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Quality Core


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Implementation of Quality and Environmental Management Systems

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Quality Core

  1. 1. Profitability, Quality, Environmental and Process Improvement Services The Road to Success Overview Introduction ..................................................... 2 Quality Management Systems ...................... 3 Environmental Management Systems ........ 4 Process Improvement Workshops ............... 5 Special Engagements ..................................... 6 Consultant Profiles .......................................... 7 Client References............................................. 8 UHY Advisors, Inc. Quality and Process Improvement Consulting ISO 9001:2000 Certified 26200 American Drive Suite 500 Southfield, MI 48086 248-355-1040 UHY ADVISORS, INC. rev. 1/12/09 Page 1
  2. 2. The Road to Registration Profit & Process Improvement Consulting ISO 9001:2000 Certified Dear Process Improvement Professional: We appreciate the opportunity to present the enclosed information detailing UHY Advisors’ Quality and Process Improvement Consulting services. For over 30 years UHY Advisors has been acting as business advisors to closely held and family owned businesses. Experience has taught us that the needs of each business are as unique as its owners. Our consultants' first priority is to understand the concerns and needs of the client. Armed with this understanding, we approach the analysis of a problem in a way that leads to a client-specific solution. Flexibility characterizes our approach to providing Quality and Process Improvement consulting services. Our consultants are prepared to tackle assignments as large as managing a complete business transformation process, or as small as assessing a single operation within a business. When necessary, our consultant can partner with other practices within UHY Advisors, or even third-party firms to deliver total turn-key solutions. Our flexibility is demonstrated by the breadth of services we offer. Our consultants want to help make your business more successful. Because we focus on small and middle market clients, we are able to structure engagements that are affordable, involve your personnel, and add value to your business. Our program is based on a hands-on philosophy where your project is staged to achieve the designated corporate goals and objectives. All of our consulting team members are experienced and certified. We have assisted over 220 companies in their process improvement efforts over the past 15 years. We have worked with clients ranging from four employees to organizations with over 16,000 employees. Our team of consultants has experience in a wide range of industries, including metal fabrication, tool & die, distribution, specialty equipment fabrication, injection molding, chemical and batch processing, design & development, CAD/CAM, construction, retail services, transportation, and software. We look forward to an opportunity to discuss our services with you in greater detail. If we can answer any questions you may have or if you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss your specific business objectives, please do not hesitate to call me at (248) 204-9447 or on my cell phone at (248) 496-9844. Sincerely, Alan K. Lund Consulting Principal UHY ADVISORS, INC. rev. 1/12/09 Page 2
  3. 3. Quality Management Systems Quality Roadmap The Road to Success Our Proven Program Implementation Planning • Baseline Assessment Head in the Right Direction • Management Overview • Define Responsibilities We, at UHY Advisors provide di- • Refine Goals/Objectives rection to build and maintain a • Establish Milestones usable Business & Quality Man- agement System, structured for Employee Awareness process improvement success. • Conduct Employee Overview • Identify Obstacles Most companies are facing the • Establish Key Support Staff reality that they need to imple- ment a Business Management Process Mapping & System in order to stay competi- Not Just for the Document Development tive in today’s market. Automotive Industry • Sessions with Action Team • Policy and Procedure Review With time and resources ISO can be used by any business, • Develop Work Instructions stretched to their limit, you have whether manufacturing or service- to find a way to improve & based, to help your company achieve Registrar Planning strengthen your existing proc- its goals and objectives. Companies • Identify & Interview Registrar esses in order to establish effec- in a variety of industries are using • Select Registrar tive & efficient business opera- ISO 9000’s set of “best business • Conduct Management Review tions. practices” to improve their opera- tions and increase profits. Implementation Roll Out & UHY Advisors, a leading Michi- Internal Auditing gan-based financial and business Companies that integrate the re- • Finalize Documentation consulting firm, has a dedicated quirement into their business opera- • Internal Audit Training team of professionals who are tions and use ISO as a springboard • Conduct Employee Training actively involved in assisting for additional improvement are bene- companies in the implementation fiting most from achieving registra- Quality System Implementa- of business & quality manage- tion. tion ment systems. • Conduct Audits Executive management from all sec- • Corrective & Preventive Action Our implementation methodology tors are recognizing the benefits of • Conduct Employee Training has been used by over 220 com- implementing an effective quality panies to achieve process im- system and the positive effects of Final Audit Preparation provement and quality manage- recognition from independent third- • Document Review by Registrar ment system registration; this party registrar. We have or are in • Readiness Assessment program format has resulted in a the process of assisting companies to • Conduct Management Review 100% success rate in our cli- become successfully registered to ent's first attempt at the for- the following standards: Registration Audit mal registration audit. • Pre Assessment by Registrar ISO 9001:2000 • Implement Corrective Action Our program efforts are led by ISO/TS 16949 an ANAB / IRCA certified Quality • Registrar Final Audit ISO 14001 Systems Lead Auditor with 20 + AS 9100 years of manufacturing experi- ISO/TS/AS CERTIFICATE AS 9110 ence. ISO/IEC 17025 Lab Accreditation UHY ADVISORS, INC. rev. 1/12/09 Page 3
  4. 4. Environmental Management Systems Environmental Roadmap The Road to Success cant impact to the environment and integrating these and all of Protecting Our Future the requirements of ISO 14001 into your operations. General Motors, Ford and Daimler Chrysler have made it clear that It is important that your Quality improving business practices that Management System (ISO/TS/AS protect the environment is a prior- 9000) is integrated with your ity. They are taking responsibility Environmental Management Sys- for the environmental consequences tem (ISO 14001). Our approach Corporate Image: of their manufacturing processes employs a strategy to harmonize and requiring that their suppliers do Invaluable Marketing Tool the standards to provide a foun- the same. dation for your company to re- Sustainable growth is the buzz duce costs, improve profitability General Motors says that all suppli- word for the new century. Busi- and increase productivity. ers must certify an Environmental ness partners, bankers and inves- Management System (EMS) that tors demand to see evidence of conforms to ISO 14001. sustainable growth. Ford says that suppliers must have A company with an effective Qual- all sites certified. ity Management System and Envi- ronmental Management System is Daimler Chrysler required its suppli- an attractive prospect for investors ers to be registered to ISO 14001. looking at sustainable growth. Be- cause more customers are requir- ISO 14001 is not just for the auto- ing that their suppliers have a cer- motive industry. Companies world- tified EMS and QMS in place, certi- wide are realizing the benefits of fied companies have a competitive implementing an EMS in reduction advantage. The perception of a of waste steams, lower consump- company’s commitment to environ- tion of natural resources, good cor- mental responsibility improves its porate image, decreased liability image with the public, customers costs and improved positioning with and in the political arena. bankers and investors. Recent surveys show that a grow- Our Quality and Process Improve- ing number of ISO 9000 registered ment Consulting Services team has clients plan to pursue ISO 14001 – the expertise to address the com- and that percentage is on the in- plex issues in implementing an Envi- crease. Being one of the first com- ronmental Management System. panies in your industry to achieve We can assist you in developing an ISO 14001 will help you gain the environmental policy, identifying the edge over competition. environmental aspects of your op- erations, legal requirements, moni- toring and measurement of key characteristics that pose a signifi- UHY ADVISORS, INC. rev. 1/12/09 Page 4
  5. 5. Process Improvement Workshops Internal Auditing Workshop Business Process Auditing Workshop This two day workshop will provide your Internal Audit A key element of continuous improvement is to develop Team members with hands-on instruction regarding the and implement an audit program that not only fulfills ISO/ strategy, planning, conducting of, and documentation asso- QS requirements but also establishes a viable system to ciated with an effective Internal Auditing Program. This achieve corporate objectives. Business Process Audits workshop includes an overview of ISO/QS and is geared bring a new perspective to the audit program and an addi- towards team members with little or limited knowledge of tional level of corporate value. quality systems. Strategic Business Planning Root Cause Analysis This hands-on workshop will provide attendees with the A key element of continuous improvement is to determine tools and understanding needed to develop and implement the quot;root causesquot; of nonconforming products or services. a strategic business planning process within your organiza- The goal of an effective Root Cause Analysis Program and tion. It workshop is typically held on three half days over a this workshop is to bring systematic logic to “judgmental” period of 2-3 months. problem solving. This workshop provides attendees with a ISO 14001 – hands-on approach to identifying problems, data require- Environmental Management Systems ments, possible causes and developing objectives for solu- tions. Attendees learn how to narrow causes by identifying Provides participants with an overview of the requirements the most appropriate “quality tools” to use for analysis pur- of ISO 14001 and presents a strategic plan to effectively poses. implement an Environmental Management System (EMS) with emphasis on the importance of integrating your EMS Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) with your current Quality Management System. Attendees will develop an understanding of the fundamen- ISO/TS 16949 tals of an effective FMEA process, recommended tech- niques, conducting a FMEA meeting process, and the im- This workshop introduces ISO/TS 16949, along with back- portance of the Risk Priority Number (RPN). Participants ground information on the VDU 6.1 (German), AVIS will be actively involved in developing documentation of (Italian), and EAQF (French) standards and provides atten- dees with the differences between the current QS 9000 3rd the FMEA process. Edition and ISO/TS 16949. Reliability & Maintainability Implementing ISO/IEC 17025 This workshop will provide a company’s R&M Team mem- bers with hands-on instruction regarding the strategy, plan- This one day workshop provides attendees with an under- ning, conducting of, and documentation associated with an standing of the laboratory accreditation process and steps effective Reliability & Maintainability Program (R&M). associated with becoming a certified calibration and test facility, how to best implement the requirements and how APQP – Advanced Product Quality Planning to structure supporting documentation. Participants will understand the steps required to complete a SPC / MSA successful and efficient quality planning cycle, work prac- tices, tools and analytical techniques used, the creation and Participants will understand the fundamentals of statistical execution of quality plans and use of cross-functional teams tools and measurement system analysis, learn how to select in the planning cycle. and implement the most appropriate analysis tool for evalu- ating and improving company processes and products, con- struction and interpretation of control charts and evaluating process capability. We can schedule any of these workshops on site for your company for up to 20 attendees, please call for details. We will be pleased to customize workshops for your company. The above workshops are periodically scheduled at UHY Advisors in Southfield and Sterling Heights. Please call us for information about scheduling a workshop or to be placed on our mailing list to be notified of upcoming workshops. UHY ADVISORS, INC. rev. 1/12/09 Page 5
  6. 6. Special Engagements Business Assessment & We conduct targeted engagements to assess your proc- esses and provide an evaluation of the process efficien- Strategy Alignment cies and opportunities for improvement. In addition, we Client Issue: Client’s sales have grown from $5.5M in 1994 can provide services to help facilitate the implementation to just over $17M in 2000. The client’s profit margins contin- of these recommendations. Examples of our accom- ued to erode due to inconsistency in business processes, lack plishments are: of a strategic plan to handle new business requests, and lack of processing controls to meet required product ship dates. Solution: Consultants used UHY Advisors’ Business Assess- Manufacturing Process Optimization ment Tool to examine all critical areas of the client’s operations in order to determine where processes needed to be formal- Client Issue: A precision machining company providing jet ized, what operations were not value-added, and where per- engine components to the aerospace industry wanted to reduce sonnel needed additional resources to achieve the desired re- the time required to develop repairs for jet engine parts. Cur- sults. The output of this assessment was a strategic plan and rent development times ranged from 10 to over 18 months. The a series of corrective actions. Client’s business operations are client requested assistance in identifying processing bottle- on a positive trend line to meet and potentially exceed profit necks, developing viable solutions, optimizing operations and margin requirements. implementing best practice recommendations. Business Unit Interactions Solution: UHY Advisors completed an assessment of manu- facturing operations, including material flow, machining center utilization, repair order process flow, and part Value-Added/ Wait Time constraints. The output of the assessment was a strategic report presented to the client’s executive management team. Client implemented several recommendations and has reduced the average time to develop a repair part to less than 180 days. Root Cause Analysis Client Issue: The client was experiencing a problem with an inner company process; different departments involved had tried to solve the problem on numerous occasions with limited success. Solution: Conduct a Root Cause Analysis workshop with the managers involved with this process, to equip them with an understanding of problem solving techniques. The workshop Client Issue: A mid-sized distributor of electrical contractor provided the tools and plan needed to help them to determine materials could not break the sales plateau of $60M. With ten the root cause of the problem. Applying the techniques learned branches located within a 100 mile radius from their corporate solved the problem and it provided a useable system that can offices, the company was structured to do over $100M. The be used for future problems. client requested assistance in identifying process improvements to achieve the $100M sales objective. Lean Manufacturing Solution: Using a process improvement model, our consult- ants identified the primary obstacle to improving sales were a Client Issue: An automotive paint producer requested assis- combination of “business silos” where personnel were not re- tance in identifying opportunities to improve the company’s sponsive to internal customer needs and the lack of clear chan- total operations, from front office operations to shipping & re- nels of communication to quoting new business in an expedited ceiving; along with guidance in forming and facilitating Lean manner. A series of business unit meetings in conjunction with Manufacturing Work Teams. the development of business unit interaction diagrams, allowed the client to implement progressive systems that broke the Solution: UHY Advisors conducted a business assessment to $60M barrier and reach nearly $75M within one and a half identify process improvement opportunities, provide direction in years. forming Lean Manufacturing Teams, and facilitate team meet- ings where personnel identified process improvement ideas, prioritized short-term and long-term goals, and implemented a wide range of process improvement initiatives. UHY ADVISORS, INC. rev. 1/12/09 Page 6
  7. 7. Professional Roadmap The Road to Success Consultant Profiles ALAN K. LUND Alan Lund is the group's Consulting Principal. He received his BS degree in Me- chanical Engineering from Iowa State University and has over 20 years of manu- facturing, plant operations, and fabrication process experience. He has worked with a wide variety of companies to implement process improvement initiatives, including ISO, TS and AS 9000 since 1992. Alan is certified as a RAB Quality System Lead Auditor and as an IRCA (United Kingdom) Lead Assessor. He is a member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and the International Organization for Standardization Technical Advisory Group (ISO TAG 176) and has been actively involved in the review and develop- ment of ISO Standards and user applications of proposed ISO Standard revisions. DAWN GREGO Dawn is a Consulting Manager with experience in a variety of manufacturing in- dustries with a specialty in aerospace organizations. Dawn has 15 years of direct aerospace manufacturing work experience and has assisted companies in the im- plementation and maintenance of ISO 9001:2000, AS 9100 and AS 9110. Dawn also specializes in the development and presentation of various training workshops including internal quality auditing, root cause analysis and document management. UHY ADVISORS, INC. rev. 1/12/09 Page 7
  8. 8. Quality and Process Improvement Roadmap The Road to Success Client Testimonials “…We found that the certification had become secon- “…After attempting registration on our own, UHY helped dary. What we received from the discipline of going get us over the hurdles to achieve ISO 9001 registration. through the process (of ISO 9001:2000 certification) is a UHY delivered on all they promised and their staff’s un- whole box of tools… As a result of this process all of our derstanding of our company’s processes and the applica- measurables are rising. Customer satisfaction numbers tion of ISO to our business was key to our success in im- are steadily climbing and most importantly that great plementation.” measurable for all of us, the profit of the store is also Paul Hatcher rising.” Andy Anderson Oliver/Hatcher Construction, Inc. Anderson Honda “Becoming certified under ISO is a very challenging task “Very pleased with our consultant! Knows ISO 9001 ele- and UHY helped us achieve registration of a useful quality ments as an expert. Fresh views, outstanding communication system more quickly and probably less expensively than skill sets…quot; we could have done it alone. Lou Gorga Robert E. Luetje Black Box Corporation Kolene Corporation “…Baker Concrete is flying the ISO 9001 flag proudly “…When we first began ISO implementation at VAMP I and does so with tremendous gratitude for your personal thought it would be one more burden, one more useless attention and the dedicated efforts from the entire UHY exercise aimed only at compliance with the Standard. But, team. Your ability to lead the process and make some- because UHY helped us create the documentation to fit thing happen mirrors the mindset at Baker and certainly ISO into the way we do business, instead of forcing VAMP was the key to obtaining registration.” to change the way it does business, our company has im- Douglas McNames proved - our processes are streamlined and we are more Baker Concrete Construction organized.” Corporate and Midwest Region Allan Topolewski VAMP Company “…The implementation advice we received from UHY staff met the intent of the standard, but was practical, too. “The Consultant’s overall professionalism and knowledge of We now have a quality system that works, instead of just the ISO/TS requirements greatly helped in our certification a nice manual for the registrar to admire.” upgrade. The registrar mentioned that we were one of the best Jim Lisoski prepared companies that he had audited..” Quasar Industries Jim Rose Induction Services Selected References Baker Concrete Construction Doug McNames Concrete Construction ISO 9001:2000 (513) 539-4000 Belle Tire Susan Slattery Commercial & Retail Tire Services ISO 9001:2000 (313) 271-9400 Liebherr Aerospace Jim Will FAA Repair Station AS 9110 (734) 944-6389 Gentz Industries Ray Holm Aircraft Turbines & Components ISO / AS 9100 (586) 772-2500 Kolene Corporation Jim Malloy Salt Bath Equipment ISO 9001:2000 (313) 273-9220 Con-Way Transportation Albert Zahn Trucking & Logistics ISO 9001/14001 (567) 230-9373 Oliver/ Hatcher Construction Paul Hatcher Construction - Design and Build ISO 9001:2000 (248) 374-1100 Accurate Gauge & Mfg. Co. Darrin Soukup Precision Machining ISO/TS 16949 (586) 917-0658 Black Box Corporation Carol DiPizzia Voice, Data & Network Products ISO 9001:2000 (724) 873-6484 Greene Metal Products Jamie Schneider Military Machining / Assembly ISO 9001:2000 (586) 465-6800 Three Dimensional Services Mike Baranowski Rapid Prototyping & Machining ISO 9001/QS 9000 (248) 852-1333 Vamp Company Allan Topolewski Cold Formed Weld Nuts ISO 9001:2000 (734) 676-8020 UHY ADVISORS, INC. rev. 1/12/09 Page 8