Making a Difference


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What are you waiting for?
When would NOW be a good time for you to make a difference? How much more do you need to learn? How many other people do you need to please before you step up and change your world in a meaningful way.
You will never win the lottery. You are never going to be a billionaire. This is fantastic news because there is no someday eventuality that you need to wait for to get started.
Let’s do this!

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Making a Difference

  1. 1. Making A Difference H. Alan Stevens
  2. 2. To transform the world, we must first transform ourselves
  3. 3. SO WHAT?
  4. 4. Is his life any better?
  5. 5. I have yet to meet any person who gets lasting satisfaction from earning way beyond what he needs. Tony Schwartz The Most Important Question You Can Ask
  6. 6. There are two kinds of happiness
  7. 7. Serotonin Dopamine Technically, the only two things you enjoy
  8. 8. When will NOW be a good time?
  9. 9. "I think I'm dumb, or maybe just happy." Kurt Cobain
  10. 10. The Warrior’s Perspective
  11. 11. Warrior: One who is brave
  12. 12. You will die.
  13. 13. Cowardice is trying to live our lives as though death were unknown. Chögyam Trungpa
  14. 14. Death != Failure
  15. 15. Regrets of the dying
  16. 16. We do not die it is the world that dies from us Edvard Munch
  17. 17. equilibrium and stability are an illusion
  18. 18. Facts are stubborn things John Adams
  19. 19. Two Kinds of Optimism
  20. 20. Unrealistic Optimists believe that success will happen to them
  21. 21. Realistic Optimists: believe they have to make success happen
  22. 22. Envision a rocky road to success because it forces you to take action.
  23. 23. Heidi Grant Halvorson Be an Optimist Without Being a Fool Don't visualize success. Visualize the steps you will take.
  24. 24. Realistic Optimism Algorithm • Write down just the facts • Write down the story you are currently telling yourself • Conceive of a more positive story based on the same facts. • Write down the new story
  25. 25. The Warriors Heart
  26. 26. Accept Yourself
  27. 27. Karl Rohnke’s CSP Model Comfort Zone Stretch Zone Panic Zone
  28. 28. Do not let the limits of your circumstance or role stand in your way
  29. 29. Practice “Selfish Altruism”
  30. 30. Clinical Results •Residential Elderly •Pain Patients •Heart Patients
  31. 31. Takeaways •There are two kinds of happiness •Your brain doesn’t know the difference
  32. 32. Take on the mantle of Warriorship
  33. 33. Thanks For Listening! Email/IM: Blog: Twitter: @alanstevens