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Famous visitors IVLP

  1. 1. Meridian International CenterProfessional Exchanges Division Notable Visitors
  2. 2. Hamid Karzai• President of Afghanistan (2004- present)• President of the Afghan Transitional Administration (2002-2004)• Chairman of the Transitional Administration of Afghanistan (2001-2002)RP ’88-Peck
  3. 3. Raul Alfonsin• President of Argentina (1983-1989)• Established the Permanent Assembly for Human Rights (1975)• Representative in the Argentine Chamber of Deputies (1963-1966)IV ’76Member, UCR National Committee-Chapman
  4. 4. Fernando De La Rua• President of Argentina (1999-2001)• 1st Chief of Government of Buenos Aires (1996-1999)• Senator for Buenos Aires (1973-1976, 1983-1989, 1992-1996)IV ’66Advisor to the Secretary of the Interior-Hunt
  5. 5. Luis Moreno-Ocampo• Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (2003-present) – Charged President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan with genocide• District Attorney for the Federal Circuit of the City of Buenos Aires (1987-1992)• Assistant Prosecutor at the “Trial of the Juntas” (1985)IV ’88Chief Prosecutor, Federal District ofBuenos Aires-Buttermark
  6. 6. Malcolm Fraser• Prime Minister of Australia (1975-1983)• Australian Minister of Defense (1969-1971)• Australian Minister for Education and Science (1968-1969)• Australian Minister for the Army (1966-1968)IV ’64Member of the House ofRepresentatives-Keogh
  7. 7. William Hayden• Governor-General of Australia (1989-1996)• Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade (1983-1988)• Australian Minister for Social Security (1972-1975)• Member of the Australian Parliament for Oxley (1961-1988)IV ’70Member of Parliament, AustralianLabour Party-Keogh
  8. 8. Paul Keating• Prime Minister of Australia (1991-1996)• Deputy Prime Minister of Australia (1990-1991)• Treasurer of Australia (1983-1991)• Member of the Australian Parliament for Blaxland (1969-1996)RP ’71: “Asian MPs”Member of Parliament-Hancock
  9. 9. Gough Whitlam• Prime Minister of Australia (1972-1975)• Leader of the Australian Labour Party (1967-1977)IV ’64Deputy Leader, Australia LabourParty-Mahin
  10. 10. Heinz Fischer• President of Austria (2004- present)• President of the Austrian National Council (1990-2002)• Austrian Minister of Science (1983-1987)• Member of the Austrian National Council (1971-2004)IV ’64Secretary, Socialist ParliamentaryFaction-Keogh
  11. 11. Bruno Kreisky• Chancellor of Austria (1970-1983)• Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs (1959-1966)• Member of the Nationalrat (1956-1966)• Undersecretary of the Foreign Affairs Department of the Austrian Chancellery (1953-1956)• Assistant Chief of Staff and Political Advisor to President Theodor Korner (1951-1953)IV ’58State Secretary for Foreign Affairs-Mettger
  12. 12. Reinhold Lopatka• Austrian State Secretary in the Ministry of Finance (2008-present)• Secretary of the Austrian People’s Party (2003-2007)• Deputy to the National Council (2003-2007)• Styria Austrian People’s Party (OVP) State Manager (1993-2001)VV ’85: Young Political LeadersState Chairman of Young People’sParty-Thunander/Vasko
  13. 13. Peter Pilz• Member of the Austrian Nationalrat (1986-1991, 1999- present) – Called for Arnold Schwarzenegger to lose his Austrian citizenship in 2005 due to his support for the death penalty.• Federal Spokesperson for the Green Party (1992-1994)IV ’88Member of Parliament, Green Party-Calambokidis/Brown
  14. 14. Wolfgang Schussel• Chairman of the Austrian People’s Party (2007-2011)• Chancellor of Austria (2000-2007)• Vice Chancellor of Austria (1995-2000)• Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs (1995-2000)• Austrian Minister for Economic Affairs (1989-1995)IV ’71, SCP ’84: “Austrian MPs”Secretary, Parliament; MP-Slavik/Thel
  15. 15. Fred Sinowatz• Chancellor of Austria (1983-1986)• Vice Chancellor of Austria (1981-1983)• Austrian Minister of Education and Art (1971-1983)IV ’631st President, Burgenland ProvincialLegislature-Spray/Frucht
  16. 16. Fakhruddin Ahmed• Prime Minister of Bangladesh (2007-2009)• Managing Director of PFSF Microcredit (2005-2007)• Governor of the Bangladesh Bank (2001-2005)IV ’77Joint Secretary, Ministry of Planning-Slavik/Copenhauer
  17. 17. Tom Adams• 2nd Prime Minister of Barbados (1976-1985)• Leader of the Barbados Opposition (1971-1976)• Member of the Barbados Parliament (1966-1985)IV ‘73
  18. 18. Lloyd Erskine Sandiford• Prime Minister of Barbados (1987-1994)• Deputy Prime Minister of Babados (1986-1987)• Member of the Barbados House of Assembly (1971-1976)• Senator of Barbados (1967-1971)IV ’75Minister of Education, Youth Affairs,Community Development, and Sports-Fosdick
  19. 19. Pieter De Crem• Belgian Minister of Defense (2007- present)• Leader of the Christen- Democratisch en Vlaams Party (2003-2007)• Mayor of Aalter, East Flanders (1995-present)• Member of Parliament in the Chamber of Representatives (1995-2007)RP ’99: “NATO”-Calambokidis
  20. 20. Wilfried Martens• President of the European People’s Party (1992-present)• Belgian Senator (1991-1994)• Prime Minister of Belgium (1979-1992)• Deputy in the Belgian Chamber of Representatives (1974-1991)IV ’71Member, National Committee of theChristian Socialist Party-DePuy
  21. 21. Leo Tindemans• Member of the European Parliament (1979-1981, 1989-1999)• Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs (1982-1989)• Prime Minister of Belgium (1974-1978)• Member of the Belgian Parliament (1961-1989)IV ’67Member of Parliament-Lunau
  22. 22. Guy Verhofstadt• Chairperson of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, European Parliament (2009-present)• Prime Minister of Belgium (1999-2008)IV ’83President, Belgian PVV-Hancock/Conley
  23. 23. Jigme Yoser Thinley• Prime Minister of Bhutan (1998-1999, 2003-2004, 2008- present)• Bhutan Minister of Foreign Affairs (1998-2003)• Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs (1992-1994)IV ’87Director of Education-Probasco/Reedy
  24. 24. Zeljko Komsic• President of Bosnia-Herzegovina (2009-2010, 2011-present)• Croat Member of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina (2006- present)• Bosnian Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1998-2002)SCP ’01: “Municipal GovernmentIssues”-Vricella
  25. 25. Zlatko Lagumdzija• Bosnian Foreign Minister (2001-2003)• Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia-Herzegovina (2001-2002)• President of the Bosnian Social Democratic Party (1997-present)• Member of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly (1996-present)IV ’95Vice President, Social Democratic Party-Christensen
  26. 26. Quett K.J. Masire• 2nd President of Botswana (1980-1998)• Vice President of Botswana (1966-1980)• Co-Founder of the Botswana Democratic Party (1962)IV ’75Vice President of Botswana-Polk
  27. 27. Jose Sarney Costa• President of the Brazilian Senate (1995-1997, 2003-2005, 2009- present)• President of Brazil (1985-1990)• Vice President of Brazil (1985)• Governor of Maranhao (1966-1971)SCP ’64: “Brazilian LegislativeDelegation”Member, Chamber of Deputies-B. Johnson
  28. 28. Sylvie Kinigi• President of Burundi (1993-1994)• Prime Minister of Burundi (1993-1994) – First and only woman to hold the position. Took over after President was killed in a coup attempt.• Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister for Economic PolicyIV ’94Former Prime Minister-Lewis
  29. 29. Edward Schreyer• Governor-General of Canada (1979-1984)• Premier of Manitoba (1969-1977)• Member of the Canadian House of Commons (1965-1969)• Member of the Manitoban Legislative Assembly (1958-1965)IV ’78Leader of the Opposition, ManitobaLegislative Assembly-Keogh/Hill
  30. 30. Andre-Dieudonne Kolingba• President of the Central African Republic (1981-1993) – Took power in bloodless coup d’etat• Chief of Staff of the Army of the Central Africa Republic (1981)• CAR Minister of Defense (1979-1981)• Brigadier General of Army of the Central African Republic (1973-1981)IV ’66Assistant Director, Radio Bangui-Payne
  31. 31. Juan Guzman• Justice of the Court of Appeals of Santiago, Chile• Prosecutor, Chilean Court System (1970-2005) – Led the request to strip General Augusto Pinochet of his diplomatic immunity in 2005MRP ’93: “Independent Judiciary andRule of Law”-Blalock
  32. 32. Ricardo Lagos• UN Special Envoy on Climate Change (2007-present)• President of Chile (2000-2006)• Minister of Public Works (1994-1998)• Minister of Education (1990-1992)VV ’88President, Party for Democracy*Traveled with Alvaro Uribe-Miller/Pereira
  33. 33. Belisario Betancur• Chair of the UN Commission on the Truth for El Salvador (1992-1993)• President of Colombia (1982-1986)• Colombian Ambassador to Spain (1975-1977)• Colombian Minister of Labor (1962-1963)IV ‘52
  34. 34. Cesar Gaviria Trujillo• Secretary-General of the Organization for American States (1994-2004)• President of Colombia (1990-1994)• Colombian Minister of Government (1987-1989)• Member of the Colombian Chamber of Representatives (1974-1986)IV ’82Member, House of Representatives-Keogh/Gerson
  35. 35. Alvaro Uribe• President of Colombia (2002-2010)• Governor of Antioquia (1995-1997)• Senator of Antioquia (1986-1994)• Mayor of Medellin (1982)VV ’88Senator, Department of Antioquia*Traveled with Ricardo Lagos-Miller/Pereira
  36. 36. Ivica Racan• Prime Minister of Croatia (2000-2003)• 1st President of the Croatian Social Democratic Party (1990-2007)• Chairman of the League of Communists in Croatia (1989-1991)SCP ’98President, Social Democratic Party-Starr
  37. 37. Zlatko Tomcic• Acting President of Croatia (2000)• President of the Croatian Parliament (2000-2003)• Member of the Croatian Parliament (1995-2006)• President of the Croatian Peasant Party (1994-2005)SCP ’98President, Croatian Peasant Party-Starr
  38. 38. Franjo Tudjman• 1st President of Croatia (1990-1999)• Founder of the Croatian Democratic Union Party (1989)IV ’66Director, Institute of History of theWorkers’ Movement-Slavik
  39. 39. Moise Tshombe• Prime Minister of Congo (1964-1965)• 1st President of Katanga (1960-1963) – Seceded from Congo after independenceIV ’60President, CONAKAT Party-Lunau
  40. 40. Petr Necas• Prime Minister of the Czech Republic (2010-present)• Leader of the Czech Civic Democrat Party (2010-present)• Czech Minister of Labour and Social Affairs (2006-2009)RP ’99: “NATO: The Future of theAlliance”Chairman, Defense and SecurityCommittee, House of Representatives-Calambokidis/Oliver
  41. 41. Anders Fogh Rasmussen• Secretary General of NATO (2008-present)• Prime Minister of Denmark (2001-2009)• Leader of Danish Venstre Party (1998-2009)IV ’82Member of Parliament-Cabiati/Stilley
  42. 42. Lars Rasmussen• Prime Minister of Denmark (2009-2011)• Leader of the Danish Venstre Party (2009-present)• Danish Minister of Finance (2007-2009)• Danish Minister of the Interior and Health (2001-2007)MRP ’89: “Current Social, Political,and Economic Issues”President, Youth Branch, Venstre-Cabiati/Brothers
  43. 43. Patrick John• President of the Dominica Football Association (1992-2006, 2008-present)• 1st Prime Minister of Dominica (1978-1979)• Premier of Dominica (1974-1978)SCP ’77Premier of Dominica-Fosdick/Benner
  44. 44. Salvador Jorge Blanco• President of the Dominican Republic (1982-1986)• Senator of the Dominican Republic (1978-1982)• Committee Secretary for the Dominican Union Civica de Santiago Party (1963-1964)IV ’79Senator, Capital District-Fosdick/Ament
  45. 45. Rodrigo Borja• President of Ecuador (1988-1992)• Member of the Ecuadorian National Legislature (1980-1988)• Founder of the Ecuadorian Democratic Left Party (1968)IV ’62Lawyer, Member of the Liberal Party-Hadley
  46. 46. Jamil Mahuad Witt• President of Ecuador (1998-2000) – Forced out in a military coup led by President Lucio Gutierrez• Mayor of Quito (1992-1998)IV ’85Senior Member, Governing Board,Popular Democratic Party-Dean/Ramseur
  47. 47. Boutros Boutros-Ghali• Secretary General of the United Nations (1992-1996)• Egyptian Minister of State for Foreign Affairs (1977-1991)IV ’76Head, Department of Political Science,Cairo University-Polk/Manganelli
  48. 48. Anwar Sadat• President of Egypt (1970-1981) – Named TIME Magazine’s Man of the Year for 1977• Vice President of the Presidential Council (1964-1970)• President of the National Assembly (1960-1968)• Egyptian Secretary to the National Union (1959-1960)• Egyptian Minister of State (1954-1959)IV ’66President of the National Assembly-Lunau
  49. 49. Armando Calderon Sol• President of El Salvador (1994-1999)• Mayor of San Salvador (1988-1994)• Founder of the Salvadoran ARENA Party (1981)IV ’86Professor of Law, National Universityof El Salvador-Ansell/Gerson
  50. 50. Carlos Humberto Romero• President of El Salvador (1977-1979) – Deposed in a coup d’etat that ushered in the El Salvadoran Civil War of 1979-1992• Head of the Presidential General Staff (1972-1977)• Salvadoran Minister of Defense and Public Security (1972-1977)IV ’76Minister of Defense-Hancock
  51. 51. Juhan Parts• Estonian Minister of Economy and Communication (2007-present)• Prime Minister of Estonia (2003-2005)• Estonian Auditor General (1998-2002)SCP ’92: “American Legal Systemand Rule of Law”-HancockITT ’05: “Current Social and PoliticalIssues in the U.S.”Member of Parliament
  52. 52. Berhanou Dinke• Ethiopian Ambassador to the United States (1960-1965) – Established a Council of Citizens to oppose Emperor Haile Selassie – One of three Cabinet members to survive an aborted coup in 1960IV ’52Director General, Municipality ofAddis Ababa
  53. 53. Sir Penaia Ganilau• 1st President of Fiji (1987-1993)• Governor-General of Fiji (1983-1987)• Deputy Prime Minister of Fiji (1973-1983)• Fijian Minister of Home Affairs (1970-1972)• Minister for Fijian Affairs and Local Government (1967-1970)IV ’63Deputy Secretary, Fijian Affairs-Johnson/Brooks
  54. 54. Sir Kamisese Mara• 2nd President of Fiji (1993-2000)• 1st Prime Minister of Fiji (1967-1992)• Founder of the Fiji Alliance Party (1966)IV ’64Member, Legislative Council, EasternConstituency-B. Johnson
  55. 55. Harri Holkeri• Head of the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (2003-2004)• Speaker for the UN General Assembly (2000-2001)• Prime Minister of Finland (1987-1991)• Member of the Parliament of Finland (1970-1978)IV ’70Director of the Bank of Finland-Miller/Keith
  56. 56. Anneli Jaatteenmaki• Minister of the European Parliament (2003-present)• Prime Minister of Finland (2003)• Chairwoman of the Centre Party of Finland (2000-2003)• Finnish Minister of Justice (1994-1995)IV ’95Member of Parliament-MacDonald
  57. 57. Paavo Lipponen• Speaker of the Finnish Parliament (2003-2007)• Prime Minister of Finland (1995-2003)• Member of the Parliament of Finland (1983-1987, 1991-2007)IV ’74International Secretary, SocialDemocratic Party-Keogh
  58. 58. Michel Barnier• European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services (2010-present)• French Minister of Foreign Affairs (2004-2005)• European Commissioner for Regional Policy (1999-2004)• French Minister for European Affairs (1995-1997)IV ’81Deputy, National Assembly-Polk/Forsythe
  59. 59. Raymond Barre• Mayor of Lyon (1995-2001)• Prime Minister of France (1976-1981)• European Commissioner for Economic & Financial Affairs (1967-1973)IV ’65Professor of Economics, University ofParis-Spray
  60. 60. Pierre Beregovoy• Prime Minister of France (1992-1993) – Committed suicide in 1993• Member of the National Assembly of France (1986-1988, 1993)• French Minister of Economy and Finances (1984-1986, 1988-1992)• French Minister of Social Affairs (1982-1984)IV ’77National Secretary, External Affairs-Hancock/Calambokidis
  61. 61. Jacques Chaban-Delmas• Prime Minister of France (1969-1972)• President of the French National Assembly (1959-1969, 1978-1981, 1986-1988)• Mayor of Bordeaux (1947-1995)IV ’61President of the National Assembly-Lunau
  62. 62. Valery Giscard d’Estaing• President of the Convention on the Future of Europe (2002-2003) – Produced draft Constitution for the European Union• President of France (1974-1981)• French Minister of Economy and Finance (1969-1974)• French Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs (1962-1966)SCP ’57: “French Parliamentarians”Deputy, French Parliament-Mettger
  63. 63. Francois Fillon• Prime Minister of France (2007- present)• French Minister of National Education (2004-2005)• French Minister of Social Affairs and Labour (2002-2004)IV ’84Member, French National Assembly-O’Malley/Barnett-Jones
  64. 64. Jean-Claude Gaudin• President of the French Union for a Popular Movement Party (2004-2007)• Vice President of the French Senate (1998-present)• Mayor of Marseille (1995-present)IV ’84Member, French National Assembly-Buttermark/Cole
  65. 65. Brice Hortefeux• French Minister of the Interior (2009-2011)• 1st French Minister of Immigration, Integration, National Identity, and Development Solidarity (2007-2009)• Member of the European Parliament (1999-2005)ITT ’85Chief Aide, Mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine*Traveled with Nicolas Sarkozy-McKeown/Cole
  66. 66. Lionel Jospin• Prime Minister of France (1997-2002)• French Minister of National Education (1988-1992)• French Minister of Sport (1988-1991)• Member of the European Parliament (1984-1988)IV ’77Official, Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Keogh/Macdonald
  67. 67. Alain Juppe• French Minister of Foreign Affairs (1993-1995, 2011-present)• French Minister of Defense (2010-2011)• Mayor of Bordeaux (1995-2004, 2006-present)• Prime Minister of France (1995-1997)IV ’77Personal Counselor to Mayor of ParisJacques Chirac-Keogh/Hill
  68. 68. Nicolas Sarkozy• President of France (2007- present)• French Minister of the Interior (2002-2004, 2005-2007)• French Minister of Finance (2004)ITT ’85Mayor, Neuilly-sur-Seine*Traveled with Brice Hortefeux-McKeown/Cole
  69. 69. Zurab Nogaideli• Prime Minister of Georgia (2005-2007)• Georgian Minister of Finance (2000-2002)• Member of the Georgian Parliament (1992-2000)RP ’93“Environmental Protection Efforts”-Clark
  70. 70. Mikhail Saakashvili• President of Georgia (2004- present) – Leader of Rose Revolution• Chairman of the Tbilisi Assembly (2002-2004)• Georgian Minister of Justice (2000-2001)SCP ’99: “Judicial Reform”-Vricella
  71. 71. Konrad Adenauer• Chancellor of Germany (1949-1963) – Named TIME Magazine’s Man of the Year for 1953• German Foreign Minister (1951-1955)• Mayor of Cologne (1917-1933, 1945)IV ’52-Mettger
  72. 72. Willy Brandt• Chancellor of Germany (1969-1974) – Named TIME Magazine’s Man of the Year 1970• Vice Chancellor of Germany (1966-1969)• Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs (1966-1969)• Mayor of West Berlin (1957-1966)• President of the German Bundesrat (1957-1958)IV ’54Berlin Delegate, West GermanBundestag
  73. 73. Kurt-Georg Kiesinger• Chancellor of Germany (1966-1969)• Minister-President of Baden- Wurttemberg (1958-1966)• Member of the German Bundestag (1949-1958)SCP ’54: “Bundestag Coalition Group”President, Joint Committee of theBundesrat and Bundestag
  74. 74. Walter Scheel• President of the Federal Republic of Germany (1974-1979)• Vice Chancellor of Germany (1969-1974)• German Foreign Minister (1969-1974)• German Federal Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development (1961-1966)IV ’51Development of LegislativePrerogatives and Responsibilities
  75. 75. Helmut Schmidt• Chancellor of Germany (1974-1982)• German Federal Minister of Finance (1972-1974)• German Federal Minister of Economics (1972)• German Federal Minister of Defense (1969-1972)IV ’56Member of the BundestagCommittee on Transport, Economics,and Defense-Mettger
  76. 76. Gerhard Schroeder• German Minister of Defense (1966-1969)• German Minister of Foreign Affairs (1961-1966)• German Minister of the Interior (1953-1961)IV ’53Lawyer, Bundestag
  77. 77. Richard von Weizsacker• President of the Federal Republic of Germany (1984-1994)• Governing Mayor of West Berlin (1981-1984)• Member of the German Bundestag (1969-1981)IV ’76Member of the Bundestag-Hancock/Calambokidis
  78. 78. Christian Wulff• President of Germany (2010- present)• Prime Minister of Lower Saxony (2003-2010)IV ’00Leader, CDU Caucus, Lower SaxonyState Parliament-Fearheiley
  79. 79. Konstantinos Karamanlis• President of Greece (1980-1985, 1990-1995)• Prime Minister of Greece (1955-1963, 1974-1980)• Greek Minister of Public Works (1951-1955)IV ‘51
  80. 80. Konstantinos Mitsotakis• Prime Minister of Greece (1990-1993)• Greek Minister of the Aegean (1991-1993)• Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs (1980-1981)• Greek Minister of Coordination (1965-1966)IV ’59Owner, Editor, KYRIX-Hadley
  81. 81. George Rallis• Prime Minister of Greece (1980-1981)• Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs (1978-1980) – First Greek Minister to visit the Soviet Union• Greek Minister of Education (1974-1978)IV ’53, ’58Lawyer, Greek Member to the Councilof Europe-Lunau
  82. 82. Konstantinos Tsatsos• President of Greece (1975-1980)• Greek Minister of Culture (1974-1975)• Member of the Greek Parliament (1955-1967)IV ’52Lawyer, Teacher
  83. 83. Sir Paul Scoon• Governor General of Grenada (1978-1992)• Deputy Director of the Commonwealth Foundation (1973-1978)• Recipient of the Order of the British Empire (1970)IV ’72Secretary to the Cabinet-Thar
  84. 84. Alvaro Arzu• President of Guatemala (1996-2000)• General Secretary of the Guatemalan National Advancement Party (1990-1995)• Mayor of Guatemala City (1986-1990, 2004-present)IV ’82Vice President, National RenovationParty-Huth
  85. 85. Julio Mendez Montenegro• President of Guatemala (1966-1970) – Assumed power after the assassination of his brother• Dean and Professor of the Faculty of Law at the University of San Carlos (c. 1950)IV ’64Lawyer, Professor-Lunau
  86. 86. Hamilton Green• Mayor of Georgetown (1994- present)• 4th Prime Minister of Guyana (1985-1992)• Guyanese First Deputy Prime Minister (1983-1985)• Vice President of Guyana (1980-1983)IV ’67Secretary General, People’s NationalCongress-Slavik
  87. 87. Ptolmey Reid• 2nd Prime Minister of Guyana (1980-1984)• Guyanese Minister of Agriculture and National Development (1970-1974)• Guyanese Minister of Finance (1967-1970)• Guyanese Minister of Trade (1967)IV ’66Deputy Prime Minister-Alrutz
  88. 88. Jacques-Edouard Alexis• Prime Minister of Haiti (1999-2001, 2006-2008)• Haitian Minister of the Interior and Territorial Communities (1999-2000)• Haitian Minister of Culture (1997-1999)• Haitian Minister of National Education, Youth, and Sport (1996-1999)IV ’83Vice Dean, State University of Haiti-Slavik/Wallenberg
  89. 89. Ertha Pascal-Trouillot• President of Haiti (1990-1991) – 1st Woman to hold this office• Justice of the Haitian Supreme Court (1988-1990)• Judge of the Federal Court of Haiti (1975-1988)IV ‘80Judge, Civil Court-Hunt/Mills
  90. 90. Jose Azcona del Hoyo• President of Honduras (1986-1990)• Honduran Minister of Communications, Public Works, and Transport (1980-1985)IV ’85Congressman, Honduran NationalCongress-Margolius/Posner
  91. 91. Rafael Callejas• President of the Honduran Football Federation (present)• President of Honduras (1990-1994)• Minister for Agriculture and Natural Resources (1975-1984)• Director of Economic Planning (1968-1975)IV ’86Coordinator, National Party-Grover
  92. 92. Jozsef Antall• 1st Prime Minister of Hungary (1990-1993)• President of the Hungarian Democratic Forum (1989-1993)• Delegate to the Committee on Constitutional Reform at the National Roundtable Talks (1989)IV ‘89
  93. 93. Gyula Horn• 3rd Prime Minister of Hungary (1994-1998)• Founder of the Hungarian Socialist Party (1989)• Hungarian Foreign Minister (1989-1990)• Secretary of State in the Hungarian Foreign Ministry (1985-1989)IV ’81Deputy Chief, International AffairsDepartment-Margolius/Bustamante
  94. 94. Bjorn Bjarnason• Icelandic Minister of Justice and Ecclesiastical Affairs (2003-2009)• Icelandic Minister of Education (1995-2002) – Became first Icelandic politician with his own website in Feb. 1995. He is considered one of the Internet’s first bloggers.IV ’75Chief of Cabinet and Foreign AffairsAdvisor, Office of the Prime Minister-Chapman
  95. 95. David Oddsson• Editor, Morgumbladid newspaper (2009-present)• Governor of the Icelandic Central Bank (2005-2009)• Icelandic Foreign Minister (2004-2005)• Prime Minister of Iceland (1991-2004)• Mayor of Reykjavik (1982-1991)IV ’83Mayor of Reykjavik-Miller
  96. 96. P.N. Bhagwati• Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India (1985-1986)• Judge of the Supreme Court of India (1973-1985)• Chief Justice of the Gujarat High Court (1967-1973)IV ’81Supreme Court Justice-Margolous/Bustamante
  97. 97. Indira Gandhi• Prime Minister of India (1966-1977, 1980-1984)• Indian Minister of External Affairs (1984)• Indian Minister of Finance (1970-1971)IV ’61-Hancock
  98. 98. Atal Bihari Vajpayee• Prime Minister of India (1996, 1998-2004)• Founder and President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (1980-1986)• Minister of External Affairs of India (1977-1979)IV ’60Member, Jan Sangh Party,Lok Sabha-Rowe
  99. 99. Dermot Ahern• Irish Minister of Justice and Law Reform (2008-2011)• Irish Minister of Foreign Affairs (2004-2008)• Teachta Dala of the Irish Parliament for Louth (1997-present)MRP ’89: “Current Social, Political, andEconomic Issues”Member, Dail Eireann Irish Parliament-Cabiati/Brothers
  100. 100. John Bruton• European Union Ambassador to the United States (2004-2009)• Taoiseach of Ireland (1994-1997)• Irish Minister of Finance (1986-1987)• Irish Minister for Trade, Industry, Commerce, and Tourism (1983-1986)IV ’80Member of Parliament-Slavik/Wallenberg
  101. 101. Enda Kenny• Taoiseach of Ireland (2011- present)• Leader of Irish Fine Gael Party (2002-present)• Irish Leader of the Opposittion (2002-2011)• Irish Minister of Tourism and Trade (1994-1997)• Member of the Dail Eireann Irish Parliament for Mayo (1975- present)MRP ’89: “Current Social, Political,and Economic Issues”-Cabiati/Brothers
  102. 102. Ehud Olmert• Prime Minister of Israel (2006-2009)• Israeli Minister of Finance (2004-2006)• Israeli Minister of Communications (2003-2004)• Mayor of Jerusalem (1993-2003)IV ’79Member, KnessetFinance Committee-Defense Budget-Ames/Conley
  103. 103. Arnaldo Forlani• Prime Minister of Italy (1980-1981)• Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs (1976-1979)• President of the Italian Democratic Party (1969-1981)IV ’60DC Member, Chamber of Deputies-Kirkpatrick
  104. 104. Giovanni Goria• Italian Minister of Finance (1992-1993)• Italian Minister of Agriculture (1991-1992)• Prime Minister of Italy (1987-1988)• Italian Minister of the Treasury (1983-1987)• Italian Undersecretary of the Budget (1981-1983)IV ’81Member of Parliament, ChristianDemocratic Party-Keogh/Longano
  105. 105. Romano Prodi• Italian Minister of Justice (2008)• Prime Minister of Italy (2006-2008)• President of the European Commission (1999-2004)• Member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies (1996-1999)IV ’79Professor of Economics, UniversityOf Bologna-Edwards/Starr
  106. 106. Luigi Scalfaro• President of Italy (1992-1999)• President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies (1992)• Italian Minister of Education (1972-1973)• Deputy in the Italian Constituent Assembly for Turin (1948-1992)IV ’60Undersecretary to the Ministry ofthe Interior-Bray
  107. 107. Howard Cooke• Governor-General of Jamaica (1991-2006)• President of the Jamaican Senate (1989-1991)• Member of the Jamaican House of Representatives (1967-1980)• Senator of the Jamaican Parliament (1962-1967)IV ’71Member of Parliament-Edwards
  108. 108. Sir Donald Sangster• 2nd Prime Minister of Jamaica (1964, 1967)• Jamaican Minister of Finance (1953-1955)• Member of the Jamaican House of Representatives (1944-1967)IV ’60Solicitor, Member of Parliament-Eldridge
  109. 109. Portia Simpson-Miller• Prime Minister of Jamaica (2006-2007, 2012-present)• Leader of the Jamaican Opposition (2007-2012)• Jamaican Minister of Local Government and Sport (2000-2006)• Jamaican Minister of Tourism and Sports (2000-2002)• Jamaican Minister of Labor, Social Security, and Sports (1995-2000)IV ’81Member of Parliament-Hill/Ferguson
  110. 110. Morihiro Hosokawa• Prime Minister of Japan (1993-1994)• Governor of Kumamoto (1983-1993)• Representative in the House of Councilors, National Diet, Kumamoto Prefecture (1971-1983)IV ’80Member, Upper House of the Diet-Keogh/Miller
  111. 111. Toshiki Kaifu• Head, Japanese Shinshinto Party (1994-1998)• Prime Minister of Japan (1989-1991)• Representative in the National Diet (1960-2009)IV ’62Member, House of Representatives-Kirkpatrick
  112. 112. Abdelsalam al-Majali• Prime Minister of Jordan (1993-1995, 1997-1998)• President of Jordan University (1971-1976)• Jordanian Minister of Health (1969-1971)IV ’69Minister of Health-Litschgi
  113. 113. Mwai Kibaki• President of Kenya (2002-present)• Kenyan Minister of Health (1988-1991)• Vice President of Kenya (1978-1988)• Kenyan Minister of Home Affairs (1982-1988)• Kenyan Minister of Finance (1969-1981)IV ’61Executive Officer, Kenyan AfricanNational Union-Slavik
  114. 114. Daniel Arap Moi• President of Kenya (1978-2002)• Vice President of Kenya (1967-1978)• Kenyan Minister of Home Affairs (1964-1967)• Kenyan Minister of Education (1960-1961)• Member of the Legislative Council for Rift Valley (1955-1960)IV ’61Parliamentary Secretary for EducationKADU Party Chairman-Rowe
  115. 115. Oginga Odinga• Founder and Interim Chairman of the Forum for the Restoration of Democracy (1991-1994)• 1st Vice President of Kenya (1964-1966)• Member of the Legislative Council for Central Nyanza (1957-1964)*Father of current Kenyan PrimeMinister Raila OdingaIV ’64Minister of Home Affairs-Alrutz
  116. 116. Han Seung-soo• Prime Minister of South Korea (2008-2009)• President of the General Assembly of the United Nations (2001-2002)• Korean Foreign Minister (2001-2002)• Korean Ambassador to the United States (1993-1994)IV ’77Professor of Economics, SeoulNational University-Fosdick/Ament
  117. 117. Nam Duck-woo• Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea (1980-1982)• Special Assistant to the President of Korea (1979-1980)• Deputy Prime Minister (1974-1979)• Korean Minister of Economic Planning (1974-1979)IV ‘75
  118. 118. Chung Il-kwon• Prime Minister of South Korea (1964-1970)• General Commander, Republic of Korea Army (1950-57) – Led South Korean forces during the UN landing at InchonIV ’71General, Ex-Prime Minister-Hancock
  119. 119. Kim Dae-jung• President of the Republic of Korea (1998-2003) – Winner of the 2000 Nobel Peace Prize• Professor, Harvard University (1980-1985)*Saved from execution twice by U.S.intervention, in 1973 and 1980.IV ‘65
  120. 120. Kim Yong-Sam• President of the Republic of Korea (1993-1998)• Representative in the National Assembly, Geoje and Busan (1954-1980)IV ’64Member, National Assembly-Slavik
  121. 121. Bajram Kosumi• Prime Minister of Kosovo (2005-2006)• Kosovo Minister for the Environment and Spatial Planning (2004-2005)• Representative at the Rambouillet Talks (1999)SCP ’01: “International Awarenessand Regional Security”-Christensen
  122. 122. Kurmanbek Bakiyev• President of Kyrgyz Republic (2005-2010) – Came to power in the “Tulip Revolution” and was overthrown in the April 2010 coup d’etat• Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic (2000-2002, 2005)SCP ’04: “Political Party Operations”-Lewis
  123. 123. Amine Gemayel• President of Lebanon (1982-1988)• Member of the Lebanese National Assembly (1969-1982)IV ’71, ’79Member of Parliament-Hamilton
  124. 124. Dalia Grybauskaite• President of Lithuania (2009- present)• European Commissioner for Financial Programming and the Budget (2004-2009)• European Commissioner for Education and Culture (2004)RP ’94: “U.S. Perspectives on Trade”Director, Economic RelationsDepartment, Foreign Ministry-MacDonald
  125. 125. Gediminas Kirkilas• Prime Minister of Lithuania (2006-2008)• Lithuanian Minister of National Defense (2004-2006)• Representative to the Lithuanian Seimas (1992-2006, 2008- present)SCP ’93: “U.S. Security Issues”-Fosdick
  126. 126. Arturas Paulauskas• Lithuanian Minister of the Environment (2008)• Acting President of Lithuania (2004)• Speaker of the Lithuanian Seimas (2000-2004)SCP ’92: “American Legal Systemand Rule of Law”-Hancock
  127. 127. Ljubco Georgievski• Prime Minister of Macedonia (1998-2002)• Representative in the Assembly of Macedonia (1992-1995)• Vice President of Macedonia (1991)• President of the VMRO-DPMNE Party (1990-2002)VV ’96President, Democratic Party forNational Unity-Collins
  128. 128. Boris Trajkovski• 2nd President of Macedonia (1999-2004)• Macedonian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs (1998-1999)• Chief of Staff to the Mayor of Kisela Voda (1997-1998)VV ’96Special Advisor for Foreign Affairs,Democratic Party-Collins
  129. 129. Didier Ratsiraka• President of Madagascar (1975-1993, 1997-2002)• Malagasy Minister of Foreign Affairs (1972-1975)IV ’73Minister of Foreign Affairs-Lunau
  130. 130. Tun Abdul Razak• Prime Minister of Malaysia (1970-1976)• Malaysian Minister of Defense (1959-1970)• Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia (1957-1970)IV ’53, ’63Deputy Prime MinisterMember, Federal Legislative Council-Lunau
  131. 131. Guido De Marco• 6th President of Malta (1999-2004)• Deputy Prime Minister of Malta (1998-1999)• Maltese Minister of Foreign Affairs (1990-1996)• President of the UN General Assembly (1990-1991)IV ’73Member, House of Representatives-Bietz
  132. 132. Edward Fenech Adami• 7th President of Malta (2004-2009)• Prime Minister of Malta (1987-1996, 1998-2004)• Leader of the Maltese Opposition (1997-1998)IV ’75Shadow Minister for Housing andSocial Affairs-Hancock
  133. 133. Dominic Mintoff• Prime Minister of Malta (1955-1958, 1971-1984)• Leader of the Maltese Labour Party (1949-1984)IV ’65Leader, Malta Labor Party-Bietz
  134. 134. Anerood Jugnauth• President of Mauritius (2003- present)• Prime Minister of Mauritius (1982-1995, 2000-2003)• Leader of the Opposition (1976-1982)• Mauritian Minister of Labor (1963-1967)IV ’81Member of the Legislature andLeader of the Opposition-Polk/Forsythe
  135. 135. Dayendranath Burrenchobay• Governor General of Mauritius (1978-1983) – Appointed by the Queen as the first Mauritian to hold this office.IV ’69Permanent Secretary to the PrimeMinister-Baker
  136. 136. Maati Bouabid• Prime Minister of Morocco (1979-1983)• Founder of the Moroccan Union Constitutionnelle Party (1983)• Moroccan Minister of Labor (1968-1970)IV ’61, ’65President, Casablanca MunicipalCouncil-Lunau
  137. 137. Jhala Khanal• Prime Minister of Nepal (2011)• Constituent Assembly Representative for Ilam-1 (2008- present)• Minister of Information and Communication (1997)• General Secretary of the Communist Party of Nepal (1982-1986, 2008-2009)SCP ’93: “Moving the Nation, GettingThings Done”-Freeman
  138. 138. Jan Peter Balkenende• Prime Minister of the Netherlands (2002-2010)• Leader of the Dutch Christian Democratic Appeal Party (2001-2002)• Member of the House of Representatives (1998-2002)RP ‘85: “Economic and Social WellBeing in the U.S.”Research Specialist, CDA ResearchInstitute-Calambokidis/Gerson
  139. 139. Geert Wilders• Parliamentary Leader for the Party of Freedom, Netherlands House of Representatives (2006-present)• Member of the Netherlands House of Representatives (1998-present)• Parliamentary Assistant for Foreign Policy, Liberal Party (1990-1998)RP ’99: “NATO: The Future of theAlliance”-Calambokidis
  140. 140. Helen Clark• Administrator of the UN Development Program (2009- present)• Prime Minister of New Zealand (1999-2008)• Leader of the New Zealand Opposition (1993-1999)• Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand (1989-1990)• New Zealand Minister of Health (1989-1990)IV ’98Leader of Labour Party, New ZealandParliament-MacDonald/Delaney
  141. 141. Philip Goff• Leader of the New Zealand Labour Party (2008-present)• New Zealand Minister of Defense (2005-2008)• New Zealand Minister of Foreign Affairs (1999-2005)• New Zealand Minister of Justice (1999-2005)• Member of New Zealand Parliament (1981-1990, 1996- present)IV ’97New Zealand MP-Chudowsky
  142. 142. Norman Kirk• Prime Minister of New Zealand (1972-1974)• Leader of the New Zealand Opposition (1965-1972)• Member of the New Zealand Parliament for Lyttelton and Sydenham (1957-1974)IV ’63, ’72Member of Parliament-Bray
  143. 143. Robert Muldoon• Prime Minister of New Zealand (1975-1984)• New Zealand Minister of Finance (1967-1972, 1975-1984)• Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand (1972)• Member of the New Zealand Parliament for Tamaki (1960-1991)IV ’65Undersecretary to the Minister ofFinance-Keogh
  144. 144. Kjell Magne Bondevik• Prime Minister of Norway (1997-2000, 2001-2005)• Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs (1989-1990)• Norwegian Minister of Church and Education (1983-1986)• Member of the Norwegian Storting (1973-2005)IV ’71Chairman, Young Christian People’sParty-DePuy
  145. 145. Kai Eide• UN Special Representative to Afghanistan (2008-2010)• UN Special Envoy to Kosovo (2005)• Ambassador of Norway to NATO (2002-2006)• Ambassador of Norway to OSCE (1998-2002)• Special Representative of the Secretary General in Bosnia- Herzegovina (1997-1998)IV ’71Political Secretary,Young Conservatives-DePuy
  146. 146. Jan P. Syse• Prime Minister of Norway (1989-1990)• Norwegian Minister of Industry (1983-1985)• Norwegian State Secretary to the Ministry of Justice (1970-1971)• Member of the Norwegian Storting (1969-1997)IV ’60President, National Federation ofYoung Conservatives-Dhanda
  147. 147. Syed Mustafa Kamal• Mayor of Karachi (2005-2010) – Position abolished in 2010 – Named 2nd Best Mayor in the World by Foreign Policy Magazine in 2008 – Finalist in the City Mayors’ Foundation’s World Mayor of the Year Award in 2010• Minister of Information Technology for the State Government of Sindh (2003-2005)IV ’08Mayor of Karachi-Clark
  148. 148. Lazarus Salii• 3rd President of Palau (1985-1988) – Committed suicide during his term as a result of bribery allegations• Senator for Koror in the Palau National Congress (1984-1985)• Ambassador for Palau (1981-1984)• Delegate at the Palau Constitutional Convention (1978)IV ’68Congressman-Thar
  149. 149. Michael Somare• Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea (1975-1980, 1982-1985, 2002-2010) – 1st Prime Minister post- independence• Papua New Guinea Chief Minister (1973-1975)IV ’71Member, House of Assembly-Thar
  150. 150. Benigno Aquino Jr.• Senator of the Philippines (1967-1972)• Governor of Tarlac (1961-1967)• Presidential Advisor on Defense Affairs (1949-1954)*Assassinated at Manila airport (whichnow bears his name) in 1983*Ninoy Aquino Day is celebratedAugust 21 in his honor*Father of current Philippines PresidentBenigno Aquino IIIIV ’60Governor, Tarlac Province-Kirkpatrick
  151. 151. Piotr Jaroszewicz• Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Poland (1970-1980)• Deputy Prime Minister of Poland (1952-1970)• Polish Minister of Defense (1945-1950)• Political Commander of the 1st Polish Army (1944-1945)SCP ‘60: “Polish Delegation”Vice Premier-Mahin
  152. 152. Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz• Acting Mayor of Warsaw (2006)• Prime Minister of Poland (2005-2006)• Cabinet Chief for the Prime Minister (1999-2000)• State Secretary in the Ministry of National Education (1992-1993)IV ’00Deputy, Sejm-Lewis
  153. 153. Mieczyslaw Rakowski• First Secretary of the Central Committee of the PUWP (1989-1990)• Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Poland (1988-1989)• Member of the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers’ Party (1975-1990)IV ’78Editor, Polityka Newspaper-Hurley/Vasko
  154. 154. Hanna Suchocka• Polish Ambassador to The Vatican (2001-present)• Polish Minister of Justice (1997-2000)• Prime Minister of Poland (1992-1993)IV ’88Associate Professor of Government,Adam Mickiewicz University-Chapman/Jackson
  155. 155. Ivan Rybkin• Liberal Party Candidate in Russian Presidential elections (2004) – Kidnapped before the election and, upon resurfacing, withdrew and fled abroad• Secretary of the Security Council of Russia (1996-1998)• 1st Chairman of the Russian State Duma (1994-1996)SCP ’96: “Parliamentary Program onInternational Relations”-Hancock
  156. 156. Agathe Habyarimana• Widow of former Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana (1973-1994) – Airlifted to France in the wake of the assassination of her husband, which precipitated the 1994 genocide – Was arrested in France in March 2010 for alleged links to the genocideIV ’83First Lady of Rwanda-Ames/Ferguson
  157. 157. Sylvestre Nsanzimana• Prime Minister of Rwanda (1991-1992)• Rwandan Foreign Minister (1969-1971)IV ’70Minister of International Cooperation-Lunau
  158. 158. Simeon Daniel• 1st Premier of Nevis (1983-1992) – Gained Home Rule for Nevis under the Independence Constitution in 1983• Minister of Finance and Nevis Affairs (1980-1983)• Member of the St. Kitts and Nevis National Assembly (1975-1983)IV ‘80
  159. 159. Denzil Douglas• Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis (1995-present)• Member of the St. Kitts and Nevis Parliament for St. Christopher (1989-present)• Leader of the St. Kitts and Nevis Opposition (1989-1995)IV ’90Leader of Opposition, NationalAssembly-Freeman
  160. 160. Lee Moore• St. Kits and Nevis Ambassador to the United Nations (1995-2000)• Premier of St. Kitts and Nevis (1979-1980)• St. Kitts and Nevis Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs (1971-1979)IV ’72Attorney General-Thar
  161. 161. James Fitz-Allen Mitchell• Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (1972-1974, 1984-2000)• St. Vincent and the Grenadines Minister of Foreign Affairs (1984-1992)IV ’73Premier of St. Vincent-Lunau
  162. 162. Guilherme Posser da Costa• President of the Movement for the Liberation of Sao Tome and Principe/Social Democratic Party (2005-present)• Prime Minister of Sao Tome and Principe (1999-2001)• Sao Tome and Principe Minister of Foreign Affairs (1987-1988, 1990-1991, 1994-1996)IV ’07Private Sector Lawyer-Morcos
  163. 163. France-Albert Rene• 2nd President of Seychelles (1977-2004)• 2nd Prime Minister of Seychelles (1976-1977)• Founder of the Seychelles People’s United Party (1964)IV ’69President, Seychelles People’sUnited Party-Baker
  164. 164. Janez Drnovsek• 2nd President of Slovenia (2002-2007)• Prime Minister of Slovenia (1992-2002)• President of the Presidency of Yugoslavia (1989-1990)• Secretary-General of the Non- Aligned Movement (1989-1990)IV ’88Slovenian Member, FederalParliament, Lower House-Slavik
  165. 165. Danilo Turk• President of Slovenia (2007- present)• UN Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs (2000-2005)• 1st Slovenian Permanent Representative to the UN (1992-2000)IV’ 82Member, Executive Committee,Socialist Alliance of Working Peopleof Slovenia-Buttermark/Wallenberg
  166. 166. Frederik W. DeKlerk• 1st Deputy President of South Africa (1994-1996)• State President of South Africa (1989-1994)• Minister of National Education and Planning (1984-1989)• Minister of Internal Affairs (1982-1985)IV ’76Member of Parliament-Ames
  167. 167. Helen Zille• Premier of the Western Cape (2009-present)• Leader of the South African Democratic Alliance Party (2007- present) – Presidential Candidate in the 2009 elections• Mayor of Cape Town (2006-2009)IV ’80Political Correspondent, Rand DailyMail-Cabiati/Vasko
  168. 168. Mahinda Rajapaksa• President of Sri Lanka (2005- present)• Prime Minister of Sri Lanka (2004-2005)• Leader of the Opposition (2002-2004)IV 89Assistant Secretary,Central Committee, Freedom Party-Chapman
  169. 169. Julius Nyerere• 1st President of Tanzania (1964-1985)• 1st President of Tanganyika (1962-1964)• 1st Prime Minister of Tanganyika (1961-1962)• 1st Chief Minister of Tanganyika (1960-1961)IV ’60President, Tanganyika AfricanNational Union-Eldridge
  170. 170. Chaun Leekpai• Prime Minister of Thailand (1992-1995, 1997-2001)• Leader of the Thai Opposition in the House of Representatives (1995-1997, 2001-2003)IV ‘71
  171. 171. Prince Fatafehi Tu’Ipelehake• Prime Minister of Tonga (1965-1991)• Minister of the Tongan Cabinet (1953-1965)• First Governor of Ha’apai (1952-1953)• First Governor of Vava’u (1949-1952)IV ’68Prime Minister-Lunau
  172. 172. Patrick Manning• Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago (1991-1995, 2001-2010)• Leader of the Trinidad and Tobago Opposition (1995-2001)• Leader of the People’s National Movement Party (1986-2010)• Member of the Trinidad and Tobago Parliament for San Fernando East (1971-present)IV ’88Member of Parliament-Buttermark/Cole
  173. 173. George Maxwell Richards• President of Trinidad and Tobago (2003-present)• Principal of the University of the West Indies (1985-1996)• Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of the West Indies (1980-1985)IV ’86Pro-Vice Chancellor, University of theWest Indies-James/Chase
  174. 174. Apolo Nsibambi• Prime Minister of Uganda (1999-2011)• Ugandan Minister of Education and Sports (1998-1999)• Ugandan Minister of Public Service (1996-1998)MRP ’84: “International SecurityIssues”Head of the Political ScienceDepartment/Associate Professor,Makerere University-Straus/Mills
  175. 175. Leonid Kuchma• 2nd President of Ukraine (1994-2005)• Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Force of Ukraine (1994-2005)• 3rd Prime Minister of Ukraine (1992-1993)VV ’91Member of the Ukrainian Parliament-Collins
  176. 176. Yuri Lutsenko• Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs (2005-2006, 2007-2010)• People’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada (2002-2005) – Acted as one of the leaders of the Orange Revolution• Founder of the Civil Movement “People’s Self Defense” Party (2007)RP ’96: “U.S. Perspectives on Trade”-MacDonald
  177. 177. Oleksander Moroz• Leader of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (1991-2010) – Presidential candidate in 1999, 2004, and 2010 – Key supporter of the 2004 Orange Revolution• Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada (1994-1998, 2006-2007)SCP ’94: “U.S. GovernmentStructures”-Calambokidis
  178. 178. Paddy Ashdown• UN High Representative for Bosnia & Herzegovina (2002-2006)• Leader, UK Liberal Democratic Party (1988-1999)IV ’84Member of Parliament, Liberal Party,Yeovil-Starr/Miller
  179. 179. Tony Blair• Special Envoy for the “Mideast Quartet” (2007-present)• Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1997-2007)• Leader of the UK Labour Party (1994-2007)IV ’86Member of Parliament, Labour PartyOpposition Deputy Spokesman forTreasury Affairs-Keogh/Banks
  180. 180. Gordon Brown• Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (2007-2010)• Leader of the UK Labour Party (2007-2010)• UK Chancellor of the Exchequer (1997-2007)IV ’84Member of Parliament, Labour Party,Dumferline East-Straus/Mills
  181. 181. Nik Gowing• Main Presenter, BBC World News, World News Today (1996-present) – Led coverage of the events of 9/11 and the death of Princess Diana to over 500,000,000 people worldwide• Principal Anchor, The World Today (1996-2000)• Diplomatic Editor, ITN Channel 4 News (1989-1996)MRP ’85: “Arms Control”Foreign Affairs Correspondent,ITN Channel 4-Calambokidis/Gerson
  182. 182. Edward Heath• Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1970-1974)• Leader of the UK Conservative Party (1965-1975)• UK Minister of Labor (1959-1960)• Member of Parliament for Bexley (1950-1974)IV ’53Former Lord Privy SealMember of Parliament, ConservativeParty-Mettger/Linde
  183. 183. Charles Kennedy• Leader of the UK Liberal Democrats Party (1999-2006)• President of the UK Liberal Democrats Party (1990-1994)• Member of Parliament for Ross, Skye, and Lochaber (1983- present)IV ’89Member of Parliament, Social andLiberal Democrat Party-Cabiati
  184. 184. Peter Mandelson• UK First Secretary of State & Lord President of the Council (2009-2010)• European Commissioner for Trade (2004-2008)• Member of Parliament for Hartlepool (1992-2004)IV ’88Campaign Director, Labour Party-Buttermark
  185. 185. Margaret Thatcher• Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1979-1990)• Leader of the Conservative Party (1975-1990)• Secretary of State for Education and Science (1970-1974)• Member of Parliament, Finchley (1959-1992)IV ’67Member of Parliament-Keogh
  186. 186. Liam Fox• Secretary of State for Defense (2010-2011)• Shadow Secretary of State for Defense (2005-2010)• Member of Parliament for North Somerset (1992-present)IV ’86Prospective Conservative ParliamentaryCandidate for Roxburgh & Berwickshire-Cabiati/Stilley
  187. 187. Luis Alberto LaCalle• President of Uruguay (1990-1995)• Vice President of the Uruguayan Senate (1984-1990)• Deputy of the Uruguayan Parliament for Montevideo (1971-1973)SCP ’68: “Young Political Leaders”Secretary of the Chamber of Deputies-Hunt
  188. 188. Jorge Pacheco Areco• Uruguayan Ambassador to the United States (1980-1982)• Uruguayan Ambassador to Spain (c. 1972-1980)• President of Uruguay (1967-1972)• Vice President of Uruguay (1967)SCP ’64: “Uruguayan CongressionalGroup”Member, Chamber of Deputies-Bray
  189. 189. Julio Maria Sanguinetti• President of Uruguay (1985-1990, 1990-2000)• Secretary General of the Executive Committee of the Uruguayan Partido Colorado (1983-1985)• President of Regional UNESCO Center (1975-1984)• Member of the National Parliament for Montevideo (1963-1873)IV ’83Leader of the Colorado Party-Hancock/Kowall
  190. 190. Tabare Vazquez• President of Uruguay (2005-2010)• President of the Uruguayan Frente Amplio Party (1996-2010)• Mayor of Montevideo (1990-1995)• President of Club Progreso Football Team (1979-1989)IV ’93Mayor of Montevideo-Fallow
  191. 191. Rafael Caldera• President of Venezuela (1969-1974, 1994-1999)• Senator of the Venezuelan National Assembly (1974-1994, 1999)• President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Congress of Venezuela (1959-1962)IV ’62Secretary General, Socialist ChristianParty-Bray
  192. 192. Ramon Jose Velasquez• President of Venezuela (1993-1994)• Venezuelan Minister of Communications (1969-1971)• Secretary of the Presidency of Venezuela (1959-1963)IV ’68Director, El Nacional-Hunt
  193. 193. Morgan Tsvangirai• Prime Minister of Zimbabwe (2009-present)• President of the Movement for Democratic Change Party (1999-2010)• Secretary General of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (1987-1999)MRP ’89: “Labor in America”-Fallow
  194. 194. Dedicated to all the people who have contributed to the efforts ofMeridian and the ProfessionalExchanges Division over the last six decades.