Year 9 parents autumn 2012


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Year 9 parents autumn 2012

  1. 1. Ratcliffe College Monday 3 December 2012 Welcome and Introduction Academic Matters (Mrs Clayfield) Pastoral Matters (Mr Reddin) Year 9 Parents’ Evening
  2. 2. Ratcliffe College The Year 9 Curriculum• Religious Studies, English, Mathematics• Biology, Chemistry, Physics• History, Geography, Art, Drama• Music, ICT,• Food Technology, Design Technology• Two languages (French, Spanish, German, Latin)• Physical Education and Games• Personal, Social and Health Education• (EAL and Learning Support are available) Year 9 Parents’ Evening
  3. 3. Ratcliffe College Reporting Academic Progress• Studies Assessments (Studies Cards) – Issued 5 times during the year.• School Report – July• Next Parents’ Evening – February 2013 Year 9 Parents’ Evening
  4. 4. Ratcliffe College Studies Assessments• Variety of assessment contexts – Short tests, essays, written work, role play, practical activities, examinations, etc• Report EFFORT in and out of class number grade (1 to 5)• Current ATTAINMENT grade (A,B,C,D,E) Year 9 Parents’ Evening
  5. 5. Ratcliffe College Criteria for Assessment of Effort in/out of classLevels 1 to 5• 1 = Outstanding• 2 = Consistently good• 3 = Satisfactory• 4 = Inconsistent• 5 = Cause for concern Year 9 Parents’ Evening
  6. 6. Ratcliffe College Criteria for AttainmentGrades A to E• A = Well above the expected standard• B = Above the expected standard• C = Meeting the expected standard• D = Working towards the expected standard• E = Below the expected standard The expected standard is that of a ‘Ratcliffe College’ Year 9 student Year 9 Parents’ Evening
  7. 7. Ratcliffe College Monitoring Academic Progress• Baseline Assessments – CATS tests and MidYIS test (autumn term for new students )• Review of studies grades, reports and examination results by: – Subject teacher – Form Tutor – Head of Year – Boarding Staff Year 9 Parents’ Evening
  8. 8. Ratcliffe College What happens as a result of monitoring?• Discussion with student• Students set targets, (observation report)• Contact with parents• Congratulatory letters For example: – effort total typically 50 or less – attainment 9A+ – significant improvement in effort Year 9 Parents’ Evening
  9. 9. Ratcliffe College Prep• Spend about 30 minutes per subject.• Should be able to be completed during prep time.• Students should always have a reading book in their school bag.• Involvement in activities, will mean prep at home!• Prep in Mathematics Hexagon. – If possible please collect your child at 5.30pm or 6.20pm Year 9 Parents’ Evening
  10. 10. Ratcliffe College Some good practice……..• Developing independence.• Good organisational skills.• Establishing a routine of prep and preparing for the next day.• Using the planner effectively, recording homework detail neatly and dates due! Year 9 Parents’ Evening
  11. 11. Ratcliffe College The Importance of Reading• School library is an excellent resource• Mrs Williams – school librarian• Encouraging literacy• Lunch time activities in the library• Reading for understanding Year 9 Parents’ Evening
  12. 12. Ratcliffe College Working in Partnership• Monitor the planner• Look at your child’s books• Report any concerns to the Form Tutor Head of Year, Mr Dziemianko or to the Deputy Heads Year 9 Parents’ Evening
  13. 13. Ratcliffe College Looking forward to GCSE Option Choices……..• Blocks are arranged based on choices• Up to 10 GCSE subjects• GCSE Options book• Parents’ Evening (Focus on GCSE Options)• Deadline for choices 15 March 2013 Year 9 Parents’ Evening
  14. 14. Ratcliffe College Key Academic DatesFriday 1 February Studies Cards issuedThursday 7 Parents’ Evening (GCSE Options )FebruaryFriday 15 March Deadline for GCSE optionsFriday 22 March Studies Cards issuedMonday 20 May Examinations beginFriday 24 May Studies Cards issuedWednesday 10 July Report issued Year 9 Parents’ Evening
  15. 15. Ratcliffe College Year 9 Parents’ Evening
  16. 16. Ratcliffe College Pastoral Structure• Tutors – Mrs Cooper, Mr Lambert, Dr Standen – Mrs Caven-Henrys & Mrs Cole, Mrs Reeves• Head of Year – Mr Dziemianko• Heads of Boarding – Mr Cooke, Mrs Leite• Deputy Heads Year 9 Parents’ Evening
  17. 17. Ratcliffe College Assemblies• Monday - Headmaster’s assembly• Tuesday - Tutor time• Wednesday - Year Group/House• Thursday - Tutor time• Friday - Chaplain’s assembly Year 9 Parents’ Evening
  18. 18. Ratcliffe College Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education• Continuous and progressive• Taught by the Form Tutor• One lesson per fortnight• Follow up during weekly tutor time• School based resources and appropriate visiting speakers Year 9 Parents’ Evening
  19. 19. Ratcliffe College PSHCE Topics for Year 9• Self-Awareness GCSE choices E-Safety Career choices – The 5th Matrix• Citizenship Politics – European Union Law and order – the role of the magistrate Respect for others – disability, race, age, gender, elderly Crime• Relationships Coping with conflict – anti-bullying Safeguarding and Child Protection• Healthy lifestyle Alcohol and drugs awareness Year 9 Parents’ Evening
  20. 20. Ratcliffe College Personal and Social Development • Sense of Community – Involvement in extra-curricular activities – Helping to raise money for charity – Operation Christmas Child (shoe box appeal) – Involvement in school liturgies – House Activities and Competitions – House Singing Competition – School Council – Boarding Council Year 9 Parents’ Evening
  21. 21. Ratcliffe College Extra Curricular ActivitiesSportTeams, clubs and practicesMusicChoir, Orchestra and BandsDramaPlays, Workshops, and Technical SupportChaplaincy GroupAltar Servers, Readers, St Vincent de PaulGroup Year 9 Parents’ Evening
  22. 22. Ratcliffe College Extra Curricular Activities•Clubs and Societies•Trips and Visits•Combined Cadet Force•Hello Ratcliffe•First Lego League•Spitfire Club•Chaplaincy•Book Club Year 9 Parents’ Evening
  23. 23. Ratcliffe College Boarding• Fully rounded education – Academic, social, emotional• Development of life skills – Personal responsibility – Communication – Team work – Self-motivation – Adaptability• Preparation for life (University) – Organisation – Self-reliance• GOOD FUN! Year 9 Parents’ Evening
  24. 24. Ratcliffe College Boarding Options•Full Boarding•Weekly Boarding•Occasional Boarding Year 9 Parents’ Evening
  25. 25. Ratcliffe College Year 9 Parents’ Evening