Wildlife sanctuaries


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This file contains the list of the most popular wild life sanctuaries and national parks of India. Know about various wild animals and birds living in these national parks and sanctuaries.

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Wildlife sanctuaries

  1. 1. How many of you have seen a tiger before? The question arises wherewe can spot a ferocious tiger? India is one such country that boastsmany wildlife sanctuaries and parks. Known for their multi hued floraand fauna, these adventurous lands also offers opportunities forwildlife safaris, trekking and camping which altogether is a tour of funand excitement. Check out some of the amazing parks and plan anadventure wildlife tour in India.
  2. 2. Located in foothills of the mighty Himalayas, Corbett National Park islike a heaven with variety of flora and fauna. Established in the year1936, the park houses an ideal habitat of tigers. Apart from being thetiger family, there are 50 species of mammals, 25 species of reptilesand 580 species of birds. The best time to come here is fromNovember to June.It is situated in Nainital, Uttarakhand , India. Jim CorbettNational Park is the oldest national park in India.[2] The park is namedafter the hunter-turned-conservationist Jim Corbett who played anvery important role in its establishment.
  3. 3. Above is the Tourist Guide Map of Jim Corbett National Park. One can easilytravel through the park by this guide map. The most nearest city to it isRAMNAGAR. For more information you can visit at:
  4. 4. Known for One Horned Rhino, the Kaziranga National Park istremendously valued for its biological diversity. Apart from the unicornrhinos, it also offers shelter to amazing species including HoolockGibbon, Hylobates Gibbon, Indian Elephant, Wild Boar and many more.Also come here to enjoy migratory birds. The best time to plan a tourhere is from November to April.hj hj hj ggt r j For more information you can visit at:
  5. 5. Nestled in the heart of the Indian state of Karnataka, BandipurWildlife Sanctuary is popular for the best views of the wildlife.Encounter amazing species here amidst the dense deciduous and tropical forests. For more information you can visit at:
  6. 6. Situated in the Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh, the park is a home to Tigers of Rewa, Nilgai, Chital, wild boar and Chinkara. Also sometimes fox and jackals can also be spotted in the park. For more information you can visit at:
  7. 7. Kanha National Park located in the proximity of Madhya Pradesh, takes you to the arena of the lush habitat of wild, though innocent creatures. Mainly popularized as the Tiger Reserve, many species such as fox, hyena, civets, jungle cat and lot more can be spotted in the park. Reptiles like pythons, rat snakes, vipers, cobras are also rarely found here. KANHA NATIONAL PARK ROUTE MAP
  8. 8. For more information you can visit at:
  9. 9. If you want to explore the wildlife of India, come to Gir National Park in Gujarat. This sanctuary surrounded by serenity, is the only one that houses the Asiatic Lions. For more information you can visit at:
  10. 10. Keoladeo Ghana National Park, the pride of Rajasthan, is also a WorldHeritage Site. This is a paradise for bird lovers. You can amazingly viewvaried variety of migratory birds here. It also boasts of more than 370 species of mammals and reptiles. For more information you can visit at:http://www.india-wildlifetours.com/wildlife-destinations.php
  11. 11. A home of wild elephants, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is nestled in the Idukkidistrict of Kerala. Located along the banks of Periyar Lake, which acts as a source of water reservoir for rich flora and fauna. Take the Elephant ride; encounteranimals like tigers, gaurs, lion tailed macaques, Sambars and Nilgiri Langurs. The ideal time to visit this wild land is from September to May. For more information you can visit at:http://www.india-wildlifetours.com/periyar-wildlife-sanctuary.php
  12. 12. Located in the heart of Maharashtra, Pench National Park comes under the Project Tiger network for special reserves. The park is accompanied by tiger,panther, gaur, sambhar, blue bull, langoor, wild boar and many more. The perfect time to come here is between February and April. For more information you can visit at:http://www.india-wildlifetours.com/wildlife-destinations.php
  13. 13. Ranthambore National Park is like a dream destination for many wildlife enthusiasts. Located in Sawai Madhopur district, this best tiger reserve in India, attracts a hoard of tourists from all parts of the world. A wide variety of wildlife found here are nilgai, dhole, leopard, wild boar, sambar, sloth bear, chital and hyena. Come here in the month of November and May and enjoy the fantastic views of the wild species. For more information you can visit at:http://www.india-wildlifetours.com/ranthambore-national-park.php
  14. 14. The Sunderbans National Park lies in the southernmost tip of West Bengal. Sheltering 250 species of tigers, the park is also famous for immense variety of birds and many migratory birds. Aquatic and reptiles also forms the diversity of the land. The ideal time to visit the Sunderbans is between September and February. For more information you can visit at:http://www.india-wildlifetours.com/sunderbans-national-park.phpExplore the wildlife of India and get a firsthand experience of the beauty of the cultural heritage of our country.