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Tradeshow booth

  1. 1. And how to make the most of it!
  2. 2. THE TRADE SHOW• For every industry, there is a trade show somewhere in the United States. – Over 205 Million people in the United States attend "the 1.8M conventions, conferences, congresses, trade shows and exhibitions.
  3. 3. BOOTH DESIGN ELEVEN POINT PLAN FOR SUCCESSFUL BOOTH DESIGN1. Clear message 6. Use open space2. Use your creativity 7. Make a welcoming booth3. Create the most attractive booth 8. Banners in unexpected locations in the show 9. Use three-dimensional visuals4. Proper images 10. Scrolling banners5. Table covers 11. Alluring booth that no one will be able to ignore
  4. 4. CLEAR MESSAGE• An effective tradeshow booth design needs to clearly communicate your trade show marketing message.
  5. 5. USE YOUR CREATIVITY• Use your creativity to create the perfect and most artistic booth that will catch attention.
  6. 6. CREATE ATTRACTIVE BOOTH• Create the most attractive trade show booth possible within your budget and deadlines!
  7. 7. USE PROPER IMAGES• Dont make it difficult for a customer to see what you are selling. Logos, graphic indicators and picture should be readily visible
  8. 8. TABLE COVERS• Table covers are a great way to dress up your trade show booth!• Printed or unprinted table covers make an excellent base for any display.
  9. 9. USE OPEN SPACE• Leave enough open space that customers are able to freely enter and exit the booth without hindrance.
  10. 10. MAKE WELCOMING BOOTH• You must put yourself in the mindset that all the prospects in the hall are your guests.
  11. 11. BANNERS IN UNEXPECTED LOCATIONS • Use a banner pole to locate your banner in an unexpected location. Or other means to change the look of your booth.
  12. 12. USE THREE-DIMENSIONAL VISUALS• 3D perspective creates much greater visual impact than 2D marketing mediums.
  13. 13. SCROLLING BANNERS• Scrolling banner stands have graphic banners that literally move to grab the attention of the audience.
  14. 14. ALLURING BOOTH THAT NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO IGNORE• If you present an attractive and alluring trade show display, complete with all samples, pamphlets and information relative to your products you are bound to draw attention.
  15. 15. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME! We hope our eleven tips will help make your next trade show booth a success!