NET303:  Policy Primer: by Alan Beazley
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NET303: Policy Primer: by Alan Beazley

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A hopefully entertaining analysis of the terms of use policy summarised for the everyday Internet user.

A hopefully entertaining analysis of the terms of use policy summarised for the everyday Internet user.

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  • 1. Source:
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  • 3. Source: Submitting personal identification is optional and not arequirement to create a profile, so if you dont want to publish anything?…simple, don’t ( Terms 2011). 4
  • 4. Source: Focused? Tired of being spammed right? commits your emailaddress will never be passed on to third parties. However, everynow and then you may receive the odd notification ( Terms, 2011). 5
  • 5. places importance on protecting your privacy.It’s worth noting your listening habits WILL be shared amongst the community and with other corporate big wigs. ( Terms 2011). So how comfortable are you sharing with the world that Miley Cyrus is your most played song? 6
  • 6. %20Amazed/surprised%20wide%20open%20mouth.pngRemember, ALL, personal information you choose to publish becomes public.. so be mindful groovers. 7
  • 7. Under 13? 14-17 Ask a guardian first. 8
  • 8. Source: doesn’t tolerate nonsense, so if youre unlawful, threatening, offensive, racist, sexually explicit or Justin Beiber this is probably not the service youre looking for ( Terms 2011). 9
  • 9. Source: mess with their code, and bymess, they mean modify ormanipulate any content oranything which can circumventcopy protection ( Terms 2011) 10
  • 10. Source: some other online social networking services, last.fmactually respects the intellectual property and copyrights of others. So if you feel your rights have been infringed as acopyright holder, then just tell their legal gurus by sending a letter – with the facts - to the following address: For: Copyright Agent, Legal Department Limited Karen House 1-11 Baches Street London, N1 6DL or ( Terms 2011). 11
  • 11. Source: Engage in simple Net etiquette folks, if photos you publish contain other people, its best you get their permission first. 12
  • 12. Source: holds you responsible for what you publish and they reserve the right to delete or edit your uploaded content. On the flipside. They are also not legally obligated to do so either. 13
  • 13. Source: Lastly, they also reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account should it violate any laws or regulations. 14
  • 14. Credits:Crosshairs Icon: Key: About: Logo: Source: Terms of Use: Button: Mark Icon: Faces: 15