Some Useful Phrases for Oral
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Some Useful Phrases for Oral






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Some Useful Phrases for Oral Some Useful Phrases for Oral Document Transcript

  • Oral Examination 6 (Picture) – Wordsand PhrasesCOLLATED BY ALAN ANAND AND LUCAS TAN 1. One possible reason is … 2. Specifically… 3. Perhaps (reason), if not (why) 4. Flocking to the area 5. They could be… 6. Incredibly low price 7. Off-season 8. I can almost sense their excitement when thy are rummaging through the clothes 9. I think that… 10. Unbeknownst/oblivious to them, there was a disaster waiting to happen/strike 11. In a shopping spree 12. There is a baby, who is crying as loud as a whale/sirens 13. Bawling uncontrollably 14. The situation is a matter of life and death 15. Mother’s face turned as white as sheet 16. All hell broke loose 17. A plump lady 18. Concluding from the expression… 19. Accidentally letting go of the baby’s pram 20. A couple is paralysed with fear as the baby’s pram is heading towards them 21. The force of friction could not stop the baby’s pram 22. Attracted a crowd 23. Caught the attention of a middle aged plump women 24. A disaster was brewing 25. A baby in the pram is rolling down the escalator 26. Quite a dangerous action 27. Wail uncontrollably 28. Anxious about the fate of the baby 29. Beads of perspiration 30. Hoping 31. However, this was not so 32. Fortunately… 33. Quick-witted 34. He is attempting to … 35. Endangering the safety of the baby 36. I can conclude from this that… 37. Escalator not suited for prams 38. Instead, …
  • 39. (Connect with fact, law, proverbs, news etc…)40. Jerk forward41. Were helpless42. Obstructed by the lady43. Panic-stricken44. Breakneck speed