The Moral Story


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The Moral Story

  1. 1. The Moral Story – A Monster Called RovrerDone by: Alan AnandSelvin Long time ago, in the ancient city of Pompeii, a monster called Rovrer lived in the clouds. OnFriday the 13th, Rovrer will come down to get the egg. But getting the egg is not a simple task. To getthe egg, one must survive -1000 0c temperatures, a lava river, and scaling a 3400 km mountain. Theeggs will be on top of the mountain. Even Rovrer can’t get to the eggs, so he has to wait until aspecial day that is 13th March for a specific time. Even then, going there is diificult. Anyway, hemanages and places the eggs in the roads of Pompeii. After a few hours, the egg will hatch, andproduce a Diccop, a type of fire-breathing chicken, with the height of an average adult. But, theDiccops have its faults. Some eggs, in rare cases won’t hatch. It takes 4 Diccops to destroy the city,even one less means that the Diccops won’t have enough strength to destroy the city. So, the Rovrerputs in the effort to take an extra egg, just in case. The elder has seen Rovrer take not 4, but 5 eggs. He thought of killing Rovrer by tricking him.One day, as the Rovrer crossed the path of Pompeii to get the eggs, a elder stopped him in his trackssaying, “Why are you taking an extra egg?”Rovrer replied, “If one egg doesn’t hatch, I can’t detroy the city.The elder replied, “But you are wasting your effort. You just need 4 eggs. The Diccops eggs won’thatch, only in rare cases.”“Yeah. I didn’t think about that.”“Goodbye, Sir Rovrer”And this is how the elder has tricked the Rovrer. But, this is just phase one. Let’s now look at the perspective of Rovrer. Rovrer is now with hardship, successfully carriedthe four eggs down and planted it in the roads of Pompeii. Now, Rovrer has gone back to his place inthe sky to admire the coming destruction. The 3 eggs have hatched, but the 4th one hasn’t. Now, theRovrer has realized the trick of the elder. But, the Rovrer can’t go back to the mountains and get theeggs as the time when the he will get the power has passed. But in a fit of rage, he doesn’tremember that. He runs back into to get the egg, he jumps over the lava, but he cannot jump far ashe doesn’t have the power to jump far. So he falls halfway and dies as he comes into contact withthe lava. Now, the 3 Diccops have died as the last Diccops haven’t hatched. From this, we need toknow that we musn’t count our chickens before they are hatched.