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  1. 1. Neato RoboticsMarketing PlanPresented By:Marian NazmyAlaa El-Din AbdulhameedGeorge AdelMohamed SalahAhmed Salim
  2. 2.  Implementation Plans●Distributors Performance Evaluation●Monitoring Ad Campaigns●Sales Analysis●Profit and Loss Statements●Sales Force Evaluation Financial Information●Financial Assumptions●Sales Projections (5 years)●Budgets Contingency Plans●Symptoms of Failure●Alternative Strategies AppendicesTable Of Contents Situational Analysis– Robotic Vacuums Specifications.– Industry Analysis.– Market Characteristics.– PESTEL Analysis. Sales Analysis– Competitor Analysis.– Competitor Advantage. OBJECTIVES– Corporate Objectives– Marketing Objectives– Financial Objective MARKETING STRATEGY– Market Segmentation Strategy– Targeting Strategy– Core & Alternative Strategy MARKETING PROGRAMS– Marketing Mix– Customer Service & Support
  3. 3. • We’re a partnership co. specialized in sales distribution for a unique product of SDA,tending to target & occupy our brand “NEATO” a slice from people who’re seeking a hightech. & Luxurious facilities using Target Marketing segmentation strategies.• Located our business in Cairo office we’re tending to target 14% from families living ingreater Cairo & Alexandria geographical sectors.• Such product will change the perceiving of the word “Vaccum”, more facilities than suchan ordinary SDA, with enjoying the home work “Netao Robotics XV-11” is saving yourvaluable time to take care…• Based on our Financial projections at the 3rd year of operation our product will bematured enough to reach the breakeven point and to reach a total profits of 111 millionEGP at the fifth year, with a projected ROI of 2.2xExecutive summery
  4. 4. Robotic Vacuums Specifications• Able to navigate safely aroundobstacles while cleaning the floor• Navigation is controlled by therobots motherboard and sensors• Can be used not only for privatehomes but also for offices• Change the way we clean• Ease of Use• Compact DesignSituational Analysis
  5. 5. `Current Populationof Egypt is about83 millionsAge structure0-14 years (31.8%)15-64 years (63.5%)65 years and over (4.7%)Populationgrowth rate1.96%Major cities - populationGreater Cairo (14.2 million)Alexandria (4.387 million)Labor force26.2 millionLabor force - byoccupationagriculture: 32%industry: 17%services: 51%Unemployment rate9%Population Density80.7Situational AnalysisMarket CharacteristicsRef.: CIA-Factbook
  6. 6. `Demographical CharacteristicsGovernorates Families no.# Total PopulationBeni-Suef 495,687.00 2291618Fayoum 562,847.00 2511027El-Menya 910,529.00 4166299Assyout 729,302.00 3444967Sohag 818,553.00 3747289Kenna 632,882.00 3001681Aswan 269,899.00 1186482Luxor City 99,811.00 457286El-Wadi El-Gedid 42,889.00 187263Total Region Pop.4,562,399.00 20,993,912.00Governorates Families no.# Total PopulationDamietta 283,944.00 1,097,339.00Matrouh 60,030.00 323381El-Dakahlia 1,264,276.00 4989997El-Sharkia 1,261,502.00 5354041El-Qaliobia 1,043,785.00 4251672Kafr-El Sheikh 614,392.00 2620208El-Gharbia 995,746.00 4011320El=Mnofya 769,451.00 3270431El-Beheira 1,094,141.00 4747283Total Region Pop. 7,387,267.00 30,665,672.00Governorates Families no.# Total PopulationPort Said 141,982.00 570,603.00Suez 122,431.00 512,135.00El-Ismailia 227,713.00 953,006.00North Sinai 74,489.00 343,681.00South Sinai 23,546.00 150,088.00Red Sea 61,423.00 288,661.00Total Region Pop.651,584.00 2,818,174.00Governorates Families no.# Total PopulationCairo 1,783,335.00 6,758,581.00Helwan 411,019.00 1,713,278.006th of October 619,711.00 2,581,059.00Giza 802,402.00 3,143,486.00Total Region Pop. 3,616,467.00 14,196,404.00Governorates Families no.# Total PopulationAlexandria 1,071,582.00 4,123,869.00Ref: ‫والحصاء‬ ‫للتعبئة‬ ‫المصري‬ ‫الجهاز‬
  7. 7. 7.22008 4.72009 5.12010 1.6201118.32008 11.92009 11.12010 11.12011126,22008 150,22009 172,92010 175,12011132,52008 153,52009 176,42010 178,32011Economical AnalysisGDPGrowthInflationRateCons.Expend(US M $)Disp.Income(US M $)
  8. 8. Sales AnalysisCompetitor Analysis
  9. 9. Competitor Product SpecificationsRoomba 581 Roomba531• Spot Clean provides quick clean-upof spills and concentrated messes• A further Vacuum Dust Bin for dayto day cleaning• Tangle-resistant brushes and hair-removing cleaning tools• Efficiently vacuums dirt, debris,pet hair, dust, allergens and morefrom carpets and hard floors.●Price 4,999 L.E•Automatically returns to its compact self-chargingHome Base to dock and recharge betweencleanings•Wireless Command Centre allows you to steer andcontrol Roomba from across the room.•Each Virtual Wall® Lighthouse TM (3 included)confines Roomba to one room until the entire flooris vacuumed before Roomba moves on to the nextroom.•improved filter captures more dust and allergenswhile a larger bin holds more debrisPrice 6,666 L.E
  10. 10. ObjectivesCorporate ObjectiveMarketing ObjectivesTo be one of the leading firms of the Robotic Small DevicesAppliance industry in Egypt by the End of 2014 Financial year.To achieve 197K Sold unit and 111 million EGP Net Profit bythe End of 2017 Financial year.To Reach the break even point after 24 months of operation.Financial ObjectivesTo be the most desirable brand in SDA industry in Egypt by theEnd of 2014 Financial year.
  11. 11. Organizational Chart1 Marketing Officer:Responsible forprocurement andbudgeting.1 Marketing Officer:Responsible forMarket analysis andrisk Mgt.Chair ManMarketing Dpt. Sales Dpt. Finance Dpt. Customerservice Dpt.1 HOD3 sales teams 3members each1 HOD1 Payableaccountant1 Receivableaccountant1 HOD1 On fieldSupervisor5 OutsourcedSeats at RayaOutsourcingCompany
  12. 12. MARKETING STRATEGYMarket Segmentation StrategyBelow 150K a Year; 70%Above 20M a Year; 2%Above 2M a Year; 8%Above 150K a Year; 20%Egyptian Wealth Distribution
  13. 13. • Our targeted segment will be the above 150K a year as these are thesegments how have the enough disposable income and the sufficientpurchasing power.• These segments are mainly concentrated in Cairo and Alexandria.MARKETING STRATEGYTotal families within thetargeted segmentsAre 1,406,000 family(total market size)Our target is 14% out ofthis segment which willbe 196,896 Family thatreflects on 196,896Device by the end of 5financial yearsTargeting Strategy Total no.offamiliespercentage of Pop.According to DisposalIncomeweightingfor TargetTargetedSegmentpop.Cairo 3,600,000Alex 1,088,0004,688,000 2%Above20MIO 93,760 30% 28,1288% Above2 MIO 375,040 20% 75,00820% Above150 937,600 10% 93,760Total Targeted1,406,400 196,896 14%Market Segmentation Strategy
  14. 14. ProductMarketing ProgramsMarketing MixSimplicityIt’s as easy as that. Place theNeato vacuum in any roomyou’d like it to clean, press startand off it goes. Or, simply set aschedule and the Neato XV-11 willautomatically clean at the timeyou set—daily, every other day, or 3 days a week.Keeping your floors clean has never been easier.
  15. 15. ProductMarketing ProgramsMarketing MixLow-MaintenanceJust press the START buttonand off Neato goes, keepingyour floors cleaner on a dailybasis. Neato cleans methodically like you do, leaving straight-line pathson your carpet so you can come homeand see that ‘just cleaned’ look.All you have to do is empty the dirt bin between cleanings andyour robotic vacuum does the rest.
  16. 16. PriceMarketing ProgramsMarketing MixThe Product will be priceWith 3500 EGP/ Unit.Willbeillustratedlater
  17. 17. PromotionMarketing ProgramsMarketing MixWe will use the 3 ways of promotionAbove the line :TV Ads : one month campaign/ year.Radio Ads: one month campaign/ year.Leaflets: 100K to be distributed in the megamarkets to ensure high awareness in theTargeted segments.Bill Boards: 10 Billboards to be distributed in Cairo (ring Road , Mehwar& October bridge) And Alex ( Alex road , International Road).street Cairo & Alex Rich districts(5 streets per governorate)5 gov.(2 per street).Newspapers & Magazines: 2 weekly magazines, 3 monthly magazines.Web site: to be used for online ordering and advertisingIntensive PromotionalPlan in Mothers dayand Christmas
  18. 18. PromotionMarketing ProgramsMarketing MixBelow the line :Personal Selling through our own salesTeam.Through the Line :Mail Advertisements.
  19. 19. Promotion CampaignMarketing ProgramsMarketing MixWithout NeatoSpare TimeWith Neato SpareTime
  20. 20. Without NeatoSpare TimeWith Neato SpareTimePromotion Campaign
  21. 21. Promotion CampaignWasnt going tomake it withoutNeato
  22. 22. PlaceMarketing ProgramsMarketing MixDirect/sales team• Three sales teams, each team consists of 3 sales representatives ; Placed at three booWe’ll have one booth in Cairo; City Stars branch, another one in Giza;Carrefour Dandy Mall & the last one in Alex Green plaza.Each team will be responsible for:• Presenting the Robotics in a gentle way to the customers.• Persuading the customers by how much Robotics is more effective & efficient thanany vacuum machine.• Answering all questions concerning the Robotics and how anyone can use itsfunctions easily.• Selling the Robotics.• Supporting to the salespeople that is employed at home appliances stores.• Build up relationships with those salespeople simply to facilitate the selling process &in order to get feedback.
  23. 23. PlaceMarketing ProgramsMarketing MixRetailerssell directly to end-users via a physical store, website, catalog.Direct/internetSelling through our own e-commerce website. The Web channel,Facebook remains wildly popular among our Targeting andsegmentation consumers.Customer service & SupportWe will Outsource a call Center at Raya Outsourcing Company to answer Customers QueriesAnd issue online purchasing order for uneducated customers.
  24. 24. Implementation PlansPerformance EvaluationFinancial InformationYears Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5Pct of Sales Occurred 7% 18% 32% 29% 14%NO.of targeted families 13,783 35,441 63,007 57,100 27,565Sales Price 3,500.00EGP 3,500.00EGP 3,500.00EGP 3,500.00EGP 3,500.00EGPRevenues 48,239,520.00 124,044,480.00 220,523,520.00 199,849,440.00 96,479,040.00Expenses 52,658,805.80EGP 106,586,616.36EGP 175,195,630.96EGP 155,434,503.21EGP 82,308,131.54EGPCOGS Include Tax & Custom 23,754,517.92EGP 61,083,046.08EGP 108,592,081.92EGP 98,411,574.24EGP 47,509,035.84EGPNo.os Purchased units 13,783 35,441 63,007 57,100 27,565Unit purchase Price(Contracteul) 1,723.50EGP 1,723.50EGP 1,723.50EGP 1,723.50EGP 1,723.50EGPAdvertising Budget 15,125,000.00EGP 15,147,000.00EGP 15,175,000.00EGP 9,889,000.00EGP 9,859,000.00EGPBuildings & Warehouses Rentals 1,800,000.00EGP 1,800,000.00EGP 1,800,000.00EGP 1,800,000.00EGP 1,800,000.00EGPCost of Freight 72,000.00EGP 79,200.00EGP 87,120.00EGP 95,832.00EGP 105,415.20EGPOutsoyrcing Customer Service & Training Cost 420,000.00EGP 462,000.00EGP 508,200.00EGP 559,020.00EGP 614,922.00EGPOPEX 11,907,288 28,477,370 49,541,429 45,238,097 23,034,680Taxes 2,375,452 6,108,305 10,859,208 9,841,157 4,750,904Customs 8,076,536 20,768,236 36,921,308 33,459,935 16,153,072Staff Salaries Fixed 1,176,000 1,293,600 1,422,960 1,565,256 1,721,782Staff Salaries Variable 147,000 161,700 177,870 195,657 215,223Others 132,300.0 145,530.0 160,083.0 176,091.3 193,700.4Net PL (4,839,285.80)EGP 16,995,863.64EGP 44,819,689.04EGP 43,855,916.79EGP 13,555,986.46EGPInvested Capital 50,000,000R.O.I. -9.68% 33.99% 89.64% 87.71% 27.11%Syptoms of Failure 50% (Sold Units) 10,337 26,581 47,255 42,825 20,674Net PL (16,479,166) (13,553,256) (9,802,991) (5,547,423) (9,948,852)See the Excel Sheet`
  25. 25. Symptoms of FailureAs we assumed that the totalinvested capital is 50 Mio, so thesymptoms of failure is when weachieve 75% of the sales , as by sowe are going to lose the totalinvested Capital.Contingency PlansYears Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 TotalsSold Units 10,337 26,581 47,255 42,485 20,674 147,672Net PL 16,690,066 13,455,246 9,695,180 5,428,831 9,818,400 55,087,723
  26. 26. • Our alternative strategy isto monitor the sales for thefirst 2 years if it didn’t meetthe Plan, we willimplement two yearsinstallment plan with theproper interest rate, inorder to penetrate 70% ofthe segment which haveover 150K income as acorrective action toincrease the ROI.Alternative StrategiesContingency Plans
  27. 27. CIA‫للتعبئة‬ ‫المصري‬ ‫الجهاز‬‫والحصاء‬‫المصرية‬ ‫الجمارك‬ ‫مصلحه‬ on SDA industry.Appendices
  28. 28. Thank You