Analyzing enterprise application vendors


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JDA v/s i2

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Analyzing enterprise application vendors

  2. 2. PRESENTED BYAkshay Sharma - 189Alankar Das - 190Amit Kumar - 191Aridman Pal - 192Asad Ahmad - 1934/30/2013MIS 2
  3. 3. CONTENTS About JDA Integrated Brands of JDA Supply Chain Softwares of JDA JDA’s Strength & Weakness About i2 Technologies Supply Chain Softwares of i2 I2’s Strength & Weakness Financing SCM Systems/Softwares Comparison between JDA & i24/30/2013MIS 3
  4. 4. WHAT IS JDA ? JDA Software Group, Inc. is a leading provider of supplychain solutions named after JAMES DONALD ARMSTRONG More than 6,000 users worldwide have adopted JDA’ssupply chain software to achieve increased visibilityacross entire supply chain, from raw materials to thestore shelf & improve profits Users in manufacturing, retail, transportation, wholesaledistribution & service industries have all found successwith JDA Their supply chain software features supply chainplanning, demand planning, suppliermanagement, sourcing & procurement, order fulfilmentand inventory management on a best of breed basis4/30/2013MIS 4
  5. 5. …..contd We found that some of industry leaders inmanufacturing, retail & logistics use JDA software 83% of top manufacturers, 72% of Gartner’s topSupply Chain Top 25 & 70% of top retailers useJDA software JDA has leveraged itself into a supply chain super-power through acquisitions of market leaderssuch as E3, Arthur, i2 Technologies, Manugistics,Intactix When you combine this with over 3,000employees & 23 international locations, it’s clearto us why so many have found success with JDA4/30/2013MIS 5
  6. 6. JDA INTEGRATED BRANDS Merged with JDA in December 2012. Positions thecombined company as leader in global supply chainmanagement, offering a broad portfolio of integratedplanning & execution solutions & services to help globalfirms manage their supply chains – from raw materials tofinished products & into the hands of consumers –through any channel Acquired by JDA in January 2010. Strengthens marketposition to more than 6,000 global customers, offeringunparalleled supply chain optimization solutions spanningfrom materials to the consumer4/30/2013MIS 6
  7. 7. JDA INTEGRATED BRANDS Acquired by JDA in July 2006. Enabled JDA to grow itsdemand management, pricing optimization &transportation & logistics offerings E3 was acquired by JDA in September 2001. This leaderof inventory optimization systems added customers inretail and wholesale distribution in 20 countries4/30/2013MIS 7
  8. 8. JDA INTEGRATED BRANDS Acquired by JDA in April 2000. Solidly positioned JDA toprovide most comprehensive, integrated merchandiseplanning & business-to-business solution for retailers &their suppliers Acquired by JDA in June 1998. Enabled JDA customersto proactively manage their businesses and find newways to optimize their revenue sources.4/30/2013MIS 8
  9. 9. SUPPLY CHAIN SOFTWARES OF JDA4/30/2013MIS 9JDA Sales & Operations PlanningJDA Demand PlanningJDA SequencingJDA Supply PlanningJDA Transportation
  10. 10. JDA SALES & OPERATIONS PLANNING● JDA’s Sales & Operations Planning solution canempower executive-level decision making on corporate,financial & operational plans by enabling integratedbusiness planning & management● Enhance data visibility across all departments forgreater corporate accountability and productivity● Create a series of planned, repeatable processes thatcan be implemented quickly to reduce or eliminate plandeviations● Promote continuous process refinement byincorporating plan-do-check-act capabilities● Identify critical demand and supply gaps and assignassociated action items, as well as analyse differentdemand and supply scenarios to bridge gaps in revenue4/30/2013MIS 10
  11. 11. JDA DEMAND PLANNING•In order to create a sustained competitive advantage, it’s criticalfor companies to rapidly synchronize their global supply withchanging customer demand•JDA’s Planning on Demand solutions provide growing companieswith integrated demand & supply planning capabilities through ahosted, low-cost subscription environment Reduce total cost of ownership with its software-as-a-servicemodel Quickly generate a consensus demand forecast and an optimizedmaster production plan Dramatically improve forecasting accuracy and deliveryperformance Optimize inventory and capacity investments4/30/2013MIS 11
  12. 12. JDA SEQUENCING•Increased competition is forcing businesses to deliverproducts faster & with greater flexibility, whilesimultaneously reducing operating cost•JDA Sequencing intelligently balances manufacturing,material usage & service objectives based onpredefined strategic priorities Optimized plant operations Management of both material and resourceconstraints Production smoothing across multiple resources Robust modeling of complex production environments4/30/2013MIS 12
  13. 13. JDA SUPPLY PLANNING In order to create a sustained competitive advantage,it’s critical for companies to rapidly synchronize theirglobal supply with changing customer demand JDA’s Planning on Demand solutions provide growingcompanies with integrated demand and supply planningcapabilities through a hosted, low-cost subscriptionenvironment Reduce total cost of ownership with its software-as-a-service model Quickly generate a consensus demand forecast and anoptimized master production plan Dramatically improve forecasting accuracy and deliveryperformance Optimize inventory and capacity investments4/30/2013MIS 13
  14. 14. JDA TRANSPORTATIONCompanies today are challenged to streamline their transportationand logistics management processes to maximizeefficiencies, customer satisfaction and profit margins. TransportationManagement and Logistics Management solutions from JDA Softwareeffectively manage the entire closed-loop transportation process —from long-range strategies and operational planning to day-to-dayexecution Implement transportation plans driven by consumer demand andreplenishment policies Control costs and streamline productivity Leverage logistics to support profitable growth Improve trading partner relationships with effective collaboration4/30/2013MIS 14
  15. 15. JDA’S STRENGTH & WEAKNESS JDA’s tradition & strengths are in retail systems & their merchandise &store planning systems are leading products for the retail industry.Manugistics is considered a leader and innovator in SCM for manufacturingand distribution companies. Their combined enterprise software products, best practices & industryknowledge put JDA in a leadership position in S&OP, Demand Managementand Supply Management. The TMS product acquired through the Manugisticsacquisition is a full featured and top calibre transportation managementsystem. JDA’s weakness is the absence of WMS, CRM and SRM products. Without acomplete integrated suite of SCM products, JDA is at a disadvantage whencompeting against vendors for who have integrated WMS, CRM and SRM. The JDA software architecture & cross application support lacks thefeatures & functionality of the other enterprise software solutions,including advanced functionality for system integration, web services &data management. With their diverse technologies (including IBM midrange, Microsoft .NETand Java), JDA architectural challenges are further complicated4/30/2013MIS 15
  16. 16. 4/30/2013MIS 16
  17. 17. I2 TECHNOLOGIES i2 Technologies was a supply chain management software & servicescompany, founded in 1988 by Sanjiv Sidhu and Ken Sharma inDallas, Texas (USA) JDA Software Group acquired i2 Technologies in January 2010 Throughout its more than 20-year history i2 invested in excess of $1billion in research and development, resulting in a broad solutionfootprint delivering some of the industry’s leading supply chainmanagement technology The company held more than 160 patents related toplanning, scheduling optimization, demandfulfilment, collaboration, e-commerce & data management &reporting in its solution portfolio.4/30/2013MIS 17
  18. 18. SOFTWARE ARCHITECTURE & CROSSAPPLICATION SOLUTIONS I2’s Agile Business Process Platform provides support forstandardized software components such as data models,business rules, user interfaces & workflows The platform also serves as a system integration platformfor data, messaging & web services4/30/2013MIS 18
  19. 19. SALES AND OPERATION PLANNING i2’s solution was developed for automotive industry & iscalled Sales & Operational Management (S&OM) Features include process setup, demand & supplyplanning, what if analysis & an audit of plan versusactual performance i2 does not market their S&OP solution to non-automotive companies4/30/2013MIS 19
  20. 20. DEMAND MANAGEMENT Demand planning & forecasting includes segmentation,demand optimization & analysis, new product planning &what if analysis for demand shaping Order fulfilment supports allocations based on available-to-promise (ATP) & capable-to- promise (CTP) A demand shaping solution called Promotion Optimizer isavailable for the retail industry4/30/2013MIS 20
  21. 21. SUPPLY MANAGEMENT Strategic Network Planning – i2’s solution for SNP is i2Supply Chain Planners The network design component models locations,transportation modes & production capacity for planningmid-term & long term sourcing decisions Optimization features support allocations & distributionplanning Analysing Product Mix Constraints Planning Alternative Sources Setting Demand Priorities Analysing Resource Constraints4/30/2013MIS 21
  22. 22. TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT Planning – i2’s features include a modeling tool for: Least Cost Options Multi-Modal Options Zone Routing and Multi Drops Analysis Carrier Selection Analysis Cross Dock Options Merge In Transit Options4/30/2013MIS 22
  23. 23. SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT Catalog Management – A key feature of catalog management software suiteis the search capability on internal & supplier databases, based on keywords& attribute values. Also, catalog management supports functionality tocategorize search results Sourcing – The i2 sourcing strategy focuses on spend analysis (keeping costdown) & providing tools to evaluate categories, supplier selection & supplierperformance Contract Management – Supplier contracts are monitored to identify &resolve performance & compliance issues Supplier Compliance – Qualitative & quantitative data is collected & updatedto supplier scorecards. The scorecards are integrated with sourcing spendanalysis4/30/2013MIS 23
  24. 24. I2’S STRENGTH & WEAKNESS i2 is considered an industry leader & innovator in SCM systems.Their SCM planning products are considered best in class calibresolutions. The TMS solution has been ranked as the top ratedtransportation solution in a Gartner study. The SoftwareArchitecture has been recognized as a top tier SOA (ServiceOriented Architecture) platform for SCM i2’s weakness is the absence of WMS and Customer RelationshipManagement (CRM) software suite Without an integrated suite of products, i2 is at a disadvantagewhen competing against vendors with an enterprise-wide suiteof integrated applications4/30/2013MIS 24
  25. 25. FINANCING SCM SYSTEMS Once you add up planning, training, customization,interfaces & configuring software, implementing SCMsoftware is almost always more costly than actualsoftware license Some of cost can be amortized over life of applicationsoftware or built into a lease In addition to onetime charge for licensing &implementation cost, software vendors charge annual ormonthly fees for software maintenance & support4/30/2013MIS 25
  26. 26. COMPARISON OF JDA & I2 COST – JDA is far more costlier than i2. Costdepends on the ‘Type of industry’ & ‘No. ofemployees EASE OF USE – JDA is more easy to use than i2 & iswidely used by renowned companies like ‘Nokia’& ‘Essar Telecom’ in their supply chainmanagement VENDOR SELECTION – Of course one would choseJDA over i2, as i2 is now a part of JDA & henceintegrated with it. JDA had wider variety ofsupply chain softwares likeRedPrairie, i2, Manugistics, E3, Intactix &Arthur. Also one can select JDA for small as wellas large business4/30/2013MIS 26
  27. 27. a a4/30/2013MIS 27