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InLife LLC is a supplier distributor of the Marquee & Elite E-cigarette, alternative smoking devises that eliminate the dangers associated with tobacco,e-cigs have no known carcinogens,toxins or tar, manufactured in FDA approved Laboratory facilities in the USA
Launching in the UK&Spain 2010
Imdependent distributor for Inlife
Alan Cooper 965 977 251

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InLife Growing Your Business Step By Step Guide 17 01

  1. 1. 17.10 GROWING YOUR BUSINESS ‘Step By Step Guide’ With the Leadership Momentum System Introduction There are 3 reasons why people would be interested in inLife, as follows:- As a ‘Customer’ Someone who uses the product. As a ‘Small Business Builder’ Someone who wants to retail the product. As a ‘Big Business Builder’ Someone who wants to earn substantial incomes by ‘leveraging their time’ by building a large network. This Step By Step Guide is for the person who desires to be a ‘BIG BUSINESS BUILDER’ ¨Building Depth for Success¨ Duplication, duplication, duplication is what Network Marketing is all about. It’s about working smart, by ‘leveraging your time’ … John Paul Getty, one of the world’s wealthiest men quoted: ¨I would rather earn 1% of 100 people’s efforts, than 100% of my efforts alone.¨ By following this Step by Step Guide, and teaching others well, you will be able to duplicate yourself through others. PLEASE ALWAYS REMEMBER This is a teaching business … not a ‘selling’ business. 1
  2. 2. When teaching your new Independent Distributor (ID) it is essential to refer to this document and ‘tick’ each box when each activity has been completed. First Day Activity (Day 1) When you sign up a new ID you should: 1). Enroll them ‘on-line’ showing them the exact procedure. • To enroll a new ID you simply select the ‘Join Now’ button on the Welcome Page of your own Personal Replicated Website. • When you have completed the Enrollment of the new ID you must immediately ‘Log Out’ of your website, and ‘Log In’ to the new IDs Replicated Website. 2). New ID to purchase a 3 Unit Biz Pack (3 cigarette Units at a discounted price) or a single unit at full price. WHY … • Investing in a 3 Unit Biz Pack gets your business, and their business, off to a fast start. • This is an emotional business and the moment someone joins they are at their most excited and want to get started immediately and so to keep this excitement at its highest you are doing them and yourself a favour by loaning them a new e-cigarette unit from your 3 Unit Biz Pack, which they can replace when they receive their delivery (which could take 5/7 days). 1st unit for your own personal use/demonstration purposes 2nd unit you loan to the first ID you enroll 3rd unit you loan to the second ID you enroll (IMPORTANT: introducing 2 IDs is part of the qualification to receive all commissions) • Purchasing an e-cigarette unit is not obligatory, but it should be encouraged for the above reasons. HOW … • This must be done from the new IDs own Personal Replicated Website (not the enrollers). To do this, simply go into the Back Office and select ‘Order Product’ category, then follow procedure. 3). Sign up for Monthly Auto-Ship (for cartridges). WHY … • Non Smokers need a regular supply of cartridges for demonstration purposes, and smokers for self-consumption and demonstration purposes. • You are not required to do so but it does also help you to meet your monthly purchase requirements for ‘qualification’ purposes. • Keep in mind that cartridges are consumables and will wear out as they are used. 2
  3. 3. • People will want to try the product and we do not recommend that you allow prospects to share cartridges. You do not want to spread germs and besides, most people do not feel comfortable sharing the device after somebody else has placed it in their mouth. HOW … • This must be done from the new IDs own Personal Replicated Website (not the enrollers). To do this, simply go into the Back Office and select ‘Set Up Auto Ship’ category, then follow procedure. 4). Show them their Replicated Website and go over all sections and Categories in depth. WHY … • To learn about the Product, the Company, the Founders, the Compensation Plan etc. • To ensure your new ID is able to teach their new IDs. HOW … • Guide them around their new Replicated Website showing them how to access all important information and categories necessary to build and monitor their business. 5). Show them inLife’s marketing tools. WHY … Extremely important to enable them to build their business professionally and time effectively, by using these following tools: • The Replicated Website Webinar • DVD (UK Business Opportunity Presentation) • Alternative Smoking Device Brochures • Business Cards • The Welcome Pack 6). Set an appointment to meet with them the very next day. WHY … To teach them the next stages of building a successful business. 7). Instruct them to read this ‘Growing Your Business’ document before you meet with them the next day. WHY? So they become familiar with the activities that they will be needing to do, so they are prepared for the meeting with you the next day. 3
  4. 4. Next Day Activity (Day 2) Activities to do with your new ID: 1). Set 2 Dates for Personal Business Opportunity Meetings (PBOM) at new IDs home. • Must be held within maximum 2 to 5 days of new ID enrolling. • Invite a minimum of 20 people to learn about the business opportunity that inLife offers. • Please review the section in this document titled, “Hosting your Personal Business Opportunity Meeting. 2). Build the Prospect List of a minimum of 100 names. Sit with your new ID and guide them through making a list of 100 people that they know. Use the Prospecting List and Memory Jogger located at the end of this document. Include everyone, never pre-judge, just put the names of everyone on the list whether you think they would be interested or not. Excluding people from a prospect list has cost many a network marketer thousands of pounds/euros by assuming that someone would not be interested, only to find out later that another ID in the company had recruited them. Replenish your list daily. Make a point of meeting at least 2 new people a day, adding these names to your Prospect List (good places to meet people are clubs, bars, restaurants, work, book stores, further education centres, sports clubs, business associations, exhibitions, hand car wash etc). 3). Working the Prospect List. ‘Star’ the Top 10, busiest, most successful, open-minded and ambitious people to approach now (with Enroller present to assist with any help they may need). Then, the new ID to continue approaching another 10 people from their list each day. 4). Approaching Prospects: Creating interest using the company tools. There are many options using the fantastic company tools: • Firstly, recall how you were approached … what was said to interest you? Using the Replicated Website Use this Website to ‘open the door’ for your Prospects to learn about this incredible business opportunity • Hi ____________, this is ___________ . Are you by a computer? If, so I want you to see something. At this point ask the person to visit and 4
  5. 5. say you will stay on the line with them as they review your Replicated Website to qualify their interest further. (If they are not at a computer, ask when they will be, and agree to call them back to review the website with them, as above). • If you cannot follow up immediately, never allow more than 24 hours to pass without determining their level of interest. Using the Webinar Great tool for Prospects to view a ‘live’ professional presentation at your home. • Hi ____________, this is ___________ . I have come across something really interesting that I think you should take a look at. Can you come round on _________ at ________ ? The Webinar is also a great tool for people who live at a distance, nationally or internationally (N.B. You can only introduce people in the countries where inLife officially operates). • Hi ____________, this is ___________ . I have come across something really interesting that I think you should take a look at. I am sending you a link to listen to a ‘live broadcast’ that is taking place on ___________ a t ___________ . • Always follow up immediately after the webinar to determine level of interest. Using the DVD Business Opportunity Presentation Great tool for showing to prospects in your home, or their home … always have this with you as you never know when the opportunity arises to present the business. (N.B. You can ‘loan’ the DVD out but this is not the best option as people rarely take time out to review it if you leave them to do this on their own. To create a sense of urgency and importance, always advise the person that you need your DVD back within 24 hours). Inviting Prospect to your home … • Hi ____________, this is ___________ . I have come across something really interesting that I think you should take a look at. Can you come round on _________ at _________ ? You visiting Prospect’s home … • Hi ____________, this is ___________ . I have come across something really interesting that I think you should take a look at. Can we get together for coffee/drink over the next few days? 5
  6. 6. Home Meetings Home Meetings are a very effective way of building the foundations quickly by holding presentations weekly (for at least 3 to 4 weeks) in the new ID’s home. (N.B. Refer to section towards end of this document ‘Hosting your Personal Business Opportunity Meeting) • Hi ____________, this is ___________ . I have come across something really interesting that I think you should take a look at. Can you come round on _________ at _________? 5). The importance of ‘following up’ Prospects immediately after reviewing the Opportunity. • It is essential to ‘follow up’ on all prospects immediately after they have reviewed any of the above presentation methods. • Simply ask if they: Are interested to build a small business as a Retailer. Are interested to build a big business, as a Professional Networker. Wish to become a Customer. Require more information. • Do not leave the ‘follow up’ longer than 24 hours otherwise you will ‘lose’ your Prospect. With people who do not show interest at this point … Simply keep them on your list and re-approach every 3 months. WHY… • There can be many reasons why people may not be interested at any particular moment. • Many people have joined an opportunity after being approached a 4th or 5th time. Timing is everything, especially in this day and age where millions of people’s lives are being affected because of the major economic changes taking place … people’s circumstances can change within a very short period of time ... so remember, this is WHY you must keep people on your list and remind or re-approach them about your opportunity every 3 months. 6
  7. 7. Hosting Your Personal Business Opportunity Meeting A Personal Business Opportunity Meeting (PBOM) is a meeting at your home where you invite people that you know to see a live opportunity meeting. Your PBOM should be planned immediately you join inLife. It should be held no later than three to five days after your start date. It is a fast way to launch your business. It is suggested that one of your up-line leaders present the opportunity for you as you are new and obviously not yet in a position to present. If an up-line leader is not available in your area, you can conduct the meeting by: a. Your guests can view a ‘live’ Webinar (check days and times when held so you can plan your Home Meeting to coincide with the Webinar) b. The inLife UK Business Opportunity Presentation DVD (you received in your Welcome Pack) c. You do the presentation for your new ID and their guests. Useful Tips & Information for Hosting Your Personal Business Opportunity Meeting • If you conduct the presentation yourself, do not use a video projector to present the opportunity. These are expensive and they give the impression that a person must invest in one of these devices to present the business opportunity … nothing could be farther from the truth. • The company has produced the ‘1–10 Comp Plan Overview’ presentation sheet that can be found in your Welcome Pack. • Before your PBOM, count the number of prospects who stated that they will show up to your meeting. You should have on hand at least ten more copies of the ‘1–10 Comp Plan Overview’ presentation sheets than confirmations you have received. This document presents the same information as one would see in a company sponsored presentation meeting. It prompts the presenter to discuss all the points necessary to deliver a complete presentation. • It is highly recommended that all presenters become very familiar with the DVD Opportunity, viewing it on a regular basis. • They should also practice the presentation and keep it in line with the company guidelines. At the end of a meeting … • Ask the attendees to identify themselves if they would like to take advantage by joining this great opportunity or become a Customer. • If so, take them to the replicated web site of the person who introduced them and enter them in under the “join now” tab. After this, encourage your new ID (or customer) to do the same as you did your first week and bring them through this tutorial. • Do not forget to call your up-line leader and make them aware of your new ID. Your up-line leader will want to make sure that the new ID is starting off correctly and help them on their way to success. 7
  8. 8. Here are some points to remember when planning and conducting your PBOM … a. If your up-line leader is available to present, tell your interested friends that one of the leaders in your area is taking time out of his/her busy schedule to present the opportunity at your home. Tell them that they have a great opportunity to learn about inLife from this individual. b. Call two days before the meeting to invite prospects. Any longer than this and most people will forget or let life get in the way. c. Schedule your first PBOM within 2 to 5 days of enrolling with inLife. d. You may serve biscuits and soft drinks if you like but there is no need to go further than this. e. Do not serve alcohol under any circumstances. f. Have upbeat music playing in the background before your PBOM Starts. g. If you PBOM is scheduled to start at 7:30 PM, tell your interested friends to be there at 7:15. h. If you will be using a computer to view an on-line presentation, make sure that your computer is in plain view and ready to go before your guests arrive. Students of the DVD and Webinars have used them to train themselves to effectively conduct their own presentations. We highly recommend all IDs to become familiar with these essential tools. IMPORTANT INFORMATION and USEFUL TIPS ‘Warm’ and ‘Cold’ Market Prospecting In Network Marketing, one will find two types of prospects: A. Warm Market – people you know including family, friends, business associates, casual acquaintances, etc. B. Cold Market – people you don’t know or have just met, such as a server in a restaurant or a pub, someone next to you at the local market, etc. Your warm market should always be your first approach. This is because people will typically feel more comfortable with someone that they know approaching them with a business opportunity. For example, if you learned that the owner of one of the most famous local fast food hamburger restaurants was selling their two million pound franchise for twenty five thousand pounds, you might buy it yourself, or tell your friends and family about it. The people who are successful in Network Marketing will typically have this same mindset when it comes to sharing a multi-level opportunity. Take your inLife product out everywhere you go and use it. This is a great way to get the attention of a Cold Market prospect. If someone challenges you with the use of the product, be polite and explain to them that what they see is not smoke. It is only a vapor and it is not harmful to others or the environment. Take the battery off and show them the cartridge. This usually opens up the conversation and you can tell them that there is a great opportunity attached for anyone who wishes to be involved. Give them your card and ask them for their contact information for later follow up. If the person is persistent that you cease your activity, be polite and comply even though there are no laws that currently prohibit us from using the product in public or private places. 8
  9. 9. The Big Business Builder … works SMART The Big Business Builder gathers Customers from the Prospects that decline their invitation to join the business. Peaking Interest in the Product and The Opportunity We care about friends and family. If this is true, look at the product and opportunity attached as something that should be shared with others. The key is sharing, or referring and not selling. You have something very special to offer someone. If you look at it this way, then you are not asking someone to buy something from you, but rather offering them a powerful product that is not only logical choice for them (if they are a smoker) but potentially beneficial from a financial standpoint as well (The Business Opportunity). If you have a friend or relative who is a smoker, this product should be shown to them as a smoking substitution device replacing harmful tobacco products. (Remember, it should not be introduced as a cessation device and must not be introduced to persons under the legal age of smoking). If the person is a non smoker, you should show them the device as well, as they most likely may know someone who could benefit from our product or possibly want to be involved in marketing the product themselves whilst using the non nicotine version of the product. Whether the person is a smoker or not, they may need to make more income or perhaps even replace their existing income. They may know someone who needs to make more income. Don’t discount anyone. You never know who will be your next customer or next Independent Distributor. Here are some approaches you can use to introduce the product: A. In Person – “Let me show you something fantastic!”, or “Let me show you something very different!” Take out the product and demonstrate it. When you get a positive or surprised reaction, explain that the product is an alternative smoking device that simulates the smoking experience. You can also tell them that a traditional cigarette contains over 4,000 chemicals, 60 of which are known carcinogens. Alternatively, the ingredients in the inLife alternative smoking device are made up primarily of propylene glycol and glycerol (food additives), water, flavoring and a desired level of nicotine. Tell them that what they are seeing is a vapor and not smoke. As such, it can be used in most places where smoking has been banned. Tell them that the company is expanding in this area and the leaders in the company are looking for likeminded people who would like to benefit financially from this product. Remind them that we are talking about a multi Billion Pound Per Year industry in the UK alone and we have created a way for people, just like you and I, to share in that revenue stream. What could be more powerful than that? When they show interest: 1. Invite them to your PBOM, or 2. Invite them to your local meeting, or 3. Invite them to a company sponsored, online Webinar presentation. 4. Invite them to your replicated web site to view a recorded video presentation. 5. Or, if they are ready, sign them up on the spot. 6. Encourage them to buy a unit and get on Auto-ship immediately they sign up. 9
  10. 10. Remember, Network Marketing is a “people helping people” business. It is always better to start with people you know. B. Out in Public – Just use the product responsibly in public areas such as restaurants, pubs, social events or any other place where people can see you using it. In many cases, people will stare at you or point to you. Whatever reaction you get, smile, touch the lighted tip to your forehead, take the battery off and say, “It’s just vapor.” As the interested party responds, you can use the “In Person” approach outlined above. Please use discretion when opening up conversations with strangers. It is only responsible to suggest that you should not approach strangers unless you are with someone else that you know or in a group setting where it is safe to do so. Tools to Use The Business Opportunity Presentation DVD You can show this to prospects any time, any place, anywhere. The Online Opportunity Presentation Meeting (Webinar) The Online Opportunity Presentation Meeting is available for viewing at selected times by choosing the Presentation Link on your replicated website. Please check the website for the most current information on the time that these presentations will be transmitted over the web. This is a great way for you to expose interested prospects who are not close to a local meeting but might like to join our company as an Independent Distributor. It is important, where possible, that you have your prospects on a conference call with you as you all listen to the presentation online. You are encouraged to tell your prospects that you will all be on a phone call together listening to the presentation on the internet. At the end of the presentation, advise those who are listening who have any questions to hang up and call you back in 30 minutes. Tell them that you want to help those who want to get started right away to join as an Independent Distributor and that you will be happy to answer any of their questions after that time. The Local Meeting Local meetings are opportunity presentations that are sponsored by the leaders in the company. They are usually held in large meeting areas found in hotels or public halls. They should be used to introduce interested parties to witness the presentation if they were not able to attend your PBOM. Visit our company website to check for local meetings in your area. If there are none scheduled, you have the option to: A. Attend a Company Sponsored Local meeting on line and live during one of our weekly night meetings. These require invitations. Please contact your upline leader who will send you an invitation link for you and your prospects to attend. Remember, it is always best to ask the interested party if they would like to become a customer or Independent Distributor immediately after they witness a presentation. If so, direct them to your replicated website of the person who introduced the product to them and walk them through the application process. 10
  11. 11. Face to Face Presentations Face to face presentations occur when either you or your up-line leader meet with interested parties in person to present the business opportunity. These meetings are usually between you and up to three interested parties. If you are new to the business, you should ask your up-line leader to conduct the meeting with you there to observe and learn. A typical scenario involves you, your upline leader and a single prospect. This is referred to as a 2 on 1 meeting. Face to face presentations are typically used when the prospect is not available to attend your PBOM or the Local Meeting. A common place to conduct these meetings are at such establishments as the local coffee shop, a restaurant or other public places. You should bring the ‘1–10 Comp Plan Overview’ presentation sheet. and Independent Distributor application forms. If you have a portable laptop that can connect to the internet remotely, bring it as well. You can sign up an individual online right after the meeting. Your Replicated Website You may direct interested individuals directly to your replicated website at: A. For those who are interested in becoming a customer, they can purchase the product under the ‘Shop Now’ link. B. If they are interested in learning about the opportunity, they can view the online presentation under the Opportunity link. Again, it is always best to ask the interested party if they would like to become a customer or Independent Distributor immediately after they witness a presentation. If so, walk them through the sales or application process. Local, Regional and National Events inLife sponsored events are critical to the success of all involved with this incredible opportunity. inLife, LLC will be incorporating into our marketing plan a series of local, regional and national events as we move forward. The purpose of these events are to offer critical training for Independent Distributors, to recognize and celebrate the best of the best of this group, to hear success stories that serve as an inspiration to us all and to take advantage of critical training and motivational messages provided by inLife, LLC founders and other leaders. These events also provide an opportunity to celebrate with your own team and network with other representatives from all over the country. Keep visiting the events tab in your replicated website for functions. Plan to attend them. These events will help you as you work towards growing your business. Other Meetings … Take note of possible local events and ‘close by’ meetings that are being offered in your area by checking the “Events” tab on your replicated website. Remember that you can find your site by going to If there is no meeting nearby, you can log into one of the company sponsored meetings. Interested prospects may also view the Opportunity Presentation at selected times by visiting the “Opportunity” tab on your replicated website. 11
  12. 12. Do’s and Don’ts There are certain things we can and cannot say. We always want to be clear to those who wish to purchase the product or those who are interested in the opportunity. We want the people who are looking at either becoming a customer or becoming an Independent Distributor to have a fair and balanced view of our product and opportunity. a. Do not tell a prospect that the product is used as a cessation (stop smoking) device. inLife has not been approved as a cessation device by the authorities. b. Do not make or suggest that our products offer any health benefits or offer any therapeutic value to users of our products c. Do tell a person that inLife is designed as a logical smoking alternative that does not contain any known carcinogens. d. Do not sell the product or introduce the product to anyone under the legal age of smoking. e. Do not make a promise of income to anyone interested in the inLife opportunity. f. Do not show them a check that you had received from inLife. No one can predict what amount of income, if any at all, can be made by anyone individual. Results will vary. g. Do tell a prospect that there are those that are making income in inLife. You may tell them, and show them our generous compensation plan to let them know what kind of income is available and offered by our company. h. Do read and understand the Product Warning on the web site and read and understand the instruction manual that is posted on your replicated website. There are certain warnings and prohibitions that are outlined and you should become very familiar and follow them. For example, keep the product out of the reach of children and pets. The product should not be used by pregnant women or those with certain medical conditions, etc. i. Do read and understand our Terms and Conditions and Policies and Procedures. j. Do read and understand our Compensation Plan. k. Do read and understand the Questions and Answers on the replicated website l. Do read and understand the FAQs for IDs in the back office of your replicated website. In Conclusion Never lose sight of the fact that network marketing can only work when people help people. If the people underneath you in your organization are not finding success, neither will you. One of the most important goals is to help those in your downline to make money. We are committed to helping people become free from the dangers of traditional tobacco smoking and to offering others an opportunity that can lead to financial freedom. We are here to help. Your upline leader is here to help as well. Contact your upline leader and identify yourself as one who would like to learn how to become an effective network marketer with our remarkable and innovative products. Live inLife! PLEASE VIEW NEXT PAGE TO VIEW THE MEMORY JOGGER Copyright © 2010, inLife, LLC 12
  13. 13. Memory Jogger Foremost….Who is a smoker or who has smoked in the past? 1. Who is dissatisfied with their job 51. Who waits on you at a restaurant 2. Who wants more money 52. Who cuts your hair 3. Who is concerned about the environment 53. Who does your nails 4. Who is money oriented or money motivated 54. Who does your taxes 5. Who owns their own business 55. Who works at your bank 6. Who enjoys being around high energy people 56. Who is on your holiday card list 7. Who quit their job or is out of work 57. Who is in retail sales 8. Who needs extra money 58. Who sells real estate 9. Your friends 59. Who are teachers 10. Your brothers and sisters 60. Who services your car 11. Your parents 61. Who repairs your house 12. Your cousins 62. Who manages your apartment 13. Your children 63. Who has children in college 14. Your aunts and uncles 64. Who likes to dance 15. Your spouse's relatives 65. Who sold you your home 16. Who went to school with 66. Who you met at a party 17. Who works with you 67. Who likes to buy things 18. Who is retired 68. Who you've met on a plane 19. Who works part-time jobs 69. Who does volunteer work 20. Who you like the most 70. Who you like the least 21. Who was laid off 71. Who’s been in network marketing 22. Who bought a new home 72. Who needs a new car 23. Who answers classified ads 73. Who wants to go on vacation 24. Who runs personal ads 74. Who works too hard 25. Who gave you a business card 75. Who was injured at work 26. Who works at night 76. Who lives in your neighborhood 27. Who delivers pizza to your home 77. Who is your boss 28. Who sells Avon or Mary-Kay 78. Who delivers your mail 29. Who sells Tupperware 79. Who calls you at home 30. Who wants Freedom 80. Who calls you at work 31. Who likes team sports 81. Who delivers your paper 32. Who does fund-raisers 82. Who handles your gardening 33. Who watches TV often 83. Who watches your children 34. Who works on cars 84. Who attends your church 35. Who likes political campaigns 85. Who you met on the street 36. Who are social networkers 86. Who you meet through friends 37. Who is in the military 87. Who tailors your clothes 38. Who your friends know 88. Who sells cosmetics 39. Your dentist 89. Who bags your groceries 40. Your doctor 90. Who wants a promotion 41. Who will help you 91. Who is overweight 42. Who works for the government 92. Who is health conscious 43. Who is unemployed 93. Who recycles 44. Who attends self-improvement seminars 94. Who buys bottled water 45. Who reads self- help books 95. Who has allergies 46. Who reads books on success 96. Who is wealthy 47. Your children’ s friends parents 97. Who has a lot of friends 48. Who was your boss 98. Who exercises regularly 49. Your parents friends 99. Who belongs to the Chamber of Commerce 50. Who you've met whilst on vacation 100. Who haven't you listed yet 13
  14. 14. PROPSECT LIST (Everyone You Know) PBOM or NAME PHONE NUMBER RELATIONSHIP 2 ON 1 CUSTOMER? ID? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 14
  15. 15. PROSPECT LIST (Everyone You Know) PBOM or NAME PHONE NUMBER RELATIONSHIP 2 ON 1 CUSTOMER? ID? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 15
  16. 16. NOTES REMEMBER … PHASE ONE Is recruiting. PHASE TWO Is teaching those you personally enroll, and your downline, to understand the business as well as to recruit and duplicate themselves. PHASE THREE Is simply returning to ‘Phase One’… Recruiting. 16