value to a potential partner, investor, or brand•Gives you a better chance of a lift when an exit may present itself•Big data lends itself to infographics, which contributes to your thoughtleadership and a great way to get media coverage
  • 60. technology platformspark -what if?story...BIG DATAreal valuenarrative toengagementLift towards an exit... (c) Alan Weinkrantz“somefunding.”..
  • 61. #9 PUT IT OUTTHERE•You never know who is going to find your content and engage• You don’t have to have high quality production values to do this• Hardware is cheap. Tools are free. Tons of creatives to help you.• Put your brand in play
  • 62. #10 DRAW, PAINT,PHOTOGRAPH, ROCK OUT•Do something or learn to dosomething creative other thanworking on your startup•It will re-wire your brain in anunexpected waymy drums circa 1968
  • 63. #11 IT’S NOT ALWAYSREPLICABLE•Just because one strategy ortactic worked for one companydoes not mean it will work foranother
  • 64. #12 GET LUCKY•Go wide•Get lucky•Run with it when you strike achord
  • 65. HACKYOUR OWNCOMMUNICATIONS•Think of yourself as a reporter &story teller•Much of this you can do yourself•Leave digital bread crumbs
  • 66. PLAN....•Post and write relevant contentso you can be a source to mediaon your field of expertise•Develop & publish infographicsyou can share•Follow a wish list of 20journalists you think shouldcover you•Read and comment on relevantarticles without being selfpromotional.•Ask end user / beta customers ifyou can refer to them to media•Follow editorial calendars•Create your own editorialcalender
  • 67. F1F2F3F4Role.Tone.Voice.CEO: Serious.Thought Leader.CTO: Technical. Knowledge. What’s Next.Biz Dev: Forward. Opportunity. Open.Lead Dev: Innovator. Code. Team.“F” = founder
  • 68. May June JulyF1F2F3F490 Day Editorial Calendar Planner2x topics per month from each - 24 posts per quarter
  • 69. NOW....•Make a wish list of where youbelong•business / tech / bloggers•media appropriate to yourspace•analysts / influencersappropriate to your space•track competitors orcompanies in your peripheryon to seewho covers and writes aboutthem•track competitors on
  • 70. PLAN FOR PR•If you follow some of these basicprinciples, you’ll be furtherahead.•This process takes at least sixmonths to one year to really geton a journalist’s radar and besticky - sometimes you can getlucky•Get everyone on your team tomake this part of their regimenas it will make them aware ofthe opportunities that await youwhen you are ready.•Bring up PR in your teammeetings in a “what if...” scenario.Be Ready For PR SoYou Can Succeed
  • 71. RECOMMENDED READING•Why Branded Content is Beating Editorial•The Pressures of Content Creation•Brands Will Become Media•The Internet ofThings
  • 72. TOOLSYOU CAN USE...•Most are free•Develop a discovery mentality•Start connecting the dots•There are journalists looking for compelling ideas
  • 73.
  • 74.
  • 75.
  • 76.
  • 77.
  • 78. CODE OF ETHICS•Have fun•Create intellectual & capital wealth•Do good things that make the world slightly better•Help others
  • 79. Rise...
  • 80. please share:)ABOVETHE CODE™
  • 81. alan@weinkrantz.comTwitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. SlideShare. Scribd. Instagram. YouTube.© Alan Weinkrantz And Company 2012 AboveThe Code ™all photos - except slides 18 & 21 - (c) Alan Weinkrantz 2013