Formal complaint


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Formal complaint

  1. 1. of business school of management sciencescomplainDear Prof Cecil NieuwenhuizenI am a student within the department (student number: 34 202102) who is approaching youregarding academic matters. My supervisor since January 2007 is Dr Pellissier and Miss Nayageris co-supervisor. On December 03rd 2007, I learnt through Dr Pellissier and Miss Nayager that Iwill receive a letter from the administration of the University that they are not impressed with theprogression of my work, and they took the decision to deregister me. When asked the question ifI will be registering again for the third time in February 2008, Dr Pellissier told me that I willonly register if she is satisfied with my proposal. Strange to be working on a proposal at mythird year MCom when in April/May 2006, my previous supervisor Prof ANTONITES wasprepared to wrap up my MCom dissertation. Please let me explain you how we find ourselves inthe situation.In 2003, I have applied for an MCom within the department of business management, and the 11thFebruary 2004 received the letter of acceptance for the programme with Dr Alex Antonites assupervisor. After six months of refining the proposal with Dr Antonites, he announced me thefact that Miss Nayager is specialized in corporate entrepreneurship; he will need her as a co-supervisor.During the 2004 academic year, I received constructive supervision from the above mentionedlecturers to the point that, I gathered the information and received the assistance of a UNISAstatistician to analyse the data. By November 2004, Dr Antonites qualified my progress assatisfactory and my dissertation being at it ‘final stage’.I 2005, I reached a point where the entire full dissertation was compiled in a single documentwith all the six chapters. During these two years, I received from Dr Antonites and Miss Nayageracademic assistance (supervision) until when I registered for the first time in March 2006.In May 2006, Dr Antonites requested to have the six chapters of my dissertation. One week later,he told me to come and see him in his office. During our meeting, he said to me that we mustwrap up the dissertation as all the six chapters were finalized; but he must consult MissNayager to set up a date for this finalisation. After three minutes of discussion with MissNayager, Dr Antonites told me that he will phone me for the meeting. The meeting that havenever happened.However, I continued phoning Dr Antonites to know when we will meet. Around July 2006, DrAntonites told me that he send my work for external examination. From July till November2006, I was phoning Dr Antonites to know how far my dissertation is.Surprisingly, in November 2006, Dr Antonites told me he resigned and that the Universitywill appoint a new supervisor and contact me as soon as possible. I met around January 2007
  2. 2. Prof Badhendorst to share with her my worries as the University was not coming back to me.Prof Badhendorst and I phoned Dr Antonites to obtain the latest on my dissertation. He asked usto discuss with Miss Nayager, as there were some few things to fix on the dissertation. It was thefirst time, in January 2007 that I learnt there are certain things that need to be fixed in thedissertation. Later on, Prof Badhendorst and I discussed with Miss Nayager for the way forward.She told us that, she is only a co-supervisor and cannot decide on the outcome of the dissertation.One month later, around February, Prof Pellissier was appointed as the new supervisor. After myregistration, she told me that they (Pellisssier and Nayager) went through my dissertation andthey think that we must start from the first chapter and that the rest of the dissertation willremain intact. This assurance did not bother me, as I was sure that even in one month, we canfinalise the dissertation.Since March 2007, we have not finished with the first chapter. The 03rd December 2007, when Imet Miss Nayager, she told me that the administration of the University will send me the letter ofmy deregistration as they (Prof Pellissier and Miss Nayager) are not satisfied with my progress.I am sending you this email to share with you the current situation which is very stressful. I amready and available to substantiate everything that is written. I still have the full dissertation ofApril/March 2006 when Dr Antonites told me that we must wrap up the document.I am looking forward to hear from you about this issue and appreciate your availability in goingthrough the present letter of complaint.Kind regards,Alain NDEDICell: 084 992 9499CC:Prof MPOFUMr. AANDate: Thursday 06 December 2007. Time: 07: 35