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Games for Health 2011 - Mobile Serious Games Roundup
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Games for Health 2011 - Mobile Serious Games Roundup


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Games for Health 2011 …

Games for Health 2011
Mobile Serious Games Roundup

Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • Still playing some of the same games No longer “playing” Farmville
  • Still playing some of the same games No longer “playing” Farmville
  • Android sales 2008-2010: 0.6405m + 6.7984m + 67.225m
  • This is the Apple II version from 1981. The 1971 version featured a command line interface.
  • Virtual Heroes NASA teamwork training
  • The challenges of today's airport security make business and pleasure travel increasingly difficult. Security is there to make you feel safe and get you to your plane in one piece. However, today's regulations change frequently and are often different from airport to airport. Now, you too can stand in the shoes of a security agent trying to avert terrorism while getting everyone through a checkpoint quickly. This is a game that's just as fun as waiting in line — and one you can play in line as well.
  • On World AIDS Day, December 1, under the banner "Freedom HIV/AIDS", ZMQ is releasing four mobile games on HIV/AIDS awareness to reach out to millions of people using mobile phones. The initiative is supported by Delhi State AIDS Control Society and was launched by Chief Minister of Delhi Shrimati Sheila Dikshit. There have been effective download of 10.3 million game sessions in 15 months from its launch. As reported, more games have been downloaded in smaller cities and towns in India. The prime reason of this phenomenon is that these areas are media dark areas and have very less access to information. People here preferred to download free mobile games to know more about HIV/AIDS.
  • Using the new DS software, McDonalds believes it can cut training time by half over conventional methods, in part due of the familiarity of the DS system. It hopes to quickly get new employees out on the floor.
  • PHILADELPHIA, PA – July 8, 2010 – Elsevier, a world leader in health care, medical publishing and online solutions, and video game developer and publisher Legacy Interactive®, announced today the release of Top Doc, an iPhone app that features medical content and quizzes designed to let medical students, residents and junior faculty practice and improve their visual diagnosis skills. Elsevier and Legacy Interactive® developed the app’s interactive format to engage and challenge users with multiple elements. “ Top Doc was built upon a foundation of providing challenging, real-world questions illustrated by high quality medical images,” said Amber Tully, M.D., Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, Jefferson Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, and the product’s co-author. “With this platform, users are able to experience and react to realistic patient encounters that require quick, concise clinical responses.”
  • Popular in Japan 5 million copies sold Lots of knock-offs IQ Academy Big Brain Academy “Inspired” by research
  • Mindless Eating Challenge (MEC) is an interactive mobile phone game in which the player takes care of a virtual pet by carrying out real world actions and validating those actions with photographs.  This project was proposed by Cornell HCI lab to study the interaction between the player and the virtual pet as the respond to each other’s behavior over time. 
  • OrderUP! is a different take on the recent trend of health-related gaming that includes "exergames," in which players get a genuine workout while playing. OrderUP! instead seeks to educate players about how to make healthy eating choices in situations nearly everyone encounters regularly in their lives. By casting players as virtual restaurant servers, Order UP! forces players to make healthy—and fast—menu decisions for a group of demanding, impatient customers. The research was supported by Humana, Microsoft and Nokia.
  • GRAP Clinique de Psychologie au Travail (Quebec) Virtual reality Desensitization to cues
  • Two modes: rush and relax Blow on microphone to play
  • Join Richard as he embarks on his dream quest to vanquish his allergies and create an allergy free world.  Navigate through his dream as you maneuver his anti-histamine ship, warding off allergens of all types including peanuts, shrimp, gluten, lactose and more. It will be a test of your flying capabilities and your trigger finger to rid Richard's world of allergens. 
  • Consumers Remember when you made a deal with a buddy to workout together...knowing it would be harder for you to cancel? Textjab is like that -- except we keep you on track, 3X a week, and total all the data, and allow you bragging rights when you pass your friends. Sweet. Employers Texting is a great way to keep far-flung employees on-track with health and wellness. Customize a TextJab program, with your unique content and challenges, to keep your on-the-go workforce fit and happy. Fitness groups Health challenges are a great way to keep in touch with your clients when they are away from the gym. Issue challenges, with your contact information, about healthy eating or exercise and keep your clients close. Physicians Keep your patients on-track between visits with customized health challenges. Prompts to make healthy eating choices or to meet exercise goals help to keep your advice relevant after they leave the office.
  • Play My Happy Planet and see how you can create a Happy Planet on and off your mobile phone! First mobile game based on the environment 8 different mini-games available Gripping challenge to maintain planet Earth and keep it in good shape The entire game is based on genuine environmental themes Hilarious animations and graphics
  • Zamzee is an online rewards program for teens that’s powered by physical activity. You wear the Zamzee meter, and it records how much you’re moving around. Walking the dog, skateboarding, dancing in your room – it all counts. Connect your Zamzee meter to your computer, and your activity powers your online account. Activity boosts your online status, and you can convert your activity to currency you can spend online in the Zamzee store. The more you go, the more you get – it’s that simple!
  • Transcript

    • 1. Mobile Serious Games Roundup Boston – May 17, 2011 Alan Au 1 st Annual
    • 2. Almost done! Biomedical informatics guy Game industry journalist Not a fashion/art director Not a mobile games expert (yet!) http://!/Alan _ Au
    • 3.  
    • 4. Games
    • 5. I play games … … when I have time. http:// /
    • 6. Mobile
    • 7. 146.42 million
    • 8. 108.62 million
    • 9. 74.6 million http:// =1306513 http:// =1543014 *and growing rapidly
    • 10. Serious Mobile
    • 11. One Bus Away http:// /
    • 12. http:// / Open Data Kit
    • 13. Mobile Games
    • 14. Technology convergence 1980 1989 2004 1997 2003 2008 160 x 144 pixels 640x960 pixels
    • 15. Serious Games
    • 16. Oregon Trail (1981) * The game dates back to 1971
    • 17. Oregon Trail (1996)
    • 18. Oregon Trail (2008) /
    • 19. Oregon Trail (2010) http:// /
    • 20. http:// / Moonbase Alpha
    • 21. Serious + Mobile? Does this make sense? ?
    • 22.  
    • 23. Learning Food & Diet Un-Smoking General Health Lifestyle Location-based Fitness & Exercise
    • 24. Learning
    • 25. Jetset http:// = jetset
    • 26. http:// / Silverbackers
    • 27. Freedom http:// Mobile = good for ICTD
    • 28. MILLEE (literacy) http:// ? … trouble with academic games
    • 29. eSmart *this is not the actual game
    • 30. http:// / Top Doc
    • 31. Brain Age http:// … accidentally serious?
    • 32. … $$$-driven knockoffs
    • 33. You are what you eat. You are what you eat.
    • 34. Mindless Eating Challenge http:// /
    • 35. OrderUP! *not to be confused with the “Order Up!” Wii game
    • 36. PickChow! *not mobile (yet) http:// #
    • 37. Thank you for not smoking Thank you for not smoking.
    • 38. http:// Smoking cessation NICOT
    • 39. My Stop Smoking Coach http:// =7150
    • 40. Lit
    • 41. Health games?
    • 42. http:// / Allergies Attack Er, it’s health- themed …
    • 43. http:// = colorfall Colorfall Insurer-funded games
    • 44. http:// /biofeedback/ http:// Peggle … accidentally serious!
    • 45. iTunes App Store How do we categorize these?
    • 46. Lifestyle?
    • 47. http:// / Textjab Socially-driven games
    • 48. http:// / My Happy Planet
    • 49. Location, location, location!
    • 50. Foursquare Uh … is this a game? https:// /
    • 51. Akoha http:// /
    • 52. SCVNGR http:// /
    • 53. Move around!
    • 54. Goldwalker http:// /
    • 55. http:// / Impulsive Pillow Pilates
    • 56. PicoPoke http://
    • 57. http:// /apps Tapcloud
    • 58. My Weight Loss Coach http:// /
    • 59. UbiFit
    • 60. Zamzee /
    • 61. Pokéwalker http:// / … can be spoofed
    • 62.  
    • 63. Learning Food & Diet Un-Smoking General Health Lifestyle Location-based Fitness & Exercise
    • 64.
      • Does mobile make sense?
      • How do we categorize these?
      • Some are accidentally serious
      • What about academic projects?
      • Some aren’t even really games
      • Lots of games! (I bet I missed some)
      Click a cow? What now?
    • 65.
      • Ben Sawyer
      • Beth Bryant
      • University of Washington
      • (BHI, ISIS, HCDE, Change, dub)
      Thank you!