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The Christmas Story is not for children. God's rescue plan for humanity starts in the middle of the mess ... and isn't easy for anyone involved.

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  • Sandy Hook Elementary school
  • Sandy Hook Elementary school
  • 20121216 - moving quickly

    1. 1. Vicki Soto @ Sandy Hook“When the shooting startedVicki hid her kids in closetsand when the gunman cameinto her room she said theclass was in gym. She wasthen murdered. Not one ofher students were harmed.Words can not express howheartbreaking and tragic thisis.”
    2. 2. Suffering and evil disprove God …Christians believe in a ‘good’ and ‘all powerful’ God.But the world has ‘meaningless’ suffering and evil.So, if God is ‘good’ he can’t be ‘all powerful’.And if he is ‘all powerful’ then he can’t be ‘good’.Either way, the Christian God can’t exist! … and they’re the reason God sent a ‘Saviour’
    3. 3. 16th December 2012 Christmas 2012 [3/5]“Moving quickly, Traveling light”Matt 2:13 … an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream. ‘Get up,’ he said, ‘take thechild and his mother and escape to Egypt. Stay there until I tell you, for Herod is going to search for the child to kill him.’
    4. 4. Mary followed God• She was faithful & obedient• Not much of a ‘Betrothal’What to say to her family?Joseph planned to divorce• Not much of a WeddingRushed and ‘on the quiet’• Not much of a HoneymoonTravelling to BethlehemEight months pregnant
    5. 5. Luke 2: 4-7So Joseph also went up … toBethlehem the town ofDavid … 5 He went there toregister with Mary, who…was expecting a child.6 While they were there,…she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She … placedhim in a manger, becausethere was no guest roomavailable for them.
    6. 6. Luke 2: 8-11And there were shepherdsliving out in the fields nearby, …9 An angel of the Lordappeared to them, …the angel said to them,…11 Today in the town ofDavid a Saviour has beenborn to you; he is theMessiah, the Lord. 12 … youwill find a baby … lying in amanger.’
    7. 7. Luke 2: 22, 25-26When the time came forthe purification ritesrequired by the Law ofMoses, Joseph and Marytook him to Jerusalem topresent him to the Lord. …there was a man … calledSimeon, who was righteousand devout. He was waitingfor … the Lord’s Messiah.
    8. 8. Luke 2: 34-35Then Simeon blessed themand said to Mary, his mother‘This child is destined tocause the falling and rising ofmany in Israel, and to be asign that will be spokenagainst, 35 so that thethoughts of many hearts willbe revealed. And a sword willpierce your own soul too.’
    9. 9. Matthew 2: 1-2After Jesus was born inBethlehem in Judea, duringthe time of King Herod,Magi from the east came toJerusalem 2 and asked,‘Where is the one who hasbeen born king of the Jews?We saw his star when it roseand have come to worshiphim.’
    10. 10. Matthew 2: 13-15When they had gone, anangel of the Lord appearedto Joseph in a dream. ‘Getup,’ he said, ‘take the childand his mother and escapeto Egypt …14 So he got up,took the child and hismother during the night andleft for Egypt, 15 … until thedeath of Herod.
    11. 11. Matthew 2: 16When Herod realised that hehad been outwitted by theMagi, he was furious, and hegave orders to kill all theboys in Bethlehem and itsvicinity who were two yearsold and under, in accordancewith the time he had learnedfrom the Magi.
    12. 12. A ‘suffering’ Saviour• Your life matters… that’s why Jesus came• There’s a bigger picture… freedom is real and costly• It doesn’t all make sense… sin is a real problem• Don’t get distracted… the cause is too important
    13. 13. Further ReadingA book for “skeptics and thebelievers who love them.”