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20 _AlanAnand 20 _AlanAnand Presentation Transcript

  • Done by: Alan AnandForm Class 5/1
  • Human pollinator are pollinating the crops,instead of the natural pollinators, as all thebees in that are was wiped out because ofpesticides.
  •  The‘human pollinators’ ‘pollinate’ the crops by scrubbing pollen from the trees, dry it by hand, and carefully dust it onto each pear blossom.
  •  Pollinationhappens when pollen from the male part of the plant is received by the female part of the plant. This causes the plant to reproduce, ensuring the survival of its own kind.
  • The main role of the bee is to actually helpplants pollinate, as pollen can cling onto thebees’ hairs. When they visit the next plant,some of the pollen drops off, pollinating theplant without the bee even knowing that it isdoing so.
  • I agree with what Albert Einstein has said. It is true as if there are no more pollination, plants cannot reproduce, so their own kind will die out. If there are no more vegetables, we will not have vegetables to eat, so that means herbivorous animals cannot survive which will lead to the decline of carnivores as they do not have enough food. That means us, humans don’t have either vegetables nor meat to eat and survive.
  • The farmers depend on bees to pollinate. Asfarmers themselves cannot pollinate as it isa nearly-impossible feat, they call in thebees to do pollination for them as a bee hiveof bees can visit 3 million plants in a day.
  • Farmers are facing a major decline in bees,due to pesticides.
  • It kills the bees in threeways. They are …Fumigants Stomach Poisons Contact Poisons• Insecticides in the form of • Gets into the bees’ stomach • Work by touching an insect gases and kills the bees. • Acts fairly quickly and can• Are highly toxic and • Pesticides get into pollen or result in death or paralysis restricted-use chemicals nectar sprayed on plants in a short time. that bees carry back to hives to make honey. This can affect the entire hive.
  • What Other Animals Help Plants Pollinate? Monarch Zebra-StripedHumming Bird Moths Butterfly Butterfly
  • Plant More oxygen New plants Food for Humans Food for Prey Food for Humans Food for Predators
  • Thank you for taking your time to look through the presentation.