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Selling Liquor in Gandhian state is an Anomaly
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Selling Liquor in Gandhian state is an Anomaly


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Published in: Education
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  • 2. Presented by 2
  • 3. Why Gandhiji was against liquor ?• Gandhi, father of our nation, was against selling & drinking liquors• He said, it’s criminal to spend income from sale of intoxicants on education of nation’s children or other public services The government must overcome temptation of using such revenue for nation-building purposes 3
  • 4. Early life• India has come a long way ahead of state of 1930s or 40s• In 30s, people in state of unemployment & poverty used to spend their spare time in drinking, even if they had no money• The result was families destroyed due to head of the family being indulged in drinking habit• Violence caused by drinking problem was a common thing at that time• That’s why, Gandhiji had to address nation about drinking practice 4
  • 5. After Independence After independence, India had to abolish selling of liquor• But no, India is still generating revenues from liquor• Now, thing is whether drinking liquor is actually bad habit, or it was the situation which demanded Gandhiji to be against liquor• As Gandhiji is our idol, our nation should reflect to follow his principles 5
  • 6. What the study says ?• According to NIAAA – National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism, moderate drinkers have lowest death rate compared to heavy drinkers In another word, if you take liquor as a drug & take in a controlled fashion, it’s good for your health & longevity So, being strictly against liquor or drinking habit is quick or biased judgement Excess of anything is not good, so is the case with liquor too 6
  • 7. Ban in Gujarat• Gujarat is only state in India where complete prohibition on sale of liquor is enforced Hotel & tourism industries, no state government has dared change the law• Because of association with Gandhi & huge followers involved 7
  • 8. How the ban is adversely affecting Gujarat ?• Outdated law has started to have negative impact on Gujarats tourist-friendly image• Tourism is just one industry affected by Gujarats prohibition policy• Promising investors are shying away from the state because of ban 8
  • 9. Who are allowed to consume liquor in Gujarat ?• Gujarats prohibition law allows permit to foreigners & outsiders but process is cumbersome• State also gives group liquor permits for conferences & meetings but process is not so simple• Only place where the government allows free flow of liquor is in special economic zones (SEZs)• Gujarat has 60 sanctioned SEZs, out of which 22 are operational & rest are in pipepline 9
  • 10. Businessmen v/s the Gandhians• Vast section of businessmen, including ‘Dinesh Hinduja’ favour lifting ban But few are willing to speak against policy fearing government or police wrath• Eminent Gandhian, Chunibhai Vaidya, says : "Women feel safer because no one can dare to create a scene in the open after getting drunk in Gujarat" "The government should work towards curbing corruption in police and strengthening prohibition" 10
  • 11. What the government says ?• Gujarat government spokesperson & state Health Minister Jai Narayan Vyas, also supports Chunibhai Vaidya’s point of view• Interestingly, Indian Made Foreign Liquor is freely available in Gujarat, thanks to bootleggers• According to an estimate, Gujarat is losing Rs.4,000 crore in excise duty annually because of this anti- alcohol policy 11
  • 12. Narendra Modi doubtful about lifting the ban….• Chief Minister Narendra Modi is doubtful about lifting ban• He feels it could anger the women voters who form the bulk of his supporters• With state Assembly elections due in December, there is little likelihood of Modi even relaxing the law partially 12
  • 13. THANKYOU…!!! 13