Evaluation Q2


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Evaluation Q2

  1. 1. Evaluation2. How does your magazine represent particular social groups?
  2. 2. When developing the magazine I aimed toportray every ethnicity, gender, age andsocial group in a positive way. To ensure Ihave achieved my goal I asked participantsto fill out a survey. Here are the results:
  3. 3. How are women and men represented in the magazine? Are there more womenthan men? Are both genders likely to buy the magazine?• Female dominated• In the magazine you can only find women. So I think that only women would buy this magazine.• Women are the only gender shown in the magazine but this doesnt stop the magazine from being aimed at both genders. Women are represented as carefree, strong and independent based on the DPS images.• higher representation of women, not sexual or degrading.• More women (for this particular issue) as its about a woman rocker and females are more likely to be able to relate to it more.• There are more women so females are most likely to buy this magazine.• Yes• More women and I also think more women would buy it.• More women than men appear in the magazine, but women will not buy the magazine more likely than man.
  4. 4. Almost everyone stated that the magazine is femaledominated, however they disagreed on the fact if thataffects men buying the magazine. Part of them stated thatmen would still buy it, whereas the other part said that itonly attracts women, therefore only women would buy it.In general I would say that women are represented in astrong, powerful and independent way, giving it a hint offeminism.Analysis
  5. 5. Which ethnicities are represented in the magazine? Is one ethnicity dominantover the others?• White dominated• I think there are different groups of cultures represented.• You have used more than one type of ethnicity which is good and could help apply to a bigger audience.• white black• Afro Caribbean/African and White (from images seen). Due to the fact that magazine mainly has one big story on a white musician; the one ethnicity is dominant (however that may not be an issue of purposely dominating one ethnicity over another).• Many ethnicities are represented.• I do not think that one ethnicity is dominant.
  6. 6. I believe I included a variety of ethnicities, however itmight be white dominated, which is representative of theRock genre, as I found my case studies also to be whitedominated. I think that all ethnicities are presented in apositive way.ANALYSIS
  7. 7. How are youth presented in this magazine? In a positive or a negative way?• I thought it was positive at first, but then theres a picture of her smoking.....its not exactly the image you want to get across to the youth of today.• I think that Kim had a hard life, but music helped her to enjoy life again.• Youth is not represented in a positive way to an extent eg model with cigarette. However I think this helps clarify the type of audience you are aiming your magazine at. there represented in a very free way the reader is able to have their own opinion• Not sure (sorry)• Both.• The magazine draws a picture of a self-conscious and intractable.
  8. 8. There is a disagreement in terms of whether youth arepresented in a positive way. The main issue was the pictureof the artist smoking in the DPS. It is not unusual to see thisin a rock magazine, but the artist could be interpreted as abad role model. I personally don’t think is a great problem,as the target audience is 16+ and at this age people shouldnot be as easily influenced.ANALYSIS
  9. 9. The main artist is represented as strong, independent and assomeone who knows what she wants. Women are oftenrepresented in a sexual or degrading way in magazines.However, it is rather rarely the case in rock magazines anddefinitely not the case in encore magazine. Therefore, youcould say that the readers/fans of the rock genre are peoplewho appreciate these values.Representation of rock fans