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No268 newslettr daily e-13_10_2013

  1. 1. 17102013- No.268 Shells in Damascus .. A tunnel underneath Damascus-Homs Highway The injured of al-Nusra to Israel Chechen …Yemeni Saudi People and Turkish people in the countryside of Lattakia PAGE 4 PAGE 3 Conflicting reports about the prison of Aleppo PAGE 6 Council of leadership in Daraa PAGE 7 Electricity in good condition
  2. 2. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )268( 2013/10/17 Page NO .2 Shells in Damascus ……….. A tunnel underneath Damascus-Homs Highway Twenty four citizens including children were injured because of shells of mortars were fired on the houses in Karam al-Samady and alBaath Neighborhoods in Jarmana, in addition to material damages in the place, also a citizen was killed by a sniper near to the Water Unit in Harasta. Units of Syrian Arab Army continued their operations in the countryside of Damascus, where they found a tunnel, its length is more than three hundred meters and its depth is about ten meters, includes weapons and ammunition. In Zamalka, ten gunmen were killed and 15 others were killed in Adraa. Thirty gunmen were killed surrounding the industrial region in Doma including” Taiser al-Shalit”. Units of Syrian Arab Army advanced in Barzeh, While in Jubar an army unit destroyed a tank rigged with explosives northeast of the Teachers Tower that the gunmen were trying to take outside the neighborhood and killed all the gunmen inside it. Unofficial Media sources talked about the starting of the Syrian Arab Army a battle” the safety of al-Sayidda Zainab” in the countryside of Damascus to restore the domination on al-Hojaira, among them Dergham Abu Setteh, a Palestinian, Diab alMahshi and Salama al-Fare’. The Army destroyed 3 tank trucks and a number of cars in al- in al-Nabek. The front of “al-Nusra “published the names of suicidal persons who attacked the square of al-Umayyad on last Sunday who is Abou Asid al-Ansary who opened the street in front of the second suicidal “Abee Zaar al-Ansary “ , it announced also that it fights with the free army is Sasa.
  3. 3. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )268( Page NO .3 2013/10/17 Attempts of infiltration in Aleppo ….. clashes in its countryside In the countryside of Aleppo, fierce clashes have happened between the units of Syrian Arab Army and the gunmen of opposition in alSafera, while the army destroyed rocket launchers and mortars in Kwers. The correspondent of al-Mayadeen Channel talked about fierce clashes between the Syrian army and the gunmen of the front of al-Nusra inside one of the buildings in the Central prison of Aleppo. The battles between the gunmen of “ the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham “ and “the brigade of storm of north “ in Azaz in the countryside of Aleppo have renewed, causing the killing and injuring dozens of two parties. In Deir Ezzour, gunmen affiliated to the Free Army and the Front of al-Nusra targeted by heavy weapons the headquarters of the Syrian army forces in a number of districts of the city. Conflicting reports about the prison of Aleppo The sources of opposition rumored that the gunmen were able to control on the central prison of Aleppo after clashes took place in the courtyard of the prison and a number of the guards were killed, other sources denied any entering of the gunmen to the central prison.
  4. 4. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )268( 2013/10/17 Page NO .4 Chechen …. Yemeni... Saudi People and Turkish people in the countryside of Lattakia The army units killed and injured dozens of gunmen in many areas in Lattakia countryside, the majority of them affiliated to the “Islamic State of Iraq and Levant” terrorist organization. A military source said that the army targeted gunmen’s hideouts in the areas of Dorshan, Nawwara, al-Kaber, Otaira, alFurlug and al-Amleek, killing scores of gunmen, many of them of non-Syrian nationalities including Chechen, Yemini ,Turkish and Saudi Nationalities , and destroying a number of warehouses. Among the killed gunmen were Abu al-Motayam alSinjari, Abdul-Latif Mohammad, of the Yemeni nationality, Abu Huzayfa, Abu Omar, of the Libyan nationality, Abu Abdul-Rahman, Hamed Abdul-Nabi, Salem al-Khaled and Sam’an al-Haj. The army units also foiled an attempt of infiltration to al-Nabi Ashe’a Mount. Fighting between Gunmen in Homs…and Loses of opposition in Hama and Daraa Dozens of gunmen were killed during a fighting between two armed groups on the way that connects Alsultaniah village with Salam Gharbi in the countryside of Jeb Aljerah in Homs, while the clashes are still continued between the Syrian Arab army and the opposition gunmen in Jorat Alsheiah ,Karabess and Akrab in the countryside of Homs. An official military source said that units of the army destroyed four bombed cars and launcher missile in Alarshona and Alkerija villages in the countryside of Hama and it controlled Salam Gharbi in the countryside of Hama and that after killing all the members of armed groups ,while the sources of opposi- tion mentioned that it controlled Salam Gharbi village. In the countryside of Daraa, a military source talked that the units of the army targeted the hideouts of gunmen in Atmman ,Inkhel ,Alhirak, the Western Muleiha and Tafas, where some gunmen were killed.The gunmen targeted with mortars the forces of the Syrian Arab Army in the Twelfth Brigade and the military residences in Alkuneiah and it achieved successful operations there ,while the clashes are still repeated in Alsheik Maskeen .
  5. 5. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )268( The injured of al-Nusra to Israel 2013/10/17 Page NO .5 The inspection of 11 sites The organization of prohibition the chemical weapons announced in its statement that the organization mission team inspected of eleven sites and it destroyed the equipment for producing in six sites of the chemical weapons in Syria. The United Nations has appointed the Dutch Sigrid Kaag a president of the international mission which is responsible for getting rid of the chemical weapons in Syria. The correspondent of alMayadeen reported that 106 injured persons of the front of al-Nusra were transferred by Israeli ambulances to the Israeli Hospital “Naharya”. A new coalition for the The Opposition may negotiate with the Syrian government Syrian opposition in Syria A number of parties and Syrian opponent political movements announced the formation of “ the coalition of political parties in Syria,” Yahiya Awad, the spokesman of the coalition said in a statement that there is not any political opposition inside Syria, except the opposition which is close to the government and officially licensed it. Opponent Sources reported the speech of Louay Safi, the spokesman of National Coalition of the forces of the revolution and the Syrian opposition that the possibility of approval to negotiate with some acceptable persons of the Syrian government at Geneva Conference 2, such as Farouk al-Shara, the Vice President of Bashar al-Assad, stressing that the negotiations would be about handing over the power to a transitional government without any future for the President al-Assad in it.
  6. 6. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )268( Page NO .6 2013/10/17 Council of leadership in Daraa about seventy factions of the armed opposition in Daraa announced that they do not admit by the “National Coalition of the forces of revolution and the opposition,” announcing that they unit themselves under a new military organization under the name of “Command Council of the Revolution of the Southern Region”. A political party of the brotherhood of Muslims The sources of opposition reported that the leading member in Brotherhood Muslims group in Syria Zoheir Salem said that the group wait the proper conditions to announce forming a political party and he announced that this party will not be apolitical tool of the group, but it will be an opened nation- al and independent space for all the ideas and targets with Islamic ideology, and he denied the presence of any military tools of the group inside Syria
  7. 7. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )268( Page NO .7 2013/10/17 Genève 2 is in the next month Qadri Jamil ,the Deputy Prime Minister of Economic Affairs announced that the Geneva Conference 2 can be held between 23 and 24 November, he said in an interview with Russia Today channel that the Syrian budget losses due to the continuation of the war is estimated at one hundred billion dollars up to the present time. Syria extradited Campo to the United Nations Electricity in good condition The Ministry of electricity confirmed that all projects of generation are in good condition and the Ministry does its best to secure the electricity to all citizens. The ministry of foreign affairs and Expatriates extradited the Canadian lawyer Carl Sergi Campo, the worker in the United Nations forces to observe the separation of forces in Golan (UN- DOF), to the permanent representative of the United Nations in Syria Jacobe Alholow .This worker in UNDOF was abducted by gunmen in Khan Alsheih in last February.