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Project guideline

  1. 1. Project Requirement GuidelineOutline:This is the project requirement guideline for current developing Magento website fromTradeasy Enterprise, Western Australia. This project is required someone who master theskill in Magento design and development. Developer will need to develop the magento storeas required and go through the check list before it go live. All requirements will be writtenbelow.Project Goal: • Design and develop the remaining part of the current developing website. • Go thought the entire checklist and inform us if there is a problem. • Ready the store to go live. • This project needed to be complete in 14 days.
  2. 2. Web Development Outline:Part 1: Front Main BannerIn our current website, the front main banner is not a ‘moving’ banner. You need to change itinto a Moving Banner (slider) actual same as our reference website.Reference Website- . It need to have the above feature suchas smooth user control, automatic switching to next banner every 10 second and the ability tochange the banner in a easiest way.
  3. 3. Example for Step 1 final:The final appearance should be something similar as above. But thetemporary banners need to change to banner1.jpg, banner2.jpg andbanner3.jpg. In the future, it must allow us to change the banners atthe back-end of Magento.
  4. 4. Part 2: Front Three BlockIn our current website below the front main banner is our 6 Rectangle block. But now youneed to add a 3 block direct below the front main banner. Below reference will let you getsome of the idea.Reference Website - . The three blocks that specific in this website isactually what we want in our website.
  5. 5. The idea is similar to the above example picture. You will need to add a similar three blocksinto our website but it’s design must fit our website template and style.Example: OR ?The second block and third block content is same as the reference website (Internationalshipping and commercial Buyer). For the first block, you will need to add “Sign up memberto get Special Discount”. All graphic must be creative, fun and original which fit our websitetemplate and style. Besides that, each block must be able to link to a related FAQ and alsoable for us to redirect it in the future.
  6. 6. Part 3: Live Chatting systemWe are using Zopim Chatting system. It is easy web applications that can be integrate intoMagento System.There is a Magento Extension that available in the Magento connect marketplace. It is freeand makes everything become so simple. This is the url address: .You just need to integrate it into our website by plug in the extension and set it up.Part 4: Support TicketThe Support Ticket system that we are using is Zendesk. It is also another web applicationthat easy to get integrates into magento.There is a Magento Extension that available in the Magento connect marketplace whichpublished by a developer call turbobird. It can integrate zendesk into magento within fewclicks. This is the url address: . Developer website is .
  7. 7. Your job is to integrate the extension into our magento store and personalised it become oursupport ticket system such as customize the look and feel to our support portal. Most of them cancomplete thought the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).Besides that, Zendesk nearly released a new feature (dropbox support) (Reference Website: ). This could easily integrate into the magento store, and more information canreference to the zendesk website ( After integrate it, you need to personalised it too.Example:Don’t forgot, we would like to put the clicking tag on the left hand side.
  8. 8. Part5: HeaderIn this part, you are required to put our logo (will provided) into the header like in the picture andexchange the language button into Australia flag and China flag. The above picture is just an idea,you need reorganise the item to fit our template and style. 1. 2.
  9. 9. Next, you need to add a series of contact button in the header. We have shown an example (1.) andthat is the look that we prefer. Example 2. (from ) show thefunction that we wish to include in the series of contact button such as 1. Show contact number. 2.MSN/e-mail address.(+ function to add MSN contact) 3. Skype name (+ function to add Skypecontact) 4.Gtalk name (+ function to add gmail contact) 4. Twitter name (+ function to follow ourtwitter accout) 5. Facebook name (+ function to add Facebook contact) 6. Mail Name (+ function toe-mail us). All we have mentioned is our idea only, and you should design something suitable for ourwebsite.In addition, we will like to add some animation to the button. We got few options for you, so it isdepend on your design of the buttons. One is something like or
  10. 10. Part 6: Welcome Bar These words need to be BOLD and slightly bigger.Part 7: MailChimpWe have selected MailChimp as our e-mail/ newspaper marketing web application. You will need tointegrate it into our homepage newspaper system.There is a Free Magento Extension that available in the Magento connect marketplace. Youjust have to plug it into magento and everything will become so simple.
  11. 11. Part 8: NewpaperYou need to change the newpaper block by adding a “subscribe to win” message. The picture aboveis just an idea and you should design something suitable for our website.After that, integrate it into Mail Chimp so when user type their e-mail address into the block andclick subscribe. The e-mail will directly save into our mailchimp account and reply a confirmation e-mail. For more information, please go to .
  12. 12. Part 9: Middle 6 Block Category: 1. Free – 5dollar 2. 5 – 10 dollar 3. 10 dollar - ∞ 4. Kid 5. Boys and Girls 6. Family 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.In this part, you need to add contents into the 6 block and each of the blocks is displaying a category.Your responsible is to design each of the blocks according to our specific catalogue content. Here isthe reference picture (below) and website (
  13. 13. Part 10: Random Display BlockThere is a Random Product block below the middle six blocks. Currently, it will display 9 productseach time. You will need to increase it from 9 to 12 products and re-confirm its function which couldchoose random product from our full product list and display them.
  14. 14. Besides that, we will like to refine the Price colour and position. At present, it is grey in colour andless eye catching. We still didn’t have exact idea on the issue but we know you will able to solve it.Next, we will like to add some “Side tag” for the product display in this random block such as “New”,“Hot” etc. We have the reference picture on the top and we found similar feature extensives forreference ( / ( ). Please give us some idea or suggestion on the essentialness of this feature.Last, we will like to change the “add to cart” button. The current “add to cart” is less of symbolic. Wehave found a better one from and it is not essential for you to use their “add tocart” button but you must find something suitable for our website.Part 11: FooterFooter is the last part of our homepage. You need to change it into a more content foot.We have ready a reference picture and you can either follow it or using the same content butdifferent design.
  15. 15. Example:Part 12: Background Background. The present Background is a pale grey colour background. It is quite fit to the old template but when all our feature change and our new logo plug-in, it feel a bit weird. We wish to have a more suitable background to fix our new look. Here is a reference website: They have a marvellous background and great integrate function with the banner slider. Anyway, we didn’t expect you will able to done this things but just find some suitable background for us.
  16. 16. Part 13: Product PageThis is our current Product Page. We will like to make some changes to it. Some of them have ready-made free extension to help you.
  17. 17. 1. 2. 1.First, we will like to pull the related products block down below the description and cancel out the“lowest…” block from the product page. The price colour needs to change.
  18. 18. Second, we will like to add two extensive. One is the Magento Social bookmarking( ).One is the “Facebook like” extension. ( You need confirm it is working and set it up.Next, We will like to make the “email to friend” , “ be the first to review this product” , “Add towishlist” and “Add to Compare” to become clear. You can either bold them, increase their font sizeor change them into icon.
  19. 19. Besides that, we will like to change our “add to cart” button.Part 14: Review/Question PageIn our website product page, there is just “Product description”, “recommended” and “product tag”.Now we will like to add a “Review” and “Question” block.
  20. 20. So Customer can click on the Review Button, Read and write their review. We found similar functionextension for reference. (URL : ). You can look into their extension andbuild something similar for our website.For the Questions block, We also found similar extension( for yourreference. Besides that, we hope it can integrate with the Zendesk and when user ask their question,it will automatic create a ticket in Zendesk but also show in the product page. Then, when we replythem, it will show our answer in the product page too. We need you advise to ask for the possibilityto create this function.
  21. 21. Last, we will to remove the “We recommended” and add “Shipping and Refund”. This idea is comefrom We are using same feature as them to make customer feel familiar. We have sameshipping rate for Perth CBM and Within Australia so it should be no problem. Our Refund policy alsostay the same for all product.Part 15: Shopping Cart 1. 2. 2. 1.For the shopping cart page, we will have some adjustment. Block 2 and 1 will need to change theirhorizontal and the “Estimate shipping and tax” title need to change to “Estimate shipping” only.
  22. 22. In here, the prices colours are still an issue. You will require changing their colour like in thehomepage and product page. The “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” needs to change an eye-catching andstyle fit button.Part 16: Checkout
  23. 23. Now, our checkout page is a one page few step checkout. We want it to change to a one page onestep express checkout to simplify the checkout process. At the present, there are few differentextension in the market place. For example, “One Step Checkout”( ) , “ Firecheckout” ( ) , “ Quick One Page Checkout ”( ) and etc.Anyway, we want something similar to these extensions but you must pay attention to our availablepayment method so it would integrate properly with them such as Moneybookers extension, Paypaland Cash Pickup. Some confidence Logo icons need to place in the checkout page too.For our payment method, we are using Moneybookers for credit card/Local Bank transfer and Paypalfor Paypal user. To integrate Moneybookers, there is a ready-made free extension( )and you should have no problem in this part. Don’t worry about the SSL because we will take care ofit.Last, after you integrate the Moneybookers extension and perform a checkout. When you click theplace order button, it will go to the pay mode. The pay mode is clarified by Moneybookers and wecan’t change anything. But after the pay successful performed, we go to the notification page.
  24. 24. In default, it will display the above picture. But you need to re-design a new graphic picture topresent our thankful to our customer who purchases products from us.Part 17: Loyalty programme and Referral ProgramFor this section, we found a lot of loyalty programme extension in the Magento marketplace. Forexample: “Sweet tooth” (, “J2T Reward Point + Referralprogram” ( ,and “Point and Reward” ( What we want is something like J2TReward Point + Referral program, Sweeth tooth is a quite professional extension but it is tooexpensive for us. So you can either advise us to buy the J2T Reward Point and you plug it into ourwebsite or you can create one for us. - Product pricing is the number of point that can earn. - Earned point can use as store credit (100point = AUD1) - Referral Programme : one friend sign up our website will get earn 5 Point. If they buy their first item from our store, referral will earn 20 point. - When sign up to become our member, you will get 25point. - Member program is divided into 4 level. - @0 order -> Bronze Grade (10% discount) - @1st order -> Sliver Grade (15% discount) rd - @3 order -> Gold Grade (20% discount) - @5rd order -> Diamond Grade (25% discount) (Total purchase amount over AUD100 dollar)Part 18: ShippingEdit our shipping module. We just got 5 selections. 1. Free Shipping 2. Australia post 3. FastWayExpress Post 4.Weekend Meet 5. Pick up 1. Free Shipping – Total amount over AUD50 or Postcode is 6107 (Free) 2. Australia Post – Any postcode within Australia + weight within 250g (Flat Rate - 1 dollar) or Postcode 6000 – 6160 + weight over 500g (Flat rate - 2 dollar) 3. FastWay Express Post – For other postcode within Australia + weight 500g-1kg (3 dollar) 1kg-2kg (4dollar) 2kg+ (5dollar) 4. Weekend Big Meet ( Free) (Need to bring e-mail receipt) 5. Pick Up (Free)
  25. 25. Current ProjectWe have divided the project into 18 parts. Developer must understand the entirerequirement and able to complete all the part rather than few of them to join theproject. We will pay each of the part when it was completed. For those part withgraphic required, unlimited review must be provided until satisfied.Please feel free to tell us, when you can provide something better, we arehappy to pay more to get better an outcome.Work with our New Website:There are two strong reasons why you benefit on working with us.• Long term Business Relationship Successful Western Australia Online distribution. Our aim is to build up an online shopping pathway to let all the residents in Western Australia to get the best deal and best online service without stepping out of their door. Therefore, we have high demand of developing new websites and freelance developer was work with us before will become be prioritised. A number of Magento store are going to be developed soon.• Maintenance and Growing We would like to commit long term cooperation with our developer because the website is initially developed by the developer would be highly effective and efficient. It is a good idea for us to contact the original developer of our website when we need maintenance. We share our Growth. Every long term executive website developer will enjoy a 3% annual profit that is yielded from the website. We pledge that the profit is going to be promising and the target profit would be hit in time no more than five years. (This will perform only if you are an executive website developer for one of our website.)
  26. 26. We hope that this project outline provide you with a clear concept aboutour commitment in the project. Despite the fact that we have provided anddiscussed several examples and features of our project, any unique idea and/orcustom components are most welcomed. We would like to work with ourdeveloper in a harmonious way to ensure the best and highest quality outcome.Therefore, we hope that our developer would also be highly passionate and beready to devote high commitment to any future project.If anyone is interested in our project and think that they can fulfil therequirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. The contact detail is as thefollowing:Email: / 1300 664 558 (within Australia)Office Tel: +61861020309Mobile: +61433802878Thanks for your time and forward to hearing from you.