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urban transport planning

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Urban presentation

  1. 1. University Kebangsaan Malaysia DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL AND STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Urban Transportation Prepared by: ALAA.H.MOUSA Lecturer: Prof. Dr. RizaAtiq P71081
  2. 2. Introduction Transport plays a major role in urban development by providing access for people to education, markets, employment, recreation, health care and other key service. Increasing number of vehicles on road is generated traffic congestion, parking problems, air pollution (acidification, smog), noise, greenhouse gas emissions and road accidents. For these reasons, public transport system is a one solution that can implement in urban development areas to reduce road congestion and travel times, air pollution, and energy and oil consumption, all of which benefit both riders and non-riders alike.
  3. 3. Urban Transportation Development plan Kajang Nilai 3 Bangi Bandersriputr a putrajaya
  4. 4. Objectives The main objectives of this study are; oTo study public transport demand for short term and long term period in Kajang – Bangi – Putrajaya – Bandar Seri Putra – Nilai corridor. oTo determine the most desired line for public transport between the zones that connecting the corridor. oTo propose the suitable and sustainable public transportation system in the corridor.
  5. 5. Scope of Study Basically the scope of study involves the following works; i. Preliminary Study: Set objectives, decide the study area, collect existing data and information (structure plan, land use plan, population, traffic volume and etc.) ii. Auditing Existing Situation: Evaluating existing physical and transport situation, traffic survey, identify problems at study area. iii.Long Term Plan: Planning for next 7 years, high cost of implementation.
  6. 6. Location of Study Area Five main zones: Kajang – Bangi – Putrajaya – Bandar Seri Putra – Nilaiwere selected as a location area of this study and these towns are connected each others. The background for each zone is described in following paragraph .
  7. 7. KAJANG 1-Kajang was made the capital of one of Selangor's districts, Hulu Langat in the 1800s because of it being in the district's center 2. It is located 21 kilometers (13 mi) from of Malaysia's capital
  8. 8. Transportation In Kajang, there are two stations. 1-Kajang train station or KTM Kajang which is located in jalan Bukit situated 1 km south from Kajang's town centre. 2- bus station in PusatHentian Kajang
  9. 9. Bangi recently crowned as "Knowledge City" - situated in the district of Hulu Langat, in Selangor, Malaysia, named after the small town of Bangi situated further south. It is located between Kajang and Putrajaya (formerly Prang Besar) and is about 25 km away from the capital city, Kuala Lumpur.
  10. 10. Transportation 1. bus terminal in Bandar BaruBangi sharing with Kajang town which the location is at Hentian Kajang. 2. Absence of bus stations and Taxi Terminal . 3. Bus stop Condition. 4.the lack of parking places for the public near UKM Komuter
  11. 11. Putrajaya Putrajaya is a planned city, located 25km south of Kuala Lumpur, that serves as the federal administrative centre of Malaysia. The seat of government was shifted in 1999 from Kuala Lumpur to Putrajaya, due to the overcrowding and congestion in the Kuala Lumpur areas.
  12. 12. Transportation •Putrajaya Sentral is the main public tranportation hub of Putrajaya. •Located at the west side of Putrajaya, this is the place where public transportation from other parts of Selangor stop. • The Express Rail Link that links KLIA to KL Sentral has a station here.
  13. 13. Nilai3 Nilai 3 is a town located in NegeriSembilan,Malaysia. Due to its proximity, and connection through the KTM to Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, and Kuala Lumpur International Airport, it is a rapidly growing town, development projects can be seen as one drives around Nilai. Area of Nilai reach to (165ha) which represents the country’s largest wholesale center
  14. 14. Bander Sri Putra A new rapid growing township in Bangi, Selangor. It is function as the new residential center which supports the development of Bandar BaruBangi.
  15. 15. Bus,taxi and commuter services • Lack of public transport integration existing buses is outdated, have poor- accessibility especially in the Kajang and Bangi area. • Unsuitable location for Kajang Town bus stop point. • Main public transport terminal is far from komuter station and it’s shared between Kajang and Bangi
  16. 16. . Putrajaya location is far away from other facilities. No public transport to connect between nearest places (Kajang and Bangi) and Putrajaya.. • Services of KTM Komuter are bad. • KTM Komuter station condition cannot accommodate the increasing passenger ’s demands. It has very limited parking
  17. 17. Generally, public transportation is one of the most important part of urban transportation division that are available now in Malaysia. the existing public transport services consist of two main parts: 1.Buses 2.Trains 3.Taxis
  18. 18. THE STUDY METHODOLOGY the initial step involves evaluation of existing data and plans
  19. 19. proposed MRT • Speed – up to 100 km/hr • 4 – 12 couches per train • Couches 22m x 3.1 m • Capacity – up to 80,000 passengers / hr / direction • Acceleration / deceleration ≈ 1.2 m/s2 • Rail – 1435mm gauge • Headway ≥ 120 s • Suitable for radial movement • For high density and high plot ratio area. • Feeder bus service is required • Power supply: 750 V dc • Sub-station: 3 – 5 km spacing
  20. 20.  Guide way utilization factor = 0.75  Load factor = 0.9. To calculate possible range of head way (h) for MRT: Since: Where: Cp = Theoretical passenger line capacity assume= (27040) passengers/hr. α = guide way utilization factor (0.6) = load factor (0.9) n = vehicle per train S = Maximum passenger per vehicle h = headway in second.
  21. 21. Proposed Physical Development • We propose for the new MRT line to be of double-line configuration Connected to Putrajaya from Kajang, Bandar BaruBangi, Bandar Seri Putra and Nilai. For Kajang, BatangBenar and Nilai, the new connection network with existing KTM must be take into consideration to make sure this line viable and interconnected. And Bandar seriputra to niali 3 the new connection with BRT as in Figure below.