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France Lesson

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This PowerPoint is perfect for teaching an intro lesson on France. Includes bell work and clozure activity.

This PowerPoint is perfect for teaching an intro lesson on France. Includes bell work and clozure activity.

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  • 1. JOURNAL ENTRY: Based on the this map of France, what predictions can you make about the French people? Think about the countries that surround France, languages, oceans, and more!
  • 2. Geography of France France is located in Western Europe France borders:  West: Spain  East: Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland  North: The United Kingdom  South: Italy and the Mediterranean Sea
  • 3. Geography • France has 66 million inhabitants • The capital is Paris • Paris has 2.2 million inhabitants • The largest River is the Seine River (runs through Paris and empties into the Enlgish Channel)
  • 4. POPULATION PYRAMID How many males are 45-49? SPI 7.3.2 0 How many females 80+?
  • 5. French Revolution • France was originally a monarchy. • After the French Revolution, the people stood up against the monarchy and it became a republic. Predict why the people did not want to be a monarchy.
  • 6. People & Religion • Languages: French, Russian, Italian, English, & Spanish • Only 1% of French people are illiterate • Diversity: Russians, English, Celtic, Latin, North African, and Southeast Asian What can we assume about French people and religion based on the chart
  • 7. Climate • The climate in France is temperate in the north. • It rains all the year and in winter it sometimes snows.
  • 8. Nature • • • • 25% of France is forest 50% of France farmland 25% of France is urban Common animals in France include fox and deer • Most of the vegetation in France consists of chestnut, pine, and spruce trees.
  • 9. Government and Economy f eo p Ty G nt : e nm r ve o u p e R l ic b
  • 10. Typical food • The Bagette is the most popular bread in France. • Common foods: onion soup, chocolate mousse, cheeses, and croissants • Je voudrais du pain, s’il vous plait. (I would like some bread, please) Bon appétit!
  • 11. Popular Sports Popular sports in France are: • Handball • Cycling (The Tour of France) • Football • Running • Basketball • Skiing • Surf • Rugby
  • 12. Tourism • More people vacation to France than any other European country • 80 million tourist per year
  • 13. Tour de Paris The Louvre Eiffel Tower Notre Dame Cathedral Mona Lisa
  • 14. Pack Your Bags! • You and the person beside you are going to Paris for an entire week. (1&2) (3&4) • Make a list of places you will go. Describe the weather, language, sports you might play, and the foods you will eat.
  • 15. mp stu u   yo an C es? at ssm cla r  ou  y • Use your notes and the information from your trip to France to write 2 true facts about France and 1 fake statement. • Your group will read your 3 statements and see if you can stump your classmates!