Vatican vibes


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This is a lesson plan designed for a Unit on 'Beast' by Donna Jo Napoli for a stage 5 English class

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Vatican vibes

  1. 1. ORASMYN REMIX Stage 5 Unit on Napoli’s ‘Beast’
  2. 2. SUMMARY  Unit • Prior Learning • New Learning • Assessment  Lesson • Remix (multimodal) • Remix (visual)  Segment  Discussion
  3. 3. PRIOR LEARNING  Students have read most of the novel „Beast‟ by Donna Jo Napoli  Students have already been using some form of blogging and have active accounts  Students have discussed the themes and the subject matter of the novel, i.e. they know the metalanguage
  4. 4. NEW LEARNING  Students will learn about the genres of remixing  Students will explore the multimodal remix text of Fatima al Qadiri and Tabor Rohak  Students will open a imagechef account  Students will upload images to imagechef and manipulate them to create “stickers”  Students will create a 1-2 page remix in class
  5. 5. ASSESSMENT  At home, students may edit their remix to make it up 10 pages if they wish  In the last lesson of the unit students will add the remix to a blog about the character Orasmyn which will include at minimum one separate 60 word summary (no more no less)
  6. 6. REMIX Remixing is the practice of appropriating images and/or sound from a rich variety of sources to create representation of a new concept. It is a form of digital collage and is often multimodal.
  7. 7. VATICAN VIBES The example we will first explore is „Vatican Vibes‟
  8. 8. OUR FIRST REMIX The type of text we will produce will be something more like this:
  9. 9. BECOME AN IMAGECHEF Go to: Create and account using your secure school email
  10. 10. CREATE A REMIX  Open link to earlier example:  Find and click on the tab „Make Your Own‟  Decide on a focus: a) Orasmyn‟s masculinity b) Orasmyn‟s culture  Upload relevant images to your chosen theme and create “stickers”  Import images and stickers into your remix and play around with it
  11. 11. INCLUSION SOME: Ss will extend their blog MOST: Ss will be on topic Ss will add more slides (10 max) ALL: Ss will make a Remix (1-2 slides)
  12. 12. DISCUSSION  Is there anything you think I could improve in my delivery of this segment/unit?  How might you use „remix‟ to engage students and get them responding to/producing texts?
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