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Treading Technology Feb 2013
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Treading Technology Feb 2013


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Slides from talks about the research aspects of my walk around Wales given at Birmingham, Brunel, Southampton, Nottingham and Aberdeen in February 2103. …

Slides from talks about the research aspects of my walk around Wales given at Birmingham, Brunel, Southampton, Nottingham and Aberdeen in February 2103.

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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Treading out Technology theory meets praxis during athousand mile walk round Wales Alan Dix Talis& University of Birmingham
  • 2. University of Birmingham TireeTiree Tech Wave Talis 14-18 March ’13 (full!) next Oct’13
  • 3. today I am not talking about …• intelligent internet interfaces• visualisation and sampling• situated displays, eCampus, small device – large display interactions• fun and games, virtual crackers, artistic performance, slow time• physicality and product design• creativity and Bad Ideas• modelling dreams and regret
  • 4. … or even lots of lights http:/
  • 5. … let alone
  • 6. what I will talk about ...... Alan Walks Wales ... context vision inspirations baseline challenges invitation
  • 7. context Wales coast path
  • 8. Welsh Coast Pathopened May 2012linking existing pathsa single way marked routewith Offa’s Dyke encircles Walestwo full traversals in 2012 (one running)
  • 9. vision – the walk Alan Walks Wales why and what for
  • 10. Alan Walks Wales18th April – 28th July 2012complete peripluswith IT focus
  • 11. visionpersonal encircling, encompassing, pilgrimage, homecoming,practical IT for the walker & IT for local communitiesphilosophical reflections on walking and space, locality and identityresearch personal agenda and living lab
  • 12. inspirations Tiree the amazing cycling programmer a childhood globe
  • 13. About Tiree 750 residents 20,000 summer visitors poor mobile phone coverage
  • 14. Tireeat the edges ... 750 people, 20 square miles, 4 hour ferryTiree Tech Wave for the attendee and for the communitymaking a difference Tiree Mobile Heritage App. Tiree Connect
  • 15. the amazing cycling programmer at TTW 3 after 10 months on the road sorry no piccies
  • 16. and my childhood globe
  • 17. baseline paths and patches marginality and the electronic village shop mobile connectivity and data synchronisation
  • 18. paths and patcheslinks between:• spatial cognition and concept formation• stories and journeys• boundaries and thresholds• trans-articulation
  • 19. at the marginssocial marginality: poor, old, ruralinformation marginality: poor connectivity, old devicesIT deepens the divide ... but can IT help in the margins?
  • 20. IT in the marginslessons from the developing world hole in the wall, simple SMS www.hole-in-the-wall.coman old dream ... the electronic village shopwhat now?
  • 21. connectivity & synchronisation
  • 22. challenges technical interactional social
  • 23. mapsreclaiming the local map within technological spacemapping never easier ... so long as it is ‘standard’ “Post-Renaissance maps cover the surface of the world with an homogeneous Cartesian grip” Barbara Bender local maps – local concerns
  • 24. linear maps too
  • 25. linear maps too
  • 26. maps – issuescoordinate transforms – rubber sheetingtransitions – morph or discontinuouslinking trails and localitiesauthoring and data
  • 27. always connected?mobile signal absent or weakbroadband ... not so broad=> offline access and synchronisation
  • 28. data synchronisationwell studied in early 1990s for disconnected operation and synchronous editing... but still poorly implemented e.g. Apple iOSalmost always items are: homogeneous independent
  • 29. syncing heterogeneous dataproblem of lossinessone solution – create the über format :-/ fexploit neo-Galois connectionsfogof = f gofog = g g
  • 30. data integratonmashups, APIs, RDF,linked data, ingest ... or relate? ... heterogeneity
  • 31. P.S. is Welsh coast fractal ... coast length (log miles) ruler length (log miles)
  • 32. P.S. is Welsh coast fractal ... oops!
  • 33. invitation community connections walk with me living lab