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  • Give timeline, locations of toilets etc, introduce speakers
  • This chapter is more for the budding engineer, it gives a complete explanation of the loads listed and gives a comprehensive design example to follow
  • Clt mtb seminar_presentation_two

    1. 1. Seite 1Modern screw connectorsDesign and use in CLT, Gluelam and LVLBy Michael Koenig
    2. 2. TopicsPictures of projects• Expo Roof• Airport Paris• Mt Ruapehu• Waitomo CavesModern screw connectors• Partial thread and full thread and field of use• Head shape and recess• Samples of connections• Pre drilling• Corrosion issuesTechnical information• Where to get information from
    3. 3. The roof of the Expo 2000 in Germanyapprox. 10,000,000 screws are in use here, to ensure the permanentstrength of the wood.
    4. 4. Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris
    5. 5. Cologne Zoo Elefant House
    6. 6. Steel to Timber connection
    7. 7. Knoll Ridge Cafe, Whakapapa NZ
    8. 8. Knoll Ridge Cafe, Whakapapa NZ
    9. 9. Waitomo Caves Visitor Centre
    10. 10. Waitomo Caves Visitor Centre
    11. 11. Modern screw connectorsModern screw connectors today are:• Self-tapping screws for use in timber structures• No pre drilling is required (except hardwoods)• The main characteristics are:- thread: full or partial threaded- head shapes
    12. 12. Modern screw connectorsFull thread or Partial threadFull thread- for long screws no clamping effect- with remarkably high load bearing capacityin tension as well as in compression- inclined screws can work as framed trussPartial thread- with clamping effect, pull together- clamping effect is depending on head shapeand size
    13. 13. Modern Screw ConnectorsMain head shapes and recessWasher headCountersunk SPAX T-STAR plus recess forbest driving home performance
    14. 14. Modern screw connectorsCountersunk head• Main use for full threaded screws• Flush counter sinking in timber• Small head diameter for reduced visibility• For partial threaded screws small load bearingcapacity in tension due to head diameter• Can be used also in counter sunk steel plates for steel totimber connections
    15. 15. Application examples: Countersunk ScrewsWall fastening, timber frame constructionSecure joining of wallelements, for example
    16. 16. Modern Screw ConnectorsWasher head• Best use for partial thread screws• Plain contact to timber• Big head diameter• For partial threaded screws high load bearingcapacity in tension due to big head diameter
    17. 17. Application examples: Wascher Head ScrewsFastening rafters, purlinFastening the rafters, pulledtightly together using thewasher head screw.No purlin anchors / triple gripnecessaryHigh wind uplift load bearingcapacity
    18. 18. Modern Screw ConnectorsCylindrical head• Only use for full thread screws• Flush counter sinking with timber, orslightly deeper sinking possible• Very small head diameter for reduced visibility• Is not recommended for use insteel to timber connections• Also data on screw reinforcement available from Expan
    19. 19. Application examples: Fully Threaded ScrewsTransverse tensile reinforcement in accordance with DIN 1052:2008Reliable alternative to bondedreinforcement boards and gluedthread rodsWork can be performed by anycarpenters shopNo bonding approval requiredWork can also be reliably performedon site (e.g. restoration of buildings)
    20. 20. Roller coaster Liseberg Stockholm, SwedenSplit control of engineered dowel connections
    21. 21. EXPAN Quick-ConnectRafterSleeves(steel rods inside)ScrewsBearing platesColumn
    22. 22. Design of connection detailSpacing of screws
    23. 23. CLT – standard detailsCorner jointExterior wallpartial threadsealing tapes forair tight shellPicture: Building with cross laminated timberof Studiengemeinschaft Holzleimbau e.V.
    24. 24. CLT – standard detailsCeiling connectionPlatform framingpartial threadsealing tapes forair tight shellPicture: Building with cross laminated timberof Studiengemeinschaft Holzleimbau e.V.
    25. 25. CLT – standard detailsRoof connectionEave detailpartial threadsealing tapes forair tight shellPicture: Building with cross laminated timberof Studiengemeinschaft Holzleimbau e.V.
    26. 26. CLT – standard detailsWall connection verticalPartial thread with connection splice platePicture: Building solutions of Stora Enso
    27. 27. CLT – standard detailsCeiling connectionwith connection splice platePartial threadPicture: Building solutions of Stora Ensoj
    28. 28. CLT – standard detailsPicture: Building solutions of Stora EnsoCeiling connectionFull thread with reinforcement, full thread
    29. 29. CLT – standard detailsPicture: Building solutions of Stora EnsoTop bearer connection with steel beamFull threadJvJv
    30. 30. CLT – standard detailsPicture: Building solutions of Stora EnsoTop bearer connection with upper CLT wallFull thread
    31. 31. Pre-DrillingDo not exceed maximum drive torquePre-drill size should be shank Ø of the screwPre-drilling as a locating guide for easy installation
    32. 32. Corrosion controlZinc: for internal use onlyHot dip galvanize: for external use in low corrosive areas. (Lowtensile fasteners only)Delta-Seal: ideal for treated timber in low corrosive areasStainless Steel: in exposed high corrosive areas
    33. 33. Technical Informationwww.spaxpacific.comDownload the European Technical approvalsDownload a SPAX Design guide (based on EC5 and ETA)E-mail details to info@spaxpacific.comFull range of SPAX timber construction program available in Australia andNew ZealandDesign software available soon