The Impact of 3D on Retail


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On 28/2 I was the closing speaker of the FutuRetail event which took place at Google's offices in London. Pushed to come with "something innovative and different", I tried to bring a level-headed view on the ways I believe 3D Printing will affect retail in the coming 5+ years.

Many in the audience tended to agree, and if you do to (or not) feel free to leave your comments. Also, should you wish to look at the opportunities for 3D printing in your business (retail or B2B) do not hesitate to get in touch :-)

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The Impact of 3D on Retail

  1. 1. 3D Printing & RetailFUTURETAILGoogle LondonFebruary 28, 2013FUTURELAB
  2. 2. On a mission to make the worlda more customer-friendly place@FLB_alainthys FUTURELAB
  3. 3. FUTURELAB • Customer Experience • Value Propositions • Customer-Centric TransformationMy usual focus:Help companies profit from customer-centricity “today”
  4. 4. FUTURELAB Industrial thinking 3D thinkingBut today I want to talk about additive manufacturing, aka.3D printing
  5. 5. FUTURELABNot so long ago, I had filed 3D printing under “science fiction”and then Shapeways became our customer.
  6. 6. FUTURELABWhich lead my son (and his friends) to discover3D Printed Minecraft Avatars
  7. 7. FUTURELAB It’s so cool … they even got the colours right!In which I found myself paying …€25 for a 6 cm plastic toy
  8. 8. FUTURELAB Look … DJThis made me realise 3D printing’s sci-fi days were overIt was now a game of personalisation and emotion
  9. 9. FUTURELAB 3D printing today Where we are going Three practical suggestionsSo I started digging into the topicI’d like to share some findings with you
  10. 10. FUTURELAB What would happen if this went mainstream?As I take you through these cases don’t just go “ooh” and “aah”Think through the implications of what you see
  11. 11. FUTURELAB 3D files online "We have to prepare for the fact that consumers may soon not want to buy pre-packaged iPhone cases of the shelf, but build and design their own," Rob Fraser, IT Director Sainsbury, Jan 2013What is happening today3D printed iphone cases
  12. 12. What is happening today: Continuum Fashion N12Custom fitted bikini’s printed in Nylon 12FUTURELAB
  13. 13. FUTURELAB Pharmaceuticals Dental crowns While you wait 15 mins Breast implants Artificial earWhat is happening todayMedical applications
  14. 14. FUTURELABMaterialsSteelGoldSilverBronze…What is happening todayDraw your earrings and see them in 3D
  15. 15. €99What is happening todayDrawings into toys
  16. 16. FUTURELAB Chocolate (today) Meat (still a while)What is happening todayFood
  17. 17. FUTURELAB Enrico Dini 3D Building System © UNIVERSE ARCHITECTURE. The landscape house.What is happening todayPrinted house (2014)
  18. 18. FUTURELAB 285 µm racecar Vienna University of Technology, 2012Coming soonMicrochips and circuit boards
  19. 19. FUTURELABWhat is happening today: Makerlove.comYes, you can be “scanned” 
  20. 20. FUTURELAB 3D printing today Where we are going Three practical suggestionsSo I started digging into the topicI’d like to share some findings with you
  21. 21. FUTURELAB Gartner hype cycle – July 2012The good newsWe’re only in “hype” phase
  22. 22. FUTURELABThe bad newsCompared to this the internet was a walk in the park
  23. 23. FUTURELABI believe that for the foreseeable futureSelf manufacturing is for “tinkerers
  24. 24. FUTURELAB Watch the video on the next clickA vision of the futureManufacturing moves closer to home
  25. 25. FUTURELAB Unit 252, Shopping Centre, Elephant & Castle, London, SE1 6TEI haven’t visited it yet myself butIn London, the first one has arrived
  26. 26. FUTURELAB Personalised experiences Rethink supply chain Parallel product markets You customise or Some parts mass Physibles already create to fit your produced, some parts available for download needs. We make it. printed (on-site?) (remember the CD!!)Category by categoryA new form of retailer-manufacturing will emerge
  27. 27. FUTURELAB 3D printing today Where we are going Three practical suggestionsSo I started digging into the topicI’d like to share some findings with you
  28. 28. FUTURELABThree practical suggestionsUpdate your knowledge
  29. 29. FUTURELABThree practical suggestionsStart the long-view conversation in your business
  30. 30. FUTURELAB Feel free to get in touch FUTURELABThree practical suggestionsStart “live” experiments to learn
  31. 31. Web : www.futurelab.netTwitter : @FLB_alainthysLinkedin : Alain Thys FUTURELAB