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PSLE English (2008-2012) Compostion 6
PSLE English (2008-2012) Compostion 6
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PSLE English (2008-2012) Compostion 6


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  • 1. The sun rose in a magestical manner, painting the dark sky with light and spilling warmth.The shaft of light spilled into Bobby’s bedroom. The birds chirped, frogs croaked and dogs barked,welcoming the arrival of the sun. His alarm clock ringed, and Bobby jumped out of his bed. Heyawned and scratched himself like a monkey. The smell of hot pancakes topped with honey and thesmell of freshly made waffles wafted through the door. Without wasting a second, Bobby quicklydressed up and rushed to the kitchen in record-setting speed. After tucking into the deliciousbreakfast, Bobby quickly checked the calendar. Fireworks popped in his eye – today was 4th of Julyand that meant a picnic with his family! He had anticipated for weeks now, and it had finally come!In supersonic speed, he rushed over to his bedroom to pack the things needed for his picnic. After a few minutes, Bobby, his annoying sister Michelle and his parents had got ready andwere soon in the bus, everyone thinking about what they were going to do. They reached the park,where the greenery was spreading indefinitely. Michelle immediately set to work, laying the mat onthe ground, and opening the basket full of chicken pies, its delicious aroma turning eyebrows. ButBobby did not care. His favourite kite tucked underneath his arm, he set about flying the kite, pureadernaline pumping through his veins. He started running, his hair flapping up and down. Suddenly, the ground below him rumbled and swalloed him up. He was falling down,screaming like the world was about to endand then he blacked out. He woke up with an abrupt start, and started coughing. In an instant, it came back to him.,he was running in the park and suddenly he had fallen into some sort of a pit. Suddenly, a facepeered from upstairs, sneering at me with a face that would give an adult nightmares. Then I knew-he was The Fat Manand he was know for digging holes and letting the victim rot and die. Suddenly Iwas panic stricken and screamed for help. That only made The Fat Man laugh more. Thenheremembered that I had a phone and I quickly called the police. Until now, his parents had notknow that I was in danger, but when they heard police sirens, they knew something was up.The police had streamed out of the van stealthily and had crept up on the The Fat Man. They pulledaway his mask and pounced on him live a voracious tiger with craving for meat. Meanwhile, theSCDF dropped ropes into the pit and he climbed up, much to the joy of his parents and Michelle.Flying a kite would never be the same again!