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Clt mtb seminar_presentation_six



Published in Design , Business , Sports
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  • Engineered Glulam continues to meet the growing demand for a more dependable, sustainable, versatile building material that reduces our carbon footprint.Environmentally Responsible – Feed stocks sourced from managed forests and plantationsUser friendly. Light weight, easy to cut and drill make Glulam beams simple for any builder to erect. No special skills and only traditional carpentry tools are required, minimising the number of sub-contractors required on site.Flexibility in Design. Glulam can be used in almost any manner. As Beams or Posts, Structurally or for Aesthetics only and Glulam can be curved without loss of strength. High strength to weight ratio means smaller and lighter members are required to perform the intended task.Chemical and Acid resistance. Glulam works well in harsh environments, as it is not corrosive. Well suited to use in chemical stores, acid plants, salt-water environments and swimming pools. High strength to weight ratio means smaller and lighter members are required to perform the intended task.Chemical resistance. Glulam works well in harsh environments, as it is not corrosive. Well suited to use in chemical stores, acid plants, salt-water environments and swimming pools. Fire resistance. Glulam performs well in fires, charring the outer few millimetres of material but continuing its structural function. With correct design Glulam can perform better than some other products.
  • These beams are ideally suited to Indoor applications where strength and aesthetic qualities are important.
  • Not listed in AS1328 or 1720 are two additional beams –
  • Hyne Beam 17 Reinforced is reinforced in the upper and lower glue line with deformed steel bar. The F28 Steel Bar is encased in a machined void with high strength epoxy resin injected to create a physical bond with the timber and a mechanical bond on the deformations on the steel bar.The Epoxy Injection System ensures the Reinforced Beam will perform utilising the combine properties of the steel and the timber.Additional properties are available from Hyne Timber or can be found in Hyne Design software
  • Cambered Beams – with inbuilt camber reduce the amount of deflection in the installed beamCamber can assist in reducing beam depthCamber allows for wider spacing of structural members while maintaining similar depths to Non Cambered Beams.Australian Glulam Producers offer Straight Beams Ideal for Columns and window Mullions and TransomsAustralian Glulam Producers offer:Curved Beams – Radius of the beams will differ by producer and species of timber used.As a guide Hyne can curve Pine Laminated Beams to appx. 4.0m – Length limits might also apply for tighter curved beams.
  • Glulam offers the warmth and character of the timber being usedGlulam provides the strength and characteristic design properties to allow timber to be used on its own in in harmony with other productsGlulam provides design solutions to buildings with long spans, tall columns or curved membersGlulam is durable when correctly specified and detailedIf you can use timber you can use GlulamAdd Glulam members to TCC systems to areas where appearance is more important.Include timber to steel projects for the benefits only timber can provideDo not limit your project to just one material.Speak to your Producers and Fabricators early to ensure the right timber solution is found that meets the Structural, Aesthetic and Cost requirements of your next project.


  • 1. Glulam & Fabrication ofLarge Timber BuildingsRobert MansellBDM –Laminated Timber ProjectsHyne TimberPh: 0407 646416Email:
  • 2. Glulam In AustraliaAustralia has a long history of timber buildingsGlulam has been a part of that history for manyyears and has been used on some very uniqueprojects.
  • 3. • In Europe and North America there exists:• A cultural attitude towards a preference for timber in bothstructural and non-structural uses.• Climatic conditions that forces sporting activities indoors• There is an established and recognised third party certificationschemes providing the customer with confidence in both theimage of the industry and the quality of Glulam.• No similar scheme existed in Australia prior to theestablishment of the GLTAA.Glulam In Australia
  • 4. • In 1989 The Glue Laminated Timber Association ofAustralia (GLTAA) was formed• The GLTAA set Industry Standards and implementeda code of practice• The GLTAA quality mark ensures designers andbuilders they can rely on the Glulam product toperform to specification.Glulam In Australia
  • 5. Glulam In Australia• Glue laminated products are also Referenced inAustralian Standards• AS/NZS 1328.1:1998Glued laminated structural timber - Performancerequirements and minimum productionrequirements• AS 1720.1-2010Timber structures - Design methods
  • 6. Glulam In Australia• Engineered Glulam• Sustainable• Environmentally Responsible• User friendly.• Provides Flexibility in Design.• High Strength to Weight Ratio.• Chemical and Acid Resistant.• Non Corrosive• Fire Resistance
  • 7. Architect: BCC City Projects OfficeEngineer: AURECON (formerly ConnellWagner)National Award Sustainable Projects –Australian Institute of Project ManagementThe use of deep section laminated timberbeams was identified very early in the designprocess as a means of providing an efficientand low maintenance structural system tospan over the salt water laden indoorpool enclosures.CSIRO AquacultureArchitect: ArchitectusEngineer: Bligh Tanner• Avoidance of steel in the marineenvironment• Robustness/longevity/lowmaintenance• Flexibility for future alteration• Low embodied energy
  • 8. High Strength to weight withadded aesthetic appearanceTimber Performed Well in adevastating church fire
  • 9. Glulam In AustraliaStructural Glulam Should Be Considered for:• Primary structural members in domesticBuildings• Bearers, Beams, Columns, Features• Commercial and Industrial• Portal Frames• Columns• Beams• Purlins and Girts• Features
  • 10. Glulam In Australia• Depending on location, the timber speciesused in the manufacturing process may differfrom producer to producer.• Popular Species:• Cypress• Tasmanian Oak,• Slash or Radiata Pine• Spotted Gum• Mixed Hardwoods
  • 11. Glulam In Australia
  • 12. Glulam In Australia – GL10• GL10 –Manufactured from AustralianWhite Cypress plantation timber• This is a Uniquely Australian Product thatis:• Natural termite resistance (no treatmentrequired)• Has the highest natural durability ratingavailable (durability class1)• Used For Exterior and Termite areas• Laminated Beams and Posts available• Available from Laminated TimberSupplies and their distributors
  • 13. Glulam In Australia• GL10 – Cypress Laminated BeamPhotos Courtesy of Laminated Timber Supplies -Melbourne
  • 14. Glulam In Australia1. GL13 available in Slash and RadiataPine – Appearance is similar to thatof the GL172. Available as Hyne LGL in 45mm and65mm thickness.
  • 15. Glulam In Australia• GL17 –Slash Pine or RadiataPine• Treated H2 - Insects (Termites)• Treated H3 - Weather ExposedAbove Ground Applications• Easily stained to take on adifferent appearance
  • 16. Glulam In Australia – GL17Treated GL17 over anenclosed swimming pool
  • 17. Glulam In Australia – GL18• GL18 – Manufactured fromTasmanian Oak or Victorian Ash• Durability Class 4• Not Termite Resistant• Not suitable for Externalapplications
  • 18. Glulam In AustraliaIdeally suited for internal usewhere Aesthetic Qualities areimportantUQ Library – Ipswich QLDWA MaritimeMuseum –Home toAustralia II
  • 19. Glulam In AustraliaStructural Glulam• Hyne Beam 21 and Hyne Beam 17-R
  • 20. Glulam In Australia• Hyne Beam 21 is produced fromDurable Australian HardwoodSpecies• Hyne Beam 21 in Spotted Gumachieves a BAL29 rating• Hyne Beam 21 in Spotted Gumis a minimum Durability Class 2above ground.
  • 21. Hyne Beam 21Mingara One Fitness Tumbi Umbi NSWSealy Outlook – Coffs HarbourCairns Entertainment Centre
  • 22. Glulam In Australia• Hyne Beam 17-R• Reinforced Pine Laminated Beam• F28 Steel Bar fixed with epoxyresin• Perform utilises the combineproperties of the steel and thetimber.
  • 23. Glulam In Australia• Australian Glulam Producers offer:• Cambered Beams – Usually on a 600mRadius• Straight Beams• Curved Beams• Shaped Beams
  • 24. Glulam In AustraliaUQ St Lucia Brisbane Queensland designedby Richard Kirk and Associates in a jointventure with Hassell
  • 25. Glulam In AustraliaPhotoscourtesy ofLTS and Hyne
  • 26. Glulam In AustraliaPhotos courtesyof LTS and Hyne
  • 27. Glulam In Australia• Australian Glulam Is Durable• If the correct species or treatment level is considered• Australian Glulam can work with other timber products• Australian Glulam also works well with Steel projectsPhotosCourtesy ofLaminatedTimberSupplies
  • 28. Glulam In AustraliaSolid timber beams allow many different connectiontypes to be used:• Bolted – Steel Plates to the outside faces of beams Slotted with steel plates inside the beam Flitch plates with steel plates between multiple beams Epoxy Set – Expressed Steel for external fixing Fully Hidden for decorative and structural applications Screwed – Products like Spax Screws presented today Timber Rivets Plywood or Steel Gussets – Nailed, Screwed orBolted
  • 29. Glulam In Australia• Connection types with Glulam are as varied asthe imagination.
  • 30. Glulam In Australia• Connection types with Glulam are as varied asthe imagination.
  • 31. Glulam In Australia• Connection types with Glulam are as varied asthe imagination.
  • 32. Glulam In Australia• Why Glulam• warmth and character of the timber• strength and characteristic design properties• Design solutions• Durable• Sustainable• Environmentally Sound
  • 33. Glulam In Australia• Acknowledgements– TDA NSW – Andrew Dunn and his team– TPC Solutions – Alistair Woodward– Wood Solutions and FWPA– GLTAA– Hyne Timber– Laminated Timber Supplies – Bruce Bell