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  1. 1.
  2. 2. About the film• A film by Noel Clarke and Mark Davies• The film was released in 2010• A British crime thriller film• Rated a 15
  3. 3. • had a budget of $4,600,000• Producers by Damon Bryant and Dean OToole• Distributors – Universal Studios recently known for distributing Fast And Furious
  4. 4. The Directors• Noel Clarke• Clarke is a British film director, actor and screen writer. He is known best for playing Mickey in Doctor Who.• Mark Davis• Davis is an American independent film producer/director/writer, and is famous for directing historic/science films.
  5. 5. Fonts and credits in the opening• The white across the screen on a black back ground.. This creates a bold title, suggesting the characters have strong personalities.• This also plays with the number of girls.• Time and place of each character, alarm clock styled writing, in white to show youth and naivety of the girls.
  6. 6. Sound• Dialogue stops after she falls, and the non-diegetic sound kicks in of a female voice singing.Established Setting• London, this will be popular in the US as they seem to enjoy or view British films set in the capital of England.
  7. 7. Camera shots and editing• Close up of a girls face to establish her tears running down her face, the camera violently pans out, to establish the setting.• Medium shot of one of the girl’s arm showing the gun, this gives an element the crime genre.• Close up of her hand showing the diamonds that we assume they have stolen, then it immediately flash cuts to her falling.• Then Fast cuts to each character to establish their personalities, how they’re all very different. This shows the narrative arc, as the film opens with the ending (flashback).
  8. 8. Mise-en-scene• Costume shows the social class and personality of each character.
  9. 9. Established Characters• The four different girls, very stereotypical girls.• Cassandra – upper class, very posh• Jo – American, sporty, middle class.• Shannon – divorced parents, lower class/homeless.• Kerry - Chav, working class.
  10. 10. Actors• A variety of actors and actresses:• Ophelia Lovibond• Also starred in: No Strings Attached (2011), Holby City (06-07), The Bill (2003), Casualty (2005)… • Emma Roberts • Also starred in: Wild Child (2009), Nancy Drew (2007), Valentines Day (2010)…
  11. 11. Actors• Tamsin Egerton• Also recognised from: Chalet Girl (2011), St Trinian’s (2007), Huge (2009)… • Noel Clarke • Also recognised from: Adventure Inc (2003), Doctor Who (05-10)… • Ben Miller • Also recognised from: Johnny English (2003), Coming Soon (1999)…