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This is the project guilide for development of

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Project guideline

  1. 1. Project Requirement GuidelineOutline:This is the project requirement guideline for current developing Magento website fromTradeasy Enterprise, Western Australia. This project is required someone who master theskill in Magento design and development. Developer will need to develop the Magento storeas required and go through the check list before it goes live. All requirements will be writtenbelow.Project Goal: • Design and develop the remaining part of the current developing website. • Go thought the entire checklist and inform us if there is a problem. • Ready the store to go live. • This project needed to be complete in 14 days.
  2. 2. Web Development Outline: 1. HomepagePart 1: Front Main BannerWe need a Slider or Moving Banner for our website. You need to develop a newbanner/slider for us according to our reference website and requirement we need.
  3. 3. This is the reference website – .There are few great features in this banner/slider, like the small display picture on right belowthe corner and the easy guided arrow. The banner should automatic switch to next banner at atimeframe on 5sec.
  4. 4. Part 2: Homepage Layout Change 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. *Two Box*In this part, you need to add 6 block and each of the blocks is displaying a category.You need to design each of the blocks according to our specific catalogue content.Category:1. Free – 5dollar 2. 5 – 10 dollar 3. 10 – 30 dollar4. Kid 5. Boys and Girls 6. Family
  5. 5. Next, we will like to add two small boxes at the right-side column. One of them will showthe international shipping is available and other will show the commercial or volume buyerdiscount. There is a reference website: Reference website is just an advice sample for those box designs, pleasedesign something suitable for us. Like, there got a good design.
  6. 6. Part 3: Random Product BlockThe current random block was just able to show 3 items once so we will like to change it to 9 items.Besides that, we will like to refine the Price colour/position and the “Add to Cart”. At present, it isgrey in colour and less eye catching.
  7. 7. Part 4: FooterCurrent, We have a quite unprofessional footer and we will like to made it more informative andprofessional look. It must have the link : About Us Shop with Us Contact Us Legal Info About Only5 Buy Contact Only5 (Mail-In) Term and Condition Customer Feedback Payment Customer Services Privacy Policy Press Releases Shipping Partner With Us Copyright Policy Jobs Refund Supply Us Jobs Security in our online store Product Information InvestorAppropriate Trusted Logo might need to consist too. For Example,
  8. 8. Part 5: Background ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?The present background is a pale grey colour background. We need a more attractive background toincrease the attention of the audience. For example, the background in and . Both of them show a great function in this sectionwhich gives us a good reference to our future website.Part 6: Social IconWe need some social icon for our audience to click o so they can add us in face or follow us in twitteretc. We got few good example here, some put it in the header and some put it in the footer. So the lastdecision will depend on your professional idea. 1. 2.
  9. 9. 2. Extension Plug-in and ConfigurationPart 1: Magento Connect ManagerExtension link: 2: Zopim Live ChatExtension link: Provider website: for Zopim Live Chat: Configure our Zopim Live Chat account Confirm Extension work finePart 3: ZendeskExtension link: Provider website:http://www.zendesk.comConfiguration for Zendesk:You need to customise the look and feel of our zendesk (our customer support portal) like it is a partof our store. Most of them can be finished by Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and there is moreinformation in zendesk website: .
  10. 10. Besides that, we need a Zendesk Feedback Tab. This could be eaily integrate into the magento store,and more information can be found in zendesk website ( There are a Reference website: 3: MailChimpExtension link: website: for MailChimp: Configure our MailChimp account Confirm Extension work finePart 4: Easy FAQExtension link: need to figure out whether we need this, because maybe zendesk can help us to do our FAQTOO)Part 5: Facebook Product TabExtension link: Link: for Facebook Product Tab: Configure our Facebook Product Tab (Magento Side) Simply Create Facebook App by Online iFrame Fix all URL error Confirm Extension work finePart 6: Facebook Login-inExtension/Provider link: for Facebook: Configure our Extension Setting. Confirm Extension work fine.
  11. 11. Part 7: Social Bookmarking ServicesExtension/Provider link: for Social Bookmarking Services:Current Product Page
  12. 12. After Plug-in Configure Extension Setting Confirm Extension work fine.(ADD) In addition, you will need to change the “email to friend”, “be the first to review this product”,“Add to wishlist” and “Add to Compare” to ICONIC button .Part 8: Video ModuleExtension/Provider link: for Video Module: Configure Extension Setting Confirm Extension work fine.
  13. 13. Part 9: Product QuestionExtension/Provider link: Plug-InConfiguration for Product Quetion: Configure Extension Setting. Ensure the Questions and answers can directly show below the product description. Confirm Extension work fine.
  14. 14. Part 10: Reward Points + Referral ProgramExtension/Provider link: for Reward Points + Referral Program: Configure Extension Setting. AUD0.10 = 1 Reward Point Referral Programme: one new user sign up our website will get earn 100 point. Earned Point can use as store credit (500point =AUD1) Edit the reward point gift box into one which more suitable for our website. Ensure the Questions and answers can directly show below the product description. Confirm Extension work fine.Part 11: One-Step CheckoutExtension/Provider link: Checkout Page
  15. 15. After Plug-inThe red bracket area should show an onestep checkout.Similar Sample: Trusted Logo Picture HERE
  16. 16. Configuration for Gomage one step checkout Configure Extension Setting. o It do have many different setting, and option. (It must set to fit our store theme and function need to be ensure linked smoothly.) For example: Interface or Payment option Configure Paypal express/standard checkout, Moneybrooker and Google checkout. Shipping module need to get set up: o We got 5 shipping selection. 1. Free Shipping 2. Australia post 3.Fastway Express Post 4.Weekend Meet 5. Pick Up. Free Shipping – Total amount over AUD50 or Postcode is 6102-6107 Australia Post (Flat Rate – AUD1) – Any delivery postcode within Australia + weight within 500g FastWay Express Post – For postcode within Australia and total weight = 500 – 1000g (Flat Rate= 3dollar) = 1000-2000kg (Flat Rate = 4dollar) = 2000g or more (Flat Rate = 5 dollar) Weekend Big Meet in Belmont Forum – Free (Need to bring e-mail receipt) Pick up – Free Add Trusted LOGO Confirm Extension work fine.
  17. 17. We hope that this project outline provide you with a clear concept aboutour commitment in the project. Despite the fact that we have provided anddiscussed several examples and features of our project, any unique ideaand/or custom components are most welcomed. We would like to work withour developer in a harmonious way to ensure the best and highest qualityoutcome. Therefore, we hope that our developer would also be highlypassionate and be ready to devote high commitment to any future project.If anyone is interested in our project and think that they can fulfil therequirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. The contact detail is asthe following: StoreAddress: 6/153, Gerard Street, East Cannington 6107 WAEmail: / 1300 664 558 (within Australia)Office Tel: +61861020309Mobile: +61433802878Thanks for your time and looking forward to hear from you.