Keynote Presentation: MyStory digital intergenerational learning project. Iasi, Romania, October 2012


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Overview of contexts of social change in Europe and role of digital storytelling in promoting intergenerational learning. Themes and findings from EU MySTory project.

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Keynote Presentation: MyStory digital intergenerational learning project. Iasi, Romania, October 2012

  1. 1. Povestea ta contează…Iaşi – 11.X.2012Dr. Alan BruceULS, Irlanda
  2. 2. Genesis…Arma virumque canoTroiae qui primus ab orisItaliam, fato profugislaviniaque venit
  3. 3. D’où venons nous?Que sommes nous?Où allons nous?
  4. 4. Contours of crisis Europe at the crossroads: obsolete templates and the 21st century Economic meltdown: globalization and neo-liberal ascendancy Seeking vision: significance, relevance, meaning Technological Tantalus: ICT, communications and potential Innovation, identity and the Age of Uncertainty
  5. 5. Oral history – voice of thevoiceless Ordinary people, extraordinary stories Witnesses to barbarism Testimonies of hope Lives made special through the ties that bind Echoes of our futures Parables of transcendence
  6. 6. The impact of changeThe old world is dying.The new world struggles to be born.Now is the time of monsters. Antonio Gramsci
  7. 7. James Joyce: voices from theperiphery History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awaken
  8. 8. Intergenerational dialectics Giving youth a purpose Giving age a meaning Giving linkage to community Shaping the present and the future by voyaging to the past Creating an architecture of shared learning around rights and common humanity
  9. 9. Meaning in the chaos Defining a citizenship of mutual support Letting the voice speak Man, by his very nature, tends to give himself an explanation of the world into which he is born… Every individual, even the least intelligent, the lowest of outcasts, from childhood on gives himself some explanation of the world. And with it he manages to live. And without it, he would sink into madness. Elsa Morante History: A Novel
  10. 10. MyStory: technology and skill Using the passion of youth Tapping into potential and significance Encountering the Other – Hegel and the Gaze Learning accelerated Breaking boundaries and borders Liberating and directing – shared meaning through shared stories
  11. 11. Legends of identityDivided identitiesInequality and injusticeEthnic and religious conflictSurvival and rebirthDaring to live and make choicesNo man remains quite what he was when he recognizes himself Thomas Mann
  12. 12. Back to Gauguin… Making sense of ourselves helps to make sense of the other Recording stories creates new possibilities for meaning Skills multiply, artists are born The journey has meaning, the voyage has purposeGreat poetry is capable of dealing with erotic passion, but ithas to be the very greatest to represent that deeper and moretortuous love -- more rooted, more absolute -- which we devoteto our children, and which it is so hard to talk about.Claudio MagrisDanube: A Sentimental Journey from the Source to the Black Sea
  13. 13. From past to future in the city ofEminescu...When memory of bygone daysMy spirit would detain,Down long and often trodden waysI travel the past again. Când amintirile-n trecut Incearca sã mã cheme, Pe drumul lung si cunoscut Mai trec din vreme-n vreme.
  14. 14. Historical imperatives Stories bind We are shaped by the past – collective and individual Each story acts as a bridge to the Other Communication is shaped by story telling and collecting Common humanity is infinitely varied – but ultimately connected The experiences of MyStory can create repositories of real meaning and value
  15. 15. MultumescAlan BRUCEDublin,