Program management for goup1


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it is a summry of Program management

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Program management for goup1

  2. 2. AgendaProgram vs. ProjectProgram GovernanceBenefits Realization PlanQuestions?COPYRIGHT 2013 - A-TEAM
  3. 3. Programme vs. ProjectWhat is a project Temporary endeavor of activities to create a unique product or serviceWhat is a programme Group of related projects managed to reach thebusiness benefits of the organizationProjectProductorServicesProject 1outcomesProject 2outcomesOutcomes
  4. 4. Programme vs. ProjectOrganizationalStrategyPortfolioProgramme 1Project 1TasksProject 2TasksProgramme 2SubProgrammeProject 1TasksProjectTasks
  5. 5. Programme vs. ProjectTopic Project Programmecustomers Specific customer Set of customers with differentmissionsInvolvement of Project &Programme managerWork on deliverables with projectteamWork as a facilitator and leaderwith project managers and teamsFocus Focus on specific deliverables andmeet the project goalsRequirements, goals, andbusiness benefits are alwaysenhanced to meet the cooperatestrategyChange Assessed against limited set ofdeliverablesAssessed against all projects andensure it reinforce the strategyCommunication Planning Usually one communication plan Many communication plans fordifferent stakeholders andsponsors
  6. 6. Programme vs. ProjectTopic Project ProgrammeStaffing Organization resources / short-termOrganization resources / Hire staff/ long termRisks Related to product of the project Risks might affect the wholeProgramme, projects, andbusiness strategyNegotiation Usually between the customerand delivery teamMultiple customers and deliveryteams
  7. 7. Program GovernanceDefinitionThe process of developing, communicating, implementing, monitoring andassuring the policies, procedures, organizational structures and practicesassociated with a given program-The Standard for Program Management A critical success factor during program initiation The program steering group is appointed during program initiation along with the program managerwill develop the hierarchy of the Program Governance Initial program governance activities and responsibilities will be outlined in the Program Charter
  8. 8. Program GovernanceOrganizational structures - These may include a program steering committee, a ProgramManagement Office (PMO), the program organizational model, and the project organizationalmodel.Roles -These may include the executive sponsor(s), a steering committee member, the programdirector / manager, the PMO manager, and project managers.Mechanisms - Designed to provide guidance and direction, these may include policies,governance principles, and decision or authority specificationsActivities - Organisational specific – address strategic alignment, ongoing benefits assessment,overall financial analysis and deliverable status
  9. 9. Program GovernanceDuring program setup the Governance process and infrastructure is also setupThe Governance activities and plans are identifiedThe necessary infrastructure in place – (PMO setup)Organise the program governance mechanism with approval, reporting and escalation proceduresEstablish the program control framework for monitoring and measuring the program and metrics for measuring the desiredoutcomeIdentify other infrastructure requirements for program governance and program control such as facilities and IT plansAs programs progress, they require a linkage mechanism that ensures alignment between business strategy anddirection, and the path to needed outcomes over the life of the program. In other words, this mechanism musthelp the program sustain its potential to deliver its promised value. Moreover, other mechanisms must provideoversight and control during program execution.They must help managers assess the programs current state and adjust content and direction if necessary. Theyshould also allow management to refine the definition of success to maintain alignment with evolving businessstrategy.
  10. 10. Typical Governance StructureProgram Steering BoardExecutive SponsorProgramme DirectorProgramManagerProject Manager Project Manager Project Manager Project ManagerPMO
  11. 11. Benefits Realization PlanWhoWhenWhatWhyWhereCOPYRIGHT 2013 - A-TEAMThe Program Manager is responsible for the delivery of the benefits realization planDeveloped as part of the Program Objective DevelopmentDocument that describes the business benefits to be realized from the programIllustrates how the benefits will be achieved and who is responsibleThe business case and the charter will provide significant information as input alongwith Sponsors and key stakeholders
  12. 12. Benefits Realization PlanBaseline information that is included in the benefits realization plan includes:COPYRIGHT 2013 - A-TEAM Identification of Benefits How it is measured Identification of deliverables Planned Dates of Deliverables Actual Dates of deliverables Planned Dates when Benefit Measurement should start with Owner Actual Dates when Benefits Measurement should start with Owner
  13. 13. Benefits Realization PlanBenefits MapObj2ProgramObjectivesbenefit1BenefitsExternal behavioralChangeBehavioral ChangeProject 1DeliverablesProject 2Project 3Benefit3 Obj1Details….Figures…..Benefit2COPYRIGHT 2013 - A-TEAMAn effective technique that a program manager can use to visualize the component deliverables , theinitial benefits realized and the benefits that result in achieving the program’s objectivesDon’t forgetto revisit ateverymilestoneat the least
  14. 14. Benefits Realization PlanSchedule of Benefits DeliveryYear1Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct NovCalculate BenefitsOperational ModeDecOnGoing BenefitsProject 3Ongoing RealizationProject 2Project 1Year2COPYRIGHT 2013 - A-TEAM
  15. 15. Benefits Realization PlanBest practicesCOPYRIGHT 2013 - A-TEAM Setup the right tools, procedures and infrastructure for monitoring benefits Revisit the benefits realization plan regularly at milestones at the least Ensure alignment of benefits with the strategic goals of the organization Include a schedule for benefits delivery with intermediate and ongoing milestone Outline who is responsible and accountable for delivery Engage the key stakeholders in developing the plan to draw on their experiences
  16. 16. Benefits Realization PlanSomething to RealizeBenefits do not happen as soon as the project is deliveredBenefits rarely happen according to plan or on budgetBenefit realization must be managed just like any other Projectmanagement processSome benefits cannot be measured or quantified or it just might not havea financial valueA program manager is NOT responsible for realizing the benefits but onlyresponsible for the projects that ultimately help realize the benefitsCOPYRIGHT 2013 - A-TEAM
  17. 17. QuestionsCOPYRIGHT 2013 - A-TEAMWhat we are not!!!! What we are