Composition - Continuous Writing


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Composition - Continuous Writing

  1. 1. Composition –Part 2 Continuous Writing (40Marks)WRITTEN BY ALAN ANAND OF CLASS 5/1Situation:You were at the beach with your family having a picnic. Dark clouds started to gather and there wasa flash of lightning. You then heard a loud crack followed by screams.Composition: “Hooray!” I screamed out in enthusiasm. Excitement coursed through my veins as I gotready for the trip to the beach. This was a once-in-a-year opportunity as this was the only day myfather can get a whole day off. I was literally hopping up and down with enthusiasm when my familyclimbed into the car. I soon dozed off. “Wha…!” I sputtered, when the car squealed to an abrupt stop. Sunlight filtered through thewindows of the car. As I stepped out of the cool, air-conditioned car, the heat was unbearable.Everything glinted in the sunlight. The whole beach was filled to the limit with a sea of people, eitherswimming or sun tanning. My mother found a sheltered spot under an oak tree, a place shieldedfrom the intense sunlight. I whipped out my swimming costumes and jumped into the refreshingwater. After doing a few laps, I came back up. After father and mother had set up the picnic, weplayed tag and had a whale of a time. Suddenly, the sky darkened ominously. Cumulonimbus clouds filled the sky. Rain, asteroidsof gravel pelted down on us. It wasn’t alone. The buffeting wind joined in the fun. A flash of lightningfractured the dark sky, illuminating the gloomy landscape. Thunder echoed. The crowd of peoplewas emptying quickly, leaving behind a ton of garbage. AARGH! A scream went up and everythingwas still. I was scared out of my wits, but curiosity took over. I insisted my family members to findthe source of the noise but they refused. Finally move d by my persistence, my family membersheaded over to the direction of the noise. As we neared the area, a burning smell and thick blacksmoke showed signs of fire.I couldn’t believe my eyes. In front of me was a house on fire! My father was the first one to react. He quickly dialed the fire hotline and explained theissue. Wanting to help, I quickly helped the growing crowd to put water over the fire in an attemptto extinguish it. Soon, a siren could be heard and a fire engine arrived at the scene. They cordoned off thearea and used a hydraulic platform to reach the victims. When the fire was under control, we left thescene with a peace of mind. I was still replaying the incident in my head at home when firefighterscalled us. My mother later explained that the house was struck by lightning. The day at the beachwas a good..and a bad experience after all. (WORD COUNT:429)