Developing Your Cloud Strategy


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Developing Your Cloud Strategy

  1. 1. Developing Your Cloud Strategy Presented by: Jason Baker, CTO, VISI James Smale, CEO, Redpath Paul Selway, President, Redpath
  2. 2. Jason Baker, CTO, VISI Jason Baker has over 14 years of experience working with Internet and telecommunications organizations in Minnesota. Prior to VISI, he co-founded Digital North and was the technology leader within the organization. In his capacity as Director of Operations, Baker helped Digital North expand into multiple datacenters serving thousands of customers. Prior to Digital North, Baker was a key technology driver at iPares, a multinational dot-com consultancy. Baker managed the profitable Jason Baker Application Hosting division within the organization. CTO Early in his career he joined incNET, a startup Internet Service Provider located in Eden Prairie. As Chief Engineer he guided the organization during a time when the Internet was first becoming a useful business tool.
  3. 3. James Smale, CEO, Redpath James brings to Redpath Consulting Group over 20 years of experience in business and the IT consulting industry His extensive background and career progression through the roles Sr. Technical Analyst, Technology Director, Business Entrepreneur and Principal Partner began from a solid foundation as a Infrastructure Engineer. His experience was gained from numerous management roles and consulting engagements for clients in both Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America; focused on software James Smale manufacturing, airline operations, advertising, agriculture & CEO manufacturing, and health care industries. James also has extensive experience in operational support leadership, process improvement, strategic organization planning and enterprise architecture planning.
  4. 4. Paul Selway, President, Redpath Paul brings to Redpath Consulting Group over 25 years of experience in the consulting industry. His extensive background and career progression through the roles Quality Management Consultant, Managing Consultant, Technology Director, and Principal Partner began from a solid foundation as a Software Engineer. His experience was gained from numerous management consulting engagements for clients in both Europe and North America; focused on the healthcar, financial, banking, Paul Selway President brokerage, and capital markets industry Paul has an Electronics Degree, B.S.C Honors Computer Science Degree and an International MBA from Henley Management College.
  5. 5. About ReliaCloud ReliaCloud, a product of VISI, is an enterprise-class cloud designed for businesses and that need dynamic infrastructure. Based in Minneapolis/St. Paul region 2 data center locations (SAS 70 Type II) 10+ years in data center business 24x7x365 live support Data Center 1: St. Paul, MN
  6. 6. About Redpath Our mission is to help our customers leverage enterprise class cloud computing technology. We will help you develop your cloud computing strategy, technology roadmaps, business value propositions and cost benefit analysis, ensuring it is targeted at reducing IT costs and driving revenue. Our experienced consulting team believe that you, the customer, know your business better than anyone, and we know where cloud computing can enable your business. We are recognized partners with leading International and Local cloud vendors (, Google, ReliaCloud). Let us show you how you can leverage the cloud.
  7. 7. Agenda Introduction to the Cloud Why the Cloud Use Cases Developing your Cloud Strategy The IaaS Decision Process
  8. 8. Types of Cloud Computing Services Infrastructure as a Platform as a Service Software as a Service Service (IaaS) (PaaS) (SaaS) • Operating system and • APIs exposed to user • Web application storage exposed to user exposed to user • Requires porting • Mimics traditional applications or re- • Requires uploading of systems architecture writing from the data into application ground up • Supports legacy • No need to code or applications • Allows for scaling manage applications without infrastructure knowledge ReliaCloud Google App Engine Google Apps Amazon EC2 Microsoft Azure Rackspace Cloud Server Intuit
  9. 9. IaaS - Public Cloud Multi-tenant Automatic Upgrades Pay-as-you-go Elastic 5 Times Faster Half the Cost IDC White Paper sponsored by “ Cloud Platform Drives Huge Time to Market and Cost Savings”, Doc # 219965, September, 2009
  10. 10. IaaS - Private Cloud
  11. 11. What’s Driving Cloud Adoption? Cost savings, economic uncertainty, and the CFO Accelerated time to delivery Security and regulatory requirements Elastic resources Scalability Pay for what you use
  12. 12. The Cloud Delivers Fast Time to Value Software Cloud Computing Automated Upgrades Large Operating Expenses Cloud Computing Value Value Value Time No Capital Expenses Upgrade Expense Large Capital Expense & High Risk 53% of software projects cost Average 51% ROI 189% of original estimate1 within 12 Months2 1 Standish Group, Chaos Report 2006 2 Third-Party CustomerSat Research on 3,500 customers, December 2008
  13. 13. Business Challenges Are Changing Information overload • Volume of information is increasing radically • Sort, file, and find is a broken paradigm Collaboration is central • Work with global, distributed teams • Connect with external partners Access anywhere • Proliferation of smart phones • Struggles with VPNs
  14. 14. The Cloud Delivers Lower TCO On Premises = Hidden Costs Cloud Computing: 46% Lower TCO1 Licenses Hardware No Upfront License Fees Consultants No Hardware Infrastructure Infrastructure Lower Implementation Costs Dedicated Staff Free Upgrades Upgrades No Ongoing Maintenance Fees Predictable 1Source: Yankee Group: Hosted vs. Premise based Sales Solutions: TCO and Trade Offs
  15. 15. Use Cases Cyclical Demand – Retail Web Site Elastic and near instant scalability Just in time capacity Supports any business size Test and Development Environments Spin up or down when project needs Rapid enablement No capital costs (expensed for usage) Rapid provisioning No hardware procurement Provisioning virtual servers in minutes (not weeks/months) Self service via web portal Secure Rapid decommissioning
  16. 16. Creating a Cloud Strategy 7. Select and Implement Strategies 6. Perform Cost Benefit Value Analysis 5. Build Strategic Options (cloud opportunities) 4. Build Preferred Future State Vision 3. Understand Infrastructure 2. Understand Application Portfolio 1. Assess Current State Business Architecture
  17. 17. IaaS Considerations Where can I Integrate IaaS into my Infrastructure strategy? How does IaaS address my shared service model? IaaS and hardware / OS life cycle management? Server provisioning process? Private versus public cloud?
  18. 18. Redpath / ReliaCloud - Your Partners to the Cloud Companies Customers are invested here: here: Data Center Community Sites
  19. 19. Promo Free ½ Day Cloud Strategy Mini-Assessment - Redpath Redpath Consulting Group will provide two experienced cloud strategy consultants for ½ day to work with your business and IT team to perform an assessment of your current state and identify a cloud computing opportunity. Free Cloud Server for Mini-Assessment - ReliaCloud ReliaCloud will provide a $200.00 credit towards creating a cloud server or utilizing cloud storage for you to try one of your apps in the cloud.
  20. 20. Thank You Return your survey and receive a copy of The Big Switch" by Nicholas Carr.