How to built a google friendly and simple website


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This is my paper (write up) for EMBA on developing a simple yet effective website for SME. It is useless if we develop an expensive website but nobody knows about it. I shared the steps and tools to come out with a google friendly website based in research and study. Tq

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How to built a google friendly and simple website

  1. 1. Mohd  Farid  Awang  (2010932779)   EMBA,  Dungun  AbstractTerengganu is well known of its delicious taste of original recipe spices (rempah).There were many types of Terengganu spices can be find in the market especially inPasar Payang, Terengganu. The most popular is Rempah Gulai Kawah. Most of thespices are homemade and some being upgraded and manufactured in propermanufacturing environment. All of these spices manufacturer or producer has theirown loyal customers consist of traders and restaurants and they are mostly located inTerengganu. Therefore, the competition between all spices manufacturer andproducer in Terengganu is very tough due to small target market. They were notsuccessful in exploring more market due to highly dependence in traditional way ofdoing business, which is trading in bulk offline and lack of exposure to bigger market(online). Therefore, it is the best way forward and action for SMEs in spices businessto go online and start looking for new potential market. Terengganu have only 1.2million populations compared to a 17.5 million Internet users in Malaysia. Inaddition, spices is consider a must have cooking menus in every family in Malaysia.Based on this fact alone, the prospect from internet customer is huge and verydemanding. This project will focus on generating simple, easy to maintain and lessexpensive website for SMEs in spices to go online and start generating sales throughe-commerce and market their spices more effectively via interactive, informative andfriendly website. In addition, the website will also offer Management InformationSystem for customer database, question and shopping cart.IntroductionPayang Resources (PR) is one of the manufacturers of Terengganu spices inTerengganu. The company own by madam Faridah Muhammad. Established on 23rdDecember 2000 and operated at Kampu Alur Jambu, Wakaf Tengah, KualaTerengganu. Mdm Faridah heritage a 50 years family’s recipe of makingTerengganu’s spices. Before the establishment, the company operated under herfather personal name, without a formal formation of company. “Rempah Pak Leh CapBunga Safron” is their unregistered brand and very popular in Pasar Payang. In 2009,mdm Faridah want to register the brand, unfortunately “Cap Bunga Safron” is takenalready. Therefore, PR has registered own new brand named “Payang”. Due tooverwhelming demand, on September 2009, PR invested a big chunk of money toacquire a heavy-duty machine called Instagrind model cwf 900 ultrafine powderspulverize. This machine could produce 1500kg of spices per day, which is 70 timesmore compare to traditional way. From that day, PR is gradually evolved fromhomemade spices SME to a proper manufacturer SME. The production floor isgetting smoother and the process flow is improving day after day. In 2010, PR madea massive breakthrough by successfully certified halal by JAKIM for 31 products.The achievement made them the one and only manufacturer with such capacitycertified Halal JAKIM in east cost. Basically, PR has reached a certain standard interm of production and certification compare to others spices producers inTerengganu. However, on target market; PR still competing face-to-face competitionbecause they still focusing on the same target market. Based on the 5 porter ofcompetitiveness, PR is at losing side because the customers and suppliers have a highbargaining power. The reason why PR was not able to do outreach promotionactivities to other states is due to limitation on budget and unavailability of competentand knowledgeable staff. Therefore, go online is the best and effective marketingstrategy for the company to do. Its not required big capital and potential customerswill able to communicate direct with the PR’s owners.   1  
  2. 2. Mohd  Farid  Awang  (2010932779)   EMBA,  Dungun  Background studyThe background study will cover two areas. First is on developing a company’swebsite and second on developing customer database.Developing a websiteThe process of developing the website for PR is starting with a selection of domainname. “Domains have and will continue to go up in value faster than any othercommodity ever known to man” -Bill Gates. A domain name makes up the address ofyour site and can end in .com,, .my, .net, .org, .info, .us, .biz, and more,which we call the Domain Extensions. The shorter the extension is the better such and .my. Each country can have their own domain extension, such as " .my" is a domain for Malaysia, ".cn" is for China and ".jp" for Japan. Therefore,before applying any domain name, the company needs to decide a domain extensionsbased on the target customers, if its worldwide, .com is the best choice for thecompany, and if it’s for Malaysia, .my is the best domain extension. The domain’sname must be short, easy to remember, spell and related directly with company’sproducts offered. This is very important in order to make Internet viewers attracted tothe company’s website and remember them easily.The second step is to have a hosting to park the website. In the web, user can have afree hosting and paid hosting. According to, the maindifferences between free vs. paid hosting is it may be free cost wise, but you pay forit with banner ads on the top and/or bottom of your website at all times that you haveno control over the content of those ads along with totally annoying pop-up ads. Ontop of that, usually free hosting have a sever limitations on storage capacity andbandwidth and such definitely affected e-commerce capabilities. In addition, thecustomer service that is very critical for online business such as in the event of beinghacked, free hosting will not entertain their free client at 24/7. This will JeopardyCompany’s image to the potential customer. A paid web hosting provider usuallyoffer website templates, website builder, search traffic builder, secure billing systems,webmail setup and friendly control panel to have a good control of the website. Thepaid hosting provider will also have a 24/7 support and have a much better server tostore company’s data and websites.The third decision is to select the best webpage design application or platformavailable in the web. The application must be simple and easy to manage by theentrepreneur. Besides that, it is better to pick the most used application in web designbecause this will help and push the website to be friendlier to search engine such and According to a world-renowned Internet entrepreneurDerek Gehl, the best application to build a website is using WordPress. “Althoughthere are quite a few good solutions available, I personally prefer WordPress becauseit is mature, stable platform that can be easily customized with very little technicalskills.. and its free!” (Derek Gehl, The Star Feb 2012). In addition, Google loveWordPress and it is easier to get good ranking on Google if a website is built onWordPress. According to Matt Mullenweg (, 14.7% of the top millionwebsites in the world are built on WordPress and 22 out of every 100 new activedomains in the US are running WordPress. Based on statistics by, 27from top 100 blogs is using WordPress as their web platform.   2  
  3. 3. Mohd  Farid  Awang  (2010932779)   EMBA,  Dungun  The next step is to start compile all information needed, related and interestingfeatures about the company to be install and view in the website. What types ofinformation can be referring to similar manufacturer such as Thebasic information of the company; background, history, list of products, contactnumber and email, company’s pictures, testimonials and Halal certificate iscompulsory to be install and view in the website to convince potential customer of thecompany’s solidity, capability and originality. All information and data key-in in thewebsite have to be friendly to search engine such as Google or Yahoo. In order tomake it friendly and easy to be search, the wordings used have to be the most popularin the World Wide Web. The easiest way to check is by comparing all the possiblesearch wordings is by using Google Trends. Below is the result of comparing thewords “rempah, resipi, masakan, rempah asli”.Based on the Google Trends for the past 12 months, the most popular word is resipi,followed by masakan and rempah. Meanwhile, The most Internet users fromsubregion and city searching for these words is Putrajaya. Therefore, the company’swebsite should contain more of these two words. This results also indicates that most   3  
  4. 4. Mohd  Farid  Awang  (2010932779)   EMBA,  Dungun  Internet users will search this two word when they want to look for recipe and spicesin the webs. Beside indication on wording, Google Trends also give guidance towhere Payang Resources should focus more in term of marketing area.The final step is setting up the website. The color is the critical parts of the websitebecause people only took 4 second to decide either to continue surfing the website orchange to another website. Based on the research by Harald Wenreich, from 59,00page views, 10,163 page views (17%) is lasting less than 4 seconds. In such brief"visits," users clearly bounced right out without truly "using" the page. Beside color,the other setup is also important such as layout, appearance and themes. PayangResources can refer to for ideas and best design. Besides comparingwith similar companies, it is the best to refer more tips in www.webdosanddonts.comfor more Do’s and Dont’s in building a website. For the purpose of utilizing e-commerce, the company needs to have a Paygate to receive payment from customerssuch as Paypall, Maybank2U and CIMBClicks. In order to accept order, PayangResources needs to have order forms and details of the customer. For the beginningstage of setting up websites, simple forms will be good enough.Developing Customer DatabaseThe term “customer database” is very general term. In fact, any software companiesuse to keep track of customer data can be referred to as a customer database. Smallbusinesses have many options for creating a customer database. They can simplybuild their own customer database in Excel or Microsoft Word. Larger companyoften find it more compelling to use a more sophisticated database software oftenknown as a customer relationship management system. Customer database for onlinebusiness is not just a list with details of customers, it is also included the question,answer and status of any enquiry by every each customers.“Every companys greatest assets are its customers, because without customers thereis no company” a word of wisdom from Micahel LeBoeuf. For a company which isnew to online business and marketing, the most important things to do is,immediately to start record, compile, sort and store the customer database properly.Potential customers may send an e-mail to the business owner asking some questionabout the company or the products. The company has to give a prompt and qualityreply as soon as possible and store the customer data and question in proper recordsystem. The type of sentence used and choosing of words is very important in orderto avoid misunderstanding and create a clear communications. The company needsto remember : when the customer happy and enjoy a good service and respond from   4  
  5. 5. Mohd  Farid  Awang  (2010932779)   EMBA,  Dungun  the company, any good feedback will be share and communicate through out manywebs online and thousands of people will read it. However, if the feedback isunfavorable, millions of people will share it online. Therefore, the basic managementtheory should be applied that is “Do It Right At First Time”.By having a database of customers, Payang Resources will be able to do databasemarketing, which is very substantial to online marketing strategy. Unlike massmarketing, database marketing focuses on targeting only the people most likely torespond to your message. The company may build personalized greeting cards,emails or postcards congratulating them in their birthday and thanking them for theirbusiness, with a special offer to drive future business.MIS ProposalDevelop websiteTo decide on the domain name and extension, the best approach is by searching thepossible names via Below is two trial for the wording rempah andmenjual rempah via Googlein order to see what websiteis appeared at the first pageof Google. Based on that, it isbetter to pick rempah as adomain name because it is anorm for Internet userssearch for that word in orderto search for spices inMalaysia. After checkingwith the, the domainfor is still available. Therefore Payang Resources decided to buythe domain, which is simple, easy to remember, and portrays company’s products andactivities. The main target customer is an Internet user in Malaysia.For the hosting of the website, Payang Resources decided to host with due to the good reputation, experience, 24/7 customer service andthe hosting itself located in Malaysia which will help to push a traffics. The detailorder from internet-webhosting is as follows;Date:  03-­‐8-­‐2012  Email:   RM100  –  1  year  Hosting  Hello  Mohd  Farid  Awang,   RM90  –  1  year  domain  (  The  following  hosting  order  has  been  processed,  and  your  account  is  now  active.  =============================================  Hosting  Ordered/Order  Status:    =============================================  Your  plan  is:  Linux-­‐Business-­‐Plan  Your  domain  name  is:  Your  IP  address  is:  Your  login  username  is:  remphmy1  Your  login  password  is:  rem56748  Your  Hosting  Start  Date  :  03-­‐8-­‐2012  Your  Hosting  Next  Renew  Date  :  03-­‐8-­‐2013           5  
  6. 6. Mohd  Farid  Awang  (2010932779)   EMBA,  Dungun    Guarantee  by  hosting  provider    Below screenshot is the interesting and user-friendly control panel to manage PayangResources websites and come together with a free adds-on application and tools suchas webmail, WordPress, softaculous, tools, database and backup utilities. This is verycritical to make sure the website will be in good storage and manage by professionals.With the current spyware, virus and hackers, the paid hosting is the best solution.The company will apply wordpress as a platform to build websites. It is easy, stable,free and most popular platforms in the world. The fact that google love wordpress isthe main reason why Payang Resources decided to use wordpress. When the websiteis hard to find and search via search engine such as Google as No 1 search engine in   6  
  7. 7. Mohd  Farid  Awang  (2010932779)   EMBA,  Dungun  the world, the website can be consider a failure. With low traffic and hits, it will notable to attract many potential customers which resulted unsuccessful of e-commerceactivities. Below is the screenshot of setting up wordpress as Payang Resourcesplatform - Access to WordpressAs mention before, color mix in the website will make people stay more than 4second and start to surf and explore more on the particular website. For PayangResources, the color will be red, black and brown. The theme applied is Grisaille1.3.1, a free theme. The appearance need to change a bit by amending the Html code.The theme have a mobile support features such as a responsive layout and autoadjustable photos for mobile browsing. Most internet users used handheld gadget   7  
  8. 8. Mohd  Farid  Awang  (2010932779)   EMBA,  Dungun  such as Ipad to surf web and by applying the theme as below, the viewer will feelcomfortable and easy surfing.Normal view Mobile ViewThe website contents are introduction of the company, contact section, halalcertificate awarded to the company by JAKIM, pictures if PR’s factory and products,recipes to cook spices from Payang and list of products offered by the company. Allthis information is crucial and very important in order to introduce the company tothe internet users, create a relationship, prove of the quality and capability andsharing the recipe as a main attraction to potential customers. The resipi and masakanis the most popular search word in Google, therefore Payang Resources need to postmore threat and sharing more on any recipes with the customers. The recipes have toinclude the Payang’s spices as a main ingredient. This approach will increase trafficand hits to A basic payment method is also included in the website.Bing, Microsoft’ssearch engine,conducted an analysisto see if there are anycorrelations betweenpage speed versusnumerous performanceindicators such assatisfaction, revenuegenerated per user, and   8  
  9. 9. Mohd  Farid  Awang  (2010932779)   EMBA,  Dungun  clicking speed. The report showed that a less than 2-second increase of delays in pageresponsiveness reduced user satisfaction by -3.8%, lost revenue per user of -4.3% anda reduced clicks by -4.3%.Based on Bing findings, Payang Resources need to avoid delay in loading theirwebsite. Therefore, every graphics in the website need to be resize, avoid playingvideo and music and reduce the comments section to minimum. Rempah.mybackground is an image without a background (transparent). therefore the loading isfaster and smooth. In addition, all bullets, boxes and lines are using Html coding. Innormal streamyx Internet connection, the loading time for is less than 2seconds.Developing Customer DatabaseWhen Payang Resouces purchase a hosting with, oneof the free software is HESK : Help Desk Software. The software is act as a desktopfor customers to ask question and making order. It is simple software, easy to use anduser friendly. Its can record all question and enquiry send and every question willhave unique reference number or ticket number. Every respond and question is groupunder the same ticket number; therefore it is easy to trace back any unsolved mattersand issue arise. It is also have an auto-responder features by sending email tocustomers saying that the email is well received and will be revert back in 24 hours.These features will make customers feel appreciated. In addition, the systems alsoallowed administrator to generate report according to type of question, status,customer names and others.Below is the front page of HESK. Customer will click submit a ticket to post anyquestion to Payang Resources.Picture 1.0 on next page is the ticket form. Customers have to fill their name, email,priority, topic of their question, details of their question and a anti-spam number.When customer submits a ticket, HESK will immediately send a notification toPayang’s admin and send an auto-reply to customer. The sample is as below:Auto-reply to customer   9  
  10. 10. Mohd  Farid  Awang  (2010932779)   EMBA,  Dungun  Auto-notification to Payang’s staffPicture 1.0   10  
  11. 11. Mohd  Farid  Awang  (2010932779)   EMBA,  Dungun  Below is HESK desktop. Users easily could do sorting by tracking ID, customername, subject, status and last replier. By doing so, the company could easily track theticket status and take necessary action. All customers’ details are store in HESKsystem.Additional : Developing basic e-commerceFor the initial stage, Payang Resources will have a simple payment instruction forcustomers to follow. When customers click a beli rempah, the page showing thepayment process will appeare.   11  
  12. 12. Mohd  Farid  Awang  (2010932779)   EMBA,  Dungun  Future suggestionThe first thing need to do by the company is to start promoting their website. Howattractive their website is not going to help company’s sales if no one knows theexistence of their website. For offline strategy, the company might publish someadvertisement atspecific location,which mention earlierbased on GoogleTrends. For onlinestrategy, PayangResources need topost as many as theycan in forums,facebook and others.The more they doposting, the betterrating they will have. Latest search via google for “resepi masakan” (as two mostpopular words), there were 7.9 million link available in online and is atpage 5. This is consider good consider is a new website.Second step is to start developing a proper shopping cart for Payang Resourcesproducts. They have to start shoots quality pictures of their products and finalise allthe price plus delivery charges. Presta Shop is the best alternative for the company asa platform for developing Shopping Cart. Its free, have an interactive menu, autoinvoicing, built in e-commerce engine, multi-currency setting and can be customize.For the way forward, Payang Resources need to concentrate on improving deliveryby appointing more agents and train more staff. Delivery is critical in online business.Next is, Payang Resources may venture into OEM business and slowly start todevelop their own Customer relationship management system.ConclusionAs a conclusion, Payang Resources may able to cater more market segments andsuccessfully attracts more prospective online buyers by applying correct strategy andtools. Payang Resources have to continuously active online and offline. These willmake the company recognizable and searchable via google or yahoo, which willmake located in the first page of search results.ReferencesHarald Weinreich, Hartmut Obendorf, Eelco Herder, and Matthias Mayer: "Not Quitethe Average: An Empirical Study of Web Use," in the ACM Transactions on the Web,vol. 2, no. 1 (February 2008), article #5.Jakob Nielsens Alertbox for October 1, 1997 “How Users Read on the Web” Star, “All about online business”, Mac, 2012 effect of colour in developing website :   12