Building a Social-Ready Organization
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Building a Social-Ready Organization



How to build a social media marketing organization.

How to build a social media marketing organization.



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Building a Social-Ready Organization Building a Social-Ready Organization Presentation Transcript

  • Building a Social-Ready Enterprise: The Role of CXO’sAlan SeeChief Marketing OfficerBerry Network Inc., an AT&T CompanyTwitter: @AlanSee 1/27/2011
  • Agenda• The Challenge: Competing in a Social Economy – Branding & Lead Generation• Building a Social-Ready Organization – Strategy – Technology - Processes 2
  • The ChallengeCompeting in a Social Economy 3
  • Berry Network Inc., an AT&T CompanyBrand Transformation … more than just print Yellow Pages 4
  • Sales FunnelLead Generation Awareness - Interest - Desire - Action (Engagement & Trust Building) Prospect Sources Sales Funnel Sales Pipeline Sales Forecast Prospect Generation Prospect Analyze Specific Qualify Build Business Proposal / Qualification Needs in Presentation Opportunity Case Quote Detail Refine Contract Market Negotiation Specifications L Cross-Sell Actual Post No No Base Market Study Acceptable? Mortem Testimonials / Yes Case Study Account Management Opportunity Management Sale (other content: White paper, Post Sales etc) Service Order Processing Booked Publication Revenue 5
  • Marketing Funnel Goals … Create & Strategically Place Content… increase brand awareness, generate interest and position BNI as a marketing thought-leader Branding & Lead Generation Content & Platform Presence 1. Blogs (customer facing) Branding Targeted 2. Content (Assessments / White Papers) Marketing 3. Platform Extension (Social Media sites) 4. Lead Capture 6
  • Social Media Marketing IntegrationBranding & Lead Generation Acceleration Strategy Linking & Feeding Nurture Community Start Conversation Linking & Feeding 7
  • Building a Social-Ready OrganizationCXO: Strategy – Technology - Processes 8
  • Helpful for Launching Social Media in Your Organization! 9
  • Social Media Marketing Involves Your Entire Organization… and all the major players Lead Generation or Does Wall Customer Service? Street Care? Integrating Increase Revenue / Risks / Exposure? Social Media Decrease Expenses? Network Internal HR Security? Policy or Recruiting? 10
  • Social Media is Wide and DeepApplications vary and are used for different goals and objectives … and have different implications • Social News / Bookmarking / Aggregators … (FriendFeed, digg, delicious) • Social Networks … (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) • User-Generated Content … (flickr, youtube, yelp, slideshare, blogs) 11
  • Social MediaCXO: Strategy – Technology - Processes Social-Ready Assessment Strategy 100 80 60 40 20 0 Technology Processes 12
  • Social-Ready MarketingWhat is your “customer experience” strategy?A social-ready organization is focused on the customer experience through the execution of a socialmedia marketing strategy that creates value for both the customer and the organization.A social-ready organization delivers on this goal by focusing on marketing media in a way that allowsthem to engage their customer’s on their customers’ terms. This may require a new marketingmindset. To support that new mindset, a company that aspires to be social-ready must focus on threekey competency areas:• Strategy: Do you have a social media marketing strategy? Does your social media marketing strategyintegrate and support your strategic marketing plan? How well does your social media strategy supportyour corporate goals and objectives?• Technology: Do you have the technology and infrastructure to support your social media goals andobjectives?• Processes: Do you have the operational processes in place to support your social media goals andobjectives? 13
  • Marketing Strategy Planning Process Your social media marketing strategy should support your strategic marketing planNarrowing down to focused strategy with quantitative and qualitative screening criteria Customers Needs and other Segmenting Dimensions Product Price Targeting & Segmentation Strengths Weakness Company Opportunities Customer Mission & Objectives Threats Trends Positioning & Differentiation Promotion Place Competitors Current & ProspectiveExternal Market EnvironmentPolitical & Legal - Economic - Social & Cultural - Technology 14
  • Strategy – Technology - ProcessesHave you established standards and procedures? 15
  • Strategy – Technology - ProcessesWho should be engaged? Who will monitor? What technology will they use to monitor? 16
  • Strategy – Technology - ProcessesWill you allow platform access at work? If so, which platforms? Will everyone have access? 17
  • Strategy – Technology - ProcessesWill you allow platform and applications exceptions? If so, who can grant the exception? Help?! 18
  • Integrated Marketing Strategy 100 80 60 40 20 0 Technology Processes 19
  • Thank You! 20