Dropshipping Tips To Begin Selling Online


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This ebook teach on how to get opportunity from Dropship. No need startup capital. No need to buy stock. Learn the secret. Be a success online marketer and entrepreneur

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Dropshipping Tips To Begin Selling Online

  1. 1. Dropshipping; Tips To Begin Selling Online By Khairul Afzan Aziz Founder of Somore.net First Malaysia E-Dropshipper What is Dropshipping? Dropshipping is A real Wholesale Dropship supplier who will send products directly to your customers for you, one product at a time, from their warehouse. You pay a wholesale price for the products, one at a time, and charge your customer your retail price. The difference between those price is your profit. You never have to touch the product, or spend money to fill your house up with products that you might not sell. The Wholesale Dropshipper does that for you. To avoid any chance of delivery problems when using dropshipping by ordering 1 or 2 of your hottest selling items from the wholesaler. This will serve as a backup in the event the Wholesaler is out of stock on those items. Not only will you always have a backup for your ordering customers, you will also be able to experience what your customers are experiencing when they get an order delivered to them. Using Dropshippers allow you to sell brand new, brand name products and etc to your customers without paying for those products before you sell them. Keep in mind using Dropshipping costs you a little more, because the Dropshipper does a lot of the work for you and has to charge you a slightly higher wholesale price. It’s a great way to test a product market, and many people use Dropshippers as a regular and continuing part of their Product Sourcing Methods. Here is how dropshipping works 1. You open an internet store, or start an account on an Auction site, like eBay, lelong.com.my. or even mudah.my to start selling your product.
  2. 2. 2. You find a Wholesale Supplier who is willing to Dropship the product you want to sell. In this situation for example our website Somore.net . The red arrow above show 3 currencies option to you to chose. RM, USD and GBP. Click the currency option if you want to know price of our product in that particular currency. 3. You establish an account with the Dropship Supplier(s) you choose. 3.1 For Somore we provide TWO types of account. FREE membership, customer get only Retail Price but still get into our rewards program. Purchase of RM10 get 1 point that is equal to 10 cents. They still can sell the product but get a slim margin (profit) only. Thing maybe different if they get the demand for the higher price. 3.2 Paid membership. Somore membership fee is only RM5 permonth with benefit of Reseller Price, Rewards points. and discount of Handling on Bulk purchase. Plus free 2 e-books with reseller rights permonth, links send direct to member’s email. 4. You need to copy images and descriptions of the products you want to sell from the Supplier, and place them on your Internet Store or Auction. For example, after you surf Somore.net and identify the product click the picture to
  3. 3. enlarge, click right button mouse and ‘save image as’ to your desktop or laptop. Also copy the description of the product from the product info. The figure below shows example of product at somore that can be downloaded (the images and product description) Copy product image (enlarge it first) Copy product description 5. A customer finds your Store or Auction, and falls in love with a product that you have priced at, for example, RM 50. They purchase the item with their credit card. Your Store or Auction charges their credit card RM 50 plus shipping. 6. You email the order to your Dropship Supplier, along with the customer’s name and address. (for Somore.net just email to somore@somore.net or sms to 019-2843850). 7. The Dropship Supplier sends the product directly to your customer from the warehouse, with YOUR business name, on the package. For Somore.net, to do so you need to key in your actual name and address when registered with Somore to make sure we can put your actual information for your customer.
  4. 4. 8. The Supplier charges you the wholesale price of for example RM 40, plus shipping (you’ve already passed the shipping charge on to your customer, so the shipping costs you nothing). 9. Your customer gets a great name brand product from your store or auction shipped to their door, and they tell al their friends about you, and you make even more money. Now, you just made a RM 10.00 profit on one product. You never even touched the product and you didn’t have to pay for it upfront. Please REMEMBER that you can not expect to get too much margin on a product since Dropshipper actually already bear the cost of time consuming, transportation and also sometimes the pressure to face the traffic jam, long queue at post office, and etc. You can relax and enjoy valuable time with family. How you can be succeed through Somore.net (Dropshipping) ? REMEMBER although all the hard effort is beared by Dropshipper but as Home Base Internet Entrepreneur or popular term, SOHO you still have VERY IMPORTANT works to do. 1) Keep learning the Tips and Tricks of the internet marketing world. Internet provide DYNAMIC information that keep updating. Laziness will make you left behind. For FREE Internet Business Magazine you can click this link http://www.majalahim.com/kategori/majalah-im/ 2) Remember winning is about thinking one step ahead – you always need to make research using some online tools. Find product that can be sold and the right market for it. Frankly speaking, Somore.net is some of it, but you can find more out there.
  5. 5. Please AVOID Common Mistake. “You have to sell a product you are Passionate about” This is a few links that will be useful to make market research: You Need to do Market Research First. Some of it is as follows: For ebay: 1) http://www.terapeak.com/ 2) http://pulse.ebay.com/_W0QQsacatZQ2d1 Also to analyse demographic (such as age range, gender,and etc for many high ranked websites click this link: eg for lelong.com.my http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/lelong.com.my After you know what is the demanded or hottest product, the price and percentage of sales and what kind of people in terms of gender, age, family and education background, you then can decide what product that will be suitable for your target customer. 3) In order to have your own store for FREE you can go to http://www.vendio.com/ . You can put all the products you get from Somore.net website and start to sell it there or direct it to your ebay auction. 4) Or if you want FREE E-Commerce website to sale your product just click here, http://nazfa81.freese.hop.clickbank.net 5) Maybe some of the readers familiar with blogging but here are some for those who still new with it. You can have your own blog for FREE just like a website to promote your product; 6.1) www.blogger.com 6.2) www.wordpress.com 6) After setting up product platform (blog, website, online store and etc) you need to have correct advertisement methods. You can use some paid program
  6. 6. such Google Adwords, PPC (pay-per-click) program. To increase traffic to your store, blog, website and etc. Google provide many packages but you can begin it as low as USD30 or RM 100 permonth. TRAFFIC is also means CUSTOMER. More traffics so you can get more potential buyers of your products. To learn about google PPC program click this link, Google Adwords . Note: please make sure you are ready before going for the paid advertisement. 7) Other way to advertise for FREE is by using this program comment kahuna to post you comment to high traffic blog or forum that will in return bring traffic to your store. Click this link www.commentkahuna.com 8) Also the direct promotion or sales you can make is by selling it through ebay.com.my (Malaysia e-bay) or ebay.com (USA ebay) or ebay.co.uk (UK ebay) where the differences in currency give you more opportunity. Eg: if in Ringgit Malaysia the Product price is RM 25 but in USD it price is $ 6.75, it looks like more cheaper compare to sell in RM. Instead of that the US market is larger than Malaysia market. But how to go to oversea Market (USA, UK and etc)? This is the steps you can do: (use it as a checklist as well) 1) Open up an account with paypal (there is many other secure online transaction provider such as alert pay but I use paypal for example). Go to www.paypal.com to learn more. 2) If you have credit card you can link and verify it with paypal, actually many of my friends claim that they have paypal account but can’t withdraw the money. That is actually many of Malaysian do not know instead of credit card we also can use debit card for that. If you want to read my steps in applying the card you can read it from my blog
  7. 7. www.alafafzan.blogspot.com . You can transfer your money from paypal to the Credit or Debit card. However bear in mind, Paypal charges USD5 for each withdrawal made. 3) Then open up account with e-bay (if you don’t have it yet). If you already have Malaysia E-bay just go to the international selling requirements. Click here; www.ebay.com.my. Below is example of screenshot for Malaysia Ebay User. See the read arrow. The rest of the process will be shown by Ebay. Ebay will ask for either to submit all valid documents like copy of Identification card, Utility bills and etc. Or verify using credit or debit card. In that case I use Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card. To sign up online click https://www.pbebank.com/en/en_content/personal/cards/visa_elt.html Example of screenshot to sell to US ebay. Instead of ebay US you can also try to market your product at Ebay UK, click here http://www.ebay.co.uk/ to learn more. 4) After you verify and link the card to e-bay, you now can start selling your product. But WAIT you must remember. US ebay charges some fee for the listing, this is different with Malaysia where the listing is free. To learn more you can joint forum at http://www.wangcyber.com/forum/perniagaan-
  8. 8. internet/12432-diari-usahawan-ebay-berhingus.html where there is some discussion regarding the tips and trick doing business abroad. 5) Learn and keep learn, you need patient and focus on what you are doing. Begin with 2 or 3 items then adding more when you get the rhythm. And REALLY when you keep learning this online marketing and business world you find out that you know less than what you’ve thought. 6) Maybe some of us can’t write in English very well (including me actually) Hence, this link will be helpful to them write advertisement or to inform oversea customer via email or message. A FREE Translation Services http://www.citcat.com/green_ov.jsp?lang=2 Extra: Good news for the paypal user here is extra link for you to get daily income (not to much but if you multiply it properly you get extra income). The link is http://www.neobux.com/?r=alafafzan Ok, I think thats all for the meantime, if you all need some assistant regarding dropshipping please don’t hesitate to email me at somore@somore.net or sms to 019-2843850, I am not a Sifu but I will try to give the best for readers and our valued customers. We at Somore.net value any feedbacks and comments regarding this ebook and our beta Somore.net website. We would like to apologize to all readers and customers if this information is not complete and our website is not provide sufficient services (since it still at beta level). Thank you, and good luck. Sincerely, Khairul Afzan Bin Aziz www.somore.net First Malaysia E-Dropshipper
  9. 9. The figure below illustrates how Drop shipper works Other useful link: www.lelong.com.my www.mudah.my www.taobao.com Disclaimer: Writer and Somore.net is not liable for any losses or damages upon using the materials, links and information from this e-book, since this is a general guideline from writer experience and own practices and all the linked website is independent not associated with somore.net. Writer try to give the best information he knows and shares with the readers and customers. This ebook is free to distribute to anybody or parties but NO changes on its content are permitted. Copyright 2009 Somore.net, All rights reserved.