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Purposeful Collaboration With Microsoft Dynamics and Yammer
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Purposeful Collaboration With Microsoft Dynamics and Yammer


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Social features are no longer nice to have. They are now a requirement for effectively getting work done.

Social features are no longer nice to have. They are now a requirement for effectively getting work done.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Business tools have different requirements than consumer tools Tools that enable people to work together towards a common goal "Enterprise Collaboration software enables people to create, discover and interact with the content, colleagues and communities, that can help them get their jobs done." Departments, geographies, interest groups, customer forums Working towards a business outcome
  • 2. Platform: Profiles, blogs, wikis, etc. Enterprise Social Network #ESN Enterprise LoB software Vertical Industry Apps Niche services: Intranet External Community Collaboration Unified Communications SharePoint Alternative/ Enhancement File sharing, Ideation, Note taking Q&A, etc. Consumer Hook Ex: email
  • 3. “Groupware” First generation collaboration tools in the client:server era - Thick clients - Proprietary “Facebook for the Enterprise” Standalone collaboration platforms and social networks “Getting Work Done” Integrated experiences that aggregate events from multiple enterprise applications “Purposeful Collaboration” Native social functions within core business applications and processes - Rise of consumer social - Cloud: SaaS , PaaS , IaaS - Mobile devices 5
  • 4. Sharing 6
  • 5. 7
  • 6. Use Cases For Enterprise Social Networks Status updates Sharing links Asking questions 8
  • 7. But Something Is Missing 10
  • 8. Sharing Getting Work Done 11
  • 9. Integrate with existing business tools 12
  • 10. Leverage existing corporate data 13
  • 11. ERP CRM 14
  • 12. 15
  • 13. Still Adoption Issues
  • 14. Sharing Getting Work Done Purposeful Collaboration 17
  • 15. Don’t just mimic social networks Improve business tools and processes 18
  • 16. Business Applications Social Network 19
  • 17. Marketing Sales / CRM Communications social Community / CX / Support Learning/ Development Engineering HR/HCM Industry verticals 22
  • 18. Business Mad Libs We need to improve business process x _____________ so that we can achieve desired business result y ________________ 23
  • 19. Sales / CRM We need to grow the sales pipeline ________________ so that we can close more deals ________________ 24
  • 20. Engineering We need to reduce development times ________________ so that we can get products to market quicker _________________ 25
  • 21. Human Capital Management We need to provide better onboarding _______________ so that we can have a better connected workforce _________________ 26
  • 22. Customer Service We need to resolve issues faster _____________ so that we can have happier customers ________________ 27
  • 23. Customer Service We need to Listen to our customers ________________ so that we can Build what they need _______________ 28
  • 24. We need to ______________ so that we can ______________ 29
  • 25. 30
  • 26. •  Promote the outcomes •  Communicate with customers/ employees •  Gather feedback and refine •  Rewards and motiviation Deliver Discover •  Open communication enables companies to learn what problem customers/employees are having •  Idea can happen at any time •  Innovation Communities: Social media, forums, IdeaJams, Ideation tools Design •  Discuss, vote and prioritize ideas •  Creating / editing / brainstorming / documenting •  Assigning tasks (find right people) and project workflow •  Ensuring repeatable processes 31
  • 27. HR Marketing Sales Support Engineering Leadership Payments Shipping Advertising 32
  • 28. Sharing, Transparency, Discovery Integration With Enterprise Data Influencing Business Results/Outcomes 33
  • 29. -  Collaboration (internal and external) is a critical component of successful organizations -  “Social” features can be part of a stand-alone platform, integrated with, or integrated into enterprise software solutions/processes -  The processes can be function specific or cross departmental boundaries 34
  • 30. Thank You Alan Lepofsky Twitter: @AlanLepo 35
  • 31. TM © 2010 - 2014 Constellation Research, Inc. All rights reserved.
  • 32. Interactive Ex: A threaded discussion added to a CRM record Links Interaction Ex: An embedded support trouble ticket Ex: Link to a news article Ex: A Youtube video displayed in a blog Stand Alone Embeddable Access
  • 33. 1 2 3 4