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Tata motors summer internship project

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Manickbag automobiles pvt ltd at belgaum

  1. 1. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd KARNATAKA LAW SOCIETY’S INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT EDUCATION AND RESEARCH. BELGAUM-590011 [Affiliated to Karnataka University, Dharwad & Recognized by AICTE, New Delhi] A PROJECT REPORT ON “Impact of organizational climate” At “Manickbag Automobiles Pvt Ltd at Belgaum” SUBMITTED BY MISS. DEVIKA S HULBATTE EXAM-NO: MBA09003023 UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF INSTITUTE GUIDE ORGANISATION GUIDE Prof. Shailja Hiremath Mr.Mahantesh HiremathKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 1
  2. 2. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd (Faculty KLS IMER Belgaum) (Sales Manager Manickbag Automobiles PvtLtd) KLS’s INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT EDUCATION AND RESEARCH, BELGAUM. [Affiliated to Karnataka University, Dharwad & Recognized by AICTE, New Delhi] CERTIFICATE This is to certify that Miss. Devika S Hulbatte has satisfactorily completed herconcurrent project On “Impact of organizational climate” at Manickbag AutomobilesPvt Ltd at Belgaum”, in partial fulfillment Of the requirement for the Award of MastersDegree in Business Administration from Karnataka University Dharwad, during theAcademic year 2009-2010.KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 2
  3. 3. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd Prof. Shailja Hiremath Dr.A.B.Kalkundrikar INSTITUTE GUIDE DIRECTOR DECLARATION I hereby declare that this project report entitled “Impact on organizational climate” for Manickbag Automobiles Pvt Ltd at Belgaum has been prepared by me during the year 2009- 2010 under the guidance of Prof.Shailja Hiremath, management faculty of KLS Institute of Management of Education & Research, Belgaum. I also hereby declare that this project has not been submitted at any time to any other institute or university for award of any degree or diploma. EXAM.No: MBA09003023 Place: Belgaum Date: KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 3
  4. 4. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd Miss Devika S Hulbatte ACKNOWLEDGEMENTThis report entitled “Impact on organizational climate” at Manickbag Automobiles Pvt Ltd atBelgaum is the result of my concurrent project. The project would not have been completedwithout the kind co-operation and help of certain individuals to whom I owe this heartfeltgratitude. I am very thankful to Dr Shirish Shah. (Managing Director) for granting mepermission to do my project at Manickbag Automobiles Pvt Ltd.I would like to thank Dr Shirish Shah. (Managing Director) of Manickbag Automobiles Pvt LtdIndustries Belgaum, and my external guide Mr. Mahanatesh Hiermath (Sales manager) forgiving me an opportunity to work for the esteemed & reputed firm & guiding, motivating methrough all the difficulties that came my way & spending enormous amount of time discussingabout the project.I am also grateful to all the employees of Manickbag to help me complete my project. I am verythankful to all the members of the company who have helped me in making my project reportcomplete.I express my immense thanks to our honorable Director Dr. A.B.Kalkundrikar for allowing meto do my concurrent project at Manickbag Automobiles Pvt Ltd, Belgaum.My sincere thanks to my internal guide Prof. Shailja Hiermath for her valuable guidance in thecompletion of this project successfully.KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 4
  5. 5. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdLast but not the least I would like to thank Mr. Udai Pareek Author of the Book “TrainingInstruments for HRD & OD” whose well designed instrument on organization climate hashelped me to carry at my project.I also want to thank each & everyone who directly or indirectly helped me in making my projectsuccessful. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYS Manickbag Group was founded in 1920 by 2 families, Dharmappa Mirji and ManickchandShah. The name Manickbag was adopted because it was started on a land, which was donated byone Mr .Manickchand P. Zaveri of Bombay to Jain boarding and it, was full of bamboo jungleand hence the area was known as Manickbag.The survey on impact on the organizational climate provided the employees to communicatetheir view on a wide range of issues in total confidence.This survey on the organizational climate was conducted to find out about the organizationalclimate & how an individual perceive the organization on his experience of the ManickbagCompany. The other objective is to know the influence of organizational climate in implementingthe organizational climate .The organization climate survey helps the companies to know the notion of the organizationalclimate & provides managers and others with a picture of how things could be within anorganization. It provides a Linkage of individual performance with organizational performance.The company will also come to know about how an individual perceive an organization fromhis/her experience. The data collection was through Questionnaire & personal interview. Theanalysis was done through the MAO-C ANALYSIS, where in I have done a detail study of theorganization climate at Manickbag automobile Pvt ltd.KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 5
  6. 6. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdPART -I ABOUT AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRYThe history of the automobile industry in India actually began about 4,000 years ago when thefirst wheel was used for transportation. In the early 15th century, the Portuguese arrived in Chinaand the interaction of the two cultures led to a variety of new technologies, including the creationof a wheel that turned under its own power. By the 1600s, small steam-powered engine modelswere developed, but it was another century before a full-sized engine-powered automobile wascreated. The dream a carriage that moved on its own was realized only in the 18th century whenthe first car rolled on the streets. Steam, petroleum gas, electricity and petrol started to be used inthese cars. The automobile, as it progressed, was a product of many hands, of revolutionaryconcepts, and of simple, almost unnoticed upgrading.Indias transport network is developing at a fast pace and the automobile industry is growing too.Also, the industry has strong backward and forward linkages & the automobile industry alsoprovides employment to a large section of the population. Thus the role of automobile industrycannot be overlooked in Indian Economy. All kinds of vehicles are produced by the automobileindustry. It includes the manufacture of trucks, buses, passenger cars, defense vehicles, two-wheelers, etc. The industry can be broadly divided into the car manufacturing, two-wheelermanufacturing and heavy vehicle-manufacturing units.KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 6
  7. 7. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd The major car manufacturers in India are Hindustan Motors, Maruti Udyog, Fiat IndiaPrivate Ltd., Ford India Ltd., General Motors India Pvt. Ltd., Honda Siel Cars India Ltd.,Hyundai Motors India Ltd., Skoda India Private Ltd., Toyota Kirloskar Motor Ltd., to name justa few. The two-wheeler manufacturing is dominated by companies like TVS, Honda Motorcycle& Scooter India (Pvt.) Ltd., Hero Honda, Yamaha, Bajaj, etc. The heavy motors like buses,trucks, defense vehicles, auto rickshaws and other multi-utility vehicles are manufactured byTata-Telco, Ashok Leyland, Eicher Motors, Bajaj, Mahindra and Mahindra, etc.The Indian automobile industry is now striding inroads into the rural middle class after itsinroads into the urban markets and rural rich. It is trying to bring in varying products to suitrequirements of different class segments of customers.ECONOMIC IMPORTANCE’SAutomobile manufacturers are among the largest companies in the world. These corporations are often multinational, meaning they are partially owned by several foreign companies. These companies often share parts, use parts made in foreign factories, or assemble entire cars in foreign countries. The three major automobile manufacturers in the United States—General Motors Corporation, Ford Motor Company, and Daimler Chrysler AG—provide much of the industrys total direct employment in the United States, but increasingly foreign automakers, such as Toyota Motor Corporation and Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.—are building automobile assembly plants in the United States.Foreign automakers are taking advantage of tax incentives and laws that discourage unionorganization in the Southern United States, in particular. Eleven foreign-owned auto plantsoperated in the United States in 1993. By 2006 that number had grown to 28. Many of theseplants were located in such states as Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, andTexas.Automotive parts manufacturers are another large section of the U.S. auto industry, comprisingabout 5,000 firms, including Japanese, European, and Canadian companies. These firms supplyKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 7
  8. 8. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdthe original equipment market (for manufacture) and the replacement parts market (formaintenance and repair). By some estimates, for every job created in the automobile assemblyindustry, three to four jobs are created in the automotive parts industry. Numerous otherindustries support the automobile industry. These include the insurance, security, petroleum,and roadway design and construction industries. Still other industries, such as motels, drive-intheaters, and fast-food restaurants, owe their existence to the mobility provided by theautomobile.DOMESTIC IMPACTThe automobile industry directly influences the economies of the United States and othercountries around the world. In a typical year, the U.S. automobile industry generates between12 and 14 percent of manufacturers shipments of durable goods (products designed to last atleast three years). Automobile production consumes large amounts of iron, steel, aluminum,and natural rubber. The automobile industry also consumes more copper, glass, zinc, leather,plastic, lead, and platinum than any other U.S. industry.Rising imported car sales in the United States during the 1980s threatened the economicstrength of U.S. automakers. Domestic sales rebounded in the 1990s, but as the 21st centurybegan, foreign carmakers resumed making inroads in U.S. car sales. Ford saw its car and truckmarket share in North America fall to about 17 percent in 2005, returning to its percentageshare in the 1980s, and General Motors saw its North American market share drop to 26percent in 2005.FOREIGN TRADESales of U.S. motor vehicles to Americans are expected to remain near the same level in thefuture, with about 1 to 2 percent growth per year, while foreign markets are expanding at ratesKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 8
  9. 9. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdthat are two, three, and even ten times faster. Because exports will be essential to expandingthe auto and auto parts industries, U.S. trade officials have negotiated trade agreements such asthe Memorandum of Understanding with Korea (1993), the North American Free TradeAgreement (NAFTA, 1994), and the U.S.-Japan Automotive Framework Agreement (1995). Theseand other agreements have increased automobile and other exports to Japan, Mexico, andKorea many times over.In 1994 the United States successfully promoted the Uruguay Round of the General Agreementon Tariffs and Trade (GATT), which helped American auto export potential because it improvedaccess to both major and developing markets. These initiatives have helped the U.S. automotiveindustry achieve the highest level of exports on record. INDIAN AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY The automobile industry has got its momentum back with Aprils overall vehicle sales risingby 9.83 per cent, thanks to reduced excise duty in the 2008-09 Budget.According to figures released by the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), theoverall sale car sales managed a growth of 30% in May 2010 TO 1,208,851 units and a growth of8% in last April 2010. Total domestic vehicles sale in April stood at 8,06,238 units, against 7,34,103 units in the same month last year The Union Budget 2008-09 proposed a reduction in excise duty on small cars to 12 per cent from 16 per cent and a similar cut on two and three wheelers, and buses and chassis. The passenger car segment clocked a sale of 98,740 units during the month, against 84,283 units in the same month a year ago, SIAM said. Segment leader Maruti Suzuki India registered an increase of 22.30 per cent at 51,766 units, against 42,326 units in the same month in 2007. Rival Hyundai Motors sold 21,492 units during the month, against 15,697 units last year, up 36.92per cent. Tata Motors, however, recorded a decline of 17.10 per cent at 11,193 units, against 13,502 units in the same month previous year.KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 9
  10. 10. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd General Motors India had a 21.65 per cent jump in its sales with its hatchback Spark continuing a good run. The companys overall sales stood at 3,411 units, compared to 2,804 units last year. On the motorcycles front, the industry witnessed a reasonably good growth in April with the segment registering a jump of 8.31 per cent at 5, 01,592 units, against 4, 63,091 units during the year-ago month, SIAM said. Destination India India is on every major global automobile players roadmap, and it isnt hard to see why: • India is the second largest two-wheeler market in the world • Fourth largest commercial vehicle market in the world • 11th largest passenger car market in the world • Expected to be the seventh largest by 2016 Robust production The cumulative growth of passenger vehicles segment during April-February 2007compared to the corresponding period in the last year was 22.91 per cent, while that ofpassenger cars in the same duration was 24.76 per cent, says the Society of Indian AutomobileManufacturers (SIAM). The commercial vehicles segment grew by 36.12 per cent during theApril-February 2007 period, while three wheeler sales grew by 14.5 per cent, it added. India is the second-biggest market for small cars after Japan. It accounts for 60% of thedomestic market.KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 10
  11. 11. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd TATA MOTORS IN INDIA Tata Motors Limited Type Public (NYSE: TTM) Founded 1960 Headquarters India Industry Automotive Products Commercial vehicles Website IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 11
  12. 12. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd PROFILE Tata Motors established in 1945, Tata Motors is Indias largest automobile company.The company began manufacturing commercial vehicles in 1954 with a 15-year collaborationagreement with Daimler Benz of Germany. It is the leader by far in commercial vehicles in eachsegment, and the second-largest in the passenger vehicles market with winnimidsize and utilityvehicle segments. The company is the worlds fifth-largest medium and heavy commercialvehicle manufacturer Tata Motors Limited, formerly known as TELCO (TATA Engineering and LocomotiveCompany), is India’s largest passenger automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturingcompany. It is also the worlds 5th largest commercial vehicle manufacturer. It is part of the Tatagroup. Tata Motors is widely credited for putting India on the automotive map by designing anddeveloping its own range of cars. Tata Motors date back to 1945 when they started making Trains. Tata Motors was firstlisted on the NYSE in2004. Tata Motors had created the wealth Rs 320bn during 2001-2006 andstood among top 10 wealth creators in India.. In 2004 it also bought Daewoos truckmanufacturing unit in South Korea. In March 2005, it acquired a 21% stake in Hispano carroceraSA, giving it controlling rights in the company. Tata Motors and the Fiat group have signed a newmemorandum of understanding (MoU) to establish a 50:50 joint venture to manufacturepassenger vehicles, engines and transmission systems for both domestic and export marketsKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 12
  13. 13. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd Tata Motors is a company of the Tata and Sons Group, founded by Jamshetgi Tata. It iscurrently headed by Ratan Tata., The company has the workforce of 22000 employees workingin its three plants and other regional and zonal offices across the country.Tata Motors range ofpassenger cars is still not comprehensive by international standards. In commercial vehicles,Tata Motors commands an imposing 65% market share in the domestic heavy commercialmarket. The company is trying to modernize its range of commercial vehicles. Tata Motors hivedoff its vehicle finance business into a separate subsidiary, TML Financial Services (TMLFS), inSeptember 2006. The company plans to build a car that will cost just under Rs 1,00,000 considering that 2wheelers in India cost Rs 50,000/-. Indigenously developed mini-truck. Tata motorsmanufacturing units are located at Jamshedpur, Lucknow and Pimpri-Chinchwad (Pune). ThePune plant manufactures the passenger cars.Research and development Tata Motors invests approximately up to 2 per cent of its annual turnover on research anddevelopment, with an emphasis on new product / aggregates development and technology upgradation. Its Engineering Research Center in Pune employs over 1,400 scientists and engineersand has Indias only certified crash-test facility and hemi-anechoic chamber for testing of noiseand vibration. The company also draws on the resources of leading international design and stylinghouses like the Institute of Development in Automotive Engineering, SPA, Italy, and StileBertoni, Italy. The company has also been implementing several environmentally sensitivetechnologies in manufacturing processes and uses some of the worlds most advanced equipmentfor emission checking and control.Environmental responsibility Tata Motors has led the Indian automobile industrys anti-pollution efforts through aseries of initiatives in effluent and emission control. The company introduced emission controlKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 13
  14. 14. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdengines in its vehicles in India before the norm was made statutory. All its products meetrequired emission standards in the relevant geographies. Modern effluent treatment facilities, soiland water conservation programmers and tree plantation drives at its plant locations contribute tothe protection of the environment and the creation of green belts.Global Competition Tata Motors have some distinct advantages in comparison to other MNC competitors.There is definite cost advantage as labor cost is 8-9 per cent of sales as against 30-35 per cent ofsales in developed economies. Tata motors have extensive backward and forward linkages and itis strongly interwoven with machine tools and metals sectors. India is an excellent source for ITbased engineering solution for products & process Integration. There are strong supportingindustries.Exports Tata Motors vehicles are exported primarily to Europe, Africa, the Middle East,South and South East Asia and Australia. The company also has assembly operations inMalaysia, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Kenya and Russia. Over the years, the company has receivedmore than 50 awards from the government of Indias Engineering Export Promotion Council, forits export initiatives. While currently about 14 per cent (as on March 31, 2005) of its revenuesare from its international business, the company intends to increase its international businessthrough organic and inorganic growth routes.KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 14
  15. 15. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd Awards• Tata Motors has been chosen as Indias Most Trusted Brand in cars in a Readers Digest-AC Nielsen consumer survey in 2006.• Tata Motors mini-truck, Ace, which has created an all-new category in the commercialvehicles market, received the BBC-Top Gear Design of the Year 2006. The companys Starbuslow-floor city bus and the Novus heavy truck were adjudged second and third respectively.• For the second consecutive year, Auto Monitor as the ‘Commercial Vehicle Manufacturerof the Year’ rated Tata Motors for 2006.• The Commercial Vehicle Business Unit won the CII-Exim Bank Award for 2005 forBusiness Excellence, for being a role model of excellence in management. The awardparticularly recognises excellence in the management of quality as a fundamental process.• The two divisions of the company also won the Tata Groups JRD QV Awards forBusiness Excellence in 2005.• The Jamshedpur plant and the car plant at Pune received the Union Ministry of PowersNational Energy Conservation Award, which recognise significant initiatives to reduce energyintensity and improve energy efficiency. The Jamshedpur plant won the award for the fourth yearin a row. The Commercial Vehicle Business Unit and the Passenger Car Business Unit alsoreceived the CIIs National Award for excellence in energy management. The Foundry Divisionat the Pune plant received the Gargi Huttenes Albertus Green Foundry of the Year Award.KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 15
  16. 16. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd Manufacturing Tata Motors owes its leading position in the Indian automobile industry to its strongfocus on indigenisation. This focus has driven the Company to set up world-classmanufacturing units with state-of-the-art technology. Every stage of product evolution-design, development, manufacturing, assembly and quality control, is carried outmeticulously. Our manufacturing plants are situated at Jamshedpur in the East, Pune inthe West and Lucknow in the North. Jamshedpur: This was the first unit of the Company established in 1945 and is spread over an areaof 822 acres. It consists of 3 divisions - Truck, Engine (including the Gear Box division) andAxle. The divestments in March 2000 Pune: The Pune unit is spread over 2 geographical regions- Pimpri (800 acres) andChinchwad (126 acres). It was established in 1966 and has a Production EngineeringDivision, which has one of the Lucknow: Established in 1991 and covering an area of 600 acres, the Lucknow Plant wasestablished to assemble Medium Commercial Vehicles (MCVs) to meet the demand in theNorthern Indian market. In 1995, the unit started manufacturing bus Products:: Passenger Cars- Indica, Indigo:: Utility Vehicles- Safari, Sumo:: Trucks- NOVUS and others:: Bus- Starbus, Globus and others:: Defense Vehicles PART IIKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 16
  17. 17. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdCOMPANY PROFILE Organization profile:Name: Manickbag Automobiles dealers forTata motors cars [PCD]Location: Khanapur roadUdyambagBelgaum.Telephone: 0831-4219999Fax: 0831-4219901History of Manickbag Group and concerns: Two families, Dharmappa Mirji and Manickchand Shah founded Manickbag Group inthe year 1920. The name Manickbag was adopted because it was started on a land, which wasdonated by one Mr.Manickchand P. Zaveri of Bombay to jain boarding and it, was full ofKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 17
  18. 18. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdbamboo jungle and hence the area was known as Manickbag. When we delve in to the history ofthis magnificent Group, one is stunned by its performance, efficiency, simplicity and character.Like the grand Himalayas, this Group has remained like a solid rock overbearing the automotivesales and services facilities for decades. Another specially of this group is all thepartners/director themselves involve and take full interest in day-to-day activities an customercontacts and have full knowledge of dealerships. Absolute Honesty and hard work is the motto of this organization that has been the onlytradition set by the pioneers of the two families. Initially, they started a Rice Mill in1920 at Belgaum soon in 1930 they diversified toManickbag soap factory. Due to some policy matter it was closed in 1935, they started an edibleoil mill at Belgaum this group believes in honesty and quality so they were successful inproducing the product, which was accepted abroad also Manickbag oil mills exported thegroundnut oil. In the year 1950 two young family members turned their focus to the business.Manickbag owned a few petrol-fueled trucks, so to maintain these trucks small workshopwas started as Manickbag Engineers. Soon Diesel engines came in market. Takingadvantage of this opportunity Manickbag Engineers started converting petrol trucks in todiesel by changing the engine assembly. Simpson’s was the leading manufacturer of diesel engine then and they offered the dealershipfor their engines to Manickbag in the year 1951. The MICO dealership was acquired in 1956. Atsame time Ashok Leyland sub dealership under sundram motors was taken in 1956 in name ofManickbag Automobiles. Then for engine rebuilding a full-fledged Machine shop was started. Inthe year 1965 separate firm as Manickbag diesel started exclusive for Mico product andManickbag Garage and Industries for Machine shop and Leyland service for repairs service ofLeyland vehicles. In the year 1974 a branch of Manickbag Diesels for MICO was opened in Bijapur. In theyear 1984 Manickbag Automobiles opened a branch for Ashok Leyland at Hubli. In the year1980 [24-9-190] Sundram Clayton TVS Moped dealership was taken. The TVS Motor Co LtdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 18
  19. 19. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd[Ind-Suzuki] motorcycle dealership was started on 28-5-1984 in Manickbag Engineers. Furtherbranches were opened at Bijapur and Ankola. In 1991 Manickbag Automobiles shifted from Ashok Leyland to TATA MOTORS. Theygot dealership for TELCO, now TATA MOTORS vehicles and spare parts for North Karnatakaregion, and hence had to give up the sub-dealership of Ashok Leyland. And in the year 1993under its sister concern Manickbag Industries they got appointed for SESA-GOA agency. In the year 1995-1996, Manickbag was awarded BEST DEALER of TVS SUZUKI forKarnataka and Goa. And in the succeeding year 1996-1997, TVS SUZUKI was awarded the Bestservice-providing dealer for Karnataka and Goa region. These landmark achievements show thecompany’s strategy towards the customer i.e.” TO SERVE BETTER”.The Manickbag has grown rapidly and today seven sister concerns and many branches outsideBelgaum are operating. The sister concerns are as follows: 1. Manickbag Automobiles Pvt. Ltd 2. Manickbag Engineers. 3. Manickbag Services 4. Manickbag Oil mills. 5. Manickbag Industries. 6. Manickbag diesel 7. Manickbag Garages. BOARD OF MANAGEMENT1. Mr. Shashikant Mirji [Chairman]2. Mr. Ashok Mirji [Executive Director]KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 19
  20. 20. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd3. Mr. Bhushan Mirji [Executive Director]4. Mr. Sheel Mirji [Executive Director]5. Mr. Ramesh shah [Executive Director]6. Mr. Sarang Shah [Executive Director]7. Mr. Sanjot Shah [Executive Director]8. Mr. Ashok Shah [Executive Director] Present Business Lines1. Hindustan Petroleum --- Since 19502. Simpson --- Since 19513. MICO --- Since 19564. Kirloskar Bearings --- Since 19755. Tvs Motor Co. --- Since 19806. Sesa Goa. Pig iron ,coke &coal --- Since 1990 7. Tata Motors --- Since 1992 It has its branches operating at following places in KarnatakaBRANCHES OF MANICKBAG:KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 20
  21. 21. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdHead Office : BelgaumBranch : • Belgaum, • Bijapur. • Ankola. • Gulbarga.Service Setup • Bagalkot • Bidar • ChikodiMAN POWER: • Workshop :59 • Sales teams : 28 • Drivers : 4 • Contract employees : 30The group was converted in to private limited on 1st April 2002ACHIEVEMENTS:1. Best dealership award from Tata motors [TELCO]KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 21
  22. 22. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd2. Best dealership award from MICO3. Best dealership award from TVS Motors Co.ACTIVITIES: 1. Sales of Tata motors Cars. 2. Service/Repair of all range of Tata Cars. 3. Sales of Tata Cars Spares Parts.COMPETITORS:The main competitors for Manickbag Automobiles are: 1. Shantesha Motors Belgaum , for Maruti Suzuki 2. Bellad Motors, Belgaum ,for Chevrolet 3. Ashanti Motors Belgaum, for HyundaiTHERE ARE TWO MAIN DIVISIONS IN THE FIRM. THOSE ARE: • Commercial Vehicle Division(CVD) • Passenger Car Division(PCD)DEPARTMENT PROFILE: There are mainly four departments in Manickbag Auto mobilesPvt Ltd. They are 1. Sales Department. 2. Service Department. 3. Spares Department. 4. Accounts/ Finance Department.KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 22
  23. 23. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdPART IIISWOT ANALYSIS ON MANICKBAG AUTOMOBILESSTRENGHTS:1) The customers can ask test drive.2) The customers are attended as soon as they come.3) They have their own finance.4) The dealers have high goodwill in the market for their service.5) Presence of effective flow of communication between the departments of Manickbag is the greatest strength, which ensures smooth flow of operations.WEAKNESS: 1) Tough competition from other companies 2) The dealers prefer experience rather than talent for higher post. 3) Difficulty in marketing Petrol cars as it is set in minds of public that Tata is for diesel vehicles.OPPORTUNITIES:1) Can capture rural areas when they are going to launch their new vehicle.2) The dealers can go for diversification.3) The dealers can conduct exchange promotional activities to increase its sales.4) Potential marker in low-income group and rural areas.THREATS:1) Ever changing market trends.2) Competition from other models.3) Globalization and privatization4) Any sudden change in Government policy may affect the sales.KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 23
  24. 24. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd5) New incentive from competitors like price and quality. ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE M ANAGING DIRECTOR ASSITANT GENERAL MANAGER Service Account Spares SalesManagerManagerManagerManager ASM Sales ExecutiveKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 24
  25. 25. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdService Staff Administration Staff Store Keeper Service Advisor Supervisor Works I/C Biller Supervisors Cashier MechanicsORGANISATION STUDY OF THE MANICKBAG AUTOMOBILE PVT LTDKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 25
  26. 26. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdHUMAN RESOURCE (HR) DEPARTMENT:It is a nodal department for all the concerns & departments. Its area of functions is quite large.Operations of HR department are centralized in the Manickbag & are headed by senior Personnelofficer.The HR Department Structure: PERSONNEL & ADMINISTRATORPersonnel Officer Receptionist Security OfficerAssistants Contract Guards HR Department Functions Includes: 1. Recruiting & Selecting. 2. Maintaining the attendance. 3. Sanctioning leave, calculating wages & salary. 4. Training. 5. Performance appraisal.KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 26
  27. 27. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdThe working hours are morning 9 am to 6 pm. Lunch hour is from 1 pm to 2 pm. The employeescarry out total 8 hours of work every day. Workers are been provided with identity card toregister their presence in the work place where the work signs the register at the gate everyday at9 am. Before leaving the work place every worker is checked by security guard & only then isallowed to leave the work place. Spare parts or any other material is allowed out of work placeonly after the issue of gate pass.Human Resource Planning: The organization follows a formal HR plan when they to take any decisions regarding their work/project or whenever they want to start a new work/project. Recruitment: Recruitment involves attracting & obtaining as many applications as possible from eligible job seekers. The process begins when new recruits are sought & ends when their applications are submitted. The result is a pool of applicants from which new employees are selected. Personal officer keeps the track record of suitable people for future vacancies, submits the manpower status report to M.D. directly. The sources of recruitment are, 1. Internal source:  Promotion.  Transfer. 2. External source:  Campus interviews.  Advertisement in local Newspaper In Manickbag two factors are usually considered for giving promotions,  Productivity.  Merit includes conduct, behavior, educational qualification, and attendanceKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 27
  28. 28. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdSelection:Selection is the process of differentiating between applicants in order to identify & hire thosewith a greater likelihood of success in a job. The management committee after the recruitmentprocedure is completed conducts interviews to select an employee. Most of the time localcandidates are been preferred rather than from other city/states.Induction:Induction is done to provide new employees with the information he/she needs to functioncomfortably & effectively in the organization.During the induction this organization provides candidate with general information like,  About the daily work routine.  Rules & regulations of the organization.  Organizational objectives, its operations & product.Training at Manickbag Automobiles:At Manickbag Automobiles Tata Motors, employees are invaluable assets and their career andpersonal growth are of prime concern to the Company.Manickbag Automobiles provides a congenial atmosphere to work, learn and grow. TheCompany conducts various programmes to train their staff in the latest and the besttechnology and management practices. The Organization through its in-house vocationaltraining and apprenticeship programmes trains the technicians. Numerous talentedYoungsters, honed by such rigorous programmes, have achieved appreciation for themselvesas well as the organizationThey also have expansion projects which offer numerous growth opportunities. Structuredtraining programmes, rotational assignments and cross-functional mobility allow employees toKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 28
  29. 29. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdgrow. Movement across functions is encouraged to help employees develop a wider perspectiveand gain expertise in manifold functions.Human Resource Maintenance:The organization provides the welfare facilities to its employees like,Accident care: In case any accident takes place with the employees while working in theorganization the injured employee will receive medical treatment free of cost that is they getE.S.I.Compensation: in case of death, accidents, injuries etc the organization gives compensation tothe suffered employees. The organization also provides group insurance welfare facility to itsemployees.FINANCE DEPARTMENT:The main office at Belgaum maintains the accounts of all sister concerns i.e. centralized in themain office.The subordinate to managing partner for finance department is an Asset Manager Accounts whois in charge of routine finance functions. Separate accounts books are maintained for each sisterconcern & branches & at the end of financial year annual report is declared calculating profit &loss by considering total sales & expenses incurred.The expenses include wages salaries advertisement etc.KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 29
  30. 30. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdMANICKBAG AUTOMOBILES PVT LTD Tata Motors brand of vehicles can be classified into, 1. Commercial Vehicles.  LCV (Light Commercial Vehicles).  HCV (Heavy Commercial Vehicles). 2. Utility Vehicles. 3. Passenger Cars. Manickbag Automobiles Pvt Ltd deals with these entire brands of vehicles & are alsoauthorized Tata spare parts dealers & distributors. Manickbag Automobiles has the followingdepartments, 1. Vehicles Sales Department. 2. Spare Parts Sales Department. 3. Service department.VEHICLES SALES DEPARTMENT:It performs following functions as listed below, 1. Handling Enquiries. 2. Collection of customer information. 3. Giving Vehicles demo to Customers 4. Customer’s follow-up. 5. Responsible for sales of the sales.KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 30
  31. 31. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdSPARE PARTS SALES DEPARTMENT:In Manickbag there is separate department of spare parts, it sells around 25,000 types of genuinespare parts. Manickbag follows two methods of spare parts sales. 1. Direct sales: Under this method sale at the department counter sales & retailing of spare parts in & around Belgaum district is taken. 2. Workshop sales: Includes sales of spare parts at the service department. So to respond quickly to the requirements of service department.MANICKBAG SERVICES DEPARTMENT:Manickbag has a service station under its sister concern Manickbag services with properinfrastructure. The Manickbag services are operated on the guidelines of Tata Motors. Facilitiesavailable at Manickbag services,  All repairs are carried out all under one roof.  Availability of complete machine shop for engine rebuilding.  All time mobile service facility.  Telco trained mechanics.  Same day delivery facilities accept major blocks.KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 31
  32. 32. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdPART-IV TITLE OF THE STUDY: “IMPACT OF ORGANISATION CLIMATE AT MANICKBAG AUTOMOBILE PVT LTD”NEED FOR THE STUDY: 1) It helps to know how an organization focuses mainly on the cultural dimension. 2) To know how an organization favors individual and collective learning processes at all levels of the organization. 3) It helps the organization for capturing the intangible knowledge base of the organization and making it visible. 4) It helps the organization for aligning and developing the capacities of a team to create the results its members truly desire’ 5) To know how the leaders lead an organization at every level, make the decisions & how effectively they communicate with all members of the internal and external community.STUDY OBJECTIVES: 1) To understand the concept of organization climate.KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 32
  33. 33. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd 2) To understand organization climate of Manickbag automobiles Pvt Ltd.Belgaum. 3) To understand the influence and impact of organizational climate for better functioning of the organization.SCOPE FOR THE STUDY: 1) This project is aimed at understanding functional aspects of the organization in general. 2) The study of personnel department function in the organization, which is the lifeblood of any organization. 3) This project helps for the practical knowledge about the impact of organization climate. 4) This will help me to know how the significant members of the organization experience & perceive their organizationRESEARCH DESIGN:• The research design of this project is a study was conducted by the survey method.• Taking sample of 50 employees by convenience sampling using the research instrument as the questionnaire which is designed by Mr. Udai Pareek.• Personal interview is considered as the sample plan.• For this project area of research is Belgaum City.RESEARCH METHODOLGY:SAMPLING:Sample plan to know the organization climate in this project is through the data received fromthe questionnaire and secondary dataKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 33
  34. 34. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdSAMPLING METHOD: Using Convenience Sampling. And Sample size for this project is 50employees at Manickbag automobiles.DATA COLLECTION METHOD:I have collected the data from the following sources:A. PRIMARY DATA:  The data collected from the company persons.  Questionnaires.  Interviewing with the employees of the organization.B. SECONDRY DATA:  Internet  Reference books  Manickbag data source  Magazines, Catalogues, etc.TOOLS OF DATA COLLECTION: The questionnaire prepared after discussion with the guide, is the tool for primary data collection. The questionnaire used to obtain the response from the employees. Secondary data was collected from Magazines, Website and catalogues of the company.KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 34
  35. 35. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdFIELD WORK: After the approval of the questionnaire the field work carried out within the premises of Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd of Belgaum.DATA ANALYSIS PROCEDURE: Completed questionnaires were used for various tables. The data gathered was tabulated and classified and their means were calculated. Each and every suggestion and points are considered and the findings are analyzed.Graphs and charts were used to illustrate the findings and statistics. Through these analyses thesuggestions are given so that as and when they are needed they can be analyzed by the company.LIMITATIONS: 1. Due to time limitations only 50 sample size was considered. 2. More sample size would have given more accuracy.KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 35
  36. 36. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdCONCEPT OF ORGANIZATION CLIMATEOrganizational Climate“Organizational Climate is the atmosphere of the organization, a “relatively enduring quality ofthe internal environment of an organization, which is experienced by its members and influencestheir behavior.” The organizational climate can be measured in terms of trust, morale, conflict,and equity in rewards, leader credibility, and resistance to change.Using the competing values framework, four organizational climates emerge:a. Internal process, which is high on tension and resistance to change,b. Rational goal, which is high on tension and low on resistance to change,c. Developmental, which is low on tension and low on resistance to change, andd. Group, which is low on tension and high on resistance to change.One of the key factors that may influence employee’s perceptions of involvement isorganizational climate. This article examines the relationship between employee perceptions ofinvolvement and organizational climate. Data were collected using a survey of 2employees of aninformation technology company. The authors argue that employee involvement is composed ofthree essential variables, namely, participation in decision-making, teamwork, andcommunications. Three hierarchical regression analyses were carried out with each of theemployee perception of involvement variables as dependent variables. Employee demographicdata, employee affective attitudes (job satisfaction, commitment, and stress), and threeKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 36
  37. 37. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltddimensions of organizational climate (bureaucracy, innovation, and support) were entered intothe regression analyses. The results showed that supportive climates and commitmentsignificantly predicted each of the employee involvement variables. The results are related tocurrent research literature on organizational climate and involvement, and the implications formanagers are discussed.Organizational climate is a useful tool for understanding the complexities of organizations. Itwas defined as an accumulation of tangible perceptions that individuals had about variousaspects of the work environment. Extensive research about it attested to the importance of thisvariable regarding how organizations functioned. Researchers and authors repeatedly citedorganizational culture as a fundamental factor, which impacted organizational performance.Organizational climate is a concept used to identify characteristic attitudes and behaviors ofworkers such as degree of job satisfaction, leadership styles, motivation factors, workatmosphere, and role perceptions. Under traditional management concepts the worker isperceived as having little intrinsic motivation to work and, therefore, little interest in or capacityfor innovation, problem-solving, assumption of responsibility, or achievement of organizationalgoals. An organizational climate rich in opportunities for the fulfillment of motivation needsresults in high worker motivation, morale, and innovation, and relative desensitization to unmetmaintenance needs. A climate poor in these opportunities results in regressive preoccupation withunmet maintenance needs, work dissatisfaction, and a tendency to find fault.Conclusion: It is the leaders who must pave the way to the creation of the organizational climate,and they must also model the process. The learning that goes on between individuals in anorganization. It is an intangible process, but one that can be enhanced by taking certain measuresto foster development. The organizational climate discovers how to best work with individualstyles, allowing for reflection and other individual needs. It becomes a safe place to take risks,make mistakes, and learn from the results. The organizational climate approach is the key to bothKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 37
  38. 38. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdgreater revenue and better working conditions as well as greater gains to all stakeholdersincluding social partners. The research shows that in the bureaucratic environment, economicsuccesses are gained at the expense of the humane values whereas in the organizational climateapproach both can be achieved at the same time. The organizational climate approach is not justabout improving productivity and work satisfaction; it is also about the fundamental ethics of theworkplace and the marketplace.“IMPACT OF ORGANIZATIONAL CLIMATE”Organizations where people continually expand their capacity to create the results they trulydesire, where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, where collective aspiration isset free, and where people are continually learning to see the whole together.Organizational climate: It is a relatively enduring quality of the internal Environment of anorganization thata) Is experienced by its members,b) Influences their behavior, andc) Can be described in terms of the values of a particular set of characteristics (or attitudes) of the organization.” (Taguiri and Litwin, 1968, p. 27).Contains of Climate: Organization climate of an organization can be study with the help of the following 6 motives and 12 dimensions of organization climate which are a result of various studies and discussions with the managers. These dimensions were proposed by Likert in 1967, Litwin & Stringer in 1968. 1. Achievement: The setting of challenging goals for oneself awareness of obstacles that might be encountered in attempting to achieve these goals. 2. Expert Influence: A desire to make people do what one thinks is right & an urge to change situations & develop people.KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 38
  39. 39. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd 3. Control: An urge to monitor events & to make corrective actions when needed & a need to develop a personal power. 4. Extension: This is characterized by concern for others & an urge to be relevant & useful to large groups including society. 5. Dependency: A tendency to submit ideas or proposals or approval & an urge to maintain a relationship based on the other person’s approval. 6. Affiliation: A tendency to express one’s emotions & an emphasis on friendship.  The dimensions of organization climate suggested are as follows:1. Orientation: This is the main concern of the members of an organization. If the dominantorientation or concern is to adhere to established rules, the climate will be charterised by control,if it is to excel the climate will be characterized by achievement.2. Interpersonal Relationship: Organizations interpersonal relations are reflected in the wayinformal groups are formed. If the groups are formed for the purpose of protecting their owninterest they may develop a climate of control that may result similarly, if employees develop aninformal relationship with their supervisors, a climate of dependency may result.3. Supervision: Supervisory practices contribute significantly to the climate and the atmosphere.If the supervisor is helping the subordinates to improve personal skills and chance ofadvancement, a climate on extension motive may result, if supervision is more concern withmaintaining good relation with their subordinates, a climate of affiliation motive may result.4. Problem Management: Problems can be as challenges or irritants .these different prospectiveand ways of handling the problems contribute to the creation of organization climate andatmosphere.5.Management of Mistake: A supervisors attitude towards a subordinate mistakes develop theorganizational orientation ,which is generally one of annoyance ,concern or tolerance .anorganization’s approach to mistakes influences the climate and atmosphere.6. Conflict Management: Conflicts may be seen as an embarrassing annoyance to be coveredup, or as problems to be solved. The process of dealing with the conflicts has a significant effecton climate and atmosphere.KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 39
  40. 40. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd7. Communication: Communication is concerned with the flow of information, its direction, itsdispersion, or its type and its mode.8. Decision Making: An organizations approach to decision making can be focused onmaintaining good relations or achieving results, the issue is who makes the decision. Theseelements of decision making are relevant to a particular climate.9. Trust: The degree of trust or its absence among the various members and group in theorganization affect the climate, the issue here again is of who is trusted by the management andto what degree is of relevance.10. Management of Rewards: Rewards reinforce specific behavior, there by arousing andsustaining specific motives. Consequently, what is rewarded in an organization influencesorganization climate.11. Risk Taking: How people respond to risk, and whose help is sought in situations involvingrisk, are important determinants of climate.12. Innovation &Change: Who initiates change, how change and innovations are perceived andhow change in implemented are all critical in establishing climateWHY CLIMATE IS ESSENTIAL FOR DEVELOPING THE ORGANIZATION:Climate is essential for developing organizational because Organizational climate is a conceptused to identify characteristic attitudes and behaviors of workers such as degree of jobsatisfaction, leadership styles, motivation factors, work atmosphere, and role perceptions. So thelevel of performance and improvement needed today requires learning, lots of learning. Theorganizational climate in an organization that takes a step back to look at the big picture of howit benefits from new ideas and errors with the intention of continuous improvement & anorganizational climate nurtures that learning. In today’s climate of rapid change, organizationsare more interested in becoming organizational climate s in order to meet rapidly emergingchallenges. The proponents of the organizational climate believe that it enables organization toforesee and respond to today’s globally competitive business environment.KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 40
  41. 41. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 41
  42. 42. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdDIMENSIONS OFORGANISATION MMOTIVES DOMINANT BACKCLIMATE -UPColumn1 Achievement Expert Extension Control Dependency Affiliation Influence1.Orientation 3.92 3.14 3.82 2.58 4.02 3.3 4.02 3.922.Interpersonal 3.48 3.26 3.76 2.78 4.1 3.56 4.1 3.76Relationship3.Supervision 3.28 3.3 3.52 3.46 4.16 3.34 4.16 3.524.Problem 4.04 3.72 3.28 2.54 3.56 3.4 4.02 3.72Management5.Management 4.32 3.16 3.82 2.5 4.08 3.34 4.32 4.08of Mistake6.Conflict 3.44 3.52 3.8 3.44 3.22 3.52 3.8 3.52Management7.Communication 3.9 3.82 3.64 2.46 3.12 4 4 3.98.Decision 3.5 3.94 2.54 3.64 3.62 3.71 3.94 3.71Making9.Trust 2.8 3.32 3.74 3.28 3.52 4.2 4.2 3.7410. Management 4.86 3.78 3.08 2.92 3.52 3.06 4.86 3.78of Rewards11.Risk Taking 3.5 2.88 3.8 3.7 3.76 3.24 3.8 3.7612.Innovation 2.98 3.7 3.48 4.3 3.64 2.9 4.3 3.7&ChangeTOTAL 44 41 42 38 44 42 50 45SCORESMAO-C INDEX 53 48 50 43 53 50 63 55PART V: FINDING, ANALYSIS & INTERPRETAION: MAO-C MATRIX ANALYSIS FOR MANICKBAG AUTOMOBILE PVLTD The findings given below are the MAO-C matrix which helps to know which of the motive is strong in the organization climate and which of the motive is weak.KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 42
  43. 43. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdThe MAO-C graph below represents which of the motive is stronger as whole in ManickbagAutomobile Pvt ltdAs per the instrument suggested by Mr.Udai Pareek the MAO-C Matrix graph helps us to asseswhich of the motive is stronger , as he mentioned that the advantage of index is to show therelative strength of the climate with regard to the motives . The cut-off point is 50. If the indexno for a particular motive is greater than 50, the climate is relatively stronger for that motive & ifthe index is less than 50, the climate is relatively weak for that motive.INFERENCE: In the above table & graph we see that 4 motives namely ACHIVEMENT , EXTENSION ,DEPENDENCY & AFFILIATION have index above 50 that is the climate for these motives isrelatively high in Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd. Whereas EXPERT INFLUENCE ANDCONTROL are weak as the index is less than 50.The interpretation comes as that at Manickbag the concern for excellence, competition in termsof achieving high standards and also taking up challenging goals and achieving them is high.Also the concern for others and an attempt to be helpful to their fellow members is highCORELATION BETWEEN DIMENSIONS OF ORGANISATION CLIMATE AND THEMOTIVES OF ORGANISATION CLIMATE: MOTIVEDimension of org Achievement Expert Extension Control Dependency Affiliationclimate Influence1.Orientation 3.92 3.14 3.82 2.58 4.02 3.31. ORIENTATIONKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 43
  44. 44. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdINFERENCE:The interpretation is that according to the graph above the dependency motive is strong fororientation & from the reference of the questionnaire hence it shows that employees here aremainly concerned in following established rules and procedure.Whereas the employees here do not consolidate one’s own personal position and influence seemsnot to be exiting here.2. INTERPERSONAL RELATON: MOTIVESDimension of org Achievement Expert Extension Control Depend Affiliationclimate Influence ency2.Interpersonal 3.48 3.26 3.76 2.78 4.1 3.56RelationshipKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 44
  45. 45. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd INFERENCE: Interpersonal relation is maintained in an organization when the employees form informal group for better functioning. Form the above analysis and graphical representation it can be interpreted that dependency motive is strong in interpersonal relation which concludes that employees here have strong association mostly with their supervisors and look to them for suggestion and guidance. 3. SUPERVISION MOTIVESDimension of org Achievement Expert Extension Control Depend AffiliationClimate Influence ency3.Supervision 3.28 3.3 3.52 3.46 4.16 3.34 INFERENCE: In this dimension dependency motive is stronger which shows that here supervisors Influence their subordinates with their expertise to compete and achieve their targets. Also it can be noticed that achievement is a weaker motive which indicates that supervisor her do not reward the outstanding employees. KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 45
  46. 46. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd4. PROBLEM MANAGEMENT MOTIVE IndexDimension of org Score Index Score Index Score Index Score Indexclimate s4.ProblemManagementINFERENCE:Achievement motiveinterpreted that employees here take problems as challenges and try to find better solution. In the abovegraph it can be interpreted that the control motive is weaker than the rest of the motive which indicatesthat problems here are usually solved by supervisors; subordinates are not involved.KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 46
  47. 47. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd5. MANAGEMENT OF MISTAKE:Dimension of orgclimate5.Management ofMistakeINFERENCEThe observation that notice is that achievement and dependency motive are much stronger than therest of the motive for management of mistake, hence reference from the questionnaire it can saidthat when a subordinate makes a mistake, the supervisor treats like a learning experience whichhelps in preventing mistake and improves the performance in the future also it is also thatsubordinates expect guidance from the supervisor in correcting or preventing mistake.6. CONFLICT MANAGEMENT:Dimension of orgclimateKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 47
  48. 48. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd6.ConflictManagementINFERENCE: From the graph above it can be interpreted that extension motive is stronger and the rest7. COMMUNICATION:Dimension of orgclimate7.CommunicationKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 48
  49. 49. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdINFERENCE: Communication is one of the strongest dimensions of organization climate for Manickbag automobiles, as 4 of the motives are ranging in considerable range, which shows that communication here is their strength; here the communication is more of informal and friendly type which contributes to better communication channel and climate. Also relevant information is made available to all who need it and can use it for the purpose of achieving high performance.8. DECISION MAKINGDimension of orgclimate8.Decision MakingINFERENCE:The above statistics show that the expert influence motive is strong for decisionKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 49
  50. 50. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdmaking. This is because decisions here are made influenced by specialist andknowledgeable person. Also decisions here are made keeping in mid the goodof employees and the society.9. TRUSTDimension of orgclimate9.TrustINFERENCE:Trust being an very important factor for maintaining a better organization climate in Manickbag it is seen that itbeen given a lot of importance which the interpretation can be made that in the above graph . Here trusting anfriendly relations are highly valued.KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 50
  51. 51. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd10. MANAGEMENT OF REWARDSDimension of orgclimate10. Management ofRewardsINFERENCE:The strongest dimension is the management of rewards where the achievement motive iscome out to be the strongest in all the dimensions of organization climate. Here the mainthing that is rewarded is the excellence of the performance and accomplishment of tasks.11. RISK TAKING MOTIVEDimension of orgKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 51
  52. 52. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdclimate11.Risk TakingINFERENCE:In the above graph it can be notice that there is a steady impact of all the motives whichalmost are in the same range, where affiliation is the strongest motive a Hence risk takinghas a normal impact on the organizational climate. Here supervisors have strong tendencyto rely on expert specialist for their advice also in responding to risky situationssupervisors here show great concern for the people working for the organization.12. INNOVATION &CHANGEDimension of orgclimate12.Innovation &ChangeKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 52
  53. 53. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdINFERENCE:In the abovementioned analysisthe observations isthat the controlmotive is strongerfor the innovationand changedimension, hencethe interpretation isthat say thatinnovation here isprimarily arisingfrom the topmanagementemployees are notmuch of involved.FINDINGS: I. According to the graph (1) aboveKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 53
  54. 54. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd the dependency motive is strong for orientation & from the reference of the questionnai re the interpretati on is that the employees here are mainly concerned in following established rules and procedure. Whereas the employees here do not consolidate one’s own personalKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 54
  55. 55. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd position and influence seems not to be exiting here.II. Interperso nal relation is maintaine d in an organizati on when the employees form informal group for better functionin g. Form the above analysis and graphical representa tion (2) the interpretatKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 55
  56. 56. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd ion can be made that dependenc y motive is strong in interperso nal relation which concludes that employees here have strong association mostly with their supervisor s and look to them for suggestion and guidance. III. In this graph (3) dimension dependency motive is strongerKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 56
  57. 57. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd which shows that here supervisors Influence their subordinate s with their expertise to compete and achieve their targets. Also it is interpreted that subordinate s do not reward the outstanding employee. IV. Achieveme nt motive strong for the problem manageme nt dimensionKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 57
  58. 58. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd of the organizatio nal climate. The interpretati on can be made that employees here take problems as challenges and try to find better solution. It can be interpreted that seeing the above graph (4) that the control motive is weaker than the rest of the motive this most of the decision forKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 58
  59. 59. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd the problems is taken by the supervisors and upper authority only employees are not involved. V. Achieveme nt motive strong for the problem manageme nt dimension of the organizatio nal climate. The interpretati on can be made that employees here take problemsKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 59
  60. 60. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd as challenges and try to find better solution. It can be interpreted that seeing the above graph (5) that the control motive is weaker than the rest of the motive. VI. From the graph (6) above we see that extension motive is stronger and the rest of the motives for this particularKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 60
  61. 61. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd dimension are very low and do not contribute to the organizatio nal climate when it comes conflict manageme nt, it can interpreted that asses that in resolving the conflicts employees here consider the principles, organizatio nal ideals and the larger goals of theKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 61
  62. 62. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd organizatio n which indeed is a good point which favors the organizatio n at large.VII. Communic ation is one of the strongest dimensions of organizatio n climate for Manickbag automobile s, in graph (7) as 4 of the motives are ranging in considerabl e range, which shows that communicaKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 62
  63. 63. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd tion here is their strength; here the communica tion is more of informal and friendly type which contributes to better communica tion channel and climate. Also relevant information is made available to all who need it and can use it for the purpose of achieving highKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 63
  64. 64. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd performanc e.VIII. The above statistics graph (8) shows that the expert influence motive is strong for decision making. This is because decisions here are made influenced by specialist and knowledge able person. Also decisions here are made keeping inKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 64
  65. 65. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd mid the good of employees and the society IX. Trust being a very important factor for maintaining a better organizatio n climate in Manickbag the interpretati on can be made that it’s been given a lot of importance which the interpretati on can be made that in the above graph (9).KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 65
  66. 66. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd Here trusting and friendly relations are highly valued. X. The strongest dimension is the manageme nt of rewards where the achievemen t motive is come out to be the strongest in all the dimensions of organizatio n climate. Here the main thing that is rewarded is theKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 66
  67. 67. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd excellence of the performanc e and accomplish ment of tasks reference graph (10). XI. In the above graph (11) we can notice that there is a steady impact of all the motives which almost are in the same range, where affiliation is the strongest motive a Hence riskKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 67
  68. 68. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd taking has a normal impact on the organizatio nal climate. Here supervisors have strong tendency to rely on expert specialist for their advice also in responding to risky situations supervisors here show great concern for the people working for the organizatio nXII. In theKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 68
  69. 69. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd mentioned analysis graph (12) it is been observed that the control motive is stronger for the innovation and change dimension, hence it can be interpreted that innovation here is primarily arising from the top manageme nt and employees are not involved.KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 69
  70. 70. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdPART VI:SUGGESTIONS KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 70
  71. 71. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 71
  72. 72. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 72
  73. 73. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 73
  74. 74. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 74
  75. 75. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 75
  76. 76. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 76
  77. 77. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 77
  78. 78. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 78
  79. 79. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 79
  80. 80. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 80
  81. 81. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd  KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 81
  82. 82. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 82
  83. 83. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd CONCLUSIONIn order to makethe organization,have a betterclimate, theorganization mustgive importance toacquiring andgenerating youngtalent in theorganization forbetter results innear future. Theremust be greatunderstandingbetween old andyoung employeefor the exchange ofideas and also forKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 83
  84. 84. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdcreating goodcommunicationchannel within theorganization.Mentoring ofemployee bysupervisors is agreat deal in theorganization.Therefore leadersmust lead andmentor their teamwith well-plannedprograms forachieving betterresults withinspecified results.Current leadersmust give rightplatform to theyoung employee inthe organization,so that youngemployee mustcultivate goodleadershipcharacteristics forthe future.KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 84
  85. 85. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdFor thedevelopment ofgood organizationclimate, there mustbe good channel ofcommunication forthe exchanges ofideas and alsoemployee mustfree to feel toexpress hisproblems infornt ofhis supervisor. Thishelps to avoidgiving commentson others infornt ofother employee.The goodcommunicationhelps to create andmaintain healthyenvironmentwithin theorganization.Also as the studythat was conductedat ManickbagAutomobiles PvtLtd, Belgaum theKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 85
  86. 86. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdobservation thatwere made are,that theorganization has astrong optimisticclimate which hasa major effect fromthe 4 motives asachievement,extension,dependency &affiliation. Also itwas studied thatexpert influenceand controlmotives are weakerand hence theyshould mainly seeinto these regionsand work on that.This summerimplant project hashelped me gain adetail knowledgeabout the effects oforganizationclimate and itsimpact as well theimportance ofKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 86
  87. 87. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdhaving anoptimisticorganizationalclimate and thesupport it providesto smoothfunctioning of theorganization.PART VI:ANNEXURE:QUESTIONNAIR E:QUESTIONNAIRE FORMOTIVATIONAL ANALYSIS OFORGANIZATIONS – CLIMATE(MAO-C)Dear Respondent, I am pleased to introduce myself as MBAKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 87
  88. 88. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd student of IMER, as a part of curriculum I here undertaken research study “A Project report on organizational climate” Information provided by you will be strictly kept confidential and used for academic purpose only. Thanking in advance. Name: Role:Organization:Date:Completing thisinstrument willKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 88
  89. 89. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdhelp you to assessthe climate of yourorganization. Thereare 12 categorieswithin eachcategory there aresix statements, youare to rank thestatements in eachcategory from1(Most) to 6(least).Do not give thesame rank to morethan one statement. 1. Orientation .KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 89
  90. 90. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 90
  91. 91. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 91
  92. 92. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 92
  93. 93. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 93
  94. 94. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd 2. Interperson al Relationshi p. a. In this organizatio n most informal groups are formed around experts. b. The atmosphere here is very friendly &KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 94
  95. 95. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd people spend enough time in informal & social relations. c. In this organizatio n strong cliques protect their own interest. d. Businesslik e relationship s prevail here; people are warm, but get together primarily to ensure excellence in performanc e. e. People hereKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 95
  96. 96. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd have strong association s mostly with their supervisors & look to them for suggestions & guidance. f. People here have a high concern for one another & tend to help one another spontaneou sly when such help is needed. 3. Supervision :KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 96
  97. 97. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 97
  98. 98. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 98
  99. 99. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 99
  100. 100. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 100
  101. 101. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 101
  102. 102. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd 4. Problem Management:KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 102
  103. 103. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd5. Managementof Mistakes:KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 103
  104. 104. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 104
  105. 105. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 105
  106. 106. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 106
  107. 107. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 107
  108. 108. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 108
  109. 109. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd.KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 109
  110. 110. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd6. ConflictManagement:KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 110
  111. 111. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 111
  112. 112. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 112
  113. 113. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 113
  114. 114. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 114
  115. 115. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 115
  116. 116. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 116
  117. 117. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 117
  118. 118. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 118
  119. 119. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 119
  120. 120. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 120
  121. 121. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 121
  122. 122. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 122
  123. 123. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 123
  124. 124. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 124
  125. 125. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 125
  126. 126. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 126
  127. 127. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 127
  128. 128. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 128
  129. 129. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 129
  130. 130. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 130
  131. 131. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltd7.Communication:KLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 131
  132. 132. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 132
  133. 133. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 133
  134. 134. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 134
  135. 135. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 135
  136. 136. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 136
  137. 137. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 137
  138. 138. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 138
  139. 139. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 139
  140. 140. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 140
  141. 141. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 141
  142. 142. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 142
  143. 143. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 143
  144. 144. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 144
  145. 145. Manickbag Automobile Pvt ltdKLS IMER College (MBA) Belgaum Page 145