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Introduction to getting started with Social Business. Includes Social Business Agenda, Adoption in ten steps and IBM's Social Business Patterns

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  • Social network processes. Adoption is dramatically easier if social is just part of how people work. It’s no longer going somewhere else to be social, but it highlights like our 1 click access to move to social within the process. This page should have the logos of the companies to be discussed.
  • The need: LaVan & Neidenberg, a U.S. law firm specializing in disability claims, had data stored in different applications, making it time consuming and labor intensive to access the information. It took hours to prequalify customers and pull the required information together for submission to government agencies. In order to increase profit, the law firm needed to streamline its processes. The solution: Together with IBM Business Partner GROUP Business Software, LaVan & Neidenberg created EZ Claim on the IBM Lotus® Domino® platform, using Lotus Symphony™ and IBM Sametime® software for instant messaging. The solution manages the data in one place and provides automated workflows, wizards and templates to help ensure timely claims processing. IBM Lotus Domino Designer and IBM Lotus Enterprise Integrator® solutions were used to create the application. The benefits: Shortens intake times in the claims process by approximately 66 percent Reduces the time needed to fill out and submit government forms by roughly35 percent Increases the customer base by nearly a factor of four and boosts revenues by more than 80 percent Solution components: IBM Lotus® Domino® IBM Symphony™ IBM Sametime® IBM Domino Designer IBM Lotus Enterprise Integrator®
  • The need: This Australian law firm specializes in providing legal services to in-house litigation lawyers as well as law firms, in-house counsel and government organizations. The firm wanted to develop a database to provide a flexible, secure and confidential platform for collaboration and exchange of information between all players in the lawyer client relationship matrix, allowing them to move from traditional law office model The solution: The firm engaged IBM Business Partner Brookstone Technologies to implement a Virtual OfficeWare professional practice management (PPM) solution, creating a flexible and highly secure platform for collaboration among the legal team, consultants and clients. With security-rich access to the PPM system using IBM Lotus Notes® and IBM Lotus Quickr® software, customers are empowered to find relevant data and play a collaborative role in their legal matters. The benefits: Integra legal Increase Productivity by 25 percent as well as increasing flexibility in their ability to respond to ever-changing situations immediately. Profitability was improved to offer lower fees in a competitive market, as well as Market Share. The solution provides the firm's lawyers, clients and other law firms with the appropriate levels of access to case data, allowing collaborative document access, input and creation Makes the right data available to the right people at the right time, ensuring an open and collaborative approach to dealing with negotiations and the resolution of disputes Enables simplified and collaborative coordination among the firm's lawyers, clients and other parties involved, including the ability to create case-critical milestones and assign actions Solution components: IBM Lotus Quickr IBM Lotus Sametime IBM WebSphere Portal
  • Cemex is a building materials company based in Mexico whose primary product is cement mixing ingredients. While this profile doesn't necessarily call to mind a social business poster company, Cemex was looking for a way to fuel product innovation. They wanted to expand their ready-mix concrete products into new marketplaces around the world. Using IBM Connections, employees can now share ideas, suggestions and recommendations across an internal network. Communities of interest are formed to tackle challenges common to locations, marketplaces and skill sets. By leveraging in-house expertise, Cemex is able to achieve lower cycle times, improve processes in real-time, and take new products to market in 1/3 the time. Quote: Getting our people to think and work in a different way is much more than just about technology, it also involves a bit of psychology, but without the simple and intuitive platform like Connections we would not be on our current path to success and sustainable change.
  • The need: Enable hyper-growth by building a 'virtual office' to make growing locations faster The solution: Breaking new ground in self-service, Reliance and IBM built a portal called Lifeline. Designed to maximize its versatility, the Lifeline portal delivers services to all of Reliance’s key stakeholder groups, from customers and prospects to the company’s employees and agents. The portal provides customers with a one-stop experience through which they can research and purchase insurance plans, manage their portfolios and pay their premiums. Agents can use the platform to get a unified, cross-sectional view of their customers’ portfolios and gain the insights to make intelligent cross-selling recommendations that provide optimal coverage for customers. Reliance’s market share has doubled since introducing Lifeline, makingit one of the market’s five top companies. Using the components of the IBM Insurance Process Acceleration Framework,Reliance and IBM designed the solution that was implemented. The benefits: Reduced time required to developnew services and features by morethan 50 percent Reduced customer/agent servicecosts nearly 50 percent Saved millions of dollars in capitalexpenditures for branch and call cen-ter build-out Solution components: IBM Composite Business Services IBM WebSphere® Business Modeler • IBM WebSphere DataStage® • IBM WebSphere Integration Developer • IBM WebSphere QualityStage • IBM WebSphere Portal • IBM WebSphere Process Server
  • The need: Ricoh sought to improve the quality and breadth of its offerings, providing total solutions tailored to each customer’s environment and operations. The solution: The company adopted the IBM® SmartCloud™ Engage platform for cloud-based social business in a pilot program to enhance productivity and innovation in its Business Development Center. The benefits: Initial pilot results show greater efficiency in product planning and a new work style based on lateral information sharing that may reduce staff hours needed to create new release information by as much as 20 percent. Solution components: IBM SmartCloud Engage Standard
  • Need TD Bank needed to find a way to connect their geographically dispersed employees more effectively, improve executive communications, increase their workforce efficiency and reduce the amount of resources they were expending to run their business. Solution TD Bank didn’t just replicate existing processes on Connections, they transformed the ways in which their teams interacted with each other. They identified the value of using this social tool early and are already seeing a qualitative and quantitative impact on their business processes. Benefits Teams were finding it difficult to stay connected. Connections connects geographically dispersed teams and facilitates collaboration. The company directory made it difficult to identify experts and use their skills to help clients. Now, they can conduct focused searches and find expert knowledge and advice easily and quickly. Onboarding employees was too manual and paper-based. Connections provided a single repository for onboarding support and reduced onboarding time by 50%. Employees spent significant time and resource looking for information to do their jobs. Now, content is aggregated, and tools and information that support business roles are easily accessible. Managers needed to improve their engagement in critical projects. Through online collaboration, managers can stay up to date in real time and engage in the progress of projects and initiatives. Leaders sought an interactive forum to communicate and stay involved with the entire ecosystem. Typically field calls were expensive and limited to small groups. Online forums removed the communication barriers, increased transparent and enhanced interaction. One division reduced meeting times by five hours a week. Email loads and project updates were exhausting valuable resources and wasting time . By transferring the conversation to Connections, one division reduced their e-mails by a factor of 40 to 1. Another division reduced their e-mails by 25%. Projects can now be updated in 5-10 minutes, down from 60 minutes. Solution components • IBM® Connections Client quote 1 “ TD Bank is committed to weaving social networking into everything we do and how we do it.” — Wendy Arnott, vice president of social media and digital communications, TD Bank Group
  • Children's Medical Center of Dallas wanted a way to help patients and families learn from one another's experiences and improve education and support networks, with the hope of driving more effectively managed care. As the 7th largest pediatric healthcare provider in the US- with nearly 570,000 patient visits every year- and a network of physicians and employees, they had a large potential 'social graph' to tap into. Using a solution, with key software of IBM WebSphere Portal, IBM Connections, Mobile Portal capability, IBM Forms, Coremetrics, and Tivoli, which integrated health records, educational material, tools, and the Children’s Social Network into a single web experience, CMDC provided patients and parents with a private community for communication and support. It is estimated to drive a 75% reduction in clinic phone calls, a 5% increase in referrals, integration within the continuity of care and reduced operating costs.
  • The need: Radio communications are a standard emergency tool in this large city in the United States. However, radios for 100 individuals in the city’s new Emergency Operations Center (EOC) would be too noisy and too expensive. The city needed a more practical way to coordinate efforts across departments to quickly and decisively prevent crime and save lives. The solution: With help from IBM Business Partner UnifiedEdge, the city outfitted the EOC with RadioConnect, a plugin for IBM Sametime® software that allows users to monitor and talk over multiple radio channels with headsets while sitting at desktop computers. Specialized radio gateways digitize the audio, capture it and push it to and from radio networks. The benefits: Enables improved operational awareness and decision-making capabilities with presence awareness, one-to-many communications and other unified communications features Saves operational expenses for the EOC by reducing the number of radios needed in the center from 400 to 24 Increases cooperation and synergy of action between emergency organizations and levels of government Solution components: IBM Sametime® IBM Business Partner UnifiedEdge IBM GovernmentIndustry Framework IBM Lotus® Quickr®
  • The need: The Chilean Red Cross is a lifeline for millions of people when disaster strikes. It provides relief aid ranging from rescue specialists and temporary shelters to distribution of essentials such as food and water. However, the organization performed most of its logistics work manually and lacked the means to optimally manage its resources and coordinate disaster response and humanitarian relief with the desired rate of speed and efficiency. To improve its ability to prepare, coordinate and manage disaster response and relief efforts, the organization wanted to modernize its operations. The solution: The Chilean Red Cross is a lifeline for millions of people when disaster strikes. It provides relief aid ranging from rescue specialists and temporary shelters to distribution of essentials such as food and water. However, the organization performed most of its logistics work manually and lacked the means to optimally manage its resources and coordinate disaster response and humanitarian relief with the desired rate of speed and efficiency. To improve its ability to prepare, coordinate and manage disaster response and relief efforts, the organization wanted to modernize its operations. The benefits: Improves technological capabilities of its disaster response operations by 100 percent by replacing manual processes with automated resource management and online collaboration tools · Accelerates search rate completion for missing persons from two years to two weeks by automating online records management and database · Boosts the ability to mobilize and deliver relief aid with accuracy and speed by using cloud-based communication and collaboration tools and geo-referencing capabilities Solution components:LotusLive Meetings, LotusLive Connections, Lotus Symphony, LotusLive Engage, Linux, IBM Sametime
  • Amadori Group (Customer Care and Insight): The Need – Customer Care and Insight: 100-yr old Italian food company needed to better market its products to a younger audience. Amadori uses social media to listen and learn about these their target customers' preferences and integrate those insights into their digital marketing campaigns. The Solution: IBM Customer Experience Suite allowed them to quickly create highly interactive websites that integrate with social networking sites (like Facebook and YouTube). Through the dialog within the four microsites and using sophisticated predictive analytics, Amadori is able to track and visualize what is said about their brand and products on social networks, blogs and forums- in real time- uncovering trends and opinions. Amadori uses this information to identify and predict consumer buying preferences, refine their digital marketing campaigns to generate more sales, and use the information to develop new products The Benefit: The solution boosted their ability to monitor and learn about their brand, improve their social media presence by 100% (45k Facebook fans in less than one year), build direct channels with new segments and respond 40% faster with new web sites.
  • Pre-workshop Activities: Hold Pre-workshop Account Review Perform Workshop Logistic Activities Obtain Account Information from IBM Client Team Workshop Activities: Open the workshop Level-set the team on the Collaboration Agenda Establish Alignment with Client’s Strategy & Priorities Assess Current CA Environment Indentify Busiess Opportunities and Map to CA Solutions Prioritize Opportunities Define and Document Action Plan Following the Workshop: Consolidate Workshop Findings Review Findings with Client Team Meet with Client Business Sponsor(s)
  • by Dutch Rail: Engage untapped expertise to achieve corporate goals 3 Objectives of program: Locate employees with specialized expertise Assemble teams more quickly Coordinate among diverse locations 20,000 employees easily locate colleagues with specific expertise Results: Increased productivity Higher employee morale from increased engagement
  • 03/05/13 03/05/13 Situation: A construction worker finds an exposed electricity cable while digging a trench for drainage. He contacts the site foreman for advice. The foreman uses the Expertise Locator to identify who can help. “ On the main screen, there are icons for three categories. I tap the icon for Package Lookup.”
  • 03/05/13 03/05/13 “ I see a menu showing several categories related to work packages. Since the question is related to a electricity cables, I choose 300 – Electricity Supply.” If the user is not sure which category is appropriate, he or she can click “View all packages” instead.
  • 03/05/13 03/05/13 “ The app now shows a screen containing a list of experts, including someone who’s a specialist in the electrical supply. William Smith looks promising, so I tap on his entry.”
  • 03/05/13 03/05/13 “ I look through William’s profile and notice that he is part of our Electricity Supply Center of Excellence. I scroll down his profile.”
  • 03/05/13 03/05/13 “… and one of his areas of expertise involves warranties as well.”
  • 03/05/13 03/05/13 “ I scroll back to the top of his profile and tap the ‘Contact Me’ button. I see multiple options for contacting William and decide to send him a message.”
  • 03/05/13 03/05/13 “ William quickly provides the information I need about the buried cable. I confirm that the local utility company takes care of it. Since I would like to work with Will in the future, I want to make sure I can easily find him. I tap the ‘Add to Favorites’ button to include him as one of my favorite experts.”
  • 03/05/13 03/05/13 “ Next, I see an option to write a few words about Will so that I’ll later know why I marked him as a favorite.”
  • 03/05/13 03/05/13 “ I remember seeing an option to Thank Will right in the app. I see that Will is now shown on my home screen as one of my favorite experts, so I tap his picture.”
  • 03/05/13 03/05/13 “ I tap the action button at the top right on Will’s profile.”
  • 03/05/13 03/05/13 “ I see several options and tap the 'Thank Expert' button.
  • 03/05/13 03/05/13 “ I type a note to thank him for working with me, highlighting the expertise he brought to the warranty question.”
  • Retailer with 24 stores located across the western US and Hawaii. Driving operational efficiencies through more seamless, transparent communications between management, licensees and suppliers. Architectural firm, franchisees and headquarters review and approve plans online, speeding remodeling projects and cutting travel costs. Using 'activities' to track issues and 'web meetings' to hash out details means completing projects faster. Improved process for correcting bugs in store POS software because the vendor now has access to the 'activity' to get first-hand knowledge of issues as they are reported and can quickly fix -- improving store operations. Building new stores with external partners (architectural firm, builders, franchisees, etc.) Single source for plans Fewer mistakes Faster project completion Protection of brand Lower travel costs
  • A lot of other Execs are leveraging the concept of video blogs. One executive leverage his iphone to produce his thoughts and feelings
  • FACTS Electrolux Intranet E-gate Front end EpiServer .Net IBM C runs social part IBM C partly integrated when launched Nov 2010 IBM C fully integrated in re-launch Feb 2012 And to tell you all about how Electrolux has motivated their employees with a social communication strategy for engagement and competitiveness… Ralf Larsson, Ralf will present ….
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association that governs the business practices of approximately 42 independent plans located nationwide and in Puerto Rico. BCBSF wanted to help Floridians understand their health benefits and options. BCBSF implemented IBM Customer Experience Suite to provide a multi-channel guided selling process that drives consumer awareness, enables investigation, and offers self-service support through the buying cycle—across devices and different customer segments. The results were 62% didn’t need to call – reducing call-center costs, 53% conversion rate on sales when a consumer starts the apply process, 85% conversion rate when consumer used the web tools – producing more revenue and increasing memberships.
  • Improve social outreach effectiveness by establishing social eminence of IBM SMEs and IBM Champions in targeted online communities and by aligning social interactions informed by social insights and go-to-market priorities Outcomes: Increased awareness and mindshare around topics aligned to IBM growth plays and software capabilities Increased visibility and business impact of IBM SMEs and IBM Champions A strong network of influential advocates for IBM Software
  • IBM Finland Social Business Presentation 2013

    1. 1. Social Businesstransformation isasmuch culturalasit istechnological. A Social Businessgoesbeyond themereimplementation of social mediaplatforms, it embracesand cultivatesaspirit ofcommunity and collaboration throughout itsorganization—both internally and externally.
    2. 2. © 2013 IBM CorporationSocial Business WorkshopHow to get started with Social BusinessSocial Business Value and Adoption ConsultantWorldwide ICS SWAT TeamUK, Ireland & ScandinaviaIBM Finland, 5thJune 2013
    3. 3. Tervetuloa!1. Show me the money - ROI.2. Scratching the itch - AGENDA3. Low-hanging fruit - Patterns4. OK, now what? – 10 Steps5. Questions?
    4. 4. Show me the money:Return on Investment
    5. 5. © 2013 IBM Corporation6Reducing Operating Costs through Social Business ProcessesCustomer ServiceReducing customersupport costs by 16%Increasing customersatisfaction by 20%ProductDevelopmentReducing time to market forproducts/services by 20%Increase number of successfulinnovations by 20%SalesIncreasing revenue by 15%Reducing travel costs by 20%MarketingIncreasing effectiveness ofmarketing by 17%Reducing marketing costs by20%Source: Business and Web 2.0: An interactive feature, McKinsey Quarterly, 2011
    6. 6. © 2013 IBM Corporation7Social Business Transformation can unlock tremendous opportunityfor any enterpriseCustomerCare & InsightWorkforceEffectivenessProduct& ServiceInnovationWhats the valueto the business?81% of surveyed consumersreceived purchase advicefrom friends and followersthrough a social site.1Amador: monitors brand reputation,anticipate issues providing closerengagement with new client baseresulting in 40% webresponsiveness.Standout organizations are57% more likely to allow theirpeople to use social andcollaborative tools.3Lowes: created a collaborativecommunity so innovation could come fromthe store floor and drive business results.Sources: 1. Click Z, January 2010 2. Talent Management Magazine Feb 2012 3. IBM CHRO Study 2010China Telecom: decreased risk byexpanding sources for new product ideas,expanding the source of product ideaswith 554 new contributors, and an idea in10 minutes.Up to 30% increased inproductivity with use of socialtools internally withemployees.2Example
    7. 7. © 2013 IBM Corporation8Creating a smarter workforceLaVan & Neidenberg The law firm increased its customerbase fourfold while holding down staff growth throughprocess efficiencies80%Boost in GrossrevenueSpeeds claims filed by 66 percentand reduces operating costs by 25percent.Within five months, the companywas able to process and help 53%more veterans and disabled people.Reduced failed applications by 25%
    8. 8. © 2013 IBM Corporation9Integra Legal trail-blazed social business tools to allowtheir dispersed workforce to be closer to their clients, andcollaborate across teamsCreating a smarter workforceImproved profitability and market sharewith the ability to offer lower fees in acompetitive market with dispersedworkforce25%Increase inproductivity“The innovative approach offered by theprofessional practice management system hascreated a streamlined work environment thatmaximizes the use and effectiveness ofresources.”— Anna Liscia, senior partner,an Australian legal firm
    9. 9. © 2013 IBM Corporation10Creating a smarter workforcewith a voice in innovationCemex redefined their product development process througha new collaborative initiative called “Shift”A social business transformsproduct and service innovationthrough global collaboration1/3Reduction time ofnew productdevelopment
    10. 10. © 2013 IBM Corporation11ROI in Action at Lowes
    11. 11. © 2013 IBM Corporation12Reliance Life is integrating social business portaltechnologies into their policy origination to grow branchoffices and service more customersCreating a smarter workforceIntegrating social businesstechnologies into their branch-basedoperations resulting in industryleading growth while reducingoperating costs by 30%30%reduction inoperating cost
    12. 12. © 2013 IBM Corporation13Creating a smarter workforceRicoh uses social business tools in its product planningprocess to generate new ideas with lateralcommunication on a global scale20%Reduction inrequired staffDeveloped a new work style basedon lateral information sharing thatreduces staff hours by as much as20 percent.
    13. 13. © 2013 IBM Corporation14TD Bank Group impoved its internal teaming and itscustomer service across geographic & organizationalbarriers, by integrating social business solutions into theiroperations processesReduced e-mail by up to 25%, shortenedon-boarding time by 50%, eliminatedunnecessary travel and meetingsexpenses, and created new channels forengaging customers.Improved customerservice andemployeecommunication“TD Bank is committed to weaving social networking into everything we do and how we do it.”— Wendy Arnott, Vice President of Social Media and Digital Communications, TD Bank Group“TD Bank is committed to weaving social networking into everything we do and how we do it.”— Wendy Arnott, Vice President of Social Media and Digital Communications, TD Bank Group
    14. 14. © 2013 IBM Corporation15Children’s Medical Center of Dallas is leading byintegrating social business technology into their patientcare and disease management processesCreating exceptional customer experiencesCreated customer advocates andredefined how they care for patients toimprove patient experiences and healthoutcomes with private supportcommunities75%reduction in clinicphone calls
    15. 15. © 2013 IBM Corporation16Creating a smarter workforceAn emergency operations center improving emergencyresponse time and decision making with unifiedcommunicationsImproveCommunications,Reduced costsReduced the number of radiosneeded by the Joint EmergencyOperations Center from 400 to 24,resulting in a roughly 92 percentcost reduction.
    16. 16. © 2013 IBM Corporation17Chilean Red Cross doubled the technological capabilitiesof its disaster response operations by replacing manualprocesses and in now leveraging online collaboration toolsCreating a smarter workforceSeamlessly connected their firstresponders to collaborate and speed uptheir disaster response. And acceleratingsearch rate completion for missingpersons from two years to two weeks.100%increase inresponse efficiency
    17. 17. © 2013 IBM Corporation18Amadori transformed its marketing process using socialto create customer advocates and boosted presence withnew customersCreating exceptional customer experiencesIdentified and predicted consumerbuying preferences, refined their digitalmarketing campaigns, to generatemore sales and reach a new, youngercustomer demographic100%Improved exposure
    18. 18. © 2013 IBM Corporation19
    19. 19. © 2013 IBM Corporation20Tagging is also integrated with IBM Connections tagging function
    20. 20. © 2013 IBM Corporation21Social commenting on intranet articles,are stored as threads in a Connectionscommunity
    21. 21. © 2013 IBM Corporation22Front page in E-Gate Community (IBM Connections)- branded according to Electrolux standards- with Widget consuming and presenting my Top News from Intranet
    22. 22. © 2013 IBM Corporation23 © 2013 IBM CorporationSocial Business Agenda- Scratching the Itch
    23. 23. Social Business AGENDALinking Social Business to the Organisation’s Business PrioritiesNimbleEngagedTransparent
    24. 24. The approach focused on key areas to start alignment• Business Priorities• Business challenges &pain points• Impacted Audiences• Potential socialscenarios / processes• Audience specific needs– Expertise– Information– Related “processdomain”• How currently engage• Defining prioritysocial opportunities– Social ProcessPatterns– Example day-in-the-life
    25. 25. The Strategic Goals are the source of the Social PrioritiesExampleUnderstanding the Customer’s goals will be during pre-workshop activitiesExample Goals:•Extending brand from consumer to SME and Large Enterprise market•Building trust with enterprise customers to provide services beyond voice and data•Extending capabilities through partnerships and acquisitions•Creating and delivering strong and easy-to-use solutions targeted at SME market•…
    26. 26. For top goals, we start with challenges and audiences…Goal Business Challenges toachieve GoalImpactedAudience(s)*2X SMEMarket Shareby 2015 Building brand recognition inSME market Demonstrating to clients anunderstanding of their specificrequirements Creating tailored solutions &bundles Providing personalizedservice to a very distributedcustomer-base Upselling from core bundles(e.g., web hosting, …) Existing customers(expand services) New Customers Sales (Geo,Industry, and Size) Business Partners ProductManagement /ServiceDevelopment Account Executive* Input to Analytics PlanExampleBusiness Goals2X SMEMarket Shareby 2015IncreaseServices perCustomerIncreaseproducts percustomerGrowPartneringand M&A
    27. 27. …which are the foundation for potential Social PatternsGoal Business Challenges toachieve GoalImpactedAudience(s)*Potential Social Patterns2X SMEMarket Shareby 2015 Building brand recognition inSME market Demonstrating to clients anunderstanding of their specificrequirements Creating tailored solutions &bundles Providing personalizedservice to a very distributedcustomer-base Upselling from core bundles(e.g., web hosting, …) Existing customers(expand services) New Customers Sales (Geo,Industry, and Size) Business Partners ProductManagement /ServiceDevelopment Account Executive1. Connect SME Clients to share with otherssharing opportunities and challenges2. Online engagement (social, gamification,…) on how to save cost as SME (actions notrelated to technology)3. Build online relationships with people vs.virtual and/or phone support (faces, names,…)4. Engage customers in product innovation(crowdsource, gamification, …)5. …* Input to Analytics PlanExampleBusiness Goals2X SMEMarket Shareby 2015IncreaseServices perCustomerIncreaseproducts percustomerGrowPartneringand M&A
    28. 28. Audience / Role Pain Points and GapsDesired Role-basedExpertise & ExperienceExisting Expertise &Thought LeadershipHow & Where CurrentlyEngagedExisting customersNew customersSales (Geo,Industry, SMESize)etc...Patterns are enhanced by specific audiences needs* Input to Analytics PlanExampleIn process
    29. 29. Deliverable: Strategic Social PrioritiesHQuick WinsStrategic Must HavesLow Hanging FruitMoney PitsLLHHSocial PrioritiesExample
    30. 30. Social Business Agenda Workshop Process• Get client background• Interview keystakeholders• Confirm client goals• Tailor workshop• Conduct workshop:– Business Goals– Initiatives– Socially NetworkBusiness Processes– Understandaudiences• Breakouts as needed• Consolidate output• Formalize next steps• Review findings withcore team• Deliver ExecutiveReport
    31. 31. Sample Agenda for Executive WorkshopTime Topic45 Overview of Workshop and Agenda framework60 Align Organizational Goals & Network Processes• Review draft goals• Discuss existing strategic priorities – prioritize Social Business focus• Identify additional goals from analysis of key processes• Map top 2 Goals to Audiences & Social Initiatives• Finalize resulting Social Goals30 Align Culture• Review culture interview analysis• Identify gaps in Culture framework – identify potential actions• Review governance and start to identify potential participants• Prioritize gaps and identify owners for next steps30 Gain Trust & Engage Trough Experiences• Select top initiative to understand audience trust• Define breadth of audiences (internal and external)• Map audience goals, current audience engagement, audience expectations of company &influencers/tippers• Give direction to owners of trust and engagement plansExample
    32. 32. Sample Agenda for Breakout Sessions (as needed)Time Topic90 Gain Trust & Engage Trough Experiences• Select 1-2 audience(s) to begin Trust Plan and Engagement Actions• Identify methods to gain trust from selected audience (expertise, thought leaders, communities, …)• Discuss engagement actions for audience across Interactive, Integrated and Information• Identify owner(s) to complete Trust Plan and Engagement Plan60 Network Business Processes• Prioritize top 3-5 “social process opportunities” from map of goals mapped to core and industryprocesses• Discuss key social opportunities for 1 process (e.g., crowdsourcing, embedding social linkages intocore applications, …)• Identify owners for completing prioritization and actions (if Digital Council not in place)45 Design Reputation and Risk Management & Analytics Approach• Identify types of issues requiring response• Define initial members and actions of brand army• Review analytic requirements from previous workshop actions30 Prioritization & Next StepsExample
    33. 33. Culture AssessmentCultural Theme Culture QuestionsC = Current D = Desired1 2 3 4 5Boundaries Isolated functions Cross functional cooperationTeaming Individual competitive Team orientedLearning Slow adopting new skills Continuous Learning CultureManagement Style Controlling DelegatingVertical Comms Bureaucratic, formal channels Free communication up the orgOpen Comms Guarded Communication Open CommunicationInitiative Follow specific instructions Take initiativeRisk Tolerance Punish mistakes Learn from mistakesPace Slow, cautious pace Fast paceRules / Process Keep to rules Ignore rulesHierarchy Many organizational layers Few organizational layersTemplate
    34. 34. © 2013 IBM Corporation37 © 2013 IBM CorporationLow-Hanging Fruit:Social Business Patterns
    35. 35. © 2013 IBM Corporation386 Business Patterns / Use Cases are How We are Opening theMarketMerger &AcquisitionSafetyFindExpertiseKnowledgeSharingRecruiting &OnboardingExternal CustomerInsights6 cross-pillar patterns touch70% of the pipelineGoal: To bring value to clientsand increase our average dealsizeElements:•ISSC services – 3 week wrapper•Client leave behind•Coach & focused help•Presentation, demo & POV•References
    36. 36. © 2013 IBM Corporation39Social Business Patterns White PaperSocial Business PatternsWhite Paper
    37. 37. © 2013 IBM Corporation40406 Business Patterns / Use Cases are How We are Openingthe Market© 2013 IBM Corporation40Merger &AcquisitionSafetyFindExpertiseKnowledgeSharingRecruiting &OnboardingExternal CustomerInsights6 cross-pillar patterns touch 70% ofthe pipelineGoal: To bring value to clients andincrease our average deal sizeElements:•ISSC services – 3 week wrapper•Client leave behind•Coach & focused help•Presentation, demo & POV•References
    38. 38. © 2013 IBM Corporation41 © 2013 IBM Corporation
    39. 39. © 2013 IBM Corporation42Use Case: Finding ExpertiseEvery day someone in yourorganization will have aproblem which someone elsehas already solved.Solving the same problem oveand over can add more than30%to project costs1.1 Reducing rework levels to enhance project performance levels, Ekambaram Palaneeswaran, Hong Kong University, 20
    40. 40. © 2013 IBM Corporation43Use Case: Finding ExpertiseUsing IBM’s Platform for SocialBusiness helps you capturewhat you already know.CEMEX did this and nowimplement new procedures andproducts 33% faster
    41. 41. © 2013 IBM Corporation44Use Case: FindingExpertiseCapturing & using yourorganization’s expertiseneeds three ingredients1“The High Cost of Engagement”, Keith Ayers
    42. 42. © 2013 IBM Corporation45Find andtrust anexpertEmbedExpertiseCreate &RewardExpertiseIncrease Speed to accessExternal Experts 130%Potential improvement inknowledge worker productivity 220-25%2McKinsey Global Institute - The social economy: Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies, July 20121McKinsey Global Survey results: Evolution of the networked enterprise, March 2013Increase in engagement usingRewards for sharing380%3Kabir Ahmad, CEO & Lead Analyst at Gamification Research, November 2012.Use Case: Finding Expertise
    43. 43. © 2013 IBM Corporation46Use Case: Finding ExpertiseGoals:•Locate employees withspecialized expertise•Assemble teams morequickly•Coordinate among diverselocationsResults:•Increased productivity for20,000 employees•Higher employee moralethrough increasedengagement
    44. 44. © 2013 IBM Corporation47The 3rdlargest buildingmaterials company in theworld with 47,000 employeesin 50 countries.Introduced a social business,knowledge sharing project –SHIFT.Sharing expertise led to newbest practices and process,implemented in 1/3 of thetime it used to take.Use Case: Finding Expertise
    45. 45. © 2013 IBM Corporation48Use Case: Finding ExpertisePut finding an expert in the palm of yourhand with the IBM Expertise Locator.
    46. 46. © 2013 IBM Corporation49Package LookupProject LookupMyGreenwellUse Case: Finding ExpertiseSelect a category ofexpert
    47. 47. © 2013 IBM Corporation50100 - Groundwork200 - Drainage300 - Electricity Supply310 - Water Supply400 - Foundations500 - EnvironmentalView All PackagesPackages LookupCompetitor LookupMyGreenwellUse Case: Finding ExpertiseSelect a category ofexpert
    48. 48. © 2013 IBM Corporation51Public ElectricitySupply &ConnectionExpertStreet LightingAdvisorUse Case: Finding ExpertisePick a good match ofskills for the job.
    49. 49. © 2013 IBM Corporation52Public ElectricitySupply &Connection ExpertGreenwell CertificationsGreenwell CertificationElectricity Supply ExpertUse Case: Finding ExpertiseReview the expert’sprofile.
    50. 50. © 2013 IBM Corporation53CablingBrownoutsEmergency GeneratorsGreenwell ExpertiseInterconnections, OvervoltageCabling, Brownouts, Generators,Interconnections, CurrentUse Case: Finding ExpertiseExplore their areas ofexpertise.
    51. 51. © 2013 IBM Corporation54wills@greenwell.comwork:mobile:message:(212) 555-2633(212) 555-4860(212) 555-7512wills@greenw.comemail:Use Case: Finding ExpertiseContact the expert.
    52. 52. © 2013 IBM Corporation55Use Case: Finding ExpertiseAdd to my Favorites.
    53. 53. © 2013 IBM Corporation56Use Case: Finding ExpertiseRecord why he’s afavorite.
    54. 54. © 2013 IBM Corporation57Package LookupProject LookupMyGreenwellUse Case: Finding ExpertiseFast access to yourfavorites.
    55. 55. © 2013 IBM Corporation58Public ElectricitySupply &Connection ExpertGreenwell CertificationsGreenwell CertificationElectricity Supply ExpertUse Case: Finding ExpertiseShare my experiences.
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    58. 58. © 2013 IBM Corporation61Getting StartedExpert Locatorfrom ISSCfor iOS, AndroidIBM ConnectionsSocial Business Adoption Process
    59. 59. OK– I’m sold on social –what do Ido now?
    60. 60. Social Adoption by the Numbers100079%27%22%use, or plan to use, social media 1have dedicated social role 2of middle managers prepared 3Social Adoption ChallengeSources:1. Harvard Business Review Analytics Services; 2. Ragan Communications and NASDAQ OMX Survey;3. IBM® 2012 Social Business Study.
    61. 61. Top Ten Best Practices for Social Business Adoption
    62. 62. © 2013 IBM Corporation66Create a New Way of Working• Integrate social intobusiness processes• Model role interactionsvs. process flows• Tailor experience byaudience• Set governance to shiftculture• Create new social jobrolesCREATE
    63. 63. Process: Project Management with Suppliers at Russell’sCREATEIntegrate into ProcessesProcess•Building new storesSocial Add•Community withexternal partners(architects, builders,franchisees, etc.)•Increases sales inmultiple markets andcut key costs by 33%
    64. 64. The 2013 Australian OpenExperience Goes Social and MobileCREATECustomize the Experience
    65. 65. Establish Social GuidelinesCREATEDrive Culture with Governance
    66. 66. What Are the New Roles?Community ManagerDefine scope, desired outcomes andboundariesBalance the needs of knowledgecontributors and seekersPromote membership and rewardactive participationSupport active and appropriatecontent contributionsMonitor, measure and shareengagement & business valueEducate and Advocate regardingcommunity valueWe’re HiringWe’re Hiring• Community Strategist• Community Manager• Social Analytics Manager• Social Reputationand Risk Manager• Social Customer SupportManager• Social InnovationManagerCREATEHire Social Job Roles
    67. 67. © 2013 IBM Corporation71Launch with Top and GroundswellEstablish top-downLeadership•Senior Leaders“walk-the-talk”•Shift to socialcommunicationBuild a groundswell•Identify early adoptersto evangelize value•Enable across rolesand audiencesLAUNCH
    68. 68. Executive Blogging inspires and communicatesExecutive Vlogs at IBM (Video Blogs)“What’s the big deal?This is simply anothermedium for me to listento my customers, andtalk to my customers.”*-- Bill Marriott, Chairman,Marriott InternationalSource: B. Dybwad, Should CEOs be fluent in SocialMedia, Mashable.com Show the Way
    69. 69. Electrolux Leverages Social from the Top2011•5% of office workersregular social users•5,000 visitors total2012•40-50% using socialregularly•17,000 visitors totalLAUNCHLeaders Show the Way
    70. 70. Communicate the WHAT, WHY, HOW of Your Social Business PlanTD Bank Examples•Executive Social Handbook•Conversation Guide•Executive FAQKey Messages•Business Value•Why they are doing this•Roadmap•What questions have beenasked•Use what tool for whenLAUNCHEvangelize and Enable
    71. 71. © 2013 IBM Corporation75Engage to Fit into Work Style and Culture• Motivate and engagewith great experiences• Reverse mentor leaderswith high potentials• Extend externalparticipation by engaginga brand army• Measure value; focuson outcomesENGAGE
    72. 72. • 53% sales conversion ratefor application process• 85% conversion rate fromweb tools• 62% call reduction fromonline serviceFlorida Blue Increases Member Engagement across DevicesENGAGEMotivate and Engage
    73. 73. Engaging with gamification at IBMExternal: SmarterCities “CityOne”Internal: SimArchitectENGAGEMotivate and Engage
    74. 74. Educate non-social leaders and raise profile of high potentialemployeesThe front-line,socialemployeeHow can I moreeffectively helpchange the way wework in IBM?Why are we notbetter at usingtechnology in abusiness setting?How do Icommunicateeffectively withmy team?Is thisprivate orbusiness?Should I use awiki, blog,community…?The businessleader,executiveHow do Icommunicateeffectively withleadership?Is Facebookreally forme?How aboutLinkedIn? I getso many requestsall the time!ENGAGEReverse Mentor Your Leaders
    75. 75. Raising “Digital IBMers” as a Brand ArmyGoals•Capture ThoughtLeadership•Remove traditional barriersto innovation•Provide Business Value toour customersENGAGERaise an Internal Brand Army
    76. 76. Leveraging Social Metrics and Analytics to Transform EmployeeEngagementReal-time awareness of organization’s "pulse"• Understand employeeopinions• Internal and externalsocial• Employees have more“voice”ENGAGEShow Metrics & Value
    77. 77. High-Level Social Business Maturity Model
    78. 78. © 2013 IBM Corporation
    79. 79. © 2013 IBM Business Value and Adoption ConsultantWorldwide ICS SWAT TeamUK, Ireland & Nordics